Thursday, May 17, 2007

I-Pod wars.

Boo Bear got an I-Pod nano for her birthday. When we installed her file on our I-Tunes I mistakenly deleted all of Middle Daughters songs. FATE...WORSE...THEN....DEATH!!!! This morning she got up, a tad bit grumpy, and tried to get her I-Pod to download a new song. Horror of horrors she sees her songs are all gone.

Oh Boy. Not pretty. Send help.

She had 10 minutes to get out the door for school so she, of course, spent 5 of it sighing and moaning. We all know that you cannot CANNOT go to school without something hooked to your ear or you will be forever-more relegated (is that a word??) to the un-cool table. She frantically tried to download some tunes on it. Nothing happened. Finally in a huff of disgust she left for school. What's a momma to do??? Glad you asked, let me tell you. I hurried and uploaded, then downloaded, then (in pj's with my hair in a wild ponytail) rushed out the door to call her back. I tripped over the poor little ajima (our Korean cleaning lady) who was frantically trying to clean the floors in our building, ran to the ledge and called out to her. She turns around and I'm feeling pretty good. Who else in the world can upload and download 136 songs in under a minute. I just know she will be thrilled and want to hug me and never leave me. Um-hmmmm. When am I ever gonna learn? So she turns and says "Yeah?" I tell her I got it to work and then beam. She sighs and says "never mind, I'm gonna be late." Then goes off to school. The ajima, who speaks no english but must have a teen, looks at me and we both roll our eyes in mutual agreement...teens are LITTLE STINKER POOPY DOO DOO HEADS!!!!!
nuff said! I am now going to delete all of her songs and hide her I-Pod. Let this be a lesson to all....never ever mess with someone who is passive aggressive!!!!

maniacal laughter heard.


Lauren The Artist said...

Were you just clearing out room on her Ipod for that Plain White T's song I love so much?? I'm guessing Middle Daughter will not love it, but that was thoughtful of you to make room. You're a good mama.