Sunday, May 06, 2007


Every Sunday at chilren's church my hubby does this thing with the kiddos. He gets on the microphone and says really loud "Who's it all about??!" And the kiddos yell back "Jesus!" Then he yells "Jesus!" and the kids yell "Glory!!" He does it back and forth with them a couple of times, gets them all hyped up and then we have Praise and Worship. Today when we went to church it was really subdued in there. The kids were all quiet, the teens were talking softly and I felt out of whack. This young man, our Mario, came up to me and said "Momma Owens, it's so quiet in here, what's going on with everyone?" Then he says, "Oh, Mr. Owens isn't here." My heart gave a little squeeze and I went to go and help the kiddos sign in.

Right before we start all the grownups meet back in the kitchen to pray. While we were praying I hear..."Who's It All About!!!" and the kiddos yelling back..."Jesus!!!" Yep, it was Mario. I'll wait a second while you all go and get a tissue.

My husband and I just love Mario. He is a special guy and we are thankful, for so many reasons, that he is in our life. Today he took it upon himself to step up and walk a little in my hubby's shoes. There was a void and he filled it. He did the whole "Who's it all about" thing with the kids and the atmosphere changed immediately. I walked into the room and there he was, getting the kids ready to have fun in church. While I watched him I got choked up. Silly I know, but I felt all teary just the same. After he was done we did the lesson and moved onto snack. I walked up to him and told him he was a class act and my hubby would be moved when I told him about today. Sometimes God sends just the right person to help you through a tough day. Today my Mario was that person. Oh, and the title?? I tease him and call him M to the A to the Rio. heehee Am I hip or what??!


Anonymous said...

Mario, I told you that you had a calling. Sooooooooo proud to know you. What a man!!
Grandma Barb