Monday, May 14, 2007


I feel in the interest of keeping you all interested I should confess some things about myself. Very private things. Things that even my own mother doesn't know...well scratch that..I tell her everything. Okay, things the guy down the street doesn't know. :) Much better. To be a good blogger you can share a teeny bit of your life and post pictures. To be a GREAT blogger you must tell all, so here goes. I will now tell something about myself every week. Just one thing as not to upset the delicate balance that is called "my hubbys happiness" cause, folks, he don't like to share like I do. So here goes...confession numero uno

I hate dirty ears. Yep, I do. Hate em with a red hot burning passion that sears my soul. Hate....Them....Lots! I have been know to run after the neighbors kids with q-tips. Yes, the scream and run for fear of their lives but I eventually catch them and clean those ears. My kiddos hate when I buy a new box of q-tips cause they know what's coming. "hoooooooneys" I sweetly coo. (insert maniacal laughter) "I have something for yoooooooooou." WAHHHHAAAAAA_HA_HA
The two oldest usually push Boo-Bear down so that I can get to her first. She takes nothing calm or quiet so she is the funnest (is that even a word??!) to get anyway. Middle Daughter takes it like she does everything else in life, with a calm demeanor to just geterdone already and The Son does what he does best, smirks and makes body noises so that I finally give up in disgust and tell him to just go and live with the monkeys already!!

So now you know. Do you still love and admire me?? Do you have ears that need a'cleanin?? I am your woman.

More confessions to follow.

oh, ps....I love you people in Australia! I want to marry you and have your cute little down under babies!! I just got two packages today in the mail. I must devote a whole post to give them the proper attention they deserve. I must also take a picture of empty chocolate wrappers and confess that chocolate did come in one of them and I did eat it while sitting in the post office parking lot. Stay tuned for more on this most wonderous of delvelopments.

Adios ace-boon-coons!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am you! And you are cracking me up about the ears. I have the same fixation. I work in small groups helping struggling elementary students read. I get up close and personal with each one of them. I try, with every ounce of my being (and there are many ounces in my being), not to look into those ears, but I can't help myself. I am an addict. I am always rewarded with ear canals full of icky gold goo. Don't their parents ever look into the ears of their children? I know that cleaning these ears is far outside of my job description, so I must not touch those little ears, but the temptation never goes away.

Sadly, my own children, 15 & 19 years, caught onto my fixation long ago and manage their own ears now. I still look, but they're doing a fine job. Makes a mother proud! I know there has got to be some other adult that has glanced into their ears over the years and thought, "Wow, what clean ear canals you have!"

I could go on, but I'll spare ya!

Allie said...

OMG I am sooooo there same!
I have been known to clean my sil's kids ear even. Without her knowing it. Her kids told me once, that she NEVER BUYS Q-TIPS! She uses a washcloth...what the heck?? You can't get clean deep down with a hugmungous washcloth. My son still comes to me with a q-tip (he's 15) mom can you clean my ears. And if the girls have pony tails in, that is the first thing I tell them, YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR EARS TWICE IF YOU HAVE A PONY TAIL IN, cuz people can look so easy into that dirty ear canal. My older two cough when I clean their ears, say they feel it in their throats....LOL

My Thanh said...

Everytime one of my sons sits in my lap, I check out their ears. It drives them crazy, but really, it's a sickness I have. Can't control it. But, yes, boys will be monkeys if only we'd let them.

Lauren The Artist said...

Oooh- I am SO tuning in for next week's secret!!!

And yeh, I clean the ears of everyone under 5'6" in our house.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yeah, I'm there, for some strange reason i always see dirty ears and it affects my response to the person or their mother, it's just gross and only takes a minute to improve. My Dad bought me up on "it's all about the grooming." Next i would start on chipped nail polish and unblended chin make-up lines ...but then you may think I am going too far!!
So pleased some little postal worker hadn't nicked the parcel, there were a few more chocs squashed in but they put it into the next category and I didn't think another 2 chocs were worth another $6 post!! Call me cheap....but don't call me late for dinner!!!Tracey