Friday, May 04, 2007

Fabric Therapy :)

Today I went with Walker Jen to the "Quilters Holy Grail"...normally known as the fabric store. :) I decided that since my hubby is half-way around the wold I owed it to myself to do something to make me feel better. So with that in mind we first hit Starbucks and then off to buy fabric.

1st purchase....28 fat quarters.
Next...5 yards of white and 5 yards of beige.
With 8 yards of colors and....
10 yards of these delicous colors just cause by then I had lost all control and was running around the fabric store yelling "GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!"
I am feeling just a small tad better this morning. I am thinking that much fabric therapy will be needed to get me through these next three months!!!! heehee


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Wow, such good therapy and no doubt far far cheaper than the two alternatives, 1. A psychiatrist for professional coping help and 2. an affair( but imagine having to train a second one!!) Far far better to just buy that much fabric every day!! Now, I am interested in what kind of price you pay. So that DH never knows you are welcome to email me!!Tracey

Jenna said...

So glad that you had a great time!!! I wished I was there, but was in the Childrens Hall with MANY children. I think I'll have to have a shaker!!!

Anonymous said...

My *new* pinky pink shower curtain is already hanging and I need to work on the matching valence. Boy I love the fabric mart!!! Fabric therapy in Korea is even better than it would be back home bc of the price. Speaking of... do you think hubby will be reading the blog while he's away?? If so, uh... um... most of all that was pictured in today's post was FREE! *cough cough cough*


Elaine Adair said...

OMG - look out - woman out of control!!!

Wahhhh - wish I had your courage!

Are your prices any better than our approx. $8.50/yd?

Bobbie aka Mimi of 3 said...

Hi from Tiki's mom. Wanted you to really feel better about the fabric that you bought. I went to quilt store yesterday and managed to spend a little more than $60. I got a whole whopping 2 yards of black fabric, 3.5 yards of a backing fabric and 1 2/3 yards of batting ... for a mere $62.42. Feeling better now? Tiki said that she's going to take me to visit the "Happy Quilter" when I visit in July. Am hoping that a visit to either the Dague or Seoul fabric market is on the agenda. Sure enjoyed meeting you - hope to see you again!