Saturday, May 12, 2007


I just finished reading the blog Suburban Turmoil. ( She sends you to an article about a woman with triplets. Her baby had been crying all day long and she lost it for a minute. She slammed him down and he died. The 911 call is not for the faint of heart and my heart is just sobbing right now with her.
My two oldest had colic. It was really hard. The Capt and I were very young when we had "The Son". Just out of our teens. The son had the worst colic ever! He would cry from 7am- noon and then again from 6pm-8pm. He will be 18 in just a few short months and I remember the helplessness I felt like it was yesterday. Middle daughter came along two years later and had colic also. I remember the panic I felt. I just couldn't believe I was going to have to go through it again. She cried every day from 11pm-3am. The hubby was away on a TDY for the first month so I had to deal with it myself. My goodness, now that I look back on those days I am just wondering how I ever got through it.
I am thinking if those of us who have been through the colic wars would put our stories on our blogs as to how we got through it and some words of encouragement to mommas who are living it now, maybe we could help even one person.
The son:

I would put him baby down in the crib, they are going to cry anyway and being in the crib crying is really a good option if you feel you are losing it, then I would go in the bathroom and shut the door. I would turn the bath water on full blast and then I would turn the sink water in full blast. I would put my fingers in my ears and just listen to myself breath. I would sit in there until I got myself together enough to go out and "fight the good fight."

Middle Daughter:

Since it was so late at night and the Capt was away at school I would put the TV on loud and put her in a bouncy chair next to me. I would put the paccy in her mouth while she cried, gently, and then focus on the TV show. When she would really get started I would take the paccy away til she got going good and loud and then give it back to her. For some reason this would placate her for about 10 minutes. I did this for three solid months.

If you are going through this just tell yourself it will end. It magically ends at three months. First take the baby to the doctor and have them check the baby out. It could be something else like reflux. They can treat that. Don't just assume it is colic. If it is in fact colic, it's okay to put the baby down for awhile til you get yourself together again. Really, it's okay. The baby is going to cry anyway and the alternative is just to horrible to losing it and hurting the one you love the most.

I am hurting for this mom right now. I hope we all take a moment to think about her and if there is anyone in your life who is going through this to step up and help them. Maybe take a colic session so that the momma can get a break. Or even share your battle stories to give someone else hope. If you help one person out that is one person who will be better off.

Hug your kiddos today!


Unknown said...

I can't even imagine what she is going through...

My oldest had colic, crabbiness, you name it... I would put him in his crib and walk away for five to ten minutes. At first, I felt like a horrible mother for doing it. But later, I realized I was being a better mother for taking a moment to gather my wits. I would walk out into our garage (I could hear him on the monitor set on a very low volume) and have a smoke. (Terrible habit, I know.) I tell you, it made me calm enough to take on a few more hours.

When the boys are all acting up and it is getting to me, I still walk outside (have a smoke) and come back in ready for anything. I notice when I do this, I don't blow up, but remain calm.