Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The post office is a wonderful thing!!!

I got two packages from "Down-Under" yesterday!!! The first one I opened was from Tracey at ozcountryquiltingmum. She is the most wonderful of chums!!! :)
The first thing I saw was this cute little case. I am thinking that I can put all of my lip glosses and chap sticks in here.

Next I took out this square. I love it!! I am going to frame it and put it in my sewing room and when people ask me where I got it I will tell them from a friend of mine in Australia...and then ask them, very innocently..."don't you have any friends from there??" heehee

Then I pulled out this little bit of chocolaty goodness. I must confess...they didn't make it out of the post office parking lot. I had middle daughter with me. She had one and I had one then we spent the rest of the car ride home telling people on the street

"Goodaye Mate!" and "Crikey!!"

Remember that siggie swap I did awhile ago?? My blocks finally got here!!! Hurray!!! Thank you Cynthia for sending them to me and also thank you for the cute key chain and the fabric!!! I loved everything! Today was a pretty good day. The hubby and I got to talk, the kiddos behaved and our little Boo-Bear turned 10! She is having a sleepover party this Friday...pray for me people!!
have a great night all and Crikey! Are you still here??!! heehee


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Pleased they found good I can tell people, "some of my work is framed in Korea!!!" Hugs, Tracey
ps that girl is too cute...lock her up, lock her up now!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, and son looks quite the man as well!! (Could I go to jail for that??)