Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hey everyone. One of our own has a hubby who just found out he is being deployed to Iraq until March, I think. Please go on over and send her your love and cyber hugs.
You can reach Tuna Girl here:
Send some prayers and warm thoughts their way as well.
Thanks all!!!


Young Lady said...

Horrible news, I feel so bad

Granny said...

I wrote her and tried to be sympathetic and comforting but . . did you read her post? She was going to a crawfish boil!! I'm from Louisiana and since we live in MO, I never get to have crawfish. :)

Ughh . . now I'll be singing some goofy song all day AND yearning for crawfish. Thanks a lot!! :)

Allie said...

She is in my thoughts and prayers...keep her hubby safe!

Anonymous said...

Awww. I can't tell you how much this post and link mean to me. I'm...truly...speachless at all of the support.

Thank you.