Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation Bible School...

It's VBS week over here in our neck of the woods. 120 yellin' kiddos....about 40 dedicated moms and dads....about 20 teen helpers.
I'll tell ya'll all about it at the end of the week. I'm off!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ummmm.... just to clarify that last post...I was really kidding! I was relishing my time alone! I got the word from Walker Jen that it seemed I sounded a might sad in the post. :) She worries about me! :)
I was loving being an island!
All alone with a movie, a book and a cosmo that had more Cos then Mo!

On a side you see how many days I have til my honey comes home????????!!!!!!!!!! There will soon be a glow coming from South Korea. I cannot say why cause my mom reads this blog and you all know she will call me and tell me to take any post down that consists of the words flirting and ummmmmm how can I say this "BO-CHICA-BOW-WOW!!!"
I am now going back to being an island. LATER TATERS!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

An Island....

I am alone.
I am an island.
Why are you alone and an island you ask??? Here is why...
The son has left me to go to the is a scary one and there is the chance a good smellin' girl will need his strong muscles around her to keep her safe, how can I compete with that I ask you??
Middle daughter had her first day of summer hire and had to go straight to cheerleading practice. It ain't easy being breezy!!
Boo-Bear is out running around in parts unknown. I hear her every once in awhile screaming like a banny-rooster (can ya'll tell I'm a Texan at heart!) so I know she is alive and kickin.
So here I a clean house with a movie that I haven't watched yet. hmmmmm Alone..hmmm Life is good is really good!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter....

I went to the store today and bought myself the newest Harry Potter book. I went to the table, grabbed one and promptly opened it up to the last 5 pages. :)
I now know who lives and who doesn't.
I am content.
We here at Chez Owens were living in the Bible Belt when the first book came out. Being Bible Belt people we hopped onto the "we are boycotting this here thing" wagon. Then it happened. The me that is constantly curious got a little riled up and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. One night when the Capt had taken the kiddos out I rented the first movie. I fell in love with all things Harry Potter and secretly wanted to enroll in Hogwarts. I then took it a step further...I bought the book. Under cover of darkness I read...and read...and peeked out the window in case the "powers that be" caught a whiff of my rebelliousness. I had Harry Potter guilt people and I had it bad. So bad, in fact, that one Sunday in church I stood up and yelled..."I am a Harry Potter fan!!! String me up by my finger nails!! I am bad!!! Help me folks!!!"
As life is bound to do there were other things out there for me to be curious about and have me sneaking all over kingdom come to check out what's what and I forgot about Harry and Ron and Hermoine. Then the new movie came out. I saw the people on TV wearing the costumes and waving wands. I wanted to be in the middle of all that glorious action! I took the kiddos to see the movie. After it was over we went out and bought all the others. We started watching them one by fabulous one. It was movie night every night. We were in popcorn heaven! We bought all the books. Today I braved the crowds and got the very last book. That brings me back to the start of this confession. I have feelings...emotions invested in these people. I didn't want any of them going to the big Azkaban in the sky. I had to peek..just one little peek and then I read who died...IT WAS..............................
You didn't think I'd really tell did ya????!!!!! heeheehee Read the book and tell me what you thought. Did you like the way it ended?? I thought it was heartbreakingly wonderful.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boo Bear and lasagna...

Since the Capt has left me for a three month class that he really didn't need but wanted oh so badly and my whole world has gone to pot, I've been letting the girls sleep with me. Boo-Bear sleeps on the bed and Middle Daughter makes herself comfy on the floor with enough blankets to rival the princess and the pea. Last night I felt that Middle Daughter should get a turn sleeping on the bed and Boo Bear could take a turn on the floor. WHAT WAS I THINKING????????!!!!!!!!!!!! I informed the girls of our sleeping arrangements to be met with Boo Bear getting all teary and saying this..."Can you make lasagna tomorrow for dinner??!" Huh? What in Gods name does lasagna have to do with sleeping on the floor or on the bed people??? Now tomorrow I will be at Walker Jens, visiting and quilting with her and Walker Leigh. I need this day folks! I am hanging on by a thread here til my hubby comes home and I can (heeheeheehee) yeah, and also have him be in charge and stuff so I NEED this day!!!!!!!!!! Plus I checked Walker Jen's blog and she has cake!!! C-A-K-E!! I need me some cake!! Also I have a VBS meeting from 4:30-6:30. There is no time to make lasagna. I told her I could make it Friday. It wasn't good enough. She informed me she would be sleeping in her own room cause that would so hurt me and all. :) Every time I walked past her room last night she asked me about the lasagna. Then when Middle Daughter and I talked quietly in bed she kept yelling at us that she could hear us. Of course we got the giggles and that went over none to well. After about 30 minutes of us all yelling at each other back and forth we all rolled over and turned on our I-Pods....that's how we handle conflict at Chez' Owens.
Oh, on a lighter note my mom is home from her love fest/camping trip with my dad. The stars have aligned with Venus and my feng-shway is vibing with my che'. We had an hour long talk as soon as they pulled into their driveway...10 minutes for her to tell me about her love fest/camping trip and 50 minutes for me to fill her in on my life and get sympathy that only a mom can give. I am at peace and content. The Capt may be far far away at a three month class he really didn't need but wanted ever so much (not bitter here!!!) but my mom is home once again and available by phone.
happy days!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Holy Moly! My hubby needs to come home soon people so the drama that is my life can settle down. Short version of this past week.....

Crazy hurtful church drama

lots of phone calls over crazy hurtful church drama

one face to face confront-off

me deciding to not go to church til the hubby gets home

And the poor hubby?? He has been getting phone calls from everyone and their mother trying to fix the situation before he comes home and opens up a can of whoop-@#$ on everyone.
Today I have to go to the nail place..why you ask?? I started getting my nails done again. There are three nail places to choose from right off post. I went to one of them and didn't like how they did my nails. I thought when she put the fake nails on that she got a black pebble in there. When I went to get my fills done two days ago at a new place she told me that I had a...........wait for it...............a...nail...fungus. So now she has to take the whole nail off and God knows what else cause she speaks two words in English and they are nail and fungus.
What am I doing tonight you ask?? I am drinking vodka and eating ice cream and pondering the ways of the universe.
My mom had the audacity to go on a love fest/camping trip with my dad for 10 days and has been (sob!) out of touch! This is why she cannot be gone and unreachable the same time as the hubby. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK FOR ME YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT REALLY DOESN'T!!!!

This is Dawn with the nail fungus signing off.....peace out!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cell phones..

Over here at Chez' Owens we are cooler then cool. See we all have cell phones. Yep, even the 10 year old. We have slides, ones that take pictures, and mine opens when you press a button with a sa-weet swooshy sound. These phones are all pre-paid so that none of the kiddos can run up a thousand dollar cell phone bill. I gotta tell ya, I love it that I can get in touch with the crumb-snatchers at a moments notice. Our very own Boo-Bear calls a minimum of 12 times when she is at a sleepover. I get a call that they are on the way to the friends house, a call when they are eating dinner, a call when dinner is over, a call when they are getting ready for bed, a call when they are bored and want to know what to do and a call to say goodnight.
Now why, you ask yourself, do all the kids have a phone?? I soooooo said I would never buy my 10 year old a phone. What does a 10 year old need with a phone!!! Then we had our first bomb-threat here at school. The two older kids had phones the next day. When we had our second bomb-threat I made sure that Boo-Bear had one. It's a crazy world we live in and just in case anything threating goes down, I want to be the one holding the awesome cell that swishes when you open bout you?? Do your kiddos have phones?? And what made you decide to get them??

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My car-jacker...

The other day I needed to go to the other base around here and pick up my girls from a sleepover. I had to take the same street where I had my accident. I've been up and down that street at least a dozen times since then so I'm thinking no problemo. I was as wrong as wrong can be. Now please know before I start this story that I am soooo not making this up!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't think of this stuff if I tried. Here is what transpired...(you know it's a good story when I break out the big words!)
I'm driving along, minding my own business when I stop at a traffic light. There are wall to wall cars so you can't go anywhere. I see this man looking at me and walking funny on the sidewalk. For some reason I think to lock my door. Good thing I did cause he walked on over to the car. he knocks on the window and points to his hand. I nod my head no and hold up my hand then go back to looking out the front window and saying 70 hail mary's that he will leave. He doesn't. He tries to open the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you even believe it???????????????? He starts yanking on the door and pounding on the window. Yeah, I was a little freaked at this point and again I looked at him and shook my head and said no. I started to look around for other Americans......where are you guys when I need you by the way??????????? Finally the light turns green and we can move, the guy just stands there with a funny smile on his face and waves bye-bye to me. If my mother is reading this I didn't flip him off...if she isn't then HECK YEAH I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a little talk with God after all of that. I promised him I would never cuss again or eat ice cream if He would keep the drama to a minimum til the hubby gets back. Here's hoping He was listening!!!!
Hope everyone else had an uneventful day!!!
This is Dawn...the attractor of all crazies singing off....bye!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July...yippee and crap like that...

So it's July 4th over here in Korea. Everyone is out doing 4th of July kinds of things...eating bar-be-que...hanging out with friends...watching fireworks... you know, fun things. What am I doing you ask?? I am in seclusion. Why you ask?? Cause I have the fever blister that ate North Korea. Yep. I have a f-e-v-e-r- b-l-i-s-t-e-r. I have not seen the light of day this wonderful (sheesh) Weds. You know whose fault this is don't you??? IT IS MY HUSBANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right!!! The man who signed up for a three month class to leave me to...let's recap shall we..
1. run over a sweet little Ajimah
2. console our daughter alone as she has her heart broken for the first time
3. deal with the summer lovin that has consumed The Son
4. deal with the love triangle that afore-mentioned Son is involved in
5. deal with all the craziness that is Children's Church
6. the fever blister that ate North Korea
7. fight with the cable company who lost our payment and they speak no English
8. face the dreaded personal trainer alone

Can I get an amen sisters out there when I say this man is toast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN CAN I GET AN AMEN???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to cover all the mirrors in the house with sheets as I can no longer stand to look at myself. Even the dog winces when she sees me.

This is Dawn with the 2nd head growing out of her face signing off...
peace out homies!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Personal Trainer....

Today was gonna be my day. The day I met with a personal trainer. I had fortified my soul and I was ready to be weighed (shiver!) measured and my BMI checked. I had sweated over today. I had prayed and agonized over this. I told my self it wouldn't be that bad and if it was I could drink the bottle of wine I had chilling in the fridge for just such an occasion.
Let us go back a few years......
In 7th grade I was what you could call ummmmmmmmmm healthy. Not fat. Not skinny. Just healthy. We had to get weighed in gym class every couple of months or so. Why? you ask. Cause we had the Nazi gym teacher from hell that's why. She picked the same two 7th graders to record our stats. They were the original "Mean Girls". They were popular...cause everyone was scared of them...they were pretty...but most of all..they were thin. The day came when I had to face them. I didn't sleep for a solid week knowing the day was coming. It was pretty awful. Then it happened. They gym teacher called my name, I was up. I stepped on the scale. 125. Not bad I thought. Til I got to the locker room and everyone was 100 or less. I did what any red blooded American girl would do when they asked what my weight was...I lied. The I went to hide in the bathroom. While in the bathroom I overheard the two Mean Girls come in the locker room. They were laughing. Then they proceeded to tell everyone what I weighed. Everyone laughed. Took me many a year to get over that one. So you can imagine my trepidation and terror going into the gym today. Well guess what...................... THE GUY NEVER SHOWED!!!!! He decided to take a personal day and no one called me. Well let me tell you I wasn't having it!!! I was there to get weighed and by golly someone was going to do the honors. There would be no come back in two days! I wanted it over with now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to wait two more days???????????????????????????????????????? I know what I weigh, that's not the issue. The issue is for someone else to know...ya know?? The lady who had to break it to me gently stood back when she saw my face. She said....sorry, no here. I grabbed her by the front of her shirt and said, "Well someone better go and get him and he better be ready to weigh me in the next 10 minutes or I am going to go postal on someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" No, not really. She asked if I could come back on Thursday and I (oh it was hard!!!) I smiled and said "sure no problem...eye twitch eye twitch....Thursday it is."
Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thursday...sheesh!