Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh my..

I got my first troll comment yesterday. I guess I hurt some feelings out there by blogging about them. hmmmmmmmmm

Blog-world...I have arrived! hahahahahaha

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looky what I made!!

So in between playing referee in Testosterone City and unpacking boxes and taking care of my sick dog (to much move for such a little pup) I have been making a quilt. If I did not have quilting I don't know what I would do some days. I felt like a Prairie Woman all alone in a little Soddy quilting to make the days go by. Well not a Soddy exactly cause with my OCD the dirt floors and ceilings would've driven me mad...and the bugs, lets not forget the bugs...and cow poop. I don't like cow poop all that much. Oh, and they couldn't bath all that frequently could they?? Hmmmmmmmmmm Okay, rephrase that..I felt like a pampered trophy wife quilting the days away. Ha!!! We're cooking with grease now ladies!!! Now for the very very sad news....while I was cleaning up my mess I dropped my rotary cutter on it and there is a small tear in THE MIDDLE OF THE WHOLE SHE-BANG. I am hoping that Jen's mom can quilt it out. Isn't that what all quilters want...Just quilt it out!! Miss Karen...can ya do something about it do ya think?? It will be on it's way soon. :) Happy quilting out there!! d-money


I was perusing the blog world today and came upon a really cute post about something a toddler said to his mom. Made me laugh. I went to leave a comment and came upon the nastiest comment that someone left for her. I mean it was really mean. Wow. She had been "trolled". Thankfully that is one thing I haven't had to deal with. My blogging experience has been wonderful. I've made some friends...kisses and hugs friends!!...and laughed with you all out there and cried and worried and just generally enjoyed the whole she-bang. As I was sitting here at my dining room table trying to figure out what to comment...cause mine was after the came to me. We should come up with a Troll Virus! Isn't that a great idea!! Yeah, we could have blogger install a button that we could press so if we get a troll they will instantly be hit with spam. I am thinking 10,000 sentences, going on and on and on, for their computer. I totally have the sentence too.......

You are a big fat poopy head. hmph!

That'll show em!

If you've been hit by a troll please don't let it steal any of your joy. Just feel really really bad for the person who is all eaten up with anger.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fathers and Sons.....

Anyone out there have a hubby?? and a son???? All at the same time??? And, ummmmmmm if they are both still alive and haven't killed each other yet could you email me so I can really envy you and move to your house??? Cause mine....great googly-moogly. They aren't gonna last much longer. The Son is a couple of days away from 19. He may not make it. I am afraid his father is going to kill him in his sleep. I check on him in the morning to make sure he is still breathing. sigh. What is it about fathers and sons that makes them at odds when the sons reach a certain age?? Hmmmmmm??? Anyone????
My hubby wants The Son to get a job. A real one. He wants him to get the paper out, circle some ads in red ink, pound pavement, take an interest in trying to go to college in the winter. Anything. Any little thing at all. The Son? heh. Not so much. He is very interested in "hanging out" or sleeping til noon or eating a whole box of cereal or taking all the trash out to the curb BUT ONE BAG so he can see his fathers head explode.

He is about to have a "come to Jesus talk".

My question is do you light a fire under a boy/man?? He is a great kid. Funny. Warm. Smart. He hasn't really given us a moments trouble. He is just in a sort of limbo right now and if he doesn't get out of it in the next five minutes I am in fear for him and his father cause frankly? I'm gonna kill them both. Hmph.

On a happier note....I want to give a big shout out to the makers of Simply Sleep. That. Is. Great. Stuff. Just a little suggestion....could you make a little blue pill that omits the dreams about the killer rat trying to eat my ankles?? I would really appreciate it. Kisses!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't, for the life of me, get a good night sleep lately. I just can't shut my mind off. Last night I woke up at around 2am with my mind racing. That ever happen to anyone out there?? What do you do about it? It's driving me crazy! Here is a little sampling of what my mind was thinking about.....

I can't wait til payday...
we need some dressers for the girls....
I wonder why the dog got so sick...
probably that moth she took a taste of....
it is really pissing me off that my hubby is sleeping so good...
I should "accidentally" kick him....
what should I make for dinner....
I'm hungry...
I can't wait to get some groceries on Friday....
what's that song we had at Prom...20 years ago
The Boo-Bear is shy and having some trouble feeling at ease at school....(a whole hour worrying about that one)
my run tonight was AWFUL! Of course it's not my fault, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to work out and am totally out of shape. Of course that's been my excuse for a year now. heh.
I'm hungry...
what time is it???
2 more hours til I need to get up....
I wonder what's going on in the blog world..

This is when I got on the computer for an hour til I got sleepy. Much more went on in my head but it would take all day long to write it out here. So int-netz..what do you do when you cannot sleep?? As for I'm off to get some simply sleep cause I AM gonna get some ZZZZZZZ's tonight!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day....

My girls had to do one of the harder things done in a move...start school. Boo-Bear is now a 6th grader. She is at the top of the food chain in her new school. I think she was so tired of looking at her brother and sister this summer that she was really looking forward to starting school and running things. This year she decided that she is "into" jazz and will be playing the saxophone. Note to all surrounding neighbors...and counties...and States: No, it is not a cow dying in your front yard. It is my baby getting jiggy with it.
Middle daughter was a whole nother kettle of fish. She was starting 10th grade. In a big school. A really big school. That first day?? The stuff nightmares are made of. I felt really bad for her. This girl of mine is nothing if not resilient so day two was a lot better. Some friends were made....she sat next to some peeps at lunch and even went to a football game on Friday.
Both of them came home talking about some cute-ee-pa-tootie boys. Prayers for their father is greatly appreciated.

my little corner of Heaven....

I spent one whole day last week finding my fabric. Good gravey Ya-Ya's!!! Could you not have done an intervention????! I kept finding it and finding it. Between you and was one of the best days of this here whole move. Look at the loveliness.....

The possibilities...
Ahhhhhhhh the serenity...

I even found books that have been in storage for two years. May have done a little happy dance in front of my neighbors. :) You quilters out there totally understand. This box of wonderment is where I put the stuff I didn't have a bin for yet. It is crying out to be made into something. I am going to oblige it next week. Fabric makes me soooo happy!
And this little bit of sass doesn't hurt either!

Where I've been...

May-an! I cannot believe it has been so many days since I last posted. Wanna see what I've been up to??? Here ya go...straight from house. At least what it looked like last week. Here is the dining room. Some of the boxes had the contents written in Korean so it was "a lot" of fun trying to figure out what went where. heh.
Here is my sewing room. One corner of it any way. I know there is fabric in there somewhere!
This is the ole' kitchen. I felt so sad I couldn't cook for a couple of days as there wasn't a pot to be found. More lovely boxes.
The cleanest and least cluttered corner of Boo-Bears room.
We had three shipments come. Three big ones. I even had a neighbor remark that she would love to see my home. hahahahaha Suuuuuuure you would you nosy biddy! The unpacking is almost done. Praise to the baby Jesus. I was so tired of it all that on Friday?? I took a four hour nap while the kids were at school. I love it when the kids are at school! ha.

more lat-uh!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey...wanna know a little sumpin sumpin about me?? Okay. I have a fear of turning into a hoarder. Whew. I feel free now that I've admitted it. I am also addicted to any show that talks about hoarding. My family? Those losers find it hilarious. I first heard about hoarding on Oprah. There was this woman who looked like an all-together-business woman but when you went into her house...oy-vay! She was a hoarder of the first order. Oprah sent a team in there and cleaned it up. A year later she sent a team in there to see if she kept up with everything. She hadn't. Then there is that other show about the team of four people who go in and organize your home for you. I think to even qualify your home has to be filled to the rafters with stuff. For some reason that show scares me down to my soul. I watched it when I went to the States from Korea to help take care of my dad after he had surgery. It struck a chord in me and I promised myself that I would do one very mighty purge when we moved back. It's funny too cause if you knew me you'd know that I am the queen of purge! I clean my fridge once a week! I clean my purse once a week and if I'm being totally honest about it I even clean out my email account cause I feel it's messy if there are old emails in there. Yeah, I know.....fa-reak. Anyway, now that we are back in the States and are on our second shipment of stuff my family is having a little fun with my fear of becoming an 80 year old hoarder. Every time I put more then one thing down on a table one of them will say something like "hmmmmmmmmmm, looks a little crowded in here" or "wow mom, you sure do have a lot of stuff" or even "pretty soon you won't be able to walk in here" all of those things cause me to have heart palpitations as I envision myself closed in among papers and clothes and other things I would have found on the street and packed in tight little rows while 50 cats all meow loudly.

Today I got them back.

Tomorrow is trash day and since this is the great purge of 08' we had a lot of stuff to set out at the curb. The curb which is a block away. Oh, and boxes. Let us not forget all the empty boxes I had to stick out there for the box-man to come and pick up. I calmly went in to wake them up this morning and announced that the last set of movers would be here today so we needed to take all the trash to the designated trash area. Ha. You should have seen their faces when they realized that they, the fruit of my husbands loins, would be taking it out there. All of it. Laugh at me you little buggers! Hmph!
Oh, and by the way....buying every bit of fabric in the world does not mean I am a fabric hoarder. No. Nope. No sir-ee-bob. It means I am a well adjusted quilter who loves her some stash. If I take it out every so often and stroke it and call it presssssssssious who's to say that's wrong?? Not me. Nope. No way jose.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


There.......are.......boxes........everywhere.........everywhere.....I am drowning in a sea of boxes.
I promise to put some pictures of a regular ole' military move. I will call the pictures:

Movine In; A Still Life.

or maybe this title would be better:

The Day Our Lovely Mother Lost Her Mind and Ran Screaming Down the Street Nekked. :)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When we got to Korea one of the first things I tried was this stuff. This mon' faries is coffee. It comes in wonderful packets that you empty in a cup of your choice and stir. Then you close your eyes and sip slowly all the while strings of coomb-by-ya-m'Lord will waft gently around you. Yep. It is that good. Now that we are back in the States this coffee has become lost to me. The only way I can get it is to order it. The only way I can order anything is to get into our own home...which this moment in time I despair of ever happening. sigh. Two more days. Anyway, we were driving back to the dreaded hotel/house thingie when out of the corner of my eyes I spied a Korean grocery store. I knew my coffee was in there and may have started foaming at the mouth and screaming at the poor hubby to turn around for goodness sakes and hook me up to a box!!! It was closed. I may have cried. Today?? OPEN!!! I went in there with my fingers crossed. I hoped the nice lady who owned the store would have it. I gave her my best Onyahasao (hello) and smiled my biggest smile then I got down on both knees and begged her to tell me she had some of this in stock. Yeah, I know, I am hooked and I truly don't care. Guess what??
SHE HAD SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the biggest bag she had and danced out the door. Tomorrow I will be up at the crack of dawn to have me some of that there stuff.
I am so freaken happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This morning the hubby woke up early to go to work. We've been in busy mode over here due to the Great Move and today he wanted some normalcy so off to work he went. I, craving some normalcy myself, went to work making some breakfast for myself. I made a bagel and a yogurt with a very large ice water. :) (your life is complete now that you know what I have for breakfast heehee) I sat down to quietly read some blogs when I heard the key in the door. Yeah. It was him. He was back. Seems he was waaaaaaaaaaay early and no one was there to let him in. Okay, back to my breakfast and blog reading while he caught up on the Olympics. As I am getting into some perusing he turns to me and says "Oh yeah, the Colonel told me that I was hot to be deployed to Iraq." I, of course, turned to him and said "wha?? whe?? hamanahmaooisidjfa;??!" He says he hasn't had to go yet and is due for a 6 month tour of duty. Then he went back to watching the Olympics. I guess that's what he was thinking about while watching tv and he wanted to share.

Ummmmmmmm Sharing?? Bad. Very bad.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go...

The other night my "main squeeze" and I were taking the dog for a walk and talkin' bout what new things to buy for the house..what cleaning products I feel that I need since my stuff has been in crates on a ship for two months..The Son's know stuff like that. The conversation was going swimmingly. He had agreed that a new vacuum cleaner would really really full fill me and that a bunch of new candles to put everywhere was exactly the thing I needed to make it feel like home. He even agreed that we should throw away the old waterbed we've carted hither and yon the last couple of years. I have been watching the show about de cluttering your home and I live in fear, peeps, moral fear that one day they will be knocking on my door. A fact my children find hilarious as I am the queen of purging. Anyway, as we were discussing my needs he turns to me and says "so, whaddya doing about the whole going back to work thing we discussed?" Yeah, our conversation took a turn right there and then. I was all....Oh, OH you think I don't contribute now???? You think it's all easy peasy staying home and tending to you and your children big guy??" While he tried to interject and explain that he just wants bills paid so he can retire in a few years I walked home in a huff. Hmph..go back to work on this! may have been uttered. :)
Tonight we were watching TV and a commercial came on for a new program. The girl was asked what she did and she tells the guys she's a trophy wife. I bounded up and yelled "THAT'S IT!!!! THAT IS THE PERFECT JOB FOR ME!!!!" My hubby turns to me and says "what?? what job?? what did I miss and thank the angels above that she is going back to work!" Then he got it. He says "trophy wife??" as I am doing the dance of joy around the living room. I mean who knew that was a job!?!?!

Yeah. He's not going for it. My quest for the perfect job continues.
Insert big sigh.

Trader Joes...

Oh. My. Goodness.
Today we went to Trader Joes for the very first, but not the last, time. I pink puffy heart that place!!! We got wine.....and noodles...and chips...and pinot grigio sausage...and goat cheese...and crackers...and calamari...and bread.

I love that place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight the hubby and I are having a Trader Joes cheese and craker and wine tasting. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The lady asked if we'd be back...oh heck yeah!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today we took The Son to his soon to be college to get him all registered and we also tried to take him to the DMV (cue devil music) to see about getting him all legal and licensed.

Can you see it?? The Son and The Capt...doing errands together with me there trying to keep The Capt from killing or maiming his progeny. Not. Easy. There was a lot of sighing and gritting of teeth. You can imagine who was doing what. I was eating a very large cookie and drinking one very venti caramel machiato from Starbucks and praying and chanting and buring incense.

A funny thing happened while we were in the DMV which made it all worthwhile. We were standing in line when a tri walked in. There was a man and a woman and a ummmmmmmmm well there was what I thought was a woman in a wig with them. She was very feminine and kept fliping her Cher Hair while talking and going from leg to leg. Her cell phone kept ringing as well. She kept sending it to message. Finally the guy with her turned around and said "Harold you bet answer that or he gone kill ya." Harold turned to "his" friend and said "Oh I got this!" and put his phone to message again.

Yep. She was a He. After that?? I could not look away. My son was mortified and told me to stop staring. There was no way. I wanted to be friends. I wanted to ask why?? why Harold?? and if so then why not change the name. At least in public. By the one else in line batted an eye. Such is life at the DMV.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The straw broke today....

Okay women, get out some of your best chocolate, fix a glass of wine and thank your lucky stars you ain't me right now. Today we moved to another hotel. This would be my fifth such move in oh about a month and a half. First I up and moved my girls to the Rents house for almost 5 weeks...smooches mom and dad!!!...then The Capt cougheyecandycough had enough separation and bought a plane ticket to get us and off to Ohio we went to a hotel. This hotel was lovely...the bestest part?? My kids were in a room of their own down the hall. What?!?!?!! I'd been 5 weeks without my man ya'll!!! Did I not discuss my needs in a previous post? They are fierce and they are a-many. Anyway, we stayed there for a couple of days and then got a call that there was a room on base and we had to make two trips to get everything settled. The good news was that they were moving us to a house. Yep. A house. See here in wonderful Ohio the base has converted old base housing into lodging. Love that!! The only thing was that it was a two bedroom so we were two nights there and then it would be off to a three bedroom. We are gonna be here, living out of suitcases, for two more weeks and The Son needs his own space or we are gonna end up killing him. God help me!! Testosterone sucks big.
We go to enter in the new room after loading up the car with all ten suitcases and I walk into a flood. The air conditioner had sprung a leak in the new place. Plus it smelled funny. Also, it wasn't what one would call clean. How did I know this?? I saw a dead bug right away. My bottom lip started to tremble at this point. How much more could a girl take. I was tired. Down to my bones tired. I was officially tired of this move. The the hubby got all "what??" "what's wrong with this place" "what do you mean you want to go back to the other room" "sheesh" at this point I exploded all over him. No. I sat on the couch and informed him I was over this and I was tired anditwasallhisfaultandwhydoeseverythinggowrongandhowcanheexpectmetostayinaplacethatsmells????!!!?
I then called the front desk to inform them of mine and now their delima. A maintenance man came to see what was what. I am thinking that from the look on my face he knew there was trouble a foot and decided to try to get us another room. Pack up the car again after a few choice words between one tired hubby and wife and we were back at the other room. Keeping up?? An hour later we are told our house is ready. They were wrong. How did I know?? We walked in to the cleaning ladies cleaning. Another half hour and we were unpacking the car in a cleaner house with three bedrooms. This is when I informed the world at large that I WAS TAKING A NAP! I then fell into a two hour coma.
I don't have to move again for another 13 days. Bliss. We even have real food in the fridge. I can have cereal for breakfast!!! and a cup of coffee!! Without having to shower and put on makeup!!! Bliss!!!
Just keeping the world informed of how life really is for a military wife. Cue the violins.
peace out!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Close...Much To Close...

The girls and I have been together for five weeks...add our men to the mix and wellllllllll it gets a little cramped. Not that I would change it for anything in the world but man oh man are my kids loud and messy and loud and ummmmmmmmm loud.

Today we had to leave the off-base hotel to go to the on-base hotel. See, the military will only pay for an off-base hotel if there is no room at the on-base hotel..still with me?? This is why I love you.

Back to my story....the Capt goes in to get our key after we'd been in the car for a lovely two hours. Our off-base hotel kicked us out at 2 and the on-base hotel wouldn't let us in til 4. My cat?? He was mightily disagreeable to this arrangement and let us know in no uncertain terms he was not used to such treatment and would not be forgiving us any time soon. To say my head was splitting was an understatement. When the Capt still hadn't come out after 10 minutes I figured something had gone wrong and I pitied the poor fool who was in there telling him he needed to go back to his car and drive around some more. Did I mention that we had to turn the rental van in and get a smaller car?? No?? Oh. Let me mention it now. There was one back seat. One. O.N.E. This seat had to fit my 18 year old testosterone filled 15 year old daughter full of angst and "why me's" and every ones favorite Boo-Bear who had a touch of ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me just say it..she had gas. Horrible gas. It was eating away at our skin. This caused much

Stop it!!
You stink!!!
Stop talking to me!!!
You're touching me!!!
Stop moving the dog!!
Get the dog on your side!!!
Where is dad??? (oh, that was me)

I listened to this for the whole 10 minutes, plus the dog was crying and the cat was meowing loudly. Finally I snapped. I turned around and said, very calmly I might add, I said..... "I hate all of you now shut up mo-fo's!!!"
Cue the calls of mothers everywhere shouting "YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!"

Now did my kids cower in fear?? Did they get their feelings hurt?? No. No they didn't. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. They laughed off and on for 5 minutes. Yes, I counted. This my friends is why mothers eat their young.

Peace out Mo-Fo's