Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Whew! Life is a-busy right now. I got ready for the Rents....and my brothers....they came...they unwrapped...they ate...I took two days to clean up from all the being merry....I took kids stole the batteries to my camera....I'll be back after the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A couple of Christmases ago we started a new tradition. After dinner we head out to see a movie. This year Sherlock Holmes is on the agenda. The hubby is excited....the bros want to see dad is kids are psyched....but guess what?? The youngest wants to see that Chipmunk movie instead. Plus? Sherlock Holmes is rated PG-13 so I'm not to sure she should see it anyway. What to do what to do? The other day she said to me "Hey momma, instead of seeing Sherlock Holmes maybe you and I could see the Chipmunk movie!" Then she grinned at me cause hello! Seeing the Chipmunk movie instead of Robert Downey Jr!! Great idea!!
I saw my husband smile out of the corner of my eye. He was smiling cause he isn't the momma and he gets to see Sherlock Holmes with all the grown up people while I will be trying not to stab my eye out watching the Chipmunks.

Someone better get me a really good Christmas present that's all I'm saying.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There is a great giveaway going on at the Jolly Jabber folks!! You only need to pick out some wonderful things that you wish for and post it on your blog. Easy Peasy!! Oh, and you have to write a note to Santa letting him in on the whole thing.

Dear Santa,
I was a very good girl this year. Really. I was. Don't listen to the hubby.....he hasn't been himself lately and doesn't understand my need for more fabric. So since I was such a good girl I was thinking maybe I could give you some ideas as to what to put in my stocking this year. See!! I'm "helping" which is what all good girls do. :)

Just look here Santa. Look at the fabulesness that is this fat quarter bundle. It just makes me feel all "sighing" inside.

Or look at this pattern from Bunny Hill....who I adore by the way. I would be ever so happy to have this under the tree. It would keep my hands busy at night while the kids and the hubby have total control of the TV. Not that I am bitter about sharing the TV Santa. I'm not. Uh-uh. Not me. I am a sharer type of girl which is why I should totally have this pattern. :)
Thank You ever so much Santa Clause!!!
Hugs to Mrs. Clause!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter come-eth...

When I took the dog out for her morning walk yesterday this is what our sky looked like.


10 minutes later it looked like this. Doesn't that picture just say "Chicken soup......roaring fire in the fireplace.....warm toasty socks.....candy canes.....getting under a warm quilt and reading a book". The wind was blowing and there was promise of a storm headed our way. People were getting slammed with snow....which means my kids wore their PJs inside out and backwards last night. What?? You didn't know that's how you get a snow day to happen??
This morning I woke up to snow. About an 18th of an inch....but still! Snow! Now I just need to get that chicken soup started. :)

This guy came to visit me and wanted his breakfast today. Sorry the picture is blurry but they sure do move fast. I started to call them before I put food out over the summer. There is a big one that comes running as soon as I call now. It's pretty neat. My husband didn't think it was so neat though when he came home the other day and found the squirrels eating bits of pound cake. Sigh. Does the man not know that even squirrels need a little sumpin sumpin now and then??

Stay warm everyone!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Trimming the tree......

With The Rents and two of my brothers spending Christmas here at Chez' Owens I finally got around to decking some halls. We'd tried for a solid week to get the tree done but with two kids feeling all grown it was hard to find them all home at one time. Saturday I told everyone to be home or be square and that we were gonna trim the tree. Plus? My OCD was gonna kill someone if all the boxes of Christmas cheer weren't unloaded and put back in the Garage Of Shame where all boxes belong. heh. (True Story: I actually called my mom the next day...when the tree was done but nothing had been put away...I called her while hiding in my room because oh my gosh the boxes!! the mess!! where to start!?!?!?!!! Panic attack panic attack can't breath can't breath. My mom?? Totally rocks and calmed me down. Then I proceeded to unhide and clean. Oh, and I was able to breath again. I should totally do a Xanex commercial!)
Trimming the tree started off wonderfully...sarcasm sarcasm.....I may or may not have said "We are doing this as a family and we are having fun!! Now get up and start making memories dammit!!"

In the interest of full disclosure here is my dining room table. Chock full of stuff. Why do they need so much stuff Intnetz and why do they have to put it on my table???

This guy here was threatened with bodily harm if he didn't put an ornament on the tree. As you can see the dog is the only one who even pretended to listen to me. The son?? Got up and gave me bear hug and thought it all very funny when I gave him the death stare.

This guy?? This yummy bit of fabulessness?? Trimmed the tree like a pro. See those black cases to his right?? Those are just a small sampling of cd's he had to look through to find just the right music to decorate by. Tomorrow I will clean until everything is bright and shiny. Then I'll be ready for Christmas. :)

Have a good one everybody!!


Yesterday when I went to check the mail I was so excited to see my SSCS swap package!!!
The very talented Fiona sent the cutest ornament for our tree and some yummy chocolate. How did you know I love chocolate Fiona?? Oh yeah, I forgot, it's a quilters rule. All quilters must love chocolate. heeheehee
My other present is under the tree waiting for Christmas morning. Thank you so much for your thoughtfullness Fiona!!!! I love the ornament and today?? I also loved the chocolate! hahaha

Saturday, December 05, 2009


The other night my son took his sister...her boyfriend...and a friend out for dinner. 10 minutes after they leave we get a call from our daughter. The car won't start. My hubby gets in our car to go and see what's what. When he got home he tells me that even though there are two young men in the car, when he pulled up everyone was sitting all toasty warm INSIDE of the car waiting for him. The Calvary. Was the hood opened and any discussing going on you ask? No.

Dad had been called and dad was being waited for.

They get the car pushed back to our house and I take a look at my sons dejected face. I do what any mother would do in just such a situation....I call The Rents. (insert hero music here) I tell my mom what is what and she mentions to my father that The Son may be having a bit of car trouble. My dad knew he was a mechanic in the womb. He only needs to listen to an engine to know what needs to be done. Also? Besides being a whiz with all things mechanically he is a Grandpa. Grandpas go where Grandpas are needed. The Son talked to my dad to discuss what to do and even though he lives about 5 1/2 hours away...and STILL has a dad said he'd come and check it out. The next day my dad goes to work.......and then drives to our house....5 1/2 hours away.

I had strict instructions from my mom not to let him look at the car until he'd had a good nights sleep. The next morning....after fortifying him with coffee.....we went out to look at the car. After some discussion it is decided that it needs to go to the mechanical place also known as the car fixer place and have someone hook it up to some thingies and tell us what's wrong. At least that's how I understood it. Pistons may have been mentioned and something called a belt. It was here that all came to the conclusion that I was not going to be a whole lotta help. heh.

So the son put his key in the starter thingy and low and behold the car turned on!!!! No doubt it was scared into submission by my father "Super Grandpaw" I gave my son the death stare aka MY FATHER JUST DROVE FOR A HUNDREDELEVENTY HOURS AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CAR???!?!!!! and then my dad says not to worry cars do that when the battery is bad and for me to go get dressed (yes, I was outside in my pajamas with bed head. Do not judge me.) he wanted me to go with them and that he'd be buying his baby girl a Starbucks. I know I know....he is swoon worthy.
When we get to the car fixer place they let us know that the battery is bad. Super Grandpaw looked at my son and said "I'll be paying for this" and he whipped out his Discover card faster then you can say I Want Me Some Fabric!! Then he took us out to lunch at Panera......and then he got into his car and drove 7 hours to visit my brother. Content in the knowledge he had done a good job. I think his car may have glowed with all of the goodness pouring out of that man.
We get in the house and my son looks at me. He says. "Wow. Grandpa drove all this way to help me with my car...and then he payed for a new battery." He shook his head and says "He's a really great guy, huh mom."
Yeah son. Yeah he is.

Thanks for coming to the rescue my daddy. I love you more then ice cream!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

For the past two weeks someone has been home with me. Either I've had a sick kiddo or someone has been on vacation. We have been in and out. To the store and back. I've cooked and done laundry. My house has not been tidy no matter how hard I tried to keep up. We even took a trip to Columbus and my daughters besty came for a week long visit.

Have I mentioned that someone has been home with me every day for the past two weeks??

Yesterday I cleaned. I shined up my home. I cooked a big pot of chicken soup and the house smelled wonderful. Laundry was started. Then I sort of forgot about it. Then my husband reminded me. Laundry was started anew. Then I sighed a big loooooooong sigh.

Today there is just me......and the dog....and the cat. The way God intended for Mondays to be. My men are at work. My daughters are at school. I have a big ole pot of coffee and a new creamer called mint chocolate aka balm for a mothers soul. There is nothing before me but a day of quiet. I need to get laundry done but that is neither here nor there. I have an applique project ready and blogs to get caught up on.
I love having a quiet day to myself after so much busyness. It makes me feel all pink puffy hearted inside.

I hope everyone out there is having just such a Monday...full of peace. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!! Hope your turkey day was as wonderful as our was. :)
We spent the day in Columbus with our friends. Ate a lot of turkey.
We also ate some ham....and green bean casserole.....and rolls...and corn pudding....and cranberry sauce.....and then some more turkey.....and stuffing.....and pie!


I am still stuffed this morning. After dinner I went upstairs to the 4th floor (seriously you all need to see this house!) and took a nap in what I like to call the movie room. It is set up just like a theater with wonderful overstuffed leather chairs that lean back when you press buttons. There were blankets passed out and naps taken while we watched the parade. The grownups stayed downstairs and since I didn't want to leave the kiddos alone I took a nap with them. All comfy cozy with my oh so lovely mink blanket. Martha Stewart would have called yesterday a good thing. :)

Hope everyone out there hugged their family tight and thought of things they were thankful for. Today is shopping. No, not at o dark thirty. We are headed to the mall after lunch to hang out and just be. I'll make sure to take some pics so I can share tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day after Thanksgiving day!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Grocery Store Debacle....

The other day I took my son to the grocery store. The cupboards were bare at Chez' Owens so we were gonna hit it and hit it hard.

When we walked into the store it was packed. All of the retirees had come to shop. No problem since retirees like to talk and if there is something I like to do it's talk to strangers in the grocery store! :)

So there we were. I had a cart. The Son had a cart. Everything was going good. We laughed. We talked. We moved out of the way of the lady with the blue hair who was taking no prisoners. It was shopping at it's finest. Isle 8 is where the cranberry juice is. I loves me some cranberry juice. Goes great with a leeetle bit of that wondrous thing called Cranberry Vodka.

I will now take a second for us all to shout " Hail to the cranberry vodka!"

Carrying I reached for the cranberry juice my stomach all of the sudden said "Heeeeeeeelllllllllllllllloooooo" and I thought I was going to be ill. Violently. The never can I show my face again in this here town kind of ill. I dug in the cart and opened up the box of Gas-X. Oh yes I did. And can I just say that nothing embarrasses a kid more then when you jump in a grocery cart, root around, find the Gas-X, hold it up and shout "HALLELUJAH!!"
We waited a couple of minutes to see if the pill was gonna work its magic. My stomach said to me "I SAID HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!"

I told my son to stay with the carts and ran to the bathroom. Nothing. I looked in the mirror and noticed I was kind of pale. I walked back to The Son and told him all was right once again and for us to carry on. Then people we get to the dairy isle. I turned around to reach for the coffee know the kind....the kind in the large bottle that says yummy/scrumptious things like "toffee" or "caramel".... as I reach for the creamer I felt dizzy all of the sudden and had to swallow like a ma-zillion times cause it was gonna happen!!! I looked at the poor man standing next to me whose wife had sent him to get the coffee creamer as well and he was looking at me like this.....


I heard my son take a deep breath as he readied himself for the horror that was about to happen. I just stood there in shock staring at the man and thinking to myself "Self, what you got yourself here is probably that there Pigeon Flu and you need to fortify your loins cause this chain't gone-be pretty." Seems that when I am about to get sick in the dairy isle my inner hillbilly comes out.

Thankfully, after a couple of deep breaths, I got myself together and crisis number 2 passed. But let me tell you, we finished the rest of our shopping in a blur. I threw whatever was in front of me in the to the checkout line and held on to the counter while my son loaded everything up....and kept asking me if I was okay. Then he ran to get the car while I stood outside with our bagger. We made it home with no further incidents.
I've been fine ever since. Crazy!!!
I am now scared to leave my home and will be staying indoors indefinitely.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012....and the bully update...

So yesterday the movie 2012 came out and man oh man was I excited to see it! I've had that baby marked on my calendar for months now. I like a good movie people and one about the world ending in a fiery explosion of mayhem is one of my favorites! The hubby took the day off so he could go with me and we also made The Son get up outta bed so he could go too. Now the movie is long...2 hours and 20 minutes. We needed to be home by 3pm and were gonna be cutting it close. I asked the hubby if he could be the Keeper of The Time and let me know when it was 5 minutes to 3. I was pretty sure we would get to see the whole movie.
I had a jumbo popcorn and a gigantic-a soda. My hubby was on one side of me and my son on the other.


Just as the movie was getting good....things were sliding into the ocean....people were hanging off of the side of hubby leans over in a panic and says "Hey! It's 3 o'clock! We gotta go so we can get Middle Daughter to work on time!" I stand up and say "Already???!! Wow! That went fast!!" Then we raced for the car. I kept thinking that 2 hours and 20 minutes had gone by so fast and what was up with the rest of the movie...did the previews go on that long at the beginning??? Cause I knew....just knew that more explosions were gonna happen that I was gonna miss.

You wanna know what happened as I turned the corner to hop on the highway to home?? I looked at the car clock. heh. My husband forgot to change his watch for Daylight Savings. It was only 2. My son and I just stared at him like how could you????? DID HE NOT KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT???????!!! I was thinking that I may have to leave him. I may have to pack up the kids and move. Where? I do not know but it would be a place where everyone gets the time right.

Not really. heeheehee He felt so bad and kept apologizing and I thought he was so cute that I forgave him. It's just a movie after all. The son on the other hand is packing. He is moving to that land I just wrote about.
So guess who's gonna go see 2012 this week??? Yeah. That would be me. :)

The Bully Update:
The Vice Principal of my daughters school is a dream. He got right on it and stopped everything before it could get out of hand. He talked to our daughter (and I will be eternally grateful that we taught our kids to say Ma'am and Sir!! Boy does it sound good!) and then he talked to the other girl. My daughter said she laughed at the girl when she came to school with yellow hair and the girl said she wanted to punch her face off for it. The Principal explained to my daughter that she shouldn't tease and he explained to the girl that she shouldn't want to punch the faces off of people. They are each in their respective corners and we don't think anything else will happen.

You know, it's hard to know when to step in as a parent. We like our kids to figure thing out for themselves with us helping as needed. We don't want to fight all their battles because then how will they learn to stand up on their own when they get older. We do draw the line when there is talk about "jumping" our 12 year old. It's just a no all the way around. Kids mean it these days. It's not an idle threat. Also? We act fast and furiously when we feel that our own kids have gone to far. I've told the three of them that I was bullied when younger and how I felt about it.
So the Boo-Bear is back to being her fire-cracker self. She had a friend spend the night and seems to feel pretty good about the whole thing. Thank you to everyone who thought about our girl!!! You guys rock!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday my hubby had the day off. He's been gone doing Air Force type things so a day off was just what the doctor ordered. We went out for breakfast....went to Lowe's....stopped by Avenue so I could drool over a coat I have my eye on.....walked around Sams Club so the Major could drool over a TV he has his eye on and we went back to the yucky meat store to get a whole chicken. My man wanted to cook Beer Butt chicken so Beer and Chicken were got. The only crazy thing that happened is when I was walking out of the store (he had gone to get the van) an older man burped right by my ear.
Why did he do that Int-nets?? And was it just as crazy for me to think "Hurray!! I'm so gonna blog about this!!" hahahahahaha

When we got home The Boo-Bear was walking from her bus. She looked at me and I thought "Uh-Oh. Somethings wrong." She said she had to talk to me and got a little teary. I grabbed tissue and we scooted for her room. Seems she was bullied. By a girl who's name I know well. Last year this same girl bullied The Boo-Bears friend mercilessly. For a year people. She confronted her outside of class...on the the lunch. The Boo-Bear got into it with her a couple of times over it and her friends mom even came over to our house to see if her daughter had done anything to warrant the attacks. Ummm no. The mom was supposed to go to the school and have a conference with the principal over it but never did.
I guess yesterday she figured my daughter needed a little attention. She confronted her at her locker. Words were said and a threat made that she was going to get some people to jump her. My baby said she wasn't scared of her and for her to go away.....then our Boo-Bear said she flicked her fingers in the air so the hateful one would realize she meant it when she said to go away. Then? Then she cried while she looked at me. She said her fingers were shaking when she tried to open her locker. She said she didn't want to get into trouble at school. I was all WHA??? Why would you get into trouble? She is worried that the Principal will call them into her office to discuss what happened and that they will both get into trouble. Yeahno. The hubby is taking some time off this afternoon to make a visit to the school. He is going to talk to the principal about what happened. We went through this once when our son was younger. He had been bullied. We went through the proper channels...talked to the it documented....all the things you do. When the kid hit him for the first time my son hit back. They got hauled into the office and the principal called me to let me know they were both being suspended. She said she knew of the problem but with the whole no tolerance policy they were both out for three days. My son thought he'd get in trouble at home. Um no. We took the three day suspension and the bully never bothered him again.

So today will be a long day. My Boo-Bear had an upset stomach this morning but felt pretty good that her friends all called her last night to offer support, like only 7th grade girls can, and that her father is going to her school to see what's what. I'll sit here today and wait for her to come home.


It's gonna be a looooooong wait til she gets home. 3 o'clock never seemed so far away.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Ft. Hood....

As a military wife and daughter my thoughts and prayers go out to the Army community at Ft. Hood.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


My cousin "Jordanthing" came for an over night visit the other day. Jordanthing isn't her real name it's just what my son called her, for reasons known only to him, when he was little. Anyway she came for a visit and much laughing and talking was mine for a couple of hours. Cousins...they do the body good.

As she was packing her car to leave a pretty interesting thing happened. She came back into the house and said she had to hop into her truck PDQ cause two labs came over to check out what was what and made her nervous. I, being a dog LOVER!, said labs?? She thought they had gotten loose cause they both had collars on. My, being a dog LOVER! said lets catch em and find their mom! She looked a tad bit sceptical, not knowing that inside of her quiet mom-like cousin beat the heart of a hero. :) hee. I go outside and whistled. Two huge! dogs came running around the corner. I opened my back yard fence and in they galloped. Much coo-ing over how cute they were and what good doggies they were and let Aunt Dawn get you a little treat-kisskiss belly rub-belly rubs later and I had caught me some dogs. My cousin? In the house watching from the back door. Inside of her beats the heart of a hero as well she just likes to use it only on weekends. heeheehee

I had her bring me Abbey's leash and took the biggest one out of the back yard to look for his mom. The younger lab protested so we let him out thinking he wouldn't go far without his buddy. I walked around the neighborhood looking for someone obviously upset cause Hey! Doggies!! Loose!! Looking for them!! And you know what?? Found her!!!! She had gone out back to feed them that morning and the gate was open. She was in her car driving around the neighborhood in a panic thinking she would never see them again and life would never be the same. Okay, I made that up but she WAS looking panicky and driving around the neighborhood. She got her dogs and we shook hands promising to be bestys. Okay! Made that up too but wouldn't that have been great!!! Really she acted kinda put out and only wanted to get her smoke on and pull up her white tank top/sans a bra but that's okay cause Hey! Doggies!!! I knew in her heart she thought of me as a hero and I was okay with that. Then I went home and we took the cousin out to Red Robin where she paid!!! Hey!! Cousins!!! and we went to Best Buy where we may have danced around the store a little cause they were playing rockin music.

All in all a very nice two days. Big hugs Jordanthing!!!!

Brotherly love....

Our youngest and oldest have a very deep abiding love. He has introduced her to the tres fabulous Pokemon game, tooting, watching movies, blue slushies at Sonic..... and she has helped him to learn patience. :) The other night he went to the store, bought a bunch of snacks and the two of them put their heads together so he could help her achieve levels unreached before in the history of Pokemon. All. Night. Long. Yeah, I know, that's a great big brother.

He has also introduced her to the always funny game of name calling. Do you all know what a Pongu is?? It is a toot. He calls her Pongu Sniffer and she calls him Turd Juggler. A very typical morning between them at Chez' Owens usually goes thusly....

Him: Morning Pongu Sniffer.
Her: Morning Turd Juggler.

Then they are able to start the day. Now if one of them tried this with the middle child?? Our 17 year old?? It would go like this...

Them: Morning Turd Juggler.

Always classy over here folks. Always classy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Astro Boy......

Last night I took the Boo-Bear and the Son out to a movie. It's hard to agree on a movie between three people and after much discussion Astro Boy won. Boo-Bear loved it....I gave it a C. It gets a little weird/campy in one spot but the message is good. It was no Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs that's for darn sure! She wants to see Where The Wild Things Are but man oh man every time I read something about it everyone says how depressing it is and I do not need any more of that! hahahaha

Today is Saturday. I've got two kids who want to hang out at the mall and get some Christmas shopping done. We're gonna eat Chick Fill'A and maybe I can talk one of them into treating their ole' momma to a Starbucks. A trip to JoAnns and some fat quarters may be in my future. I am working on a tea pot wall hanging and want to get all the blocks prepped so I have something to do at night while the family watches what they watch on TV. I'll take some pics of the blocks later on tonight.
It's gonna be a great day. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A peek into Air Force life.....

There are times I love being the wife and daughter of an Air Force member. I was reminded of something this morning that I especially like while having my first cup of coffee and reading blogs.

Every morning at 7:30 I can hear Reveille play. We live across the street from a section of the base so I can hear it loud and clear. At 5 Retreat plays and then at 10PM we get to hear Taps. Every day. Did you know that when you are on base everything stops while those songs play? Every car stops and anyone outside must face in the direction of the big American Flag....usually by the front gate. If you are in uniform you must stand at attention. It is so neat to sit in your car and watch life come to a standstill for a moment while we all pay our respects to our country.

When my kids were little 5 o'clock was dinner time. You would hear Retreat play and when it was over you could see kids scatter for home. I absolutely loved it! Some days I would go to my kitchen window, where I could see the park, and just wait for it to happen. The kids would all stand very still....some with tiny hands over their hearts like they had been taught to do...and then they would run for home to eat.

The other day we were all walking to the car to go somewhere when we heard the music. Without saying anything we all stopped and faced the area across the street where we knew the flag was. My kids were quiet. The hubby stood straight and tall. When it was over we resumed walking and talking. Just picked up where we left off and it was so natural that no one mentioned it. My heart felt so full. It made me proud.

Just a little sharing about how life is over here. :)
hugs everyone!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My new Dream Job...

I was online last night perusing the internet when I came across an article about people who study paranormal activity. In short, they are Ghostbusters.

I. Totally. Want. That. Job.

I read that article two times and for a brief second I thought about waking up the hubby and telling him that his dreams were about to come true and I was going to get a job! Then I thought about how grumpy he would be if I woke him up to tell him that his wife wants to be a Ghostbuster and let him sleep.

Ghostbuster!!! Can you even imagine how great a job that would be??? I could be at a function with the hubby....he would be in full Major-mode and I would have on heels and an oh so lovely dress. (annnnnnnnnnd since this is my fantasy the dress would be a size 5! ha!!) A General and his wife would walk over to make small talk and they would ask me what I do. I would sort of swish my cosmo and say in an offhand kinda way "Me? Oh, I'm a Ghostbuster." Then I would smile demurly at the Generals wife cause there is no way her day job could top that! I am sure they would stand in awe at the wonder that is Me "The Ghostbustering Wife"

Or I would be at JoAnns taking full advantage of a 40% off sale and a woman would ask me what I needed the 4658 rolls of tape for. I would say "Tape? This is for my job." She would be intrigued by the woman of mystery that is me and say "Really? What is your job?" I would then smile politely and tell her that I am a Ghostbuster and the tape is to put all over a house infested with Stage One Ghosties that can only be caught with good ole fashioned sticky stuff. Can you just see the envy on her face when she realizes that she is just a boring Supreme Court Judge who has to wear a boring old black robe day after day and I am a Ghostbuster, probably besty's with Dan Aykroid, and I get to wear awesome ghostbuster type outfits??!

Now, of course, as I am afraid of ghosts my job would be to wear the cute outfit and stand in front of the haunted houses with a sign saying "Ghostbustering Going On hire please call 1-800-rockin-jobs" I would let others do the actual "busting." My momma din't raise no fools.

I am now off to have a third cup of coffee. God only knows what I will post next. heeheeheehee

The creepy man....

On Sunday my hubby woke up and told me that he must cook some ham-hocks...and beans. Then I went downstairs to make some coffee. I needed to fortify my loins before any plans were thrown at me. He came down about 20 minutes later, dressed and ready. He definitely needed some ham hocks and beans.......maybe some of my sweet corn bread....and possibly some sweet tea. Oh, and I should get ready cause he wanted me to go with him. As I am a white woman I don't have the faintest clue what one should look for in a good ham hock.....other then they should be big.....but I love muh man so off we went. The man likes to buy his ham hocks from one store. It is a small little hole in the wall......probably run by mountain people. Nothing wrong with mountain people, I'm just setting the scene. Teeth are not always a given. Shoes and shirt are mere options.

As we are waiting at the meat counter with all 645 other mountain/hunters in full camouflage gear/slasher type people I got a little tingly feeling at the base of my neck. Now int-netz I am a child of Oprah. For years I was a devout follower and I know that when you have a tingly feeling at the base of your neck that means that a murderer is close by. Of course Oprah calls it your "hmmmmmmm something is not right" feeling but she really means that a murderer is close by and you should run RUN ham hocks be damned!

Now I was at one end of the meat counter and the hubby was at the other. He had gotten all enthralled by the sirens call of beef and had left me. I looked around to see why I was getting the tingly-murderer is close by feeling when I saw this man looking at me. It wasn't a "Hey! What a cutie that girl is!!" It wasn't a " HMMMMM white girl with black man....bad!" look either. It was just a really weird blank stare. I looked away and pretended to be oh so intrigued by a packet of something called "Salt chure deer meat and the wimmin will come a'runnin" and when I peeked to see if he was still looking? He was. I looked behind me cause maybe he was aiming his dead blank stare to some other unlucky person. But guess what?? There was no one else behind me. I decided to hide in an isle. Not that Oprah ever suggested that hiding in the cereal isle when you are about to be attacked, is a good idea but I needed to give the man time to be distracted by something else. When I got tired of reading cereal boxes I fought my way over to the the hubby. I figured the weird Freddy Kruger man would see that I was well protected and would stalk someone else. Nope. He kept looking. I thought about telling my hubby but the man hadn't really done anything. I just kept getting an icky feeling. And ladies, would my husband understand The Wisdom Of Oprah and how I was having a Hmmmmmmmmm Moment?? No. He would walk over to the icky little man and ask him if he was staring at his wife and if so could he knock it off cause he was giving her the heebie-jeebies. And really.....the area of town we were in...well let us just say that I didn't want to stand out any more then we already were. I only break out the black belt moves when needed and on one cup of loins weren't nearly fortified enough.
Our number was called while I was wrestling with what to do so we ordered our ham hocks. Paid for them and got in the car. I told the Major about all of my thoughts. He looked around the parking lot to see if I was being stalked but nope. No icky murdering man had followed us out to the store. And why I felt the need to share this loooooong and sordid tale I do not know.
It's just me looking for the silver lining in things....see......escaping a murder/slasher?? WIN WIN!! Yeah Me! Looking for the good in life!!! :)

Anyway!!! so tonight I am still alive and well in Ohio. Let this be a lesson to all you ladies out there. If a very tiny-weird-murderer-slasher type person stares a death ray stare at you, just do what I did.
Hide in the cereal isle. Works every time. And yes, that is the moral of this story. giggle

Night all!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Decrating for Fall.....

Been doing a little Fall decorating around here. When I went to the Covered Bridge Fest my dad got this house for lights up!! Very Fall-ish.

I also decorated the front porch.......This is just some corn stalks....a couple of bales of hay....some pumpkins and a table my dad made for me.

In the other corner I put a small cabinet with a very large pumpkin on top. (Cabinet also made by my dad....yes, it pays to have someone in the family who is a woodworker!)

And over here I put two bird houses......also made by my dad. :) I got some Fall Garlands from JoAnns.....60% off Ladies!!!....and hung them around our porch. It looks really nice at night when the porch light is on.

I think Fall may be my favorite season. It's cold so you can wear the cold weather clothes but it's not freezing to where you don't want to go outside.

Happy decorating everyone!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serious post ahead.........

So ummmmmm my posts have been pretty spotty lately huh.
Thanks to all who have hung in there with me and my once a month posting.

As many of you out there know life is not always one big basket of butterflies. At times things that we are desperately trying to hold at bay rear up and say "Okay, enough. Let us deal with this now." Everyone has something that they deal with. Mine is that every once in awhile I get sad. For no reason. Just sad. Usually it only lasts a day or two and then I can snap myself out of it and go on with life, none the wiser. This time? No. It has gone on and on and on. I describe it as waking up one morning and it is sitting on your chest, smiling down at you and saying "Hi! Remember me?? Wellllll I'm back!" You can tell yourself that your children are wonderful, your hubby is the best, you have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, shoot even your dog loves you but it doesn't always work. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to tell him that maybe my "vitamins" weren't working like they should and he wanted to go over what I had been doing that week. I told him. Just the usual wife and mom stuff. He says to me "You seem to take care of everyone. Who takes care of you?" Then he got nervous when I felt oh so sorry for myself thinking "Yeah! Who??" and maybe got a little teary. hahahahahahaha

So what to do and how to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get it together already??

When I go through it I start a new quilting project. I put music on during the day. I get out of the house and go be amongst people. I buy myself a fat quarter. I make big dinners and set the table nicely. Or I re-arrange furniture. I never let it affect my family. I feel very strongly that my kids will not remember their mother being sad. This time? Nothing worked. I found myself laying on the couch after the kids went to school and then waking up 3 or 4 hours later. Eating for no reason even if I was full. A week would go by and I didn't laugh. I had to make myself go out. Even knowing I had to buy bread was a huge huge task that would loom in front of me. I even stopped answering the phone.

One night my daughter sat on my bed and said that I seemed sad. Was it something they had done. Was there something she could do to help. My other daughter came in and sat on the bed and they pow-wowwed as to what I could do. Yeah, that is a heart breaker for sure. They wanted their mom back. Shoot I wanted her back!

It's hard to say what made me have such a long "hard time" this time. It's been months. I was just so sick of myself. Nothing debilitating or any crazy thoughts, I just re-read what I wrote and wanted to put there out there. Just sad. And tired. And anxious. For more then a couple of days.

For months The Rents and I had planned on going to The Covered Bridge Festival together. Just the three of us. I would drive up to their camper....saying camper makes me think of a small little pop up when really people?? This thing is huge! Comes with two lazy boy name it! Anyway, the plan was for me to drive up to the campground, stay in the Taj Mahal of campers with them and we would drive to the Festival and spend a whole day shopping. Going from booth to wonderful booth of craft stuff. When Nana got sick and I spent some time with her I thought about not going. I Then my heart said oh no. Go. Do not stay home. Get away for a bit. Spend some time with The Rents. I am so glad I listened to my heart. I took the 4 and a half hour road trip alone. Just me and my music. I stopped off here....

bought a little sumpin sumpin for my Ya-Yas.......

Then I spent some time with these two. The Rents. When I got out of my car to say hello I just held on to my dad. I breathed him in. I hugged my mom and when she kissed me on the cheek, grinning cause we were gonna have a rockin good time, I felt my soul wake up for the first time in months. I felt quiet inside of myself. Does that make sense?? The first night I was there we just sat together. We had to get up the next morning early as the Festival was an hour and a half away. My dad watched some TV and my mom and I read. Every once in awhile I would peek at them. Then I would grin to myself cause oh my gosh are they cute. Also? I felt so happy to be there with them.
The next day we drove to Indiana. The Festival was not what I expected. It. Was. Marvelous! Booth after booth after booth of crafty things! You weren't allowed to take any pictures so I snapped my dad before we entered the town. Oh, guess who had pneumonia that weekend?? Guess who we had to drag back to the camper at the end of the day after walking 245112 miles?? Yeah, that would be this guy.

I came home and felt more myself then I had for a long long time. I've laughed again. I chased my youngest up the stairs trying to pinch her while she laughed like a loon. I was interested in what was going on around me. I've answered the phone! :) I also made a decision that I would not go back to that place. I've started to say no a bit. No, I will not stop what I am doing and drive to the school cause you forgot something...AGAIN. No, I will not drive everyone hither and yon. Get another mom to do's their turn. Yes, I will do my share but doggone it I will not let myself be so taxed out that I get depressed again. I also know that people will only tax you out and make you crazy if you let them. I plan on working on some balance. Oh, and laughing. I've missed laughing.
The next time my doctor asks me who takes care of me?? I'm gonna tell him about these two. My Rents. And I am going to thank my lucky stars that I feel better!!!

Okay, enough down in the mire stuff!! hahahaha Next up is pictures of the porch! It is decorated for Fall and looks so great my neighbor stopped by to tell me so. :)

hugs everyone!!

Angel Swap Update......

My secret angel swap person got her gifts from me a couple of days ago!!
I got someone from Hungary and had a lot of fun making stuff for her. (I also borrowed this photo from her blog as I forgot to take any of my own before I sent it out.)

If you ever get a chance to do a swap sign up!! It is a great way to get a peek into someone who lives a life very different from your own and you can make a nice friend as well. :)

Thanks to Helen for being in charge of all of us!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The hubby and I go out for breakfast on Saturdays. Just the two of us. No kids! Hurray!! :)
Last Saturday we sat down at our regular table....ordered some coffee....and opened up the paper. I get the comics and he gets the sports page. As we were enjoying ourselves two men sat at the table behind us and one of the men says the following

"When I get home the first thing Im-a gonna do is put my underwear back on."

I looked at my husband and he looked at me. I started to giggle. Then I told him that I thank God every day for moments like these! hahahahahaha Keeps life interesting.

And yes, I did turn around....all stealth see the gentlemen who was "Commando" for the day. He was busy gumming some bacon by that time cause he left out his bottom teeth. Probably sitting on his underwear at home.


Friday, October 09, 2009

Bucket List....

When I was in the airport waiting for my flight to arrive so I could go back home after a crazy three days of care taking I heard an announcement over the loudspeaker. The desk attendant said that the airline was doing this new thing where you could upgrade to first class for $50. Let me repeat that...first class. Let me also say that the plane ride was only an hour and ten minutes so when I thought about that and spending the $50 I didn't get up. We had an hour before boarding and I let my thoughts wander. I started to think about a Bucket List. I knew that if I had one flying in the first class section would totally be on there. I thought about how small the seats were and how small my own personal seat was not. I've never flown first class before. I began to make a Bucket List in my head.
When I went to throw my coffee cup and bag away I found myself walking up to the desk attendant. I asked him if what I had heard over the loudspeaker was true and could I upgrade my ticket to first class. He smiled and said yes. Then we looked at each other while I had an inner war with myself. Finally I handed over my debit card. He explained that when he called for first class passengers to board that I could come on up. Then I sat back down and grinned to myself. First class!! After awhile boarding began. I stood up and made my way slowly, cause there was really no hurry. We were FIRST CLASS Huzzah!!
I got to my seat and guess what?? They give you a blanket!! And a pillow!! And a very lovely bottle of ice cold water. The best bottle of ice cold water you will ever sip. Probably from a very special First Class Glacier. I got situated and smiled at the person sitting next to me. We had tons of room and both crossed our legs. I gave a sigh of contentment. She pulled out her cell phone, being a very important CEO/First Class Flying type of person. The flight attendant came over and asked if we would enjoy a beverage. That's what she said. A be-ver-age. I wasn't really thirsty but no way was I gonna pass up a First Class Be-ver-age. And you know what else?? She would make people wait to board so that she could pass out our drinks. Then I sat back and partook as the rest of the people boarded. Once we took off and the Capt said we could move around the flight attendant closed a curtain between us that the rest of the plane. She brought more be-ver-ages but this time in real glasses. She asked if we were comfy and could she get us anything else. Maybe a cookie. Or a hot soft pretzel. By this time I was covered in my sooo soft blanket and had my pillow in my lap with my new book resting on it. I declined any food and read for a bit.
Now the question is you think it was worth the $50 for a flight only lasting an hour and ten minutes?? HECK YEAH!!!! I came out of that airport grinning so hard the hubby asked me what happened. When I told him what I had done and that really, I had to do it as it was on my Bucket List, he laughed. I felt happy all day long.

Ahhhhh First Class Flying, you have ruined me forever.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I have no willpower people. None. Not a bit.

Today I went by the quilt store to be out amongst the people and to ask about a block of the month I want to start. I walked in all happy and minding my own business and not even looking to spend any money..pinky swear..when I looked over to the right. It was really weird cause there was a glow coming from a corner room. Like an angeliclly glow. With some soft music. And I swear I heard my name being whispered. Of course I walked over to check it out cause I am a Nosy Rosy and Dear Baby Jesus and All That is Holy In the Land there was a quilt. It was beautiful. It was the most specialist quilt I've ever laid eyes on. It spoke to me. To my inner most soul. It said, "Daaaaaaaawwwwnnnnn I am beautiful and you want to make me and your husband is not the boss of you even though you swore on your brand spanking new Janome that you wouldn't buy any fabric you must make me and buy all the fabric for me now...right now."

Oh Int-netz I promise I resisted at first. I shook my head no and tried to walk away when a sweet little old lady (God ladies over 90 get me every time with their whole sweet little smiles and how they smell like lemon burbena and they carry hankies in their sleeves) she walked over to me and said "Isn't that quilt gorgeous!!" I said to her that yes it was but I wasn't allowed to buy anything as I just purchased a brand spankin new Janome and that even though my husband wasn't the boss of me I really shouldn't buy any fabric at this point and time. I should lay low on the whole fabric-purchasing thing. Yep, Dawny-Lay-Low is my new name. She patted my hand and said I was a good girl then she looked at the quilt again and sighed. As she turned away she mentioned that it was a class.

A CLASS INT-NETZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL OF MY VERY FAVORITE THINGS!!! QUILTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I COULD TALK!!! OUT LOUD!! TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Oh the hum of freshly oiled sewing machines. The laughter of like minded people coming together. And be still my heart but you just know that a Grandma would be in there and I could probably sit next to her and ask her to be my friend and she would pat me on the hand and tell me that I was a good girl. Le' sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So guess who walked outta the quilt store an hour later with an armful of new fabric, the Eleanor Burns book "Underground Railroad" and is newly signed up for a class on how to make it???? If my husband (who is sooooooooooooooooooooooo not the boss of me!) is reading this then no, it wasn't me. Nope. Not me sweetie!!! But if he isn't reading this??
Totally me.

Hello world, may name is Dawn and I have an addiction to Grandmas who smell like lemon burbena and have hankies in their sleeves....and maybe just a weeeee little addiction to fabric...and thread.....and Eleanor Burns.........OKAY AND CHOCOLATE!!! There. Ya happy now??? I'm exhausted from all this confessing.

PS. I cannot show pictures of the fabric til the hubby goes to work as it is hidden in a cabinet far far away....not that he is the boss of me or anything!!! heh.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thank you to everyone who left kind words about my hubby's Nana. :) You guys rock!!

Sooooooooooooooo speaking of cold and flu season...and isn't everyone??! Did all of you out there get a flu shot this year?? Did you have your kids get one?? We got a letter yesterday from our hospital that the Boo-Bear should come in and have one. The thing is...she has never had one. The hubby gets a flu shot every year. He has no choice being military. I remember when he got his first one years ago. He promptly got the flu.....and again the next year but not as severe. The doctor told him that it happens that way with the flu shot. Well I'm worried now that if the rest of us get out first flu shot that we will get the flu. And oh my gosh don't even let me get started on Swine Flu. Sheesh! We get a call once a week, at least, from the automated school line about it.

Usually during the Fall I stock up on medicines for colds and sore throats and fevers. When we were in Korea we got the nose swab at school. This year I am seriously considering the flu shot. So what say you internet?? Are you getting the vaccine.....are you letting your kids get are you preparing for this winter time/cold and flu season???

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Emergency Trip.....

My husbands grandmother got really sick last week. He gave her a call on Saturday to see how she was doing and she was so sick she was in tears. Not good when you are 80 years old. The hubby had just come back from a two week TDY and couldn't leave so I stepped up and asked him if he wanted me to go and take care of her. 30 minutes later I had a ticket for Atlanta in hand. The hubby doesn't mess around when it comes to his Nana.
When I made it to her house the next day she let me in and went right back to bed. I felt her head. She was burning up. I asked her if she had taken her meds that morning. No. I asked if she had checked her sugar that morning as she is diabetic. No. We checked it. Her normal range is 110. That morning? 350! The hubby has a cousin who lived nearby so we bundled her up and rushed her to the ER. Thankfully it was right around the corner. Listening to her breathing my gut told me she had pneumonia. My gut was right. Once we were signed into the ER they put her in a bed with monitors all around and lots and lots of blood tests and a couple of chest X-Rays. Not only did the test come back positive for pneumonia but her blood sugar was so high they were worried about a diabetic coma. We sat in the ER for around 9 hours then they decided to admit her. We asked for...and received...a private room. I was so thankful for that because the hubby's family had gotten word that Nana was sick and were flying in from everywhere.
That poor little thing was so ill they had to do a blood transfusion. The first night I stayed with her. The nurses got a cot for me so I could lay next to her and listen to her breath. The second night my mother-in-law flew in. She had the blood transfusion that night. My mother-in-law got the cot and I got the chair. After the transfusion she was doing so much better that I got to go back to her house and take a nap. Exhausted is to small a word for how I felt. I have to say that when the hubby has someone in his family that needs help they sure do rally like nobody's business. Nana never had better care. If we weren't making sure she was warm then we were holding her hand. Everyone kept her spirits up and the phone never stopped ringing. We had to screen calls or else she never would have gotten any rest. Families are a wonderous thing!

I left to come back home on the same day they let her go home. Since the hubby and I hadn't really seen each other in three weeks he took two days off. We had breakfast together, celebrated our daughter turning 17!, went to a pub to watch a football game, and did I mention that when I got home my house sobbed in relief?? heh. As I spent all of yesterday cleaning my fingers to the bone I kept repeating in my head "Give thanks that you are needed....give thanks that you are not kill anyone....give thanks!!" heeheehee
So I'm home now and have a ton of blogs to get caught up on. Please forgive me if I haven't responded to any comments left the last week or so. Today is the first day I've been able to get online.

I hope everyone out there is healthy and well!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

This just in.....

Oh my gosh fellow quilters and lovers of everything Mark Lipinski!! He just made an announcement on his blog that he is no longer with the magazine or the show Quilt Out Loud!!!!
Does anyone know why??? I just this week joined the site that hosts the Quilt Out Loud show and now I kinda want my money back. And his magazine?? I love it!!! It is so different from all the other quilting magazines out there.

I am wearing black today as I am in mourning. sigh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hugs From Helen Swap...Received!!! :)

Yesterday I went to check the mail and guess what came!!!!! My wonderful Secret Angel sent her gifts to me!!!! I joined in the Hugs From Helen Secret Angel swap this year and this is what my secret angel made for me.......

The felt purse has all of my change in it and is resting comfortably in my purse.......

How did she know I loves me some chickens???

And yep, this will be used this Christmas. :)

Thank you so much Micki for your thoughtfulness in making these wonderful presents for me!!! I love them all!!! For the rest of you....if you have a chance to join a swap I highly recommend it. You may make a who lives in a cottage by the sea. Can I just say that anyone who lives in a cottage by the sea must wake up every morning with a contented sigh in their heart and joy in their step. :)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My baby, my firstborn, our only son...he turned 20 on Monday. 20!!!! Oh my goodness where did the time go??

And yes that is a phone attached to his ear. His Grandmother called at the exact time I put the cake in front of him and as these were trick candles she got to join in while we sang happy birthday to him. :)

Le' sigh....look how cute mah babee is! This is probably going to be the last birthday we spend together for awhile as he is talking to a recruiter next week and joining the Air Force. Oh boy, on that day there will not be enough tissues in the whole entire US of A.

I got this shot right before the smoke detector went off and my dog lost it. Good times people!! Good times!!

Happy birthday Anthonie!!!!


See this guy over here?? The one being all "How you doin!" He has but one love to give and it's all for her.......

This love is the only thing saving him when he meows at 3am because he is hungry.....or bored.....or lonely......or has an itch......or is unhappy about the state of our economy.

:) Happy Weds everyone!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Other stuff going on Round' here.....

There has been a lot of this going on lately. The Boo-Bear is number 31. She is hilarious to watch playing volleyball. Oh my gosh is she funny. In between hitting the ball she kinda forgets to focus and dances or waves to friends or waves to me. When we have home games parents are asked to be line judges. This means you are in charge of telling the Ref if balls are in or out and if someone steps on the line you tell on them. I've been a line judge twice. The first time I got booed. No problem. I can take it. Well not really, but my daughter took such major umbrage at someone daring to disagree with a call I made that the boo-er decided to head to greener pastures.

I signed up for a second time cause the line judge on duty didn't show up for that night and guess what?? We got flags!!! Really pretty twirly flags to hold up all official like if someone stepped on the line when they served the ball. Guess what you shouldn't be doing if the ball is in play and you are in charge of saying whether it's in or out?? Twirling your new pretty flag. And why is this?? Because when the game stops and two really mean dads are screaming at you that the ball was in the Ref will have you walk over to discuss if the ball hit the pole or not. And how do you explain that you were blinded by the Love of Your New Twirly Flag and weren't really paying attention?? Not that I did that by the way. I'm just using this as an example of what not to do. heh. Note to the two really mean screamy dad persons: When you yelled I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my Red Twirly Flag!
This is a blurry picture of my girl right before she started singing to herself. Wonder where she gets it from??? Must be from her fathers side of the family. heeheehee

And this?? This my friends is called "Serving with Flair" Not everyone can do this mind you. Try not to be jealous.

Okay, I gotta go and be productive.
Peace out me' Hermanosssss!!


When I started quilting I bought this pattern....Sugar and Spice Paper Dolls by Amy Bradley. I absolutely loved it! but whoo was it hard to do when you are first starting out with the whole quilting thing. I started it. Threw it out in frustration. I started it again. Threw it out again. Then a couple of months ago I got serious. I decided to tackle it and not stop til it was done. Last night?? FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today it goes on the frame to be quilted. :)

Look how cute some of these blocks are!! Love them! And yes my little girl is brown. We are the United Nations over here and my youngest was concerned that her Zulu (She swears she is descended from a long line of proud Zulu warriors...why she thinks this we do not know but hey?? REALLY REALLY FUNNY!!!) would not be represented. Never fear, mom is here. :)

Oh, and the machine is working like a dream. It is so much fun to put a quilt on there and get it done. I've quilted my swap gift for the Chookyblue swap...... it turned out perfectly!!! Can't show pics as it is a surprise to my swap partner. Let me just say that having this frame in the house makes me oh so happy people! hahha

Here is the Be-Attitudes quilt fresh off the frame. It just needs the binding done. Next week is binding week. Yep, I do now how to bring the wild and crazy.

Okay, I gotta throw some laundry in the washer and vacuum so that I can peruse the JoAnns sale today!! Happy quilting!

Quilting like crazy!!! but no pics cause I am scared to get off of the couch as I have just seen 4 episodes of Ghost Whisperer and I am chicken.

My machine has had it's tension fixed oh so nicely. I have been quilting like a mad woman. Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Why am I not posting them tonight?? It is cause I am home alone right now and in the mail today was my Netflix movie of choice....Ghost Whisper-er season 3 Disc 4. I've just spent the past two and a half hours watching it and okay yes crying whenever someone goes into the light but can we talk a minute about what is going on underneath that town????!! I totally think it is the portal to Hell because halfway into one of the episodes people were trying to get out from under the street. And it was scaaaaaary. You know the whole shot of faces and hands reaching out from something stretchy?? Yep, that is what scared the bajeebus out of me and now I am to scared to get up from the couch and get the camera to post some pics of my lovely quilts. I also have to go to the bathroom but have to wait another 20 minutes til some of my family comes home cause guess what????? it is dark over where the bathroom is and I know that when I walk down the hallway faces and hands will be all reachy touchy and there will be no Miranda to help them go towards the light. Nope. Nuh-uh. Just me. Scairdy pants Dawn who has to go to the bathroom but is going to sit right here on the couch til someone comes home. I am also right now this very minute rue-ing the fact that I don't think I closed the curtains shut tight enough and probably ghosties are out there waiting for me to get up and go to the bathroom (do not think about water!!!) so they can scare me and then they will laugh when I do not make it to the bathroom in time.
So pinky swear promise that the daytime!....I will post pics!!!

In other news....I bought my tickets to see New Moon!!!!! (insert teenagerie squuuuuueeeee right here if you please) I am now locked and loaded. Please do not judge me. Cause um hello?? EDWARD!!!!!! AND JACOB!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th.

We will never forget.
Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Where does the time go??!
My new machine got here a couple of days ago. I had the Janome 1600P-DB on layaway for a couple of months and finally paid it off. I, being the wonderfully experienced quilter that I am, decided to heck with fixing the tension!! Put a quilt on the frame and get er' done. Ah yes, I can see you other much more experienced long-armers shaking your head and saying "Dawn, Dawn, Dawn." heh. I knew the Janome had tension issues but that once you figured it out it quilts like a dream. Mine is still at the nightmare stage. I had a Christmas gift that was all hand appliqued and oh so very pretty that I put on the frame thinking I had the tension issues all worked out. Looked great on top so I figured the bottom would look just as great. heh. heh again. The back of my quilt?? Totally ruined. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I called the SewVac guys to tell them my machine was defective and could they maybe hop in their tech truck and drive from Texas to Dayton and fix it?? Yeah/no. The guy walked me through a few things and sent out some BD needles sized 16. I in my infinate wisdom went to JoAnns and bought some universal needles sized 16. I took the machine off of the golly those things are heavy!!!....and started working on the tension. The back of the quilt looks great now...the top not so much. I have thread everywhere. I am now waiting for the correct needles to come in and then I am going to try again. The bobbin has been loosened, everything is at a 0. I don't know what to try next to get my stitches to flow together...anyone got any ideas??? Underside of quilt looks great. Top is a mess.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three glasses of wine and many many deep thoughts....

So there are those among you who are sitting in your home and wondering.......what would I be thinking about after partaking of three glasses of wine whilst sitting in my house in Ohio.
Because I am nothing if not a blogger who tells all/does all I will let you know exactly what you would be thinking after three lovely glasses of a very nice Pinot on sale for $6.55.

1. Why can I not eat as many raisonettes as I want and not gain any weight??
2. I think my house still smells like skunk...but hello!! I do not care right now since I have had three lovely glasses of Pinot Grigio! Hazzah!
3. My husband is pretty cute in a Denzel Washington kinda way.
4. giggle out loud and then shush imaginary listeners.
5. I wonder if I should have another glass of this lovely wine and then email Jen and Leigh and tell them how much I love them and admire them.
6. Probably shouldn't.
7. Spend 10 minutes wondering if I should get some chickens like Judy.
8. Wonder if neighbors would mind as we live right on top of each other.
9. giggle while imagining neighbor with 451224 wooden crosses on wall hearing a rooster crow at the crack of dawn. (this is the neighbor who declines to say hello and who has been crossed off of my Christmas card list...not that I have one or anything but if I did she would totally be crossed off of red ink no less)
10. Tell self that you should always blog after three glasses of wine as you are mucho funnier-o.
11. Make a to-do list. At the top of this to-do list is email all the wonderful people who felt your pain at the whole skunk debacle and left a you people very very much!
12. Think of the people who left a comment after your skunk debacle and tell yourself that you are very lucky sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffff to have such people out there in the world.
13. Contemplate if you could go in the kitchen and have a 4th glass of this lovely Pinot Grigio without letting the hubby know.
14. Realize that you probably couldn't and as the hubby wants you to go to Blockbuster and pick out a movie with him the 4th glass would be a huge no-no.
15. giggle as you realize the people in Blockbuster are gonna be real tickled when you walk in and announce that you have a crush on Batman and there better be a movie or two with Christian Bale in it or heads will roll.
16. Wonder if heads would really roll and then giggle to yourself cause right about now that is preeeety funny.
17. Contemplate calling your mother and asking her to read this blog post so she can tell you if it is inappropriate or not.
18. Tell yourself that it is healthy to want your mothers approval at 40.
19. Sit in awe that you are 40 and have a sassy hair cut.
20. Tell yourself that since you are at number 20 you should probably end this as no one out there is reading at this point because everyone out there has a life and is probably enjoying a little pinot grigio of their own.

:) Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Oh my friends. Where to even begin this sordid tale of dog vs skunk. I shall begin where all epic tales the beginning.

Last night at 9:30 I asked my son to take the dog out for her last potty of the night. He opens up the back door and stares in horror as a leetle skunk is looking back at him. My dog?? She did not stare in horror. She being a big bad protector of "all things that may hurt the family" promptly jumped on the skunk and started to tell it to go away. Get out of her yard. The skunk took umbrage at such unprovoked treatment and let my dog know in no uncertain terms it would not be treated thusly. My son is yelling for the dog to get back in the house...may I just now put here "WTH???!!!" Not the house my son. Please not the house where your mother is sitting oh so happily sewing away. Where her OCD is laying dormant like Mt. Vesuvius.
When my dog came running back in the house, confused as to where the smell was coming from, the rest of us jumped up and ran into....wait for it my sewing room. Yes. She was in my sewing room. This is where my anxiety and OCD grabbed me by the throat and started to choke me. I grabbed my dog and ran for the tub....I did not choke her. By around midnight I was laying on the couch pondering my very existence and the existence of my dog and yes, even the existence of my son. Shall I tell you what takes away the skunk smell oh Internet friends?? Yes?? Okay, this is what you do if your dog has been skunked....

1. Take said dog to nearest bath and scrub the hell (sorry mom but hell is appropriate right about now, please do not ground me for using bad language) out of her.
2. Cry.
3. Get out every and all boxes of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Apply liberally to ever surface in your home.
4. Fabreeze like your very life depended on it.
5. Go to bed and get on the internet....look up "stoopid dog got skunked and son let her in my sewing room really what is it all about anyway" .com
6. Read that tomato juice does not work but Massingil will.
7. Cry.
8. Also read that if you boil vinegar on your stove it will take some of the smell away. Realize that you have a gigantic bottle of vinegar in your cupboard and boil away.
9. Open all windows downstairs and sleep on the couch whilst your hubby is asleep upstairs content in the knowledge that his crazy wife will no doubt have it all taken care of cause really?? Her OCD and anxiety will not let her sleep while the smell is in her home.
10. Wake up the next morning.
11. Cry.
12. Get kids off to school and start cleaning with Pine Sol for all you are worth.
13. Get phone call from 16 year old that she smells like skunk and you must pick her up.
14. Pick up 16 year old and go to Walmart where you purchase
* 12365411 bottles of Massingil for Women....ignore stares of every person in Walmart wondering what is up with you that you need so many.
* 2 industrial sizes of fabreeze
* One very large bottle of laundry powder
* Two very large bottles of fabric softener
* Garbage bags
* Skunk be gone from the pet isle that cost $12540112.02 but really who cares at this point.
* A very large milky way....did I mention it is "that time" of month.
* The biggest box of baking soda you have ever seen. Really.
* 545454 candles. Especially the Paula Deen Apple Pie. yum
15. Go home and get call from 12 year old that the Vice Principal has put all of her things from her gym locker in a very large plastic bag and that I need to come and pick her up because the skunk smell is permeating the entire school.
16. Cry.

It is now 11:47am and my house smells wonderful. My dog smells wonderful but is not speaking to me after what I have put on her body. My Milky Way is in the freezer getting nice and frozen for later on this afternoon. My laundry is well on it's way and my mommy has been called so that she can give me sympathy...and might I say that my mom does loving like no other. :)

That is all I've got dear friends. I am now off to drink a pepsi and relax.
Any and all comments of "You poor poor baby!!!" will be greatly appreciate.
You may now go and enjoy your houses that do not smell of skunk.
The End.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A squirrel update...

It seems, at least for now, that the squirrels and I have reached some sort of a truce where the tomatoes are concerned. Ummmmm don't look at the green tomato on the fence over there in the picture on the right. We are agreeing to forget about that one slip up and have moved on.

Now that I think about it, it was probably the birds eating my tomatoes. Yeah!! Those darned birds!
Sigh, no, it was the squirrels. I'm not sure how to keep them away from the plants. I read that if a man ummmm if he "goes to the bathroom" around the bottom of plants that things in nature will stay away. The men in my family will do a lot for me but potty on a plant, outside, nowhere near toilet paper or a magazine is not on the list of approved things. For now I am just blaming it all on the birds....except the pretty cardinals that have come calling....and the hummingbird that visits every once in awhile.....the finches are pretty cute as well. Do you get the feeling I am not caring a whole heck of a lot about my tomatoes?? heehee


The Be-Attitudes quilt is officially a top! I got it finished yesterday....after leaving all my housework by the wayside. :) A quilter has her priorities don't you know! I love how it turned out and can't wait to quilt it.
Another one done!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


In the mornings I like to grab the paper and a cup of coffee then go out back to enjoy the peace and quiet before my family wakes up. I really like sitting there watching the squirrels and birds eat stuff out of the bird feeders.
Lately it seems the bird feeders are not enough.
My squirrels...the ones I buy grapes for....they have been getting into my tomatoes!

This is just such a betrayal on so many levels!!!!
This morning when I walked outside and saw two! Count em two!!! tomatoes eaten into I'd had enough. Some squirrels were watching me from the tree we have by our fence so I walked over to them (Yep, In my PJ's with my hair not done) and had a little Come To Jesus talk. I explained my disappointment with them and reminded them who buys grapes and washes them before she puts them on the fence post. I also reminded them how much I am spending on the bird seed with cracked corn and sunflower seeds in it PICKED JUST FOR THEM cause I am a crazylady/squirrel lover.

This is about the time my neighbor walked by. The neighbor guy who never speaks to me. May I remind you that I was in my PJ's with my hair no where near done???
Oh the mortification.
Oh the horror.
And yes, when he walked away I continued my conversation with my (yes mine) squirrels til we came to an understanding. They would continue to be really really cute and eat my tomatoes and I would continue to not really care all that much/buy them grapes/buy them sunflower seeds....and maybe set up a birdbath so they can get a little water when the little darlings feel parched.

We're bored....

Can I ask the moms out there a question??? Do your kids come to you when in the middle of a "sleep over" and tell you they are bored?? And want you to fix that ASAP?? And what is there to dooooooo whine whine whine???? Our Boo-Bear is the queen of this. Come to think of it our 16 year old did this at 12 too.
When I told her that in my day we entertained ourselves at sleepovers and walked 4 miles, uphill, in the snow to do this she just rolled her eyes at me.

When did we become the idea man?? I remember playing barbies til the wee hours of the morning.......doing elaborate hair-dos.....telling secrets never to be shared with any one else/pinky swear.......lamenting on the fact that so and so got her period and oh my goodness when will we get ours???!.......sneaking downstairs to get a bag of chips then sneaking back upstairs to eat it.....and giggling. Oh my goodness the giggling. Now that is the way to have a sleepover if you ask me!

I made up my mind at the beginning of the summer.....gah this summer!!......that my child would learn to entertain herself whenever she had a sleepover. Sure they could stay up as long as they wanted. They could eat junk food. Do whatever. But they had to figure it out. I would no longer be the idea man. You should have seen her face. "But what will we do??" she asked me at least a hundred times. I just told her that I didn't know but it had to be something and it had to be out of the living room cause that was where I was being at one with my thoughts. Whenever I reminded her that she could, surprisingly, entertain her guest and herself she would go back to her friend and say "My mom says we have to figure it out" then they would look at each other in horror. Us?? Use our imaginations?? Oh my.

So how did it go you ask?? School starts this Tuesday. The last sleepover was had this weekend. I watched as my daughter and her friend made friendship bracelets, ate a whole bag of goldfish crackers while laying in bed, shared secrets never to be spoken of again/pinky swear, had pizza, drank 54210 juice boxes, played a game, watched a movie......and giggled. She opened up her mind and used her imagination. She didn't even have to walk 4 miles uphill in the snow to do so and I think she may be a better person for it. :)