Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quilting like crazy!!! but no pics cause I am scared to get off of the couch as I have just seen 4 episodes of Ghost Whisperer and I am chicken.

My machine has had it's tension fixed oh so nicely. I have been quilting like a mad woman. Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Why am I not posting them tonight?? It is cause I am home alone right now and in the mail today was my Netflix movie of choice....Ghost Whisper-er season 3 Disc 4. I've just spent the past two and a half hours watching it and okay yes crying whenever someone goes into the light but can we talk a minute about what is going on underneath that town????!! I totally think it is the portal to Hell because halfway into one of the episodes people were trying to get out from under the street. And it was scaaaaaary. You know the whole shot of faces and hands reaching out from something stretchy?? Yep, that is what scared the bajeebus out of me and now I am to scared to get up from the couch and get the camera to post some pics of my lovely quilts. I also have to go to the bathroom but have to wait another 20 minutes til some of my family comes home cause guess what????? it is dark over where the bathroom is and I know that when I walk down the hallway faces and hands will be all reachy touchy and there will be no Miranda to help them go towards the light. Nope. Nuh-uh. Just me. Scairdy pants Dawn who has to go to the bathroom but is going to sit right here on the couch til someone comes home. I am also right now this very minute rue-ing the fact that I don't think I closed the curtains shut tight enough and probably ghosties are out there waiting for me to get up and go to the bathroom (do not think about water!!!) so they can scare me and then they will laugh when I do not make it to the bathroom in time.
So pinky swear promise that the daytime!....I will post pics!!!

In other news....I bought my tickets to see New Moon!!!!! (insert teenagerie squuuuuueeeee right here if you please) I am now locked and loaded. Please do not judge me. Cause um hello?? EDWARD!!!!!! AND JACOB!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Michelle said...

Oh, you are so funny...but I would do the same thing. Funny how our mind works, huh? Don't pee your pants!

I can't wait to see LOTS of pictures!
Be blessed,

dianne said...

ha ha ha!

oh shoot ... now i am too afraid to walk down the hall to go potty - look what you've started!

Lauren The Artist said...

You are crackin' me up!

Lauren The Artist said...

You need some Ghost spray. Ours comes in an aerosol can and says "Lysol" on the outside. ;)

Leigh said...

You are so silly! Why do you watch that stuff at night, especially ALoNE! What channel is it on? I've never heard of it.