Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three glasses of wine and many many deep thoughts....

So there are those among you who are sitting in your home and wondering.......what would I be thinking about after partaking of three glasses of wine whilst sitting in my house in Ohio.
Because I am nothing if not a blogger who tells all/does all I will let you know exactly what you would be thinking after three lovely glasses of a very nice Pinot on sale for $6.55.

1. Why can I not eat as many raisonettes as I want and not gain any weight??
2. I think my house still smells like skunk...but hello!! I do not care right now since I have had three lovely glasses of Pinot Grigio! Hazzah!
3. My husband is pretty cute in a Denzel Washington kinda way.
4. giggle out loud and then shush imaginary listeners.
5. I wonder if I should have another glass of this lovely wine and then email Jen and Leigh and tell them how much I love them and admire them.
6. Probably shouldn't.
7. Spend 10 minutes wondering if I should get some chickens like Judy.
8. Wonder if neighbors would mind as we live right on top of each other.
9. giggle while imagining neighbor with 451224 wooden crosses on wall hearing a rooster crow at the crack of dawn. (this is the neighbor who declines to say hello and who has been crossed off of my Christmas card list...not that I have one or anything but if I did she would totally be crossed off of red ink no less)
10. Tell self that you should always blog after three glasses of wine as you are mucho funnier-o.
11. Make a to-do list. At the top of this to-do list is email all the wonderful people who felt your pain at the whole skunk debacle and left a you people very very much!
12. Think of the people who left a comment after your skunk debacle and tell yourself that you are very lucky sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffff to have such people out there in the world.
13. Contemplate if you could go in the kitchen and have a 4th glass of this lovely Pinot Grigio without letting the hubby know.
14. Realize that you probably couldn't and as the hubby wants you to go to Blockbuster and pick out a movie with him the 4th glass would be a huge no-no.
15. giggle as you realize the people in Blockbuster are gonna be real tickled when you walk in and announce that you have a crush on Batman and there better be a movie or two with Christian Bale in it or heads will roll.
16. Wonder if heads would really roll and then giggle to yourself cause right about now that is preeeety funny.
17. Contemplate calling your mother and asking her to read this blog post so she can tell you if it is inappropriate or not.
18. Tell yourself that it is healthy to want your mothers approval at 40.
19. Sit in awe that you are 40 and have a sassy hair cut.
20. Tell yourself that since you are at number 20 you should probably end this as no one out there is reading at this point because everyone out there has a life and is probably enjoying a little pinot grigio of their own.

:) Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Oh my friends. Where to even begin this sordid tale of dog vs skunk. I shall begin where all epic tales the beginning.

Last night at 9:30 I asked my son to take the dog out for her last potty of the night. He opens up the back door and stares in horror as a leetle skunk is looking back at him. My dog?? She did not stare in horror. She being a big bad protector of "all things that may hurt the family" promptly jumped on the skunk and started to tell it to go away. Get out of her yard. The skunk took umbrage at such unprovoked treatment and let my dog know in no uncertain terms it would not be treated thusly. My son is yelling for the dog to get back in the house...may I just now put here "WTH???!!!" Not the house my son. Please not the house where your mother is sitting oh so happily sewing away. Where her OCD is laying dormant like Mt. Vesuvius.
When my dog came running back in the house, confused as to where the smell was coming from, the rest of us jumped up and ran into....wait for it my sewing room. Yes. She was in my sewing room. This is where my anxiety and OCD grabbed me by the throat and started to choke me. I grabbed my dog and ran for the tub....I did not choke her. By around midnight I was laying on the couch pondering my very existence and the existence of my dog and yes, even the existence of my son. Shall I tell you what takes away the skunk smell oh Internet friends?? Yes?? Okay, this is what you do if your dog has been skunked....

1. Take said dog to nearest bath and scrub the hell (sorry mom but hell is appropriate right about now, please do not ground me for using bad language) out of her.
2. Cry.
3. Get out every and all boxes of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Apply liberally to ever surface in your home.
4. Fabreeze like your very life depended on it.
5. Go to bed and get on the internet....look up "stoopid dog got skunked and son let her in my sewing room really what is it all about anyway" .com
6. Read that tomato juice does not work but Massingil will.
7. Cry.
8. Also read that if you boil vinegar on your stove it will take some of the smell away. Realize that you have a gigantic bottle of vinegar in your cupboard and boil away.
9. Open all windows downstairs and sleep on the couch whilst your hubby is asleep upstairs content in the knowledge that his crazy wife will no doubt have it all taken care of cause really?? Her OCD and anxiety will not let her sleep while the smell is in her home.
10. Wake up the next morning.
11. Cry.
12. Get kids off to school and start cleaning with Pine Sol for all you are worth.
13. Get phone call from 16 year old that she smells like skunk and you must pick her up.
14. Pick up 16 year old and go to Walmart where you purchase
* 12365411 bottles of Massingil for Women....ignore stares of every person in Walmart wondering what is up with you that you need so many.
* 2 industrial sizes of fabreeze
* One very large bottle of laundry powder
* Two very large bottles of fabric softener
* Garbage bags
* Skunk be gone from the pet isle that cost $12540112.02 but really who cares at this point.
* A very large milky way....did I mention it is "that time" of month.
* The biggest box of baking soda you have ever seen. Really.
* 545454 candles. Especially the Paula Deen Apple Pie. yum
15. Go home and get call from 12 year old that the Vice Principal has put all of her things from her gym locker in a very large plastic bag and that I need to come and pick her up because the skunk smell is permeating the entire school.
16. Cry.

It is now 11:47am and my house smells wonderful. My dog smells wonderful but is not speaking to me after what I have put on her body. My Milky Way is in the freezer getting nice and frozen for later on this afternoon. My laundry is well on it's way and my mommy has been called so that she can give me sympathy...and might I say that my mom does loving like no other. :)

That is all I've got dear friends. I am now off to drink a pepsi and relax.
Any and all comments of "You poor poor baby!!!" will be greatly appreciate.
You may now go and enjoy your houses that do not smell of skunk.
The End.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A squirrel update...

It seems, at least for now, that the squirrels and I have reached some sort of a truce where the tomatoes are concerned. Ummmmm don't look at the green tomato on the fence over there in the picture on the right. We are agreeing to forget about that one slip up and have moved on.

Now that I think about it, it was probably the birds eating my tomatoes. Yeah!! Those darned birds!
Sigh, no, it was the squirrels. I'm not sure how to keep them away from the plants. I read that if a man ummmm if he "goes to the bathroom" around the bottom of plants that things in nature will stay away. The men in my family will do a lot for me but potty on a plant, outside, nowhere near toilet paper or a magazine is not on the list of approved things. For now I am just blaming it all on the birds....except the pretty cardinals that have come calling....and the hummingbird that visits every once in awhile.....the finches are pretty cute as well. Do you get the feeling I am not caring a whole heck of a lot about my tomatoes?? heehee


The Be-Attitudes quilt is officially a top! I got it finished yesterday....after leaving all my housework by the wayside. :) A quilter has her priorities don't you know! I love how it turned out and can't wait to quilt it.
Another one done!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


In the mornings I like to grab the paper and a cup of coffee then go out back to enjoy the peace and quiet before my family wakes up. I really like sitting there watching the squirrels and birds eat stuff out of the bird feeders.
Lately it seems the bird feeders are not enough.
My squirrels...the ones I buy grapes for....they have been getting into my tomatoes!

This is just such a betrayal on so many levels!!!!
This morning when I walked outside and saw two! Count em two!!! tomatoes eaten into I'd had enough. Some squirrels were watching me from the tree we have by our fence so I walked over to them (Yep, In my PJ's with my hair not done) and had a little Come To Jesus talk. I explained my disappointment with them and reminded them who buys grapes and washes them before she puts them on the fence post. I also reminded them how much I am spending on the bird seed with cracked corn and sunflower seeds in it PICKED JUST FOR THEM cause I am a crazylady/squirrel lover.

This is about the time my neighbor walked by. The neighbor guy who never speaks to me. May I remind you that I was in my PJ's with my hair no where near done???
Oh the mortification.
Oh the horror.
And yes, when he walked away I continued my conversation with my (yes mine) squirrels til we came to an understanding. They would continue to be really really cute and eat my tomatoes and I would continue to not really care all that much/buy them grapes/buy them sunflower seeds....and maybe set up a birdbath so they can get a little water when the little darlings feel parched.

We're bored....

Can I ask the moms out there a question??? Do your kids come to you when in the middle of a "sleep over" and tell you they are bored?? And want you to fix that ASAP?? And what is there to dooooooo whine whine whine???? Our Boo-Bear is the queen of this. Come to think of it our 16 year old did this at 12 too.
When I told her that in my day we entertained ourselves at sleepovers and walked 4 miles, uphill, in the snow to do this she just rolled her eyes at me.

When did we become the idea man?? I remember playing barbies til the wee hours of the morning.......doing elaborate hair-dos.....telling secrets never to be shared with any one else/pinky swear.......lamenting on the fact that so and so got her period and oh my goodness when will we get ours???!.......sneaking downstairs to get a bag of chips then sneaking back upstairs to eat it.....and giggling. Oh my goodness the giggling. Now that is the way to have a sleepover if you ask me!

I made up my mind at the beginning of the summer.....gah this summer!!......that my child would learn to entertain herself whenever she had a sleepover. Sure they could stay up as long as they wanted. They could eat junk food. Do whatever. But they had to figure it out. I would no longer be the idea man. You should have seen her face. "But what will we do??" she asked me at least a hundred times. I just told her that I didn't know but it had to be something and it had to be out of the living room cause that was where I was being at one with my thoughts. Whenever I reminded her that she could, surprisingly, entertain her guest and herself she would go back to her friend and say "My mom says we have to figure it out" then they would look at each other in horror. Us?? Use our imaginations?? Oh my.

So how did it go you ask?? School starts this Tuesday. The last sleepover was had this weekend. I watched as my daughter and her friend made friendship bracelets, ate a whole bag of goldfish crackers while laying in bed, shared secrets never to be spoken of again/pinky swear, had pizza, drank 54210 juice boxes, played a game, watched a movie......and giggled. She opened up her mind and used her imagination. She didn't even have to walk 4 miles uphill in the snow to do so and I think she may be a better person for it. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summertime part 4...Lots and lots of sewing!

What does one do when she is a quilter having a kinda hard summer?? Why she quilts!!! and quilts!! AND QUILTS!!! I am working on three, count em, three BOMs. There is my paper doll quilt that is oh so bright and lovely. Why it is sideways I do not know. sigh...blogger.

I am more then halfway done with this one.
No I don't know who it is going to even though both of my daughters ask me every day. I just keep telling them that it is ours. Not that sharing it is an option. sigh. Sisters.

This one I am doing is a wonderful Baltimore Album. I love the colors. All browns...golds...greens....deep reds...yellows.
Siiiiiiigh. Browns and golds and greens. Ahhhhh.

I am also working on the Be attitudes BOM quilt. I have just a little work to do on some of the blocks and one whole block to finish and then I can sew it together. No, I don't know who this one is for either. I think I just might hang it up so I can sit in front of it and lose myself in the blocks. To say I am loving working on this one would be a yep, understatement. This one is a ball!

My good friend Jen sent out some Christmas gifts early this year as she is very busy doing important, private things in Nov and Dec. She made this one for me. Yeah, she knows me well cause this table runner is absolutely gorgeous! And yes, it is on my table. I will not be waiting for December to put it out. I like looking at it and don't want to wait for the holidays to enjoy it.

Hope every one else is having a quilty summer!

Summertime Part 3

The hubby and I have been to a few Jazz concerts this summer. We bring a blanket and our neat stadium seats. We like to sit in the grassy knoll area. There is more room to move around and you get an awesome breeze out there.
The other night we saw Dave Brubeck and had a ball. Really really good!

Here are our feet being all in love. :)

I call this "Feet in love, a still life" because I am witty and artsy while at Jazz Concerts.

Lots of people show up to these concerts. I have the best time people watching while he listens to the music. The lady next to me?? Totally reading Twilight. I may have hugged her and called her sister. heh.
Tonight it is Boney James!

Summertime Part 2....

I had me some bare walls in the sewing room that were driving me crazy. Bare walls are not to be tolerated here at Chez' Fill Every Space You Can. I kept looking for some shelves I could put my quilts on and wow, expensive much?! I did the only thing I could do under such circumstances and called me Daddy AKA Wood Master.
A week later I had some shelves and signs. This one says "Home is where you hang your heart." My dad makes them and my mom paints them. I swear they could go in business together.

Here is one of the shelves he made...complete with a quilt bar. Yeah, he is every quilters dream with these shelves.

This one was perfect for my Dresses Quilt. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Here is the empty no more wall. Oh, side note, see the very smallish sewing machine on rockin quilt frame?? There is now a bigger one on layaway that will be in my hot little hands sometime in September and yes I have been having trouble sleeping at night cause I am so excited I can't stand it!

I put this shelf by my treadmill with a very soothing colored quilt. It helps me run...okay, not really run persay...but sorta more like a walk/jog/moany thing. heehee

Off to quilt!!

summertime part 1..........

Yeah, it's blogging for a month Dawn. Sigh. This summer. Whoo. This summer. Took it all out of me int-netz. Ever have something big you have to do that's really really hard and after you've done it you have nothing left? I mean nothing. And you can't even blog about it? That has been me this summer. The big thing I did is now over. It's done and we all survived. Yep, I know, you are saying "wha??" and "why so secretive??" I don't blog about anything that would hurt someone else's feelings. Especially someone I care about. Let us just say that this person now owes me a big gift...preferably fabric. Maybe say ohhhhhh 600 yards!

On with life! See that cute kiddo over there?? That is Jen's son. She came to Dayton for a visit at the beginning of summer and we took the kids to Waynesville. Ahhhhh Waynesville, you had me at hello. There are ducks swimming happily in a lake, Amish food which I partook of very happily, a jammin fabric store and a bunch of antique shops.

We also went to Young's Dairy while they were here. As you can see My Boo-Bear is in love with the baby cows. This one fell under her spell and they had a long conversation about how she will never eat a burger again. Never. Ever. Til two days later when we went out for dinner and she forgot her baby cow love. :)

This is my niece. Smiling. Even though she proclaimed that Dairy's smell like cows...and goats...and why oh why did we not go to the mall/pass the hand sanitizer!

Nothing like a bunch of kids with dimes in their pockets and a machine that lets you pay 10 cents for a hand full of pellets to feed the baby goats. There was much happy dancing that day...especially when we went inside and got some of their very yummy ice cream. No I do not have a picture of that. Seems I eat my ice cream like a woman starved on a desert island. heh.

I broke up my summer in 4 parts. Stay tuned for some sewing pics....they are already downloaded on the computer...just awaiting their turn....lots of greens and Burgundy's and yummy mustard's! Oh fabric, I thank you for being there for me this summer.

hugs everyone!!