Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Boo-Bear finds her inner "Moesha"

Our Boo-Bear is a pistol. Actually that's putting it mildly. She is all personality. Last night she came in the house with a spring in her step so I knew something was up. I girded my loins, got myself ready and asked the question that puts fear in my heart. "Did you have fun outside??" Oh boy. She couldn't get the words out fast enough. She called another little girl a racist. WHA?? Here's what happened...There is a new girl in town. She happens to be brown. Boo-Bear and her possee went to go and meet her. Inform her of the lay of the land. Tell her what's what. All was going well until my Boo-Bear decided that since she has light brown hair and blue eyes this girl might not know that she considers herself black. Yep. She does. This is a sudden thing. She has embraced the people of my husband with open arms. The other night I walked in the living room and she was watching (no lie) Roots. I told her it might be kind of rough for her to watch so she should turn it to something else or watch it with her father another time. She informed me that "it's my history!! I need to know!" and then she looked at me with an air of "you will never understand the plight of my people" so I walked away. Then I called the hubby at work and told him. He thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sigh.
Anyway, the new girl didn't believe that Boo-Bear was a "sista" and called her on it. My girl insisted. Lots of neck rolling and hand waving ensued. Then the big guns were pulled out. Boo-Bear said she was being a racist and they each said they were telling!! The new girl ran to get her momma. Boo-Bear explained that her little girl was being racist to her and that she was indeed black. The mom, bless her, was patient and explained that her little girl had no idea what a racist was being a third grader and all. I am sure she was looking at my little Mariah Carey and thinking that she was the whitest little black girl she'd ever seen. The mom asked where I was in all this and Boo-Bear told her I was home. Totally unaware of the havoc my Alicia Keys was starting. After her story..she told me how she was very respectful to the mom...I asked her if she let them know that yes she looks white but her DAD is black. No. She didn't feel the need to tell all our personal business. The little girl should've believed her right away.
Power To The People.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Gym....

Went to the gym today.

I met the Walkers Leigh and Jen for an hour of intense exercise. I need to lose 40 pounds in 4 days as I am going home for the first time in like 8 years. It was rough going. I did the necessary preparations last night so I'd be ready this out my gym clothes...found my shoes..worked on the I-Pod for two know, things you need when at the gym.
We decided to meet a little after 7:30 in the ay-em. Much better then 5am!!! The people at the gym look soooooo normal that time of day. I think it is mostly mom's who get the kiddos off to school and then go and get their workout on. Nobody looked twice at my quilters bottom. It was lovely. I did 2 miles on the treadmill. Alternating between running and walking. Whew!!! Then I went home, got cutie-fied, walked the dog, looked around the house and thought about cleaning up real quick, vetoed that and went to Walker Jen's house for a sew day. At lunch we went out for salad and a rice bowl. Then home and a nap. :) Health wise it was a good day. The only thing wrong with today is that I have some ice cream in the freezer that smirks at me every time I go in there for ice. It's the good kind too. I served it for a church meeting at our house on Sunday and we still have a carton left. I just sat down to eat and needed ice for my glass. I opened the freezer. It looked at me. I looked at it. It whispered my name...."Dddddaaaawwwnnnnnnnnnnnn. You know you want a little taste of me." I said to myself that I am stronger then the ice cream. It smirked at me. It thinks that I will eat it after everyone goes to bed because calories don't count after everyone goes to bed. What to do what to do?? Stay tuned and see...

Will she eat the ice cream folks or will she resist temptation?? Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode called..da-da-da


Monday, February 25, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

I'm going home!! My dads surgery was a success. The cancer was attacked and the docs seem to think they got it all. Now for radiation therapy..fuuuuun. Not. My mom called the other day and asked if I would come home for a bit and that they would pay for my ticket. I started packing before she got the whole sentence out. My dad has to have someone with him during the day to help out with some stuff. My mom needs to go back to work next week so off I go.
My travel itinerary is pretty simple..hahahahahahahahahaha big laugh there!!! My day will start off by catching a bus...4 hour ride to the airport...two hour wait...plane ride to 1st stop is 14 hours...then another 2 hour layover then a 4 hour plane ride. All in all it will take me 24 hours to get home. Do not worry my faithful readers!! I plan on blogging about the whole thing!!
I have a favor to ask everyone out there though. Could you call Korean Air and ask them to bump me up to 1st class. I've never been in a 1st class seat before. I feel that I owe it to myself and since I'm traveling alone this would be the perfect opportunity! Plus..ssshhh...just between you and me....the seats are bigger. Mucho grande. Ummm I caught sight of my behind today and wellllllllllllllll my new nickname may have to be "BBG" or Big Bottom Girl. I blame it on the quilting not the coke, or the ice cream, or the Burger King, or the...well you get the idea. So, call 1-800-bigger-seats and make a plug for me!!! I won't forget cha!!!
dawn aka BBG

Saturday, February 23, 2008

For Our Paig-ee's family!! WHEW! What a day!!

So yesterday morning I am sound asleep in bed, dreaming that I'm Jessica Biel....flat stomach and all. What I call a "good dream". :) I, all of the sudden ,hear what I think is the door bell. I roll over and look at the clock. It's 5am. Yes people, that would be 5 in the A-YEM. I roll over and wake the Capt. He answers the door. It's our Paig-ee from upstairs. For those of you here for the first time, Paig-ee is one of the Ya-Ya's. There are 4 of us...Walker's Jen and Leigh...Paig-ee and me. We are buds. Great buds. Sisters of the heart. And now one of them was at my door at 5am sounding very much like she was in tears. SUPER YA'YA'S....ACTIVATE! The Capt rushes in the bedroom and says 7 words. 7 small words that strike fear in the heart's of momma's everywhere..."Hannah had a seizure. Paige needs you." Hannah is our Paig-ee's youngest daughter. They just adopeted her. She is the youngest of the Mini YA'Ya's. She's 5. Let me stop for a moment and let that sink in. Oh, and did I tell you that her hubby...Sassy Chris, is away in the States?? NO??? I didn't?? Yep, he is. If you are a military spouse you are now looking at your own hubby with a bit of anger and you may need another minute to punch him in the nose because you sooooooooooo understand!!!!!
Okay, back to my story. I jump out of bed, look at myself in the mirror, cringe a sec and then run upstairs. Paig-ee needs me. When I walk into her house her oldest son is up with an air of "I am the man of the house right now, if you have any questions I will be happy to help you." Paig-ee comes out of her room and fills me in. Seems our Hannah had a fever the night before. Nothing major. Motrin was all she needed. That and to sleep in Momma's bed. At a little after 4am she woke up and started saying Mom, mom, mom, mom. Our Paig-ee checks her head, it feels just a bit warm...again..nothing major..and tells Hannah to go back to sleep and then she rolls over to catch a few more ZZZ's before work. Next thing she feels is Hannah pulling her hair in what she described as waves. Paig-ee turns the lamp on and sees her baby, her youngest daughter, the new light of her life, in the middle of a siezure. Eyes rolled back in her head and everything. The whole horrible kit and kaboodle. Paig-ee starts telling her to stop it...stop it right now Hannah!!!!(there may have been a bit of panic going on and more power to her I say!!)
She then jumps out of bed to take her to the ER. Oh no! But wait. If she goes to the ER will they send her to Dongsong?? This is written with a shiver. That's the hospital off-base. When you walk into there it's like going into a third world country. She shakes off the fear, wakes up her oldest child and runs down to my house, which is where we are now in my story. Now let the record show that 3 minutes after I come upstairs, my Capt walks in...fully dressed...keys in hand. He is not letting Paig-ee drive herself. Him and Sassy Chris are friends and he is going to do his duty and help out his friends wife!!! We shall take a moment to all sigh.......siiiiggghhhh
Paig-ee is running around the house, alternating between tears and trying to get everything in order so she can take Hannah for help. Where is Hannah?? Laying on the bed. Happy as a clam but a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about. Paig-ee is shaken. Down to her core she is shaken. The Capt says to me that he will stay with the kids and for me to go with her. I leap into action...because I am a super-hero! I go downstairs and put some clothes on, look at the hair, cringe again, put it into what could be mildly called a pony-tail, hairspray myself to death, squeeze half a tube of tooth-paste in my mouth and run back upstairs. (I may have had three cosmo's last night and was feeling a little woozy..heehe) We head to the ER. We are praying that the good doctor Ayers is on duty. When we walk in they inform us that yes, he is indeed the doc on call. We high five each other and feel instantly better. Oooops, small is not the good doc on call it is SOMONE on call. Paig-ee panics at this point and tells me to fix it she is taking Hannah to the bathroom. I listen to the phone call to SOMONE ELSE. She tells them to take Hannah by ambulance to Dongsong. Paig-ee and I both panic now and look at each other. What to do?????? We know,
CALL WALKER LEIGH!!! Each Ya-Ya has a job. Walker Leigh is the most organized person I know. I swear she should be president. She would have this country in tip top shape in no time. We call her. She is in the shower but goes into hyper-drive cause now she is needed. We decide to give her a couple of minutes and will call her back. Then we wake up someone else we know...someone I got to church with..and get the Good Doc's phone number. Yep, we called him at home. It is now 6am. His wife answers (we go to church together as well) and tells us that yes, he says to go to Dongsong right away. They are equiped to handle this. Yeah, but ummmmm
THEY SPEAK NOOOOOOOOOOO ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paig-ee is again in tears and I am feeling helpless. The !#$!@#! behind the desk are getting impatient. We hate them for a second. Then we hug, I tell her I love her and will be right behind her and .....she is gone. Alone, momma's out there, she is alone. I call Walker Leigh, she is already in action. She is getting dressed and we are going up to be with our Ya'Ya together. Walker Leigh is packing a small bag of things that may be needed when I walk to her house. She has juice boxes, snacks and Won. Can I say at this point in the story that I just love her and no, you may not have her, we need her here.
When we get to Dongsong "the place of nightmares" Paig-ee is in a corner bed. We had stopped to bring her breakfast and proceed to hand it out. Let me right now try and describe to the mothers out there what the ER looked like. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are in a foreign country. Your hubby is 80 bazillion miles away. Your child has had a seizure. The good people on the Army base do not have the equipment needed to check to make sure your baby is okay so they send you to a hopital off-post. They ONLY speak Korean. Again, let me hone this point home, you are alone. The ER you are sitting in is an open bay. There are beds stewn everywhere. It is full of patients. Three of which are tied down. One of them is yelling his head off. A couple are throwing up. One lady has her hopital gown half off and they are checking her chest. No curtains closed. No privacy. People staring at you because you are American and you have a small Korean girl with you. People openly staring at you..and you are alone. Very alone and feeling very small and helpless. The doctors do not wear gloves. The translater is not available for 2 more hours. Right now I know that you are getting your purse so that you can find a military spouse and take her out for lunch because you had no idea the atrocities that we suffer in the name of our spouses keeping you safe in your beds at night. I will wait while you do this. Okay, back?? Was lunch good?? Did you hug this military spouse and thank them profusely?? Good. We need it more then you know.
Back to the story,
Let me tell you some of the things they did to our Hannah while Paig-ee and Walker Leigh had to hold her down....they had to give her a suppository (why?? We don't really know, they spoke no English) then they decided they were going to admit her. Our Paig-ee told them no. She told them Hell to the No!!! She was not staying here, overnight, in this place, ALONE!!!!! They find a doctor that speaks ummmmmmm, a little English and he trys to explain to three momma's what is going on. They need to admit her since she had a history of seizures as a small baby and has had heart surgery. They need to make sure that this is just from the fever and not a symptom of something else. Oh, and happy day, they need to take blood from little Hannah and they need to take it from her neck. Oh, and they are going to do it without gloves cause that's how they roll here. While he is explaining things Walker Leigh was asking questions with such an authoritative voice that all the men in white coats turned to her and started explaining things to her. Where was I you ask, I was sitting on the bed across from Hannah radiating strength to her and ready to be back up in case Paig-ee bolted and decided to get the hell out of there. They take blood, they insert an IV and then all 58 men in white coats back slowly away from the angry three of us. We sit together and re-group. We cheer Hannah, Walker Leigh glares at the people around who are staring and being nosey, we close the curtains with a swoosh so they get the idea that by golly we are Americans and we have rights to privacy!!! DID THEY NOT GET THAT MEMO????!!! We sit and get the other two kids and the dog sorted. We figure out that the Major Roper, husband to Leigh, will call Sassy Chris and break the news gently to him about his daughter. Walker Leigh will take the dog and the boy, I will go home and take the middle daughter, since hurray! she is sick as well (when it rains it pours!!) then after school the middle daughter will go and spend the weekend with a friend. Walker Leigh organizes all of us. She is in charge. She is a mover and a shaker. Paig-ee sits on the gurney with poor sweet Hannah. Giving her kisses, telling her she is soooo brave, quietly loving her like only a momma can. Where am I??? I have found entertainment! The crazy guy next to us is having moments of freak out. He is tied down to a gurney and voicing his opinion of the whole debacle. I am entranced and need to see what is what. I decide to non-cha-lont-ly walk on by and On-ya-ha-say-oh him. That means "hello new friend!! What are you in for" in Korean. We bond at hello and then he voices his opinion, loudly, about not being able to get out of restraints to go on over and sit by his new best friend, me, and learn more about the gorgeous vixen in crazy pony tail and no makeup,! Then "The Ghost" is brought in. He is making wooo-ohhhh boooo-ahhhh noises. This give all Ya-Ya's the giggles. Okay, now it's on!!!! When you get three tired Ya-Ya's together who need a little comic relief...wellllllll...we can get a little rowdy. Especially when one third of all the ER patients are tied down!!! What is that about???? As we sit there Walker Leigh decided that enough is enough and Paig-ee is due a translator. Paig-ee and I move out of her way as she determindly goes out the door to find one. Walker Leigh is on the job, all will be well. By now Sassy Chris has been informed. He is actually at Paig-ee's parents house. (Hi Paig-ee's mom and dad!!!!) Having a little vacation from his hard TDY. How nice for him. Military wives, that was typed for you cause you will understand!! He is alternating between panic and numbness. He is trying to figure out how to fly across the world in an hour. Can you even imagine getting that call???? Alcohol is consumed. Then he breathes. Then more alcohol is consumed.
Here the story winds down. Tests are taken and looked over. Walker Leigh finds two translators. All is explained to satisfaction. Hannah is not going to have to be admitted. She is allowed to go home as soon as her fever goes down a point. Paig-ee needs to stay put while we go collect kids. Our other Ya-Ya the wonderfully talented seamstress Walker Jen is at home. Holding down the fort, cell phone in hand. She is taking care of feeling anger at "the man" (not Sassy Chris but the government who planned this whole off-base care thing) and sending out waves of strength to Paig-ee. If you do not have girlfriends in your life who you love without reservation then go! go and get thee some!!! You cannot do anything without some girlfriends to stand by your side...hold your hands in the hard times.....pass tissue when needed...back you up in a fight.....and make you laugh when you want to cry. Girlfriends...get thee some now!

Lunch is brought to Paig-ee and Hannah (Walker Leigh) and Middle Daughter is tucked into a bed on the couch and given movie after movie to watch with a juice box (me) and phone calls are made to make sure all is well and no-one needs to be "taken out" (Walker Jen)

They tell Paig-ee at noon that she can leave soon. At 4! YEP! at 4pm Paig-ee grabs the IV and starts to walk out. She has had enough. She is going home. At noon all pestullance and pleague decended upon Korea and they moved into the ER. She can take no more. She needs to get her baby home where she feels safe and in control of things. The nurse on duty panics and gets the doctor there. They sign her out. Diagnosis?? The fever spiked and she had a seizure. Done. Case closed.

Put a fork in us, the Ya-Ya's are done.

Paig-ee comes over for some hand holding and to pick up her own Middle Daughter. It is decided that the dog will stay at Chez' Roper with Walker Leigh and Oldest Son will spend the night there also. Paig-ee is in no condition to drive and pick everyone up. She is bone tired. Exhausted. Fragile and yet one of the strongest women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She did good. Paig-ee's momma, you should be proud. You raised her well. Sassy Chris.............LET THE RECORD SHOW THAT YOU NOW OWE HER AN ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO THE STATES IN THE SUMMER...AND SOME DIAMONDS...AND A BACK RUB...AND DINNER OUT AT NAPOLI'S...AND ANYTHING ELSE UNDER THE SUN THAT THE YA-YA'S DEEM NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the rest of you...if you are a military spouse, all my love and admiration for you are boundless. You are my sisters in arms. You know of what I type. I am off to rest now.
I sign off in the way of Ya-Ya's past..............................and this is for you Paig-ee....and Walker Leigh.......and Walker Jen.........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I got a question from you guys out there....anyone seen the movie The Golden Compass?? If so, what did you think???

Playground smackdown and American Idol...

The other day Boo-Bear came running in the house sobbing and threw herself in my arms. WTH?? I got her calmed down and she started to tell me what happened and who I needed to find and maim horribly. She went to pep squad practice to find her friend (she'd been absent two days cause she was sick) and hang out. Her friend came out to see her with a group of girls and proceeded to rip her a new one. She started yelling at her while my baby stood there asking her, "what did I do??" Then Boo-Bear told her she didn't want to be friends anymore so the beyotches all walked away feeling victorious. I held her and asked her what I could do to help her. She started crying again and told me she was going to be a loser at school tomorrow. Oh heck no!!! Now it was on! She then tells me to go to the school and yell at this girl and tell her not to speak to my daughter that way. I gotta admit I laughed a little on the inside at that one. We got all dressed in scarves and coats and off we went. I went looking for mommas cause by now they should be there picking up kids and I needed to beat them all up. :) Instead I see the group of girls. I get them in a group and the agree to work it out. The girl has no idea why she got mad except that she told me she has a temper like her real dad. OOOOOOH REALLY! I then asked, nicely I swear!! if we needed to go and talk to any moms or was it all going to get straightened out. Man! I've lived here less then two years and I am now officially ghetto!
Everyone is friends again and next week it will be someone else. sigh. Girls are such a pain!!! hahahahahahaha
On to American Idol....isn't the black guy a good singer!!! and the guy from Australia is such a cutie!!! This should be a good season! I am feeling another end of season party at Walker Leighs!
Also, on Friday three (Walkers Leigh, Jen and me....Paig-ee has to work) will be going to the market and I promise to take some pics and post them on here!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Napoli's......19 years!!!

Tonight the Capt and I celebrated 19 years of marriage!!!!!!!!
We went to an Italian restaraunt called Napoli's. You have to make a reservation. All of your food comes out in courses. It was sooooooooooooooooooo good!!! We had filet mignon, pasta, three different salads and the best tiramisu ever made!!!! The chef is an Italian man who moved here some years ago and decided to open a restaraunt. Yuuuuuuuuummmmm!
There was much gazing into each others eyes....we shared a bottle of wine...shared some food..we remembered where we started from and celebrated where we are. I cannot tell you how much I adore this man. Sigh. We are home now, in our PJ's and getting ready to watch Monk. We bought season one and watch an episode a night. Yep, we are goobers, but we're happy goobers.
I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today...I am a bad mom

Today I had me some plans. Very important plans. I was to go to the fabric market with Walker Jen and two other ladies. The two other ladies had never been! We were going to hit Starbucks, get a Venti-Gynormous caramel machiatto and a naughty (that is a pastry for those of you not in the know) and then we were going to hit the fabric market and introduce them to the 9th wonder of the world. I had batting to buy and a darning foot to find for my new Juki. That reminds do you say darning foot in Korean?? Hmmmmmmmmm I was also going to stock up on needles for my new Juki...did I tell you guys I got a new Juki..heehee
See, I had plans!!! Important things to do!!! Girlfriends to laugh with!!!! Bolts of fabric to touch...and sigh over...and pet...and give little kissies to.
Well guess who ran a fever last night?? Boo-Bear. Yep. She has a head cold or a virus or the "mess up your momma's plans" sickness. Guess who woke her up this morning to feel her head a bazillion times to make sure her fever had gone down so she could still go out this morning?? Guess who whispered in her ear that because she was not feeling well she could go to Starbucks with her mother and get ANYTHING she wanted.

That person would be me.

Hello my name is Dawn and I am a bad mom.

Now in my defense she's not that hot. Just a tad warm. I'm not sending her to school to infect other kids. Nope. I'm just planning on taking her out in Korea to infect the masses. Sigh. I know!!! I'm a bad mom. But people!!! Juki sewing needles and a new Juki sewing foot AND BATTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YARDS AND YARDS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promise I will be home by lunchtime to make her a bed on the couch and put in her favorite movie.
Okay, I just felt her head again and she is cool as a cucumber. I'm off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sometimes, while you are going along, living life and minding your own business life throws you a curve ball. I thought about not posting about this but then I thought maybe you guys out there could say some prayers...send warm thoughts....align your a couple of know, the things we women do to help out a "fellow sista".

My daddy has cancer.


I got the phone call from my mom a couple of days ago. He has a small spot in his throat. They did the biopsy today. His doctor is going to hit it and hit it hard. He has surgery Thursday.
He sounds good on the phone. My mom sounds good on the phone. I keep looking at the phone. Who approved this, I just want to know. I want to know so I can punch them. Maybe let the air out of their tires. Give them a wedgie. Does the universe not understand that this is Superman. . This is the G.I Joe of all G.I Joes. The man who gave me my love of reading when I was little. He used to read to me all the books from my bookclub. He worked, at times, three jobs to provide for us. He laughs in the face of danger. He is the killer of spiders. He can do anything.

He is my hero.

Get better fast Daddy. I love you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My best friend.....

The life of my dog is a good one! :)
She is the best dog we've ever had. We got her when she was just a baby. She got seperated from her mom during a typhoon in Okinawa. I happened to be at the pound with a friend one day while she was looking for a kitten and when I turned around my son had this cute puppy in his arms. He looked at me. I looked at him. We both knew she would be coming home with us. He and I took turns sleeping on the couch with her so that we could take her out during the night.
That was 6 years ago. I've never regretted bringing her home. Not for a second. She is my buddy. She is always right there next to me no matter what room I'm in. Even the Capt, who is so not an animal person, loves her dearly.
No matter where we go, no matter what country we are in, she will be with us.
After I finished taking these two pictures, she woke up and looked at me. When I smiled at her she wagged her tail and then went back to sleep. It was like she was saying "hi mom."
Dogs are the best.

A Quilty Kind Of Day!

Being that this is Monday, I am usually found with a rag in one hand and a bottle of Pine Sol in the other...welllllll I cleaned house on Saturday so that I could quilt all day long today. It was just the best day!!! First I put some Fons and Porter on the laptop so I could pretend I had me some quilting buddies.....
then I started to work on this baby. My brother and his wife had a baby a while ago and I am making a quilt for him. This is my design wall. :) I took all my quilt stuff out of the computer/music/quilt room after the hubby bought my new machine. We have this nice size nook area that I made mine, all mine.
Here is my pride and joy all ready to make some squares...

This is the finished quilt. It is made from flannels and cotton. The cotton fabric is the white and the rest is flannel. It turned out really good and it's so soft for my new nephew to snuggle with. The day after tomorrow I am going to the fabric market to buy a bunch of batting so I can get this thing quilted and out the door.
Happy quilting everyone!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meet the newest member of the family... she Juki. Isn't she shiney!!!! I've been playing around on this thing for days. I only had one mishap...I thought I knew what I was doing and started turning dials. heehee Messed up the tension a wee bit and had to have a friend come over and help me fix it.
This thing is fast!!!!!!!!!! I am working on getting to know the foot pedal so that my fabric doesn't get away from me. I can't tell you how much I love this thing!!! I'm going to the fabric market on Weds so I can buy some batting and start quilting these quilt tops I have here. :)

This morning when I went into Boo-Bears room look what I found....
I'm thinking he feels like a mountain lion under all these covers. He does this all the time. We have to be careful to never step on any blankets if the kiddos have a sleepover, he could be under some of them. Cute huh!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is here!!! In my house!!! My very own beautiful wonderful amazing gorgeous fast!! Juki!!! The Adashi met me at the front gate so I could sign him in..he came on a motorcycle with it strapped on the back. He spoke only two words in and okay. Works for me! It took three men to get that thing upstairs!! The Adashi put it all together and then we proceeded to have a little tutorial. Much hand waving and okaying between us. I think he was amused at me. I kept patting him on the arm and then grinning at him, plus all the hopping around I was doing and singing at the top of my lungs that I was soooooooooooooooooooo happy, makes for a whopping good time if you ask me!
One thing that tickled me to no end was the group of people who came to watch the "goings on" by the gate when I was trying to sign the Adashi in. Seems that only certain delivery men can come on base and there was much discussion going on between the Adashi and the three gate guards. Loud discussion. With hands waving. No one was angry, these are just a passionate people and at times a talk can get lively. I loved the whole thing!!! I felt like a puppy jumping around and telling everyone that my machine came. The crowd had no idea what I was saying but they were sure happy for me! heehee Every once in awhile I noticed that the crowd was paying more attention to the "loud conversation" then to my new Juke. This led to more jumping around and much pointing by me for them to "look back over here!!! Look what I got!!!"
After my instruction session with the Adashi I had to take him back to the gate. As he was leaving the van I grabbed him by the arm and told him that this was the happiest day of my life. He grinnned at me and said, "okay!" I am sure he had a wonderful story to tell when he got home about the crazy American running around in circles in her living room and giggling.
I am now off to sew!!!!
bye everyone!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! ONE OF THESE BABIES MAY BE ON THE WAY TO MY HOUSE....TONIGHT!!!!!! I know a woman who knows a guy here who gets these for a song.....he fixes them up til they are all shiney and new looking and sells them for HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!! I have been lusting after one since we got here. It needs me!!! I need it!!!! What am I going to do with 101 new yards of fabric if I don't have one???? Did I mention my anniversary is on Valentines day and I informed the Capt that my life would not be complete unless I had me one of these?? And that 19 years is a loooooooooonnnnnnggg time to be married someone!!! And that my soul would be berift without it. That if he would buy one for me I would never ask for anything again as long as we both shall live, amen. I just called him and told him about the woman and the man and the knowing of each other. He gave me the go ahead, cause he is Superman...Batman....Capt America...and Denzel Washington all rolled into one!!!!! It may be here tonight at 7. I will keep the world informed!!!!

Upate numero uno: The Capt just called and wants to know where am I going to put the God-Forsaken thing......heehee silly man. I am going to put it in the middle of the living room with lights all around it to illuminate it's wonder. Question answered.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I am the fabric master...

In my grand plans I have decided to do two major shopping trips to the fabric market before we leave lovely Korea. Yes, I will do some little shopping trips, wouldn't want the economy to suffer...but two really nice ones to help me get as much fabric as I can. Today was shopping trip number one. Look at what I got!!!! Isn't this one lovely!!! I totally see a girls quilt with this.

As I was perusing the bolts I suddenly felt a little "purplish" and look what I saw!! PERFECTION!

Okay, this is just to cute to pass up! Kitty lovers, wipe your mouths, drool is most unbecoming.
Next up we have some wonderfully smokey fabrics. These three grabbed me by my arms and cried "take us home!!! Don't leave us behind!!" What could I do?? So, I took them. :)
Here we have some lovely tone on tone blacks. The one to the left is a gorgeous japanese fabric with cranes on it. I don't know what I'm going to use if for but my stash was very happy to meet it.

Here is a wonky picture of some reds. Mmmmmmmm reds!

This my dear friends is a bunch more tone on tones. I couldn't leave them behind...tone on tones are very tender hearted you know. They get their feelings hurt when you by-pass them. I couldn't have that. Nope. Nu-uh!
Look at these luscious beauties. They are so rich! So devine! They took me aside and told me they would appreciate their own bin as they are much to pretty to be put in with the others. Sigh, what snobs.
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, don't these just make you happy!!!
Do you know what these are???!!!! FLANNELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! Flannel! I went looking for them. They called to my soul. I had to have them. In fact, I am sleeping with them next to me tonight. heehee

I love these. By the time I met thier aquantence I was getting sleepy and was thinking about having a nap. My arms were tired. My shoulders hurt from all the bags. My soul was content. I was happy.
What?? What is that you ask?? Exactly how many yards DID I buy?? Well, when I got home...ummm after my nap.. I measured. Then had a heart attack. Then I measured again.... Get ready for it...

Ta-Da!!!!! Meet 101 yards of fabric. Sigh. Sigh. I hear violins all of the sudden. I hear flutes. Sigh I hear the harp. I am in fabric heaven.

Send Help...and Coffe!!

This morning, being Superbowl Monday, I am waiting for my family to leave so I can finish getting ready to go to the fabric market. (remember we are a day ahead and get the superbowl today) It is taking forever for them to leave. Did I mention I've not had my morning cup of coffee yet?? Before every fabric shopping excoursion we women fortify ourselves with a large steaming hot cup of Starbucks coffee and one of thier pastry wonders. I am saving myself this morning. It is hard. It is very very hard. I am not nice in the morning without a cup of coffee. For is one of the many conversations floating around my home this morning:

The Son : Boo-Bear is a pongu!! ( a pongu is a wet ummmmmmm toot. There I wrote it. It's a toot. SIGH!) Then he laughs maniacally just one step from her bedroom door while she comes out of her skin cause she knows he is going to come in her "private space."

Boo-Bear: SO! You're a pongu sniffer!!! The said when she comes out of her room and punches him in the stomach.

The Son: Mooooooom she hiiiiiiiit me. (said in the syruppy voice of a male trying to get his sister in trouble and loving every minute of it)

annnnnnd me: Nobody is a pongu and nobody is a pongu sniffer. AND IF YOU HIT HER BACK I AM GOING TO RIP HER FACE OFF!!! (see at this point the loudest person wins)

Me to the dog: did i just really say that??

The Dog: ?????

The Capt: co'mon D!!! We have to leave for the game!! Aren't you going to make us any egg sandwhiches?

Me, again to the dog who was sitting ever faithful by my side of the bed: I hate everyone but you!!!

45 more minutes and the Walkers Leigh and Jen will be here to take me to coffee nirvana. I am holding on.......hooooooolllldddddiiiinnnnngggg oooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Patriots or Giants?????? Who will be the big dog this year?? In this house we are going for the Pats. The jerseys have been purchased and plans have been made. The hubby and The Son are headed to a Super Bowl party. They have to get there at around 6:30 a-yem to start the festivities. Here in Korea it will be Monday morning when the game starts. The die-hard fans will be eating nachos and cosuming mass quantities of beer by 7am. :) Where will I be?? What will I be doing?? I will be with the Walker's Jen and Leigh. We are headed to the fabric market. The taxes have dropped and I only have 5 more months in the land where fabric is $2 a yard. I plan on hitting it and hitting it hard!!!

Have fun tomorrow everyone!!! (Whatever you decide to do)