Monday, August 27, 2007

back to school...and I found my inner-coolness!!!

Today was a very momentous day here at Chez' Owens. The son is a Senior..Middle Daughter is a Freshman and our little Boo-Bear is in her last year of grade school. Here they were on their first day. The Son, ahem, was making a statement and no the statement was not that his parents didn't have any money for school clothes. He is a senior now and feels he can go to school in flip flops with black socks. It's a wonder his girlfriend was seen with him!

More pics of my brood...are they cute or what??!!! I got up early, fixed some pancakes and they were off. The Capt and I met Boo-Bear at school to meet her teacher. We've heard she's tough and we wanted to get a look at her and let her get a look at us. hmph!
Then it was off for a moms only day.

With the kiddos all settled in their classes we mommas decided to find our zen..explore our che'..get our inner coolness back. 1st stop on the Train to Serenity was Starbucks!! Here is Walker Leigh, Upstairs Paige and a new-bee My Church Girl. :)

Can you taste all the yummy goodness!

After we were all sufficiently caffeinated we met up with Walker Jen to do a little shopping at the Da-Da store. Happiness thy name is "craft store"!

Now by this time we were getting a little hungry. Going to Starbucks and then shopping is hungry work ladies!! We decided to go here...Italy Italy. Yep, there is Italian food to be found in Korea! Thank the good Lord above!
Another friend was waiting for us inside. I took a picture of her but her eyes were half open and half closed so I was a nice girl and didn't put her on here.....hi Cinzia!!!

Here is Paige with her "IF I DON'T GET MY COKE SOON SOMEONE IS GOING DOWN!" face on. heehee

Here is our very own Walker Jen feeling all cute and silly!

Sigh. It was the perfect day. Some coffee...some shopping...a little lunch with friends. What else could a woman want??? I know.................................. This hunk of burning love!! I snapped a picture of my honey, the love of my life, the fire in my ahem. Okay, I've gotten it together. I quick got the picture of him feeling all sentimental cause he was looking at his kiddos growing up much to fast to suit him. Again I say...SIGH!!!! heeheee On Monday of next week the plan is for a couple of us to check out a bath house. I have a week to get myself ready for the experience. The word on the street is that you check your clothes at the door. Yep. No clothes. I'm not sure if the world is ready for that but I am not going to pass up the chance to blog about a day at the bath house/spa. I plan on getting the full treatment! I can't take pictures cause, well, they might throw me in jail. I can let you know what goes on in there. I've heard the massage alone is worth the price of admission and the cucumber facial is the icing on the cake. Stay tuned folks!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

my inner coolness...

On Monday my kids go back to school. I must admit to feeling immense happiness that they will be out of my hair for 6 hours a day. I was thinking about what to do with myself. All that luscious time! I'm going to sub, sure, but hopefully not EVERY day. So what to do??

I am going to re-discover my inner coolness.

Not that I was ever very cool but I know a raging super diva is in me screaming to come out. To start, I have a date on Monday with some really cool-io women. It is the birthday of our very own Walker Leigh. A couple of us have decided to take Korea by storm and help her to celebrate while the kiddos are in school. I promise to document every delicious detail!!
Ummmmm I can't think of any more but you get the general idea. Come on back Monday when I have all the proof of my coolness re-found.

p.s. Walker Jen will be unable to join us as her little guy is starting Kindergarten and she will be a-meeting with the teacher like any good momma would. Her inner coolness will surface on Tuesday.

Peace Out!

A thief no longer

Just got back from taking the "borrowed" stuff back to the Closet. When I walked in I told them my name and every head popped up to get a good look at the lady who keeps things for over a year. I decided that the best tactic would be to deal with the whole debacle with humor. The look of the day was dark sunglasses and a smile. It worked!!! I left with everyone loving me again. They said I was off of the ten most wanted. Yippee!! On a side of my friends...a com-pard-re got moved up a slot. Yes folks there are two of us here in blog-land who borrow and ummmmmmmmmmm let's just say our homes are like a black hole. Will the new America's Most Wanted stand up and take a bow??? Ummmmmm Walker Jen you out there???!!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe I sooo called you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I guess I'm a thief...

When we first moved to Korea we got our home right away. The housing office had us signed and into our base home in a day. The bad thing about that is all of our stuff was on a ship somewhere. Two months away. Not to fear...every base has a loan closet. You can go there and check out linens or tvs or pots and pans. They have everything! I went with my kiddos and we got a few things to tide us over til my own things arrived. We borrowed a tv, a microwave, an ironing board and some other small things.
This was a year ago. Since then I've gotten a few nice reminder emails from the closet asking for their stuff back. I had good intentions!!!! I swear I did!!! I just kept forgetting!
Well today they decided that they'd had it with me. I got a nasty gram. They threw off the nice gloves and threatened me with contacting my hubby's commander. Whew!
I'm a thief people!!! heehee Actually the stuff is in our storage area waiting for me to get off my lazy behind and turn it in.
Guess what my big plans are for tomorrow???!! I am going to walk right in and tell them my name is 'Walker Jen' and I'm here to return my stuff!!! hahahahaha I'll let ya know how it goes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I want to be a super hero!

I'm sitting here at my dining room table very bored. The Capt is at work, Boo-Bear is somewhere outside in parts unknown wreaking havoc in the Ghetto, The Son and Middle Daughter are on a back to school shopping extravaganza with the base Youth Center. I am alone. Wanna know what I'm thinking about???

I want to be a superhero.

I want to wear a cute spandex outfit and fly all over the world. Oh, since I am wearing a cute spandex outfit that would mean I have killer abs and buns of steel. :)
I would have a cute little alter ego........modern housewife by day...saver of the universe by night. Sigh......I ask you people..what could be cooler then this.............??!!!!

I would need a really cool name though...ummmmm Wonder Woman is already taken..hmmmmmmmmmm What to call myself??? I'll think on it and get back to you.

Monday, August 20, 2007

feeling like a movie star...

On Saturday, since the Capt was laid up with a hurt ankle, we decided to go for a drive out in the countryside. I never knew Korea could be so beautiful and I am kicking myself that I didn't think to bring the camera. As we were driving we saw a bunch of fruit and vegetable stands. The Capt had me pull over so he could (against the doctors orders) get out and peruse. The first stand we walked up to had a little old lady all bent over piling up her fruit. I said Onyahasayo (hello) and grinned at her. She turned around and got the biggest smile on her face and then started laughing and jumping up and down clapping her hands! She was talking a mile a minute..I didn't understand any of what she was saying but hey, I went with it and started laughing with her. The Capt stood by smiling quietly enjoying the show she and I were putting on. For $5 we got a huge bag of ummmmmm I'm not to sure what it was she sold us but if you think I'd leave her without buying anything after she was so happy to see us well... I just couldn't. I don't think she ever got an American at her stand before. She was so happy!! We shook hands and left to go to another stand down the street and bought this green beauty. What is it you ask?? We have no earthly idea! They are everywhere here and the hubby couldn't resist getting one. The guy at this stand was pretty surprised when we walked up as well. It was great!!!! By this time the Capt was in a lot of pain so we turned around and went home. It was a nice day, feeling like a movie star and all!
Hey...does anyone out there know what this thingie is and what we are supposed to do with it??
We are going to watch it for a couple of days and then cut into it. I'll keep ya posted. :)

Come on..look at that quiet strength....what a hottie!!!


A meme...

Tracey at tagged me with a meme a loooooooong time ago. Tracey is nothing if not patient!! :) So here we go..a bunch of information on me. I know you are all out there feeling very excited that you can learn more about me!! heehee


1. buy a long arm quilt machine
2. run 5 miles at one time
3. have a whole quilting room full of IKEA stuff.
4. live in Germany
5. ummmmmmmmm man this is hard!!! ummmmm Can I leave it at four?? Boy am I boring or what??!


1. quilt
2. spend some money :)
3. clean my house like no ones business
4. make a big meal in under an hour
5. I can talk like Golum in Lord of the Rings! hahahahaha I really can and it drives the Capt nuts!


1. balance my checkbook
2. save money
3. run 5 miles at one time
4. plan things for longer then a month in the shorts circuits my brain.
5. keep my laundry caught up


They had better think I can do all things or else the laundry will get even more backed up and they will have to share underwear!!!


1. integrity
2. sense of humor
3. kindness
4. looks (I'm being honest now :) )
5. legs...I like nice legs. Firm and fan fan


1. Vin Diesel...I'm hoping he's not gay!
2. Robert Redford..he is truly timeless
3. Colin Farrel
4. The singer from Nickelback
5. Jimmy quiet!! I could listen to that man alllllll my live long days!!!

Whew! Are you still with me??? If you are consider yourself tagged!!! This was fun! Thanks Tracey!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I'm sitting here thinking it may be time to re-name the ole' blog.
When I first started this thing it was to keep a diary of our times and adventures here in Korea. One that family members and friends could see. Over time it has evolved into something other then that. It's an online diary of my crazy life. In my blog no one can see me. I can be anyone I want and say whatever I'm thinking. It's kind of freeing. I love it. So what do you think??? Here are some I am considering...

1. My crazy so-called life.
2. The adventures of a sex-goddess (a personal favorite!)
3. Life unscripted
4. Livin' La Vida Loca!
5. This is can't handle the truth!

My mind is just bursting with possibilities!! So what do you think??????????? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


There are two teens in my house and a "wanna-be". (That's the boo-bear..she wants to be a teen so bad she can't stand it!)
Teens always run in packs. Hungry packs. Huge hungry packs! Last night the Capt and I were watching a movie. I finally got to see Disturbia. Can I just say right now that if you don't have a crush on Shia Labeouf, even if your are 60, you just ain't a breathin! Ahem..anyway we were sitting on the couch, the Capt with his leg propped (cause the man can not stay away from basketball and he sprained his ankle) and me with my hands over my eyes trying to be brave when the floors started to shake. Middle daughter has a curfew of 9:30 so usually everyone comes back here til their own respective curfews of between 10 and 11. Last night they came hungry. I heard pots and pans and the fridge opening and closing. I began to shake. The Capt grinned at me and said, "hey, at least we know where they are." YEAH! THEY ARE EATING ME OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME!!! I heard "hi mom! hey momma!" and I got a couple of kisses on the cheek all while they were happily eating my cheese and my chicken. Quesadillas were made and happily devoured. Every once in awhile one of them would gravitate to the living room to see what we were watching. Then they went to various places in the house. Some were in the computer room and some went to the Son's room for a vicious game of Halo smackdown. The Capt was in pain and not a lot of use to me so I sent him to bed at 10. Then at 10:45 I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and saw the state said kitchen was in. Oh yeah, it was bad ladies! This morning everyone has been briefed. They have til noon to get themselves together and then the summer of fun is over. They are each going to be handed a rag and some cleaner and I am making them earn their keep. Yes, I hear your applause and I bow humbly. No one is allowed to leave til 3. By that time my house should be all sparkly and smell faintly of lemons. I think when they get paroled to parts unknown I will fix myself and mint julep and pat myself on the back for a job well done.
What are ya'll doing to day??

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I live in the ghetto...

I live in the ghetto. There, I said it. I do you know. Let me explain. When the hubby told us the Air Force was sending us to Korea we were pretty excited. Korea = no deployment for the Capt so I packed up the kiddos the dog and the cat and off we went. We get to our Post and they give us a home in about 2.3 hours. Great. No problem there. Then we drive over to see where we are going to live. I am thinking that the housing office knows who we are and that my hubby is an all important Capt able to leap tall buildings in single bounds so there is a mansion awaiting us. Ha. Ha. Ha. They put us in the ghetto. The building we live in is 5 stories tall and the apartment is a nice size. The thing I have a problem with...the thing that is keeping me up at nights is the trash...and the lawn...and the 5 year old kiddos out at 10pm who desperately need a tissue. Upstairs Paige and I joke about living in the ghetto and we have gotten really good at singing the Elvis song "In the Ghetto". I just don't get the trash. Why oh why, with 5 HUGE trash receptacles do people persist in throwing their bags of yuck by said trash receptacle.

I have composed a letter to them...

Dear Nasty Trash Throwers,

My name is Dawn. I have a tidy soul. We have to live next to each other for the next year or so. I have a request and I ask this of you with all respect...could you throw your diapers in the trash can?? Could you have someone pick up the couch you no longer want so it's not sitting there looking at me and taunting me for a week. While I have your attention can I please explain to you that your 5 year old is to young to watch your twin 2 year olds. And your 16 year old is to young to be laying on the picnic table with her 19 year old boyfriend. If you all would just do everything I say we would all get along great!
Thank you for your time,

heeheehee the ghetto..heeheehee

Friday, August 17, 2007


I am an auntie again ya'll!!! My baby brother just had his 4th child...yeah we breed big! Little Matthew Christoper is brand new to the world. Way to go bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a typical Friday morning. :) Thank God!

Just sitting here at the puter' today being glad that it's a typical Friday. The hubby is at work after we had coffee together and I'm getting ready to get some house work done. Everything is quite cozy over my way. :)
The only blip on the screen is I've spent the last hour on the phone with my bank. There was a debit on our checking account I had a question about and before I could say boo the account was shut down and I had spoken to 4 different people. I'm glad that they were so careful and wanted to make sure I was taken care of but my gosh!!!! 4 different people in an hour! Sheesh! Only to be told I couldn't get a new debit card sent to our PO Box. See we all get our mail at a PO Box here in Korea. Everyone can sure send me bills with no problem!!!! Why not a new card so I can buy some fabric??!!! I have things to buy people!
Yesterday Walker Leigh and I got our kiddos together and headed off to shop at the AF base three hours away. She drove cause she is an angel and I was her side-kick in charge of keeping her awake and giving her good conversation. A good time was had by all. Much shopping was done by the whole Owens family. I think the kiddos are ready for school to begin. We have a week left and then peace will be restored in my heart. I will have my house back. sounds lovely doesn't it??!!!!
Okay, I'm off to start house cleaning. I just wanted to hop online and get a post done. I've been so lazy about getting on this thing. I will promise to be better. I need to get the camera out and start taking pics again. Oh, a funny thing did happen to me last week....Boo Bear and I were driving to go and check the mail. I stopped at a stop light and looked over at this little ole' man. He smiled a gum less smile at me while he sat on the corner and then he did the funniest thing! Get ready!!! He moved the leg of his shorts over and flashed his icky man-pee-pee at me all while laughing! My mouth fell open! What are you gonna do?????? Then I started cracking up! Boo Bear looked at me and said, "What?? What just happened??" I just smiled at the man and drove away. Made my day!!! Tooooo funny for words! What is it with crazy stuff happening when I am in the car????????????????????????????????????????
heeheehee I'm still laughing about it. Okay, now I'm really behind...gotta go. Have a great day everyone!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Love Shack.......

My Capt is home!!!! I have Two things to say................................................
This..... :)
hee hee hee hee hee
p.s is Polly's belly????? Mine is just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hey out there!!!! Sorry about not posting in like...forever! I have had the "I am missing my hubby and I soooooo hate this TDY" blues. Who wants to read about that??!!! In the interest of keeping all 6 of my readers :) I stayed away from the blogging pity party. Why am I posting now you ask????????????????? MY HUBBY COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond happy. The three months is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been getting ready to have the Capt come back all day today. I've been doing things in order of importance....1st..get toes done...2nd get nails done. giggle giggle giggle next...take a long nap...won't be much sleeping here I can tell ya that! giggle giggle...tomorrow buy hair color! A sex siren cannot have grey! Then it is on to house cleaning and stocking the fridge. giggle giggle Can you feel the happiness pouring over the Internet!!
I promise not to provide any details of his homecoming..Walker Jen reads this and is easily embarrassed giggle giggle giggle!
So thanks to everyone who stayed with me..especially during these last weeks. I have many blogs to catch up with and leave comments on. Plus I have a meme from Tracey to finish. Sorry about that Tracey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday I plan on getting all caught up.
Til then everyone......................................................giggle giggle giggle have a wonderful giggle giggle night!!!