Friday, August 24, 2007

A thief no longer

Just got back from taking the "borrowed" stuff back to the Closet. When I walked in I told them my name and every head popped up to get a good look at the lady who keeps things for over a year. I decided that the best tactic would be to deal with the whole debacle with humor. The look of the day was dark sunglasses and a smile. It worked!!! I left with everyone loving me again. They said I was off of the ten most wanted. Yippee!! On a side of my friends...a com-pard-re got moved up a slot. Yes folks there are two of us here in blog-land who borrow and ummmmmmmmmmm let's just say our homes are like a black hole. Will the new America's Most Wanted stand up and take a bow??? Ummmmmm Walker Jen you out there???!!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe I sooo called you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!