Monday, August 27, 2007

back to school...and I found my inner-coolness!!!

Today was a very momentous day here at Chez' Owens. The son is a Senior..Middle Daughter is a Freshman and our little Boo-Bear is in her last year of grade school. Here they were on their first day. The Son, ahem, was making a statement and no the statement was not that his parents didn't have any money for school clothes. He is a senior now and feels he can go to school in flip flops with black socks. It's a wonder his girlfriend was seen with him!

More pics of my brood...are they cute or what??!!! I got up early, fixed some pancakes and they were off. The Capt and I met Boo-Bear at school to meet her teacher. We've heard she's tough and we wanted to get a look at her and let her get a look at us. hmph!
Then it was off for a moms only day.

With the kiddos all settled in their classes we mommas decided to find our zen..explore our che'..get our inner coolness back. 1st stop on the Train to Serenity was Starbucks!! Here is Walker Leigh, Upstairs Paige and a new-bee My Church Girl. :)

Can you taste all the yummy goodness!

After we were all sufficiently caffeinated we met up with Walker Jen to do a little shopping at the Da-Da store. Happiness thy name is "craft store"!

Now by this time we were getting a little hungry. Going to Starbucks and then shopping is hungry work ladies!! We decided to go here...Italy Italy. Yep, there is Italian food to be found in Korea! Thank the good Lord above!
Another friend was waiting for us inside. I took a picture of her but her eyes were half open and half closed so I was a nice girl and didn't put her on here.....hi Cinzia!!!

Here is Paige with her "IF I DON'T GET MY COKE SOON SOMEONE IS GOING DOWN!" face on. heehee

Here is our very own Walker Jen feeling all cute and silly!

Sigh. It was the perfect day. Some coffee...some shopping...a little lunch with friends. What else could a woman want??? I know.................................. This hunk of burning love!! I snapped a picture of my honey, the love of my life, the fire in my ahem. Okay, I've gotten it together. I quick got the picture of him feeling all sentimental cause he was looking at his kiddos growing up much to fast to suit him. Again I say...SIGH!!!! heeheee On Monday of next week the plan is for a couple of us to check out a bath house. I have a week to get myself ready for the experience. The word on the street is that you check your clothes at the door. Yep. No clothes. I'm not sure if the world is ready for that but I am not going to pass up the chance to blog about a day at the bath house/spa. I plan on getting the full treatment! I can't take pictures cause, well, they might throw me in jail. I can let you know what goes on in there. I've heard the massage alone is worth the price of admission and the cucumber facial is the icing on the cake. Stay tuned folks!!!


Rebekah said...

It sounds to me like the coolest person in the world just got cooler!!! Ooooh the bath house sounds heavenly!

The Jen said...

Wow. That might be the worst picture of myself... I've ever seen... but yet, you spared Cinzia... ah. I see how it is. :) It was still fun, even if I'm not photogenic.


Kim said...

What a fun day! What did you buy at the craft store? Or were you too busy taking photos?! LOL! Your husband is most definitely a handsome man! I'm looking forward to hearing about the bath house experience. Inquiring minds . . . .

Colleen Whalen Eskridge said...

I was so happy to see some familiar places ...and that picture of Jen....Glad you girls had fun....wish I could have been at/near a starbucks...just to SMELL. Hey, I sent Jen...a future ...after both kiddos are in school...a shopping trip for me...down at the fabric mart...and the won store. I am so counting on her to do some shopping for me. Thanks for the photos...they were too cute! Colleen

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, you have just resurfaced a suppressed memory! Had to go to one of those bath houses on my Russia trip, wasn't well (leningrad tummy) had to get rid of the clothes, the water was hot and stagnate, there may heve been a collapse's very hazy.
Make sure your bath house water looks clean and that you will be able to look your fellow bath house girls in the eye after!!!!
Hubby looked melancholy..and cute! Tracey

Shelina said...

You forgot to show a picture of yourself! A bath house sounds scary but lovely. Tanya just posted about that the other day from Japan. She said the men and women are in different parts. Take the camera, just in case you get a chance to sneak in a shot.

Have you cut into that fruit yet?

TOM's Blog said...

Hello! Ji-Young!
This is Tom.
I'm having trouble with contact U and Cpt.Owen. Please Phone me on 016-535-7911

Patti said...

So - did I somehow miss the report on the bath house?