Sunday, April 29, 2007

The morning after.....

After our first Children's Church lock-in happened (read post further down) I fully expected my OWN children to wake up, on Sunday, fresh and ready to go to church now that they are all holier and stuff. A church function will do that to ya. is what my house sounds like this morning as my lovelies get themselves ready for church. Please know that we have a full two + hours to get ready and are in no rush....



You got my name wrong! (hubby has a hard time keeping his three prodigies straight in the morning and all know to come running if he starts yelling out more then two names while trying to remember the right one)

What's for breakfast?? ( to ask me this is a cardinal sin on Sundays..or anytime I am reading blogs in the morning with a cup of hot coffee in front of me)


MOM HE IS IN MY ROOM AGAIN!!!! (This being stated to me in a voice full of indignation because the son has "awoken" and is spreading his own brand of love to middle daughter. It consists of stepping in her room and "looking at her". big sigh inserted here)

Basically the only one of my children who is in a good mood is Boo-Bear. She only needs two hours of sleep per night to get her batteries all re-charged and ready to go. On top of that I fed her this morning before I hopped on here so she is really revved.

Off to the showers...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

1st annual Children's Church Lock-In

We had our first Children's Church lock-in last night. Whew. I..AM..SO..TIRED! But oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun!!!! I know you all are thinking, if it's a children's church lock-in what were the ages of the kids. Anywhere from 5-12 with all the teens helping out. Yeah, you read it right. 5 year olds were invited to the party. Yeah, we have a death wish and no, there was no alcohol for the adults to dull the pain. This was a Church event people!! The alcohol was hidden and brought out after the parents left..heehee Just kidding. :)
So the night got off to a great start. We got all the kids signed in and the doors locked at 7:30. Let the fun begin! My 1st job was to make some keaso. Did I even spell that right?? It is the cheesy/glop bit of goodness that you pour all over chips and then sit down and eat til your thighs scream out "Uncle!" We had eleventy-thousand bags of chips, fourty-leven pizzas, m&m's, licorice, popcorn, capri-suns and water. We had two movie rooms (this was in a youth center on base) a karaoke room, a gym, a dance floor, a pool hall and a full kitchen with all the fixins for a jamin' breakfast tucked safely in the fridge. We started off with dinner. For their dining pleasure we had artery clogging pizza and the afore-mentioned kaeso (still trying with the spelling). Next up were some games. I was on team Judah, we played against the Israelites. There was a cheating scandal at the end that called for a dance off between two leaders. No, I was not asked to get my "jiggy on". Or is that "jiggy with it"?? I can modestly say that team Judah kicked some butt!!! After that it was off to the gym for a couple of sports contests. We had only one small calamity. A boy got his finger run over by a bottom scooter. After much crying and back rubbing all was made right. There was more dancing....this is a gospel church after all so dancing is a requirement and yes I did get "my jiggy on" to the delight of all around. We even had the ole' soul train line going where I represented all my "peeps" proudly. Around one a.m. I grabbed anyone 10 and younger for a viewing of Narnia after pj's and a quick potty run. Well, it was quick for the girls, the boys had a hard time pointing and shooting so a teen older brother was called in. At 2:30am the pre-teens were told to grab a spot somewhere in the building and to please "FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY AND SANE JUST STOP THE MADNESS AND BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ahem, back to my story. At 4am I got up off of the floor (boo-bear got the couch I was on cause she is so darned cute!!) and pleaded with the teens to stop singing Prince on the karaoke machine!!! At 6am breakfast preparations began. At 7:30 I (devilish laughter inserted here) fired up the karaoke machine and started singing to the teens to wake them up. Then I was off to the little ones to sing softly, rub backs, and get them up in a feeling of love and goodwill. We fed the little boogers, listened to more music at a level of sound previously unheard of from the once-catholic girl and another dance off ensued. The Capt came around this time...yes ladies...he went home last night. He didn't get to be a Capt cause he was stupid!!! Plus he had a bunch of stuff to do today as he is leaving for a TDY (that's a business trip for you non-military people) and will be gone all summer.
At 1:30 this afternoon I was sound asleep after some lovely (more devilish laughter and some giggles thrown in) TLC from my hubby. I'm thinkin' he may have felt a tad guilty for leaving me to the mercies of small people last night.
A good time was had by all. I'm sure many kiddos went home and had a long nap. Boo-bear didn't go to sleep til around 5am and woke up at 7:30 so as not to miss breakfast and she was asleep before we made it home in the car.
I love a good lock-in!! Happy Saturday, I am off to bed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Conversations heard tonight at Chez Owens

I walked in to kiss Boo-Bear goodnight, this is what happened...

me: "Hey Homie Slice!! What's happenin', ready to pray??"

Boo-Bear: "Mom! Shhhh, I'm trying to hear God's voice."

me: "Oh, okay sorry. Scoot your feet over so I can sit on your bed and wait with you."

a couple of seconds pass.

Boo-Bear: " I can't hear Him!! What does He sound like?"

me: "He's a still voice inside of your heart."

Boo-Bear: "You mean He won't say...SARAH..."?

me with a bad case of the giggles now. :)

Also heard around the house. Middle Daughter has a new "friend" in her life. He lives upstairs from us and is quite the hottie.

The Son to Middle Daughter: "So what's up with you and ------?"

Middle Daughter: "Nothing!"

The Son: "Well, I'm coming with you two when you walk the dogs tonight to make sure!!"

then he turns to us and says, "I'm glad I'll be out of the house when Boo-Bear starts dating!! I don't know if I can take all of this!"

So I've got one daughter with her eyes still squeezed shut trying to hear God's voice and another daughter walking our dog with a boy who can bench press 350 like it's nothing and a son laying in bed trying to deal with having two sisters in his life.

heehee good times!

Naked Korean Guy update...

So the other day middle daughter and I were off base looking for a cab to take us downtown. Guess who we saw?????????????? It was Naked Korean Man!!!
How do I know this you ask?? Well, we were right off base and he had his two dogs with him, also he walked right into his building. He is the only one in this small building with two springer spaniels. Okay, so what did I do when I saw him face to face? I got the giggles. Told middle daughter it was him and then she got the giggles. Then it happened. Our eyes met. He smiled. But then he did a double take and said something to his girlfriend...Barely Wearing Any Clothes Girl, and they giggled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know exactly what they said!!!

NKG: "It's her"

BWACG: "The one who tries to get pictures of us as we cavort freely in our nakedness??"

NKG: "Yep, that's her"

BWACG: "Hmmmm, I thought she'd be older".

NKG: "Yeah, me too. Let's hurry in the building, we've been fully clothed for a whole ten minutes and I'm getting itchy to take this stuff off".

That's when they giggled and ran inside.

:) Just keeping you all updated on the "haps" here at Chez Owens.

GREAT NEWS FROM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daddy DOES NOT!!! have cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been laying low in blog-land til I found out the news from his doctor. He met with the specialist today, in US time, and it all came back great. There is no cancer. It is his back and they are sending him to a specialist for that. I am relieved like I can't even begin to tell you!!! Thank you for all the kind words, prayers and good thoughts sent our way. You guys are the bestest!!! I am off to find some celebratory chocolate!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trip to Puson...and Krispy Kreme!!!!

I went to Puson today with the Teague Spouse Association. See, when you are a military spouse you can join a spouses group. You join clubs within this bigger Bunco, a book club, a quilting club ect. You also go on trips. It's nice cause you are hanging out with other people who "speak the same language" as you and give you support if your hubby has to be deployed.
Today we went to Puson. There is lots of shopping there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean lots!!!!!
This is Puson.

We got to Puson after about two hours on the bus. We were dropped off at the top of a hill. Here is the 1st thing you see. Pretty neat huh!

Here is the second thing you see, a large statue of a warrior. Sorry the picture is so dark. It was really cloudy and I forgot to turn my flash on. By this time everyone around us was in a frenzy cause the Americans had arrived!!! Leigh, Jen and I all got to stand and pose while the Korean kiddos got out their camera phones and started snapping pictures. I did my best Lindsey Lohan look. :)

Here is one thing I never get tired of....finding signs with either misspelled words or words used out of context. This is also something I was hoping to find....A SALE! Or...a "Sail" heeheehee

Now I love to shop just as much as the next person, well maybe a little bit more if I'm honest about it, but let me tell you all out there.................... I was worn out!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was stuff everywhere!!!! I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!!!! Look.......


plumbing stuff.....

household stuff.....

funny stuff.....(look where his hand his) :)

weird stuff in bags.....

A guy who kinda looked like Elvis... I hid behind a car to get this picture!! Anything for the blog is my motto!!

aaaaaannnnnndddd more stuff. It was stuff overload!!!!

I didn't quite know where to begin. Thankfully we found this....

So I bought these...........

On the way back to the bus, after having our picture taken numerous times, having people yell "Hello! How are you??" getting stared at and poked and pushed out of the way, we headed back to the bus. Our feet hurt and we were exhausted! This is what awaited us at the top of the hill........RAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!

We weren't quite sure what was going on. A nice man came on over and after asking the standard "where are you from" question he told us that at 4pm, dancers were coming. We had missed these guys in the costumes. Weeeeeeel anywhere there are dancers Walkers Leigh, Jen and I are there with cameras on the ready!!!

The bus ended up pulling out 10 minutes before the dancers came on. It was okay though cause we were all ready to go home. On the way back I bought three extra tickets for the door (or should I say bus) prizes. Guess who won???!!! Yep! Me!! Then there was another drawing...guess who won again???!!! Yep!! Me!!! I ended up sitting that one out and letting someone else have a chance. Since I just joined it wouldn't be good for all the ladies to hate me!! heeeheee..there is always next time! I am gunning for another step-tan-su!
I am off for a bubble bath and bed. Happy Saturday everyone!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


picture from

My heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to you and to yours.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Working girl...and forgetting your dad's birthday..

I forgot my daddy's birthday. I am the worst daughter ever. I woke up this morning and stretched, while giving myself a pep talk. See I have to work this morning...for Kindergarten...and it's the class with a "reputation". So I'm stretching and telling myself that it's only 6 hours plus it makes the Capt so happy when I go to work. I'm all, "I can do this!! It won't be that bad. Six hundred other subs are wimps. They were all just having a bad day. I'm different. OH MY STARS AND HEAVENS ABOVE SWEET LORD I FORGOT MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well then I was really up. I ran for the phone to call. They are out shopping at Walmart. Probably buying all kinds of expensive things and charging it to, who now and forevermore shall be named, "The Daughter Who Forgot". This is not boding well for my trying to be the golden one.
Off to Kindergarten.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

You like me!! You really like me!!!!

OH WOW!! OOOOOOOOH WOW!!! Tracey over at ( I know, I know, there is a way to link to another persons blog. Suzie has even written to me in an email I saved buuuut can't seem to find, directions on how to do it. There is just a little known fact about me......I can't read directions. heeheehee Really. I can't. Ask any of my friends. It is a well kept family secret here at Chez' Owens. Well, they all keep it a secret cause it embarrasses them. I tell anyone and everyone. :) )
K, back to the topic at hand......Tracey tagged me for the DA-DA-DA-DA (cue horns) "THE THINKING BLOG AWARDS!!!!"( I am now and forever more a somebody!!!!!! Who to thank... I thank Tracey, and my mom, and my 4th grade teacher, ummmm and the post man just cause he's kinda cute, and Jake Gyllenhol cause he is cute to. heehee This is so much fun!!! Thank you Tracey!!!
I started blogging to keep a journal of our two years here in Korea. Many times families come here with their military spouses and hate it. They stay in, don't try anything and are just plain miserable. I promised myself that I would look on the bright side of everything and keeping this blog is part of it. I got so much more though. I met a bunch of "crazy-funny-sweet-kind-hilarious-get the tissues now people" by reading their blogs. My mind has been opened to new ideas, I've gotten weepy, laughed til I cried...the list just goes on and on.
Now I get to nominate 5 other bloggers that I love. Okay here we go.....

1. Ree-
She makes me la-a-ugh!!! I read her blog first every day and not once has she disappointed. Reading about her life takes you back to simpler times. She blogs daily about life on a ranch from a city girls perspective. Did I say she's funny??!
2. Bec (
I've know Bec for going on three years now. She is one of the neatest people I've ever met. She is someone who has taken a childhood of just horrible conditions and turned her life into something wonderful. Go on over and read what she posted for today. I love you Bec!!!
3. Dad Gone Mad ( Do not, under any circumstances, do not be drinking anything while reading his posts!!! You will shoot coffee out your nose! He is hilarious! He writes about his every day adventures with his kids and how they get the best of him. F-u-n-n-y!
4. I love this blog. Sometimes she throws a topic out there, with her take on things, and WOW!! Reading what people have to say is pretty interesting. Plus she makes me laugh and I'm big on that. :)
5. Tracey ( She lives in Australia!!!! Australia people!! I mean how neat is that! I love reading all about her life. From the chooks ( that's chickens for those of you not "in the know") to her quilting adventures.
Whew. There are my five. There actually are a bunch. I'm kinda embarrassed to tell you how many blogs I read, hold on, let me go and count cause even I'm not sure....77. Yeah, I need to get a life. This was so much fun!!! Thanks again Tracey...big hugs and a smooch from me to you! Now go and check these people out folks and say hi!!! Plus the 5 I tagged now gotta do the same!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yeesh...they're baaaaack

Last night the two oldest came home from their missions trip with their youth group at church. I was pretty excited to see them and hear all about this life changing (um-hmmm) event. I had pictured in my mind the conversation we would have on the way home about how they had grown because of their "service unto the Lord". Here is how it really went.

1st - The bus was late. And I mean late. We have a curfew here on base. You can't get on or off base from 12 midnight to 5am. What time did they get in?? 11:30pm. I had to hightail it in the van to pick them up cause the Capt had to work the next day and let's get real...HE wasn't going. They were on the base 5 minutes from here. I'm thinking, okay, I can get them and bring them home and still be under curfew and I'm excited to see them after 4 days.
I get to the church and here is what happened.......

middle daughter (MD)- Comes running to the car and hops in the front seat...announces we must take ------- home who lives off base.

Wonderfully Kind Son (WKS)- Runs to the car, throws open the front passenger side door and yells at MD "I called front seat!!!!!!!!!!!! You've been getting on my nerves all week now get in the back!!!" Yep folks he is a mature 17.

MD- rolls her eyes at him and lets him know she is not moving while the lovely folks who took my heathen children look on at how good a mother I am and see how wonderfully she has trained up her children. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!


Daughter- NO!!! I GOT HERE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that the time was clicking!!!!! I tell both of them, with my teeth gnashed together, to shut up and just get in the car! There is a curfew and I gotta get ------ home so we can get on base. The son gets in the waaaaaaay back, hunkers down and doesn't speak or look at anyone. I tell ------ to call her mom and ask if she can just spend the night and I will bring her home early in the morning, I can't get locked off base with THOSE two and who wanted them to come back anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????-------- Calls her mom and tells her what's up. She says...being the lovely Christian, "I guess I don't have a choice!" WHAT??????????????????? I am thinking that I am soooooooo over the parenting here!!! And...and why didn't you come and pick your own kid up????? I get us home and go to bed. The Capt rolls over and says to me.."Did you get my gym bags out of the car?" Yes ladies, he did. After I ripped his teeth out, heehee thought about it, I said "Yep, I just live to serve you". He rolled over and wisely left me alone just as I hear ------ leave. She had to call a taxi and went home. I couldn't believe it. I think my brain blew up all over the room. Then...oh yeah...THEN!!! That stinkin cat of boo-bears cried for an hour cause he couldn't find her!!! She was staying the night over at a friends house. I came out of my room like a bat out of hell to kill him and he ran behind the wall unit just as I stubbed my toe.

Yep. Life at Chez' Owens. What a ball. Yeesh!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Last day as an only child.

My two oldest are coming home tonight!! I decided to celebrate Boo-Bears last day of "Spring Break as an Only Child" by taking her and her friend downtown. Love that downtown!!
1st order of the day is to get a soda!! (no, boo-bear doesn't have two of them is mine :) )
Feeling way cool after the sugar rush!
Much mugging for the camera went on much to the delight of all the Korean people who stare at us in hopes that we may do something American/exciting. Every time I whipped out the camera people would stop and get their camera phones ready juuuuuuuust in case. :)
After hitting most of the shops in a hundred mile radius we decided to get some lunch. Not any ole' American lunch for us explorers either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope!! We opted for.................................. ITALIAN!!

As soon as lunch was over I took them to some more shops and had them begging me to TAKE THEM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heehee wore their little b-hinies out!!

Here's what waited for us when we did get home. Buster the Wild Cat!

Hope everyone else had a great day!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day out downtown and my Birthday Party with our English Class

Today Sarah and I went out with Walker Jen. She had her three kiddos with her and her mom-in-law. Walker Jen, being her awsome self, got me some presents for my ole' b-day. Here are some distressed boxes I'm using on my table to hold stuff.And here is one of those rockin' gifts you only get from another quilter....a quarter inch foot!!!!! I saw hers when I was over one day and although I'm ashamed to admit it, I may have had quarter foot envy...heehee Thanks Jen!!!!!!! On to our day of shopping for "Stuff That Must Be Purchased". First stop is Dunkin Donuts cause hey, that's how we roll! Here are three of the kiddos hyped up on sugar. :)While we were walking around I saw this...
It's one of the places we ate at when my mom was here....and she was sick later on that night. hmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe we now know why. They were taking everything apart and demolishing the whole place...can you say "Health Inspector"! This next picture is one I took of the zillions of food vendors that are everywhere here. The thing I find most interesting is the "communial" bowls. See the two bowls that are on the ledge there?? Everyone sits down, gets a bowl of whatever the person is cooking and uses these bowls to dip out of. Everyone! There isn't one bowl per's one bowl for everyone! And no one gets sick here cept' us Americanos.
Yeah, found the Olive Garden here in Korea. :)

After our donuts we were worried that there may be some calories not yet consumed so we stopped by this bakery and loaded up on sugary goodness.

When we left downtown we headed over to the market. Whenever we go here we park at the hospital/morgue. Patients staying in hospitals here walk around in hospital garb WITH THE IV BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy was watching the cars come and go to the parking garage. I've seen this many many times all over the place here. You are driving along minding your own business and BAMB! you see someone who looks like they just had an operation walking around with the IV bag getting some fresh air! Makes me and Walker Jen laugh every time!

Later on that night we had our Tuesday night English class. We had to take boo-bear since her older brother and sister were away on their service trip with the youth at church. When we get there the students had set up a birthday celebration for me!!! We had cake and the birthday song in English the Korean and I got these awesome flowers and this pottery set. The pottery is made by the husband of one of the ladies in class. I was thrilled to get this!!! I collect tea sets and hadn't gotten one from Korea yet. Thanks you guys!!!!!!

I think today I am going to take it easy. We did something every day when my mom was here and this week has been busy as well. Today I've decided to play with my new quarter inch foot from Jen and just hang out in the sewing room. I'm going to get boo-bear some her hair...and send her outside to play. Sigh......blessed quiet!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

My birthday...a bit early

Yesterday after church we were invited to have Easter dinner with some friends. Everyone we knew was there and I was having a ball doing the things I love bestest...eating and talking..:) Middle daughter had gone outside and after about half an hour she came in and said some people were at the door for me. I walked to the door and all the neighborhood kids who "live" here at Chez Owens were there with my three kiddos. They all started singing happy birthday to me while I stood there trying to take it all in. Then they handed me my present!!! Look what these kids got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm snifflin' as I write this cause I still can't believe it. I've wanted an Ipod Nano for about a year now. Middle daughter started collecting money from all the kids I sub for...feed...listen to...comfort...or pay in popsicles when they help bring in groceries and they all went to the base store to get this. My two oldest left today to do a missions trip with their youth group at church (during their spring break..yeah I'm a little bit proud!!) so they gave this to me early. At first when I saw the box I thought they had given me perfume...I was sooo interested in reading the card with all their signatures and special messages...when I saw it was an Ipod I screamed!!!!!!!!!! Then I cried. Then I hugged each and every one of them.
I am very blessed people, just so very blessed.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Making Changes...

Hi Everyone...I made some changes to the ole' blog. Man...I wish I could figure out how to jazz this thing up!!! I'm feeling jazzy today :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another!!! Bomb Threat

My mom and I are staying home today to clean house. The boo-bear called and said she forgot something and needed it NOW MOM!!! I hurried and got in the shower, put the hair up in a ponytail and as I was going out the door my mom said, "It sounds like there are a lot of kids outside." Uh-oh! I looked over the balcony and sure enough the whole school was standing in our courtyard. There was another bomb threat. Can you believe this??????????????????????

It is just sooo stupid for someone to do this. The cops and fire departments have to come, buses have to be brought in, the school is evacuated for the day and they have to feed all the kids and keep them in limbo for the whole day. The cost of all this is astronomical! Also when they find out who did it that kid has to be sent back to the states. I think the parents have to pay for that ticket and the cost of having all those buses come is about $7000!! Yeah. Who do you think pays for that...the parents. People also get numb to the threats. The kids think it's a party. Thank goodness the school takes every threat seriously...even though I am soooo sure they don't want to.

Okay, on to "funner" things. My mom got my twin nephews these cutie-pa-tootie jackets the other day at Osan.

And a Coach purse for my neice, Valerie.

Just another day at Chez' Owens!

happy days folks, happy days.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dinner with the new table

When we went to Ms. Lee's furniture store yesterday my mom got the Capt this table. He has been wanting one since we lived in Okinawa. We decided to celebrate by getting out the table grill and cooking bul-go-bi. I found all of my asian bowls, cooked up a pot of rice and it was on. Here is the meat cooking...yumm!!!!

For desert we had some sliced pineapple with brown sugar on top. It was so much fun!!! I'm telling ya we are having so much fun with Grandma-A-Go-Go!!!!! We sure do wish you were here with us Daddy!!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?????????????????????????????????? I went to the doctors today cause I wasn't feeling very well and you will never guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I...AM...PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahahaha snort snort hahahahahahahahahaha snort snort hahahahahahah

just kidding!!
night everyone!

All Shopped Out..(well, almost anyway) :)

Walker Jen has her In-Loves visiting her. She invited my mom and I to go with her and her Mom-In-Love to go to the flower market. It took a second and a half for my brain to compute market+shopping=fun. I'M IN!!!
Since it is the beginning of spring, everything is in bloom here.

It smelled soooooo good! As soon as we walked in you could smell all the flowers.

As you can see, we at Chez' Owens always make time to stop and smell the roses!!! Where do you think I got it from?? :)

Meet Walker Jen's Mom-In-Love!!!! Hi "Honey"! She is visiting from South Africa folks! I gotta tell ya, she was a rockin' good time!


This guy is painting on large bits of ribbon. Sorry about the blurry hands but I was trying to be incognito while taking this shot.
After the flower market we headed over to Deagu Station. It's a big subway station downtown. There is also an entrance into a "swanky" department store there.

Here is my mom much little Won left!!!

Please, please, please someone...tell me what this little bit of nastiness is!!!!!!!!!
It was so expensive here! I couldn't believe some of the prices. Guess what I ended up buying!!! A loaf of bread. Yep. A.....loaf......of......bread! Don't tell me I can't find something affordable!

After the subway station/shopping spree we went out to lunch. Walker Jen's hubby, Walker Rob, and her Father-In-Love...Dranbob (heehee) met us. And since Dranbob is truly a grandpa at heart he treated us all!!! Thanks Dranbob!!
After lunch the men took all the kiddos home with them ( I know ladies!! They are keepers!) and we hit Ms. Lee's furniture store. My mom hadn't used her credit cards in a few hours and was itching to get those babies out! She got the Capt. a knee size table that he has been eyeing since we got here. You sit indian style to eat at it. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight??! I'll make sure to post pics. Oh, look at these hoochies!
Whenever someone opens up a new business they hire the "hoochie coochie" dnacers. They stand on this platform and dance suggestively so that any passing male will be lured in by their sirens song to buy buy buy. Gotta love it!!!
So it was another good day of the sure to go down in history visit of Grandma A Go Go!!!