Saturday, April 28, 2007

1st annual Children's Church Lock-In

We had our first Children's Church lock-in last night. Whew. I..AM..SO..TIRED! But oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun!!!! I know you all are thinking, if it's a children's church lock-in what were the ages of the kids. Anywhere from 5-12 with all the teens helping out. Yeah, you read it right. 5 year olds were invited to the party. Yeah, we have a death wish and no, there was no alcohol for the adults to dull the pain. This was a Church event people!! The alcohol was hidden and brought out after the parents left..heehee Just kidding. :)
So the night got off to a great start. We got all the kids signed in and the doors locked at 7:30. Let the fun begin! My 1st job was to make some keaso. Did I even spell that right?? It is the cheesy/glop bit of goodness that you pour all over chips and then sit down and eat til your thighs scream out "Uncle!" We had eleventy-thousand bags of chips, fourty-leven pizzas, m&m's, licorice, popcorn, capri-suns and water. We had two movie rooms (this was in a youth center on base) a karaoke room, a gym, a dance floor, a pool hall and a full kitchen with all the fixins for a jamin' breakfast tucked safely in the fridge. We started off with dinner. For their dining pleasure we had artery clogging pizza and the afore-mentioned kaeso (still trying with the spelling). Next up were some games. I was on team Judah, we played against the Israelites. There was a cheating scandal at the end that called for a dance off between two leaders. No, I was not asked to get my "jiggy on". Or is that "jiggy with it"?? I can modestly say that team Judah kicked some butt!!! After that it was off to the gym for a couple of sports contests. We had only one small calamity. A boy got his finger run over by a bottom scooter. After much crying and back rubbing all was made right. There was more dancing....this is a gospel church after all so dancing is a requirement and yes I did get "my jiggy on" to the delight of all around. We even had the ole' soul train line going where I represented all my "peeps" proudly. Around one a.m. I grabbed anyone 10 and younger for a viewing of Narnia after pj's and a quick potty run. Well, it was quick for the girls, the boys had a hard time pointing and shooting so a teen older brother was called in. At 2:30am the pre-teens were told to grab a spot somewhere in the building and to please "FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY AND SANE JUST STOP THE MADNESS AND BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ahem, back to my story. At 4am I got up off of the floor (boo-bear got the couch I was on cause she is so darned cute!!) and pleaded with the teens to stop singing Prince on the karaoke machine!!! At 6am breakfast preparations began. At 7:30 I (devilish laughter inserted here) fired up the karaoke machine and started singing to the teens to wake them up. Then I was off to the little ones to sing softly, rub backs, and get them up in a feeling of love and goodwill. We fed the little boogers, listened to more music at a level of sound previously unheard of from the once-catholic girl and another dance off ensued. The Capt came around this time...yes ladies...he went home last night. He didn't get to be a Capt cause he was stupid!!! Plus he had a bunch of stuff to do today as he is leaving for a TDY (that's a business trip for you non-military people) and will be gone all summer.
At 1:30 this afternoon I was sound asleep after some lovely (more devilish laughter and some giggles thrown in) TLC from my hubby. I'm thinkin' he may have felt a tad guilty for leaving me to the mercies of small people last night.
A good time was had by all. I'm sure many kiddos went home and had a long nap. Boo-bear didn't go to sleep til around 5am and woke up at 7:30 so as not to miss breakfast and she was asleep before we made it home in the car.
I love a good lock-in!! Happy Saturday, I am off to bed.


Jenna said...

So glad that you had such a great time!! We'll have to get together again soon! Maybe Tuesday if you don't have to work!

Lauren The Artist said...

Hey, its queso. :)

It sounds fun. I think I could hear you singing all the way over at my house. So, are you already signed up to chaperone the next lock-in???


QuiltingFitzy said...

The QUESO spelling had me in a fit of giggles. It took me 3 times to figure out what you were spelling....then I had to ask dh how to spell it, lol. I'm no better.