Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Naked Korean Guy update...

So the other day middle daughter and I were off base looking for a cab to take us downtown. Guess who we saw?????????????? It was Naked Korean Man!!!
How do I know this you ask?? Well, we were right off base and he had his two dogs with him, also he walked right into his building. He is the only one in this small building with two springer spaniels. Okay, so what did I do when I saw him face to face? I got the giggles. Told middle daughter it was him and then she got the giggles. Then it happened. Our eyes met. He smiled. But then he did a double take and said something to his girlfriend...Barely Wearing Any Clothes Girl, and they giggled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know exactly what they said!!!

NKG: "It's her"

BWACG: "The one who tries to get pictures of us as we cavort freely in our nakedness??"

NKG: "Yep, that's her"

BWACG: "Hmmmm, I thought she'd be older".

NKG: "Yeah, me too. Let's hurry in the building, we've been fully clothed for a whole ten minutes and I'm getting itchy to take this stuff off".

That's when they giggled and ran inside.

:) Just keeping you all updated on the "haps" here at Chez Owens.


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Jenna said...

You are too funny!! I'm still waiting on the pictures!!

Lauren The Artist said...

The only way that could be funnier, is if you in fact decided against catching the cab in efforts to sprint upstairs and grab the camera!! HA! ...incidentally, did you do that??