Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today is Cut Yourself a Break Day!

It's late at night. Every one is in bed cept' me and my faithful dog...oops no wait, I just turned around to look at her and she is gone to her bed too. Scratch the faithful dog as I was saying...I'm up sitting in front of the computer thinking about the meaning of it all. You ever do that?? Just think "what's it all about anyway?" Am I where I should be now that I'm the age I am? Could I be a better mom? Do I need to work on being a better wife?? What if I never look any better then I do right now? Am I the only woman out there who thinks these things?? Well here's what we should do. Let's all proclaim November 1st "Cut Ourselves a Break Day"! For just one day we will endevour (ooooh big word alert!!) to like ourselves just the way we were made. We won't worry about that pesky 10 (okay 30) pounds. We will tell ourselves that we are doing the best we can with the whole wife-mother-daughter-sister thing. When we get dressed in the morning we will look in the mirror and like who we see looking back. We will have Oprah ah-ha moments. We will be women-hear us roar!
Okay?? We will buy ourselves something just because we are worth it! This could actually be a national movement! Are you with me my sisters???!!!!!!!!! And if that isn't working for you, then I found this prayer I thought was awfully cute and would make you smile. Happy Cut Ourselves a Break Day!!!! (flowers and all gifts may be sent to Dawn is welcome) hahahahahaha I crack myself up if no one else!!

Why you get someone with an accent with customer service.

Check out the wires! Ever wonder why when you call customer service for your Discover card you get someone with a thick accent. I've figured out why! See all these phone lines!!! I just know that anyone from anywhere can hook up a line and then they are in business. There were aproximately forty nine thousand six hundred and twenty three lines hooked up to this one teeny tiny pole.

I just thought this was neat. Here is what the menus look like. I know you can't see it good cause of the glare but everything is in Korean. Jen and I were out for lunch and we just ordered what the girls next to us had. It was good!!!! She had a "something" in a bowl and I had fried meat surprise. yummy!!

My best friend

While I was out shopping I saw this outfit and I knew Abbey had to have it. The look on her face is one of disgust though. She was a little less then happy that her momma would even think to put clothes on her. I tried to buy a name brand thinking that she would wear it proudly. It gets cold here so she is just going to have to grin and bear it. What a cutie-pa-tootie!!

My Tuesday Adventure

Had myself a little adventure with Jen from downstairs today. We decided to go to a place called S. That would be S-Dot. :) It wasn't open when we first arrived so we walked around looking for some fun signs to post on our blogs. Here is a store where I am sure they hook you and a friend up to a machine so that you can bridge your minds. After we saw this one we headed to.......

Duncan Donuts. At first glance the donut display looks just like in America...but on closer inspection you find that you can buy......................................

You can't quite see the words but this my friends is a red bean donut. Yummy!!! I know that when I see red bean I saw bah! to plain ole' lemon or blueberry! Give me red bean any day!! Maybe you don't want any beans for breakfast...maybe you just might want some eggs...where to look?? What to do?? AHHH this is more like it.........................................................

Think this place sells eggs?? I do! Or maybe you are the adventurous type. Here is a place for you............................................

This my friends is where Hannible Lector dines in fine style. What the Heck???????!!!!! Now after all this eating you may need to use the "facilities." Where do you go?? Well the people here are nice enough to post signs for you and me. This is what you look for.........

Need I explain what this means?? :) hahahahaha Jen and I died when we saw this!!! Or if you are still looking for a place cause you don't know what this means then you may need sign number 2...............................Get ready for it!!!..............................................

The mushroom has a WC on it to let you know "here is the potty" and the air coming out of the be-heinnie lets you know what it's for! hahahahahahahahahahahaha I will be laughing over this one for days!!!!!

If that isn't enough bathroom humor for you look what we found walking down the street and window shopping. He is sitting on a chair. Now you know this doesn't seem strange to you! We all sit like this when we find a chair out in public!
We did make a huge discovery when we were at one store. Guess what you can buy here for $1.50????????..............................see next picture.

BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't need to save thousands and thousands of dollars! You just call me up and for a little next to nothing fee I will send you some! Yep...I am the bomb! After all the laughing we did I went home and took a 30 minute nap. Whew! It's hard being an American reporter in Korea!!! Until next blog folks....Peace out!

Monday, October 30, 2006

A gift from God

There is a new site online called the Quilters News Network. You go on and then Wallah!!!! You can watch quilt shows 24/7! I know I know...this is to good to be true!!! But no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just keep showing shows on and on and on. I may be having heart palpitations over this people!!!! I just know that God is happy at me and decided to have someone make this site so I could watch it. I am now going to have "computer eyes" cause there is no way I am leaving this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha Quilt shows 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe our good fortune my quilting sisters????????? I've gotta go and tell someone about this in's 10:30pm you think the neighbors will mind if I wake them up so they can be happy for me???????? I don't I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha Happy quilting!!


It's a Dog LIfe..we all should have it so good!

Our youngest left for school without making her bed this morning. Abbey climed up in her bed knowing that she hit paydirt! Here she will lay til our oldest comes home for lunch, lounging and thinking about the meaning of it all. I on the other hand am doing the Monday clean. The house is going to be taken back, by me, from the weekend traffic. It's a messy job but somone has to do it. Don't you wish we all had it as good as lil' miss here??! Everyone tells me that I spoil this dog but she had my heart at hello. SIGH What can ya do?? :)

For our Daddys

I always devote a lot of time to talking about moms so I thought I'd spend some time on the dads of the group. I don't know about the rest of you but I have a great dad! There were times when we were growing up that he had to work three jobs just so we could have food on the table, clothes to wear and Christmas presents under the tree. My dad was never one of the complicated ones. He likes simple things...camping with the family...a cold beer every once in awhile....he likes to work in the yard and birdwatch and best of all he loves my mom. It's nice when you have a dad you like. It's even nicer when you have a dad that you respect. Now that I'm older I see how lucky I was to have the family I had. When we were growing up our friends used to tease us saying we were the Brady Bunch. You know what?? We were and I'm thankful. My dad worked hard so that my mom could stay home. We didn't even know what a latch key kid was. I didn't even need my own house key til I was a junior in High School. I grew up secure in the knowledge that my parents loved me and loved each other. You were a big part of that dad. For that I thank you. So now your job, reader, is to write to whoever your "Dad" was growing up. Tell him thanks for all the hours he worked keeping food on the table. Thanks for the times he chased the monsters out from underneath your bed when it was dark outside. Thanks for the times you were hurting and only daddy could make it better. This is my way of saying thanks to mine. Thanks Daddy...I love you!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

all denominations in church today

We have a special thing that we do every couple of months here at church. All of the denominations get together for one service. I happen to attend the gospel service. We had the Catholics...the Protestents..the Gospel service and the Koreans. As we were singing praise and worship I felt like God was telling me that this is how Heaven was going to look. All different colors of people standing together praying and singing because of our love for Him. Our Pastor, who is a tall chocolate man, gave the opening prayer...the Korean pastor gave an AWESOME message and then the Catholic Priest closed us out in prayer. Anthonie's girlfriend, our Sonja, is now coming to church with us every Sunday. After church was over she told me that she felt all happy inside and didn't know why. Isn't God good! It was just the best church!!!!!!!!!!! I had to share...we now resume the normal blogging. Happy Sunday everyone!!!

5 things I am grateful for

Here is the latest blog pick 5 things that you're grateful for...yes it has been a slow and uneventful week so I am raiding other blogs and coming up with things that others reading this will like and think I am amazing and innovative. :) Here are my five...

1. My mom...for those of you who know me there is no need to elaborate. Suffice it to say I have one in a million for a momma and no...I am not sharing!
2. Margaritas with Bec and Tresa and then thinking that we know how to do the electric slide.
3. Healthy kids
4. Black licorice (that I'm eating right now...OF COURSE THIS LINES UP WITH THE DIET PEOPLE!!)
5. T-Ping the exes house of a certain friend after said margaritas...hahahahahahahahahahahahah We are young! Heart ache to heart ache we stand! No promises no is a battle field!
6. this is an extra...friends who love me with all my quirks and've made me better then I was and (amy and tracey) and challenged me unapoligetically in my faith. I love you two!! it is your 5 things you are thankful least once a week. We need to be reminded of how good we have it.
peace out and word to your mother. hehehehehehehehehehehee Yep...I have teens.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Diet Update

So I know you are wondering how the diet is going...I think this says it all!
heehee So get on it ladies!!!! Start eating that chocolate!!! :)

Salute to our Mothers

So I wake up this morning, go to the computer and before I can get through to my blog my phone rings. It's my mom. She had read my singing the blues post yesterday and wanted to call her baby girl. Can I tell you all out there in blog land that there is nothing better than a mom??! She spent 30 minutes reassuring me that I am wonderful and she made me feel like I am the next best thing to sliced bread. As I was talking to her the Heaven's opened and I swear I started hearing music. The flowers started blooming and I think a sprite or two came to sing on my balcony. All is right in my world once again. If you have a special woman in your life send her an email. Whether she be a mom, aunt, grandmother, sister or special friend. Let her know how special she is to you. It takes a second to thank someone for all the good they've done in your life. I know that God broke the mold when He made my mom and I am very thankful that He chose her for me. She never lets me down and is always there for the good as well as for the bad. So this is my thank you to her. You're the best mom...I hope I always make you proud. You're someone I can look up to and someone I can always trust with my secret "stuff." I know this is a small word but it has a lot of feeling behind it....thanks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Singing the Blues

I got the blues today. My substitute teaching package is almost ready to be turned in. It was a bear to fill out! They check you out before letting you go near the kids, which I love, but boy is it hard to fill out. So anyway this means I am headed back into the world of a working mom. I'm not to sure how I feel about it. I think I'm nervous that this will just be one more thing on my plate. I mean much do the hubbies help anyway!? Will I go to work during the day and then get home to do all my other stuff??! And after 12 (yikes!) years of staying home with the kiddos what if I've forgotten how to do stuff?? I mean I know that being a sub you just usually go by what the teacher has written down but you still have to get up in front of a room full of kids and at least read off the stuff. GASP! What if I freeze up and forget how to read?? Can you see why I am nervous??! So that's why I have the blues. Oh, and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey have made up......there is nothing good to read about on EOnline now! Can you just hear the sad violin music playing in the background?? And...AND I have no ice cream!!!!! AUGH!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here is the view from our balcony. The sunset was just beautiful..oh let the record show that the Capt. wants credit for pointing out the sky. Aren't men funny!!

This is Apsan Mountain. We went for a hike there a couple of weeks ago. The first house is miles up the is where you get off after you take a ride on the cable car. It's really high. On the right is a small white house that you have to walk up a steep rocky hill to get to. From here you can see all of Taegu. It's gorgeous! I took these pictures from our balcony it's about 10 miles from our house. My camera is the bomb!! Just wanted to show you some scenes from Korea.

Naked Korean Man

Any one remember the Friends episodes where they would run to the window to see "Ugly Naked Guy?" Well...we have our very own naked guy living across the street!!! Every night he strips down to his underwear and parades around the living room watching TV or eating dinner with naked girl. I guess I should say semi naked cause they are in their underwear. heehee Now how do I know they are semi naked??? Well I have to tell you the first time I was just innocently looking out the window seeing what was going on out in the world and I saw him. I couldn't believe that he had all the windows wide open and was walking around in his drawers! Now every time he comes home we check to see how long it takes him to strip down. Usually within minutes. There is alot of excitement surrounding the Owens Family folks!!! We can't see him really good cause he is a couple of buildings down...we just know he goes to the under-oos. We can't see his face or hers but I gotta tell you I find it pretty funny! Maybe it's time for me to go to work!?? Updates on Naked Korean Man to follow regularly. :) This is his apartment. heehee Just call me Peeping Dawn. :)

Latest Quilt Project

I found a bunch of these blocks in an old container the other day when I was sorting through my quilt stash. I forgot I even made these. I think there were 12 in all. I chose 9 of the cutest ones and decided to make a wall hanging for my youngest...Sarah. She is very piz-as-y so I new she would love the bright colors. I think I may have gotten the pattern from a Simply Quilts show or a book I had. It's been 2 years since I've seen them and I can't remember.

I had a pile of blue fat quarters that were begging to be in a quilt so I decided to border all the blocks. I don't know if that happens to any one else out there but sometimes my stash just begs to be used next! :)

I love playing with the design!!! The house was quiet...all the kids were was just me and my blocks!! We never get to old to play with our blocks!!

I chose a really neat black print to seperate each block. Here is the finished product. I love how it turned out!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Got your attention huh!! heehee No we aren't evacuating...I just like to add a little zing to the blog. My neighbor..Jen and I went to learn all about the NEO packets today. See if we do evacuate it's not as simple as getting on a plane with a couple of suitcases and going home. NOOOOOOOOOO we have a boat load of paperwork to fill out first. And by saying boat load I mean boat load!!! I got home and looked over all the paperwork and then did the only thing I could do...I took a nap. Yep!! Took a good long one too! No one can ever say I don't know what to do when the river meets the road!! heehee Then after my nap I started in on the paper work. Two hours later I have a good size dent in it. The great thing I found out was that I get to choose where the kiddos and I end up in the states!!!! I was so happy about that!!!! Grandma Barb...get the mudslides stored up!!! If anything happens we go from here to a place I can't say on the blog and then they send us home. I will be headed to Illinois to be with my momma and daddy!!! That was the first paper I searched for and got finished. In a time of crises there is no one better to be with then Barb Wilson let me tell ya!! I just read online that lil' Kim may have apologized for setting off a bomb. I don't know if I'm quite ready to accept or not. He may have to send presents! Getting us all nervous like that! I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen but it's always nice to be prepared just in case. I guess the Army spouses meet with their NEO ad visors two times a year here in Korea just to make sure all the correct paperwork is in order. You'd think that the 4 Air Force wives who live here would be up to date as well but no, we were out of the loop. Well we're back in now baby!!!! So no worries. Just a little update on life in another country! I guess the paper work is the payoff for the fabric I've been getting. heehee bye!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another trip to the market

Went to another market today. I think I may have to enter a 12 step program.."hello I am Dawn and I am a market-a-holic" :)
Here is a small booth that had a bunch of thread cones. The thread was only a dollar!!! I felt a buying frenzy coming on but then I remembered that I cleaned out the thread bin that I had and I have a ton of cones from here. Plus the hubby called at that moment...I think he felt a disturbance in the force!

These are little men. I cannot think of anything they could be used for. Maybe just decorations. I wish you could see them better..the art detail was beautiful.

This is a booth I call little girl heaven. It is in an area full of these places. Booth after booth of hair bows. I had Sarah with me and when we turned the corner she got this crazed look in her eyes when she saw the bows. She even started trying to bargain. I was so proud!

MORE BOWS!!! The world can sleep safely knowing we will never ever run out!!!

We turned the corner and went down another alley and saw the purses. This is one booth. This is just the front of his area. He has all these purses out front and it makes like a giant wall. I didn't even attempt to go in. I think his booth threw up purses. My Sarah is in the bottom left with the pink backpack on.

And now to the food portion of our tour. WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THINGS???? I saw them and thought they looked like dried bats. Bat jerky!! yummy...heehee

Here are some mushrooms. I am sure they were all the legal kind. :) This guy had a ton of mushrooms. Some like I've never seen before. I wouldn't even know how to cook them. I think the man knew cause he looked up from his paper...saw me and looked right back down again. He was probably thinking "yeah, right"

Here is another yummy area. Dried fish. They still have their eyes and they were looking at me in fear as I passed by. Since the bug nothing is safe!!

These little babies are crabs!! Now this I could get into!!! They were alive and if you look at the left part of the box you can see them trying to escape...FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the food court area. There are benches set up around a cooking area. You pull up a seat at whatever booth you want and they make you a plate. There were big bowls of kimche (green and red) on the counter part so you could add it to your dish. My stomach didn't feel strong enough to try anything today.

The thousand Won store

Here is a peek at the toy section. Next you will see something that no respectable home should be without...........................

A PINK TOILET SEAT WARMER!!! I got such a kick out of this. The lady in charge was less then amused. I had to sneak a picture of it. I am going to get one so I can try it out and let you all know how it is...I am so there for you guys!!!

This is on the way home. It's just a shot of one of the stores on the street. Notice how nothing is in English!!? Sometimes when you go to different countries you can find alot of stuff in English...not here where we live. Even when we go down the expressway...everything is in Korean. Now we know how someone feels when they come to the states. It feels like a grand adventure every time we go out. When we went to Osan last week we were a little disappointed with all the things in English. We like feeling like explorers!! :) Anyway, I had a great time. I went to get batting for my brothers quilt that I'm working on. I found it with not a whole lot of trouble so I was happy. Next payday we're talking about taking the where? you ask?? Who knows!! Just there!

Hi Secretaries!!

This is just for the secretaries at my mom's school. HI!!! Have a wonderful day and I am so glad you're enjoying the blog!!! Onyohasayoh!!

Binging and Purging!

Last night I spent about two hours going through my fabric closet, bins and baskets. I got rid of a ton of stuff. Here is my closet all nice and makes me want to get in there and create something! What do you do with your fabric scraps?? I would love to know. I have a huge bag full and a bin that I'm not sure what I want to do with. Do I cut them all down to 2.5 inch strips?? Do I make a bunch of 4' squares?? What do I do????

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

5 weird and wacky things about me

I saw this on one of the blogs I read and thought it was funny. You pick 5 weird and wacky things about yourself that not a lot of people know and put them in your blog. The one I read was hilarious! Here are my 5

1. I love Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond! I know!! Just can't beat a good Copa Cabana!! I've seen the Jazz Singer 5 times!!

2. I can't function in a messy house. Even before I quilt my house has to be clean. Dirty floors drive me crazy!! I have to clean every Monday. I have good friends who don't even call on Mondays cause they know I am in the zone!!

3. I have a pretty large big toe. When I was pregnant I thought about buying it it's own shoe. Maybe something in stripes.

4. I eat my over-easy eggs on peanut butter toast. Of course when I do my family leaves and I end up eating alone. They just don't get it....but it's good!!!! :)

5. I live for dogs. You know the crazy old lady on the block (everyone has one) and she has the 90 cats?? That will be me! We only have one very spoiled pooch now but give me time!! hahahhahahahaha Dogs are the light of my life. I think God made them just for me. When we are out walking as a family they groan if they see a dog coming our way. They know that I MUST stop and talk to it. I've even gone up to a pit bull tied up at the post office waiting for it's owner to come out so I could scratch it's belly. They seem to know I adore them and usually get just as excited to see me. So if you are reading this and have a dog...lucky lucky you!!

Here is our Abbey. Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Now it's your turn...think about it today. What are 5 things that make you unique?? Have fun with it!!! Make yourself laugh!! God made us all different so we could have some spice in life. bye and have a great day!!!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Presents at English Class

Tonight was English class. We had a ball. Tonight the lesson was on "if you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?" We started off with the US and then moved out. One of the students said something that got me to thinking. Her name is Clara. (they each take an American name for the class. Kareem and I use Korean names.) She said she didn't want to visit the US. She explained to us that she has a friend who married an American and he took her back to the states. They live in Oklahoma in a predominately white neighborhood. Her friend is lonely cause she has been unable to make friends. They just won't accept her there. She also told us that she used to work in a government job and when she would talk to other workers about the US they did not have good things to say about us. Now here is what I'm thinking. When you are talking to someone or listening to someone who doesn't speak English or maybe even broken English...what do you think? Do you think "wow this person can speak more then one language..they are really smart" or do you think "wow this person can't speak English why don't they go back where they came from" When did we lose the curiosity for people who are different from us? Why do we think that different = bad? Living here we are having so much fun trying the food, learning the language, seeing a different culture. What would we have missed if our minds were closed. I know that Kareem and I sure wouldn't be married. We are as different as night and day. We are going through it now with Anthonie and his girlfriend. She is white/Korean. Her dad is, let's just say, less then thrilled with the relationship. Why? What if he picked out someone for her and she was miserable for the rest of her life? I watch how he treats her and I think "wow. this is my son". I have to tell ya it makes a mother proud to see her son treat another woman with respect. Now I know that not everyone out there has these issues and sees differences for what they are...a gift from God to make life interesting and colorful. But for those who struggle with intolerance....think about. Think about how you treat the neighbor next to you...the person in the grocery store...the friends you kids bring home...someone may be watching you and "seeing" more then you want. Let's all live by the words of Rodney King...................can't we all just get along??!! Thanks to Clara for helping us all to stop and think. :)

Now, back to good ole' blog silliness. We got some presents tonight!! Don't ya just love presents??!! The woman in charge of us all Ms. Pak (sp) was telling Kareem that she collects all of the quarters with the different states on the back. He loved it that she did this. So she brought him this box with his own set!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that??!!!! He was so touched that she did that for him. He also got to take home......

a pear. This tastes like a cross between a pear and a honeydew melon. It's crunchy and sweet. He loves them and we buy them all the time. When we arrive at class there is food set out by the students. They are so wonderful to us and always share. I told ya we were blessed!! heehee Then sometimes they give Kareem the leftovers and he goes to work with it the next day a happy man. I got a present too...................

a grater!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every time we go out to eat one of the side dishes is shredded cabbage with a kinda green sauce on it. We LOVE it and usually ask for seconds. We had been asking the class how we can shred it and make it as fine as when you go out. Ms. Pak bought this for me! She remembered!!! I love it and plan on making shredded cabbage tomorrow for dinner. Life is good!!! VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!!

Caught in a demonstration!!!

Today started out like any other day. I needed to figure out how to pay my phone bill so I hopped in the ole' hooptie and away we went. My phone bill is in Korean. The only thing I could read on it was that I needed to pay 187,000 Won ASAP. That's about $187. It ended up being pretty easy. I walked in and got helped right away. We didn't speak to each other much. I handed the lady my bill and she took my Won. I got change and left. Here is where it gets interesting. I needed to go down the street to the other base and get gas. As I was driving I hear a bunch of loud drums and music with a bunch of singing and yelling. I look to my left and see 4 big buses. I'm starting to think "uh-oh". Traffic comes to a stop right in front of a large building with about 200 people demonstrating against North Korea. At least that's who I think they were mad at. The thing is..when you find yourself in this kind of situation and you are in another country you are supposed to head far far away. I was boxed in and had no where to go. Everyone started looking at me and I thought it was over! No more blog!! No more family!!! No more funny and fabulous me!! No more mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! The crowd starts to spill out into the street. Then the cops show up and I am now thinking here we go.....Tienanmen (sp)
Square II. Can you feel the suspense building??? The cops are there just to keep order. Finally the cars start moving. I'm a little shaken cause of all the staring and the yelling. I get to a stop light right before you turn on base and again I look to the left...looking to the left is most interesting....and there are a bunch of young girls in the car. THEY ARE THRILLED THAT THERE IS AN AMERICAN IN THE NEXT CAR!! They roll down the window and lie...."hello, happy birthday and thank you." Just like that. Now what I think they meant was "you look pretty slammin in that bohemian shirt you have on!" heehee My day was better instantly. We yelled goodbye to each other and I went on my way. WHEW! I may stay home tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Where did my baby go??? I can't believe that she is 14 already. We have been blessed mightily with this one. She is a joy to be with, she's smart, funny and absolutely beautiful..inside and out. Just thought I'd put one on here for the grandparents. Anthonie and Sarah will follow.