Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been fighting a cold all week long. It has not been pretty. Lots of moaning and trying to get someone to feel my head so they could tell me I had a fever and feel really really bad for me....and maybe rub my back.....or plump my pillows....or rent a good movie for me to watch.
The other night my hubby woke me up to tell me I was snoring and could I roll over.
Then he did it again.
Annnnnnnnnd then he did it again and we got into a fight over who was snoring the loudest. For the record it was him. hmph.

So I took a little trip to the store yesterday. Got the stuff I needed to Netti Pot and some Breath Right Strips. Don't know what a Netti Pot is?? Oh, well let me explain. You fill this little plastic pot with some warm water and a packet of the saline solution stuff. Then you shove the nozzle in one nostril and tilt your head. The warm water goes through your sinuses and cleans you out. Then you repeat with the other nostril. Sounds fun right!!
As I was Netti Potting my hubby walked in to get ready for bed. He watched me for a moment. I talked to him as I was putting on my Breath Right Strips. Never having used them before I spent about 5 minutes just breathing heavily through my nose and telling my hubby again and again that I thought it was working. All the time I was getting myself ready to sleep he never said a word. Just looked at me.
How the man kept his hands off of me I will never know.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rollerskating Hell....

Friday night The Boo-Bear had a birthday party to go to. It was at a skating rink. She had no invitation just a word of mouth invite from a girl in her class. The same girl who told The Boo-Bear at the beginning of the school year that her father had broken out of jail and would be trying to abduct her on the playground sometime that week....oh, and he was a child molester hence the jail term. WHA??????? She also said she was pregnant one hmmm she is 11 why do you ask?? Annnnnnnd she is now living with her grandmother because the mother beats her. Ca-lassy. Such is the conversation around my dinner table on any given night. Wanna come on over? We are having pot roast.

So, would I be dropping her off and driving away safe in the knowledge that all would be well with my little darling. As Whitney Houston would say HELL TO THE NAW! The Boo-Bear got on the phone to make plans for a friend to spend the night after the skate party and all decided (no, I had not been told yet) that I would be the designated D. Long talk with mother of child who is spending the night at my house commences. It is decided that the birthday girl has some ummmmmm "issues" and it was agreed that I would make sure there would be grownups to watch all the kids then, and only then, could I go and eat sushi with the 16 year old. We had been planning this night for a week!!! Sushi!!!! At a really nice restaurant!!! And I didn't have to pay cause she was treating!!!! I. Was. Not. Going. To. Pass. This. Up!

I find the skating rink in the very scary back woods and decide to wait for the rest of the party so I can see what is what. Finally the girl and her mother arrive. I walk over to introduce myself. Went a little something like this....

Me:" Hello. I am Boo-Bear's mom."

Her: "Heya." Then she turns to her daughter to say bye.

Me: "Ummmm, excuse me, I was told that there would be grown up supervision. Aren't you staying?"

Her: "Heck Naw! I gots a fathur in thee hospital and gots to get ummmmm home."

Me: ???

This is where 8 girls turn to look at me wondering what the big deal is and my own daughter and her friend (whose own mother loves her dearly and wouldn't leave her at the skating rink alone . Of course I wouldn't leave my own little darling there alone either but ladies!! SUSI!!)

So I announce that we will have to leave and that I am very sorry but ummm hello?? SUSHI!!

Her: "Whaddya mean ya carn't stay??"

Then she proceeds to get a little irritated, although why she got irritated at my and not her daughter who called her stupid for not staying I will never know, so I walk away to figure out what I'm gonna do. As I turn around to ask her another question I notice she is driving away. Leaving all the kids in the parking lot. At night. In the middle of the woods. At night. IN THE FA-REAKING WOODS!!! GAH!
The girls get in line to pay to get in the rink. I get on the cell phone to call the mom of the girl who is spending the night at our house. I want someone to tell me that it is okay to leave our children alone at the Skating Rink In The Woods and that I can eat sushi with a clear conscience. The husband answers the phone and does not want to tell me anything since his wife is not home and he doesn't want to get in trouble. She is probably eating sushi.

Guess who stays at the skating rink for 3 hours watching some other kids guests at her birthday party? Guess who watched a teenager forget she was cooking all you can eat cardboard pizza nd started a fire in the snackbar?? Guess who did not get sushi that night but had to eat a stale pretzel while watching two teenagers try to pick up on some pretty young things sitting at the next table....ummmm hello pretty young things?? Bras are our friends. Stretching a lot sans bra and then getting mad when two young men stare at you and drool?? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also, flitting around while one of them took secret pics of you stretching without a bra didn't make a whole lot of sense either. Your mother can thank me though cause I went over and told him to stop it or I would rip his face off. :) Yes, I am fun at children's parties.

The highlight of the night is when my hubby walked in the door. I called him to tell him my tale of woe. He asked where the skating rink was and I told him somewhere in the woods cause I am really good at giving directions. Somehow he found me. He brought me two quilting magazines, a Janet Evonovich book and my hand sewing. Then he kissed me on the cheek, told me to stay strong and went back to work.

I'm glad I stayed. I'm really glad that my daughter asked to have a friend spend the night at our house instead of going to the birthday after party cause at midnight the mom thought it would be a great idea to let the girls run the neighborhood and ding dong ditch. Do you all know what that is?? It's where you ring the doorbell and run away so that when someone answers the door they will see no one there. Yep, midnight. A bunch of 11-12 year old girls running around the neighborhood unsupervised. Fun.

Oh, and PS...I got my sushi the next night and it was yummmy!!!!!

Hope everyone else had a much quieter Friday!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nails....girlfriends.....scary movies....

A lot can happen in a two hour period! This morning my 16 year old came in our room where I was sleeping soundly and whispered in my ear.. "moooooooommmm if you wake up and take me to the nail place so I can get my nails done I will buy you some Starbucks coffee." The only stipulation was that I look cute. No sweats. Sigh. It should be a crime to wear anything else but warm soft sweats on a cold snowy Saturday but who am I to turn down free coffee from Starbucks? Anyway, we pull up to the coffee place and as we are walking in the door we see our favorite barista is working. Squeeeeeeee!! He doesn't know he is our favorite cause we've never talked to him but he is!! We lurvs him!!! He is what we call a "Girlfriend". What is a girlfriend you ask?? That is a man who could totally be the Will to my inner Grace. The one I go shopping with so he can dress me in cute clothes and we can giggle over boys with. When we walked up to the counter he turns to lie!!...and says with a hand on his hip "Gurl, love the earrings!"

My daughter and I looked at each other and squeed. There was nothing else to do!!! Then in a one huge breath I told him that I just loved him and was so glad he was making my coffee and that the last time we were in he was in a cute hat. He said he hadn't had a chance to do his hair that day so he was covering up his unsightlies. Then the three of us giggled. He asked for our names and we introduced ourselves. No, I did not care that we were holding up the line!!! I HAD MY WILL!!! COULD THERE BE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THEN THAT????! He even......OMG wait for it.........he even added extra caramel to my macchiato!!!! SEEE!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! At the end of a lovely 5 minutes we three shook hands and promised to be BFFs forever. I plan on asking him to the mall next time I see him. Insert very content sigh right-chere.

The nail place is right next door so we walked over and I found a seat that I deemed worthy of a sit down and proceeded to enjoy my coffee and yes, sigh, an apple fritter. There was a tv in the corner and the Angelina Jolie move, the Changeling, was on. Anyone seen that?? Up-setting. For those of you who do not know me intimately I confess this to you. I have a problem with upsetting movies. I can't watch em. I just can't. Really, it makes me ill. Drives my hubby crazy when we are watching a movie with any black people in it and I start pacing all while making him promise me that nothing racist happens and while I pace I may chew my nails. Scary movies are out. Movies where something happens to kids - out. Saw a commercial once on Schindler's List and had nightmares and was sick over it for days. Int-netz, I am a big fat wuss. Now shoot em up action movies?? All over those like white on rice. Romances and comedies - heck yeah.

I sat there and watched that movie for over an hour. I pressed myself into the corner during some of the more graphic scenes and every once in awhile my daughter would look over at me and ask if I was okay. My children understand this about me and love me anyway. When they took Angelina in to get shock treatment it was more then I could stand and I announced to one and all that "Enough was enough! I would wait for my daughter in the car cause I could not watch another second of this." The nail place got quiet and 10 people turned as one to look at the Fa-Reak by the door partially hidden in the corner trying not to hear what was happening on the TV. They looked at my daughter. She looked back at them. If there is one thing we are it's protective of one another so I think she may have been daring someone, quietly in her mind, to say one word to her distraught/crazy/oversensitive mom and a can of whoop - a@# would be opened. Then I made a run for the car and told myself it would all be okay. That I could go home and tell my hubby that there was bad in the world cause THIS would be news to him.

My daughter comes out to the car and sat in her seat. Then she looked at me and asked if I was okay. She, by the way, thought the movie was really good and interesting. This is because she is mature. I put my car in drive and headed to the first place I could think of. A happy place. A safe place.

The local quilt shop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I walked in the door and went to the nearest bolt of fabric. I touched it. My spirit lifted her head and smiled. Then I noticed the shop was full of 80 year old gramma's. My spirit giggled. There is nothing in the world like an 80 year old gramma type person. They are hot chocolate on a cold day, warm chicken soup when you are sick, soft hands that rub your back when you are sad. 80 year old grammas are the love of my life. I perused while my daughter would rub my arm every once in awhile. Then I bought a few things and was whole once again. I came home, took two Motrin and slept for an hour. Exhausted by the day.

Tonight she is taking me out for sushi cause last night I was in roller skating hell. I shall tell you all about that tomorrow.

Warm hugs to everyone out there!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Last night......

Last night I slept on the couch to protect my family from the Serial Killer Person who tried to get in our house the other night. Where was the hubby you ask?? He was all comfy cozy upstairs in our bed sleeping peacefully in the knowledge his wife had everything under control. heh.

The Boo-Bear and I are having our day together. Our day alone. I told her last week she could stay home from school today so we could hang out. Just the two of us. We are going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast...then hitting a book store (insert very happy music).....then we are going to the movies for a chick flick. She asked if we could have a sleep over in the living room last night and as I was feeling all "Rambo Protecting Her Family" I looked like a great mom when I told her sure! :) She is up right now making her dad some breakfast. He has PT (physical training....that is when everyone he works with gets together early in the morning to get all fit to fight for the Air Force, God and country) every other day and today came home hungry. He sidled up to her and asked her to make him something to eat while he was getting his uniform on. She is making him eggs, bacon and toast. Yep, she is a keeper.

Speaking of my hubby in a uniform......I just noticed this morning that he looks like the black G.I. Joe. :) Yummy!!

Okay, I'm off to get myself ready for My Day With The Boo-Bear.

Happy Friday everyone!!

To Whom It May Concern.....

Dear Slasher/Rapist/Serial Killer Type Person Who Opened Our Screen Door This Morning,

Ahem. Listen very carefully. I do not have any money. What I do have is a special set of skills that makes someone like me a nightmare for someone like you.
See, you walked past our house early early this morning and thought to yourself..."Hmmmm this is where that nice housewife/quilter lives. I think I should see if she left her door open so I can go in her house and rob her." Bad idea. You think I'm nice. You are so very mistaken. You know what you would have gotten if you would've come in the house of this housewife/quilter? Close your eyes and imagine 100 quilters standing outside of a wonderful little store called Hancock's of Paducah. Can you see them?? How cute are they with their matching bags, quilted vests and comfy tennis shoes on. Now imagine that the store owner opens the door and makes an announcement. He tells these mild manner ladies that Hancock's of Paducah is having a sale. That every single bolt of fabric is, for one day only, 75% off. Oh, and with every $50 you spend you can pick out a pattern for free. Got that picture. Then imagine he tells them they may now begin shopping and also see with your tiny little eye what happens to him when he stands in their way.
Yep, they stomp all over him. This, my robber friend, is what will happen to you if come back here.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Morning everyone! Thank you for all your kind comments on my anniversary post. :) We went to the opera for the first time and loved it! It was a lot of fun. The ladies were dressed to the nines and my first thought was that PETA would have a ball at the Opera with all the furs being worn. hahaha
Today it is back to reality. I've got two mountains of laundry begging to be washed so that's first on the agenda. Other then that I've just got some housework. I know, bor-ring!!
Oh, almost forgot, this morning at around 4am someone opened the screen door to our house. I was on the couch cause the hubby is sick with a Man-Cold and snoring so hard the walls were shaking. I came down with my pillow and a blanket around midnight. I woke up at 3 and watched some TV. At around 4 I turned the TV off and told myself to get another hour of sleep before the kids started to wake up. Just then my dog started to growl. I heard the screen door open. My dog jumped up and ran to the door doing some mad barking. I sat up and heard the screen door shut. The dog growled a little more then laid down. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm As soon as it was light out I checked to see if maybe the housing office left a message on the door. They sometimes do that. Nope. Nada. I wonder what that was all about. I know I'll be keeping our doors locked tight even during the day for the next couple of days!

Stay safe out there!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

20 years....the post I put all my biz-niss out there.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Guess what else today is??? It is my 20th wedding anniversary.

20 years.


This one has me looking back like none of the others have. I've been looking at my hubby all week long telling him that 20 years is a long time. A really really long time. Cause people it really is!!! I'm sitting here this morning having coffee and remembering the day we got married. When I was younger and still played with dolls or barbies they were always mommies. Always married mommies. My barbies had the best weddings. I used to daydream about how my wedding would be. The reality of that day was somewhat different from all of my fantasies.
I met my husband when I was in 10th grade...he was in 9th. He was very cool and just a little dangerous. He always smelled wonderful. When he would walk down the hallways with one hand in his pocket and a hat on his head my heart would pitter patter. I loved him right away. There was no question for me that he was the one. He had a couple of questions but I knew if I held on tight he would eventually see the light. It was never an easy dating relationship. I don't think, back then, that an interracial romance ever was and ours was no exception. Let me just say that it was hmmmmmmmm it was hard. But I loved him.
When I was almost finished with my Senior year of High School my dad got orders for us to move to Sicily. It was devastating. The hubby still had a year to go. There was nothing for me to do but move. I still remember how my stomach felt the night we looked at each other and said goodbye. I didn't cry. I didn't even talk much for about three days after that. I was so lost and so very sad.
We kept in touch while I was in Sicily and it was easy because I got a job as an operator and the people I worked with would let me call him once a week. We would talk for about a half an hour. I wrote to him every day. He had more trouble putting words onto paper. We planned to get back together after his graduation. I saved every penny I made. Then in November of 87' I got cold feet. I decided to stay in Sicily. I called him and let him know that maybe I was putting more into this thing then he was and wasn't sure I wanted the rest of my life to be that way. We didn't talk for quite a while after that. Then he called me. It had been a couple of months.

Feelings are such a powerful thing but never more so then with your very first love. We talked. We talked some more. Then we made plans to see each other again. By this time I was knee deep into the process of joining the military. I was just waiting for them to call me and let me know what day I would leave. It was decided that it would be easier for me to get into the military if I was back in the States so I went to stay with my grandparents in Illinois. I contacted a recruiter the day after I got back. He started the paper process. In the meantime my hubby and I talked some more on the phone. I got a job working at a Baskin Robbins three miles from my grandparents house and would ride my bike there and back every day. I saved every paycheck. I didn't want to be 40 years old and wonder what if he was the great love of my life and I let it all go so we made plans to be together after he graduated. Can you imagine the conversation I had with my parents...then my grandparents.
But I was nothing if not determined so on a plane I put myself. I said goodbye to him June 6th 1987 and we said hello again on June 6th 1988. A year to the day. His mom picked me up from the airport and drove me to their house as he had exams that day. When I walked in he came around the corner. Then we just held each other. Breathing each other in. I still remember what he smelled like. It was familiar and right.
My plans for joining the Air Force were let go and his plans to join the Air Force were now on the front burner. He got with a recruiter (by this time it is the end of Jan) and a week after his meeting we get a call that he is to be on a plane March 3rd. He is going to basic training. My parents were still in Sicily so a big wedding was out. I had two weeks. Sigh. Oh, did I mention we had just a little under $100 dollars to our name?? Vegas here we come.
Our wedding day started off with a long list of things I wanted to do to get myself all ready for the big day. I had a borrowed dress from my best friend. The hubby rented a car as we had none. The guy at the rental company gave us a huge deal as a wedding present. My soon to be mother in law showed up at our tiny one bedroom apt bright and early. The hubby's two young brothers in tow. She sat at my dining room table and cried the whole day. Fun. After 5 hours of this I sat in the bathtub and cried myself. I wondered if should just chuck the whole thing and go back home. This was nothing like I had planned. The hubby talked me off of the ledge and we drove the 5 hours to Vegas. We got there at 11:30 and found out that we didn't even have the money to get married in a chapel of love. We parked the car, ran to the courthouse, paid $25 for a license and then were told we had 10 minutes to run two block to the Justice of the Peace before they close........and the JP would stay closed all of the next day as it was Valentines day. Who knew?? The JP closes on Valentines day IN VEGAS.

We looked at each other and ran. I am sure the guy at the license desk gave us three months tops to stay married as were both 19 but looked 12. Why do I think this?? Must be the smirk he gave us as he filled out our paperwork.
We get to the JPs office. He was lovely. He was about 100 and had a leeeeetle problem called crabbiness. I think after all of the ceremonies he had performed he had gotten a little cynical and marrying two 19 year olds who looked 12 was low on his list of things he found enjoyable. My hubby had to talk him into marrying us as it was now 11:59. There was one couple ahead of us so he led us to the waiting area.
When it was our turn he called us into his office and we gave him the ring. He wanted the hubby's wedding ring but as we had no money we were only able to get one...and that was for me. He began to get a little more crabby. He yelled out the door for our witness to come in and witness us. Our witness was 800 years old and hobbled in on a cane....took a look at us.....said okay....hobbled back out. 5 minutes later we were married. February 14th. Valentines day. We walked down the street and found out that Vegas is THE PLACE to go if you have $10 in your pocket and are hungry. I still remember what I had to eat. Chicken with green beans and a very large glass of milk. :)

Total cost of our wedding was $89.

I look back on twenty years with this man. I will be 40 in a couple of weeks. There aren't enough words to say that yes, I made the right choice. He was and is the greatest love of my life. I am more glad then I can tell you that I'm able to look back and know this. He knows this as well and will remember so when I tell him. :)

To my love: Thank you for these wonderful years. I'm looking forward to the next 20.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A robbery....

Tonight The Son came home from work and sat down all calm like to tell me about his day. We talked for a couple of minutes while he shared some funny stories and then asked me if I'd heard sirens a half an hour before he came home. As the wind here is up to 50mph I didn't hear a thing. Seems there is a bank right next door to his work place and tonight....IT WAS FLIPPIN ROBBED!!!! The cops get there right as my baby is leaving to come home!!! The robber jumped the back fence. Where is this fence in relation to our home???? ABOUT 2 BLOCKS AWAY BUT THE FENCE SEPARATES THE BANK AND OUR HOUSING DEVELOPMENT!!! And who has to go out in the 50mph winds to get The Boo-Bear from a friends house?? And who just knew that the robber was waiting for her around every corner so she could be his hostage??? That would be me. I am very thankful that no one was hurt especially my kiddo.

Never ever dull round here folks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Years Resolutions....

You know, I had one New Years Resolution this year. No, it wasn't to lose some pounds. I use to make that one every year and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm welllllllllllllllllllllllllll

CAN I HELP IT IF ICE CREAM SPEAKS TO ME???? AND PEANUT M&Ms?!?!?!?!!! They haunt me in the middle of the night. I finally had to face facts. I, my friends, am a lot of woman. There. I said it. Hmph. I told the hubby he is a lucky lucky man cause I give him something to hold onto. What could he say?? :) So now I feel like I want to do the treadmill every day so I can be healthy not dread it cause I feel like I HAVE to get on there.

Anyway, my one....count em...ONE resolution was to keep tracks of how many books I read in 09. I read a lot. I mean a lot. It is my passion. I loves me some books. I've always wondered how many I can read in a year. This was going to be my year to be astounded at my reading prowess. I tell the kids all the time I am a reading savant and should be marvelled at. So far no one is marvelling but I know my time is coming. In fact I should tell them that the time is nigh....hold on and I'll report what they say....

My 16 year old rolled her eyes. I am hoping that one day she will roll them right out of her head.
That will teach her she should marvel me when I need to be marvelled. The hubby? He agreed that the time was nigh and marvelled a little.

The whole point of this post is to ask you all this one leeeetle question....who do you think forgot all about her resolution by January 2nd?? Who do you think remembered while she was in the library looking at books today?? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that would be me.

Is anyone marveling at me now??

Not an animal person....

The love of my life has told me for years that he is not an animal person.

Then this little lady joined our family 7 years ago.

Most evenings this is her spot. She will lay down right at his feet, look right up at him with her baby browns and sigh.

What's a man to do when faced with that look of adoration.

Yep, gets him every time.

If you've ever been blessed to have a dog....or a cat...who loves you unconditionally, then you are very blessed indeed. :)

A quilty post!!!

For those of you wondering what I am doing with myself amidst the flood in my backyard....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll let me tell you!! :) I went to Waynesville the other day and found a quilt store. Oh. My. Gosh. I was in there with my people!! My peeps!!! A bunch of sweet little ladies were in there buying fabric and we bonded while in line. Look at the jelly roll and charm squares that called out to me. They really did you know. I couldn't leave them behind. Moda is so yummy!! This will be made into a quilt for Boo-Bears favorite teacher. An end of the year thank you gift.

Some other things that I've been working on are stitcheries from the fab-u-lus Australia! Chookyblue heard my cry for some stitcheries and promptly sent me some patterns. This was my very first one. It's a pincushion. Please do not laugh at my puffy birds. hahahahahahaha

Made this wall hanging as is one of the squares...

I decided to add prairie points all around it. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

This is my latest quilt. Jen over at Reannalilly designs is the artist behind this quilt. Go check out some of her patterns. She is constantly amazing me with some of the things she creates.

I love it! It went together really fast after I unpicked all the large triangles and put them in the right spots.

My hunka-hunka burning love is holding it up for me. :)

My flood is all taken care of and fixed as of tonight. I couldn't take any pictures because every time I opened the door the foreman and all the workers would stop and run over to me to assure me that all the mud and cement would be fixed and for me not to worry. I think they were expecting me to freak out at the mess....cause it was a doozy let me tell ya. I just did what I do best in these situations....I shut the curtains and went to the library. Ahhhhhhhhhh the library. As soon as I walked in I had my inner peace back. All was well. There is nothing a good library cannot fix. :)

Sidenote: I am thinking of my Australian friends tonight. My family will be praying for you and yours. Stay safe.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Flood update....

The maintenance man came out about 30 minutes after the discovery of our broken water main under our back patio. He took a look around and told us "You shore do have a lot of water."
Ahhhhhhh yes, nothing escapes. He was actually pretty excited about the whole thing and I gotta say it was funny to me to watch him and my hubby stand there and look at the water gurgling up from the center of the earth. Both quiet. Standing there. As men are wont to do. Then he makes a call to the head honcho and it is decided that they will leave it alone until Monday morning. We still have a little water pressure in the house and it's not coming in so everyone should go back to enjoying their weekend.

Do you all have any idea at the amount of water that is being wasted and how much trouble I am having with this whole idea??? The hubby and I asked him if that was really the best thing we could do and he again, looked at the water and said that yeah, this was gonna be a big job. They would tackle it Monday. So today I am doing my Monday cleaning because I know that tomorrow they will be here bright and early, turn everything off, and begin to dig. I'm thinking the privacy fence will have to come down as our back yard consists of a small area of grass and the rest is the cement patio area. I am hoping that I don't have to be home for any of it and can go hang out at Barnes and Noble. :) Wish me luck!!!

P.S. I am thinking of all of my friends In Australia today. May you all be safe and sound!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Woke up this morning, stretched, pet the dog and took her out so she could potty. Looked around and thought to myself "Self, there is sure a lot of water out here." Came back in the house to make some coffee and casually looked out the back window to take a peek and

then sit back down to breath. I called out to the hubby so he could partake of the morning crazy. He, being a man, sauntered over to the door and said "hmmmmm we should call maintenance. No wonder there is no water pressure this morning." He says this all while I am going from one foot to another and biting my nails because Hello!!! Water!!! Everywhere!!! What do we do???? Where will we go???? Who will take care of my fabric when we drown?!?!?!!!
He then sauntered back in the kitchen to make himself some breakfast secure in the knowledge that I am on top of it.

I may punch him in the nose.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot.....

I was over at one of my favoritest bloggers yesterday, Ms. Quilting Daze herself, where I read something that struck me. She was wondering out loud if any of us quilters had ever visited a blog and left comments but never heard anything back. Not even a "Hi! Thanks for visiting!"

I, of course, left a comment right then and there that I myself had a blog I have visited for some time and left numerous comments never hearing Boo back. (I still go to this blog every day to see what she has going on cause her hubby is a Richy Rich Doctor Person and she does the most exciting things plus her sewing room is my happy place) Then I went Hmph! and patted myself on the back because I totally got what she was saying.
This is where I opened my mouth and inserted my foot.

Ms. Quilting Daze read my comment and thought about how to respond to me. Then she sent me a very kind email........ gently (cause she is a sweetie like that) reminding me that she has left a few comments my way and never heard Boo from me either. Within minutes I shot her an email proclaiming my undying love and affection and begging for forgiveness. If someone can take a few minutes out of their busy day to leave a comment the least I could have done was send a little "thank you!!" back.

It was a very good reminder to me that sometimes while blogging you can pick up a friend or two. If only you take the time.

Hugs to you Darlene!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

On quilting......

Guess who sewed 120 triangles the wrong way????? Hmmmmmmm?? Got any guesses?? Guess who spent two days ripping and then re-ironing and will now need to spend another day pinning???

Yep, that would be me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The shout heard round the world....

That noise you heard this morning????? You know the one.....that shout of glee you all heard......thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat would've been me!!! I'M BACK BAB-EE!! Yes, I have the laptop right here on my lap. It is all safe and sound and snuggly and wooogie boogie how cute are you little laptopy. Sick, I know but my world is whole once again. My brother aka Computer Savant was unable to fix my computer by our emailing each other back and forth. He needed it sent him so he could open its internal workings. As my whole routine was off I was going to do something that made my hubby hear nails on a chalkboard. I was gonna take it to the computer repair shop and pay whatever needed paying as long as I had it back in my hot little hands in under 24 hours. He balked at such a suggestion....I one can beseech like me. I am a world champion beseecher. He talked to a computer guy at work and handed it over to him for a little laptop surgery. I got the phone call yesterday that all was well and I would have it by dinner time. I made a lovely dinner to celebrate. :) I am having my second cup of coffee this morning while perusing the net happily.
All is well int-netz. All is well.

In other news the hubby and I saw Taken this weekend at the movies. It rocked! If you like an action movie with a heart then run to see this. Liam Neason outdid himself. There were two parts that I liked a lot. No spoilers here...don't worry. When he told the abductors he would find them and kill them if they didn't let his daughters go I leaned over the hubby and whispered "Oh yeah baby, Liam is pissed and people are gonna pay" then I giggled gleefully. Part two is when he is giving one of the abductors a little shock therapy to make him talk. I lean over to the hubby again and say "This is just such a good movie!!" He leaned back over and said "You know, I worry about you." Good times.

Okay, gotta go and peruse the net for 10 minutes more before I hit the treadmill to get my two miles in. Big hugs to everyone out there!!!