Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nails....girlfriends.....scary movies....

A lot can happen in a two hour period! This morning my 16 year old came in our room where I was sleeping soundly and whispered in my ear.. "moooooooommmm if you wake up and take me to the nail place so I can get my nails done I will buy you some Starbucks coffee." The only stipulation was that I look cute. No sweats. Sigh. It should be a crime to wear anything else but warm soft sweats on a cold snowy Saturday but who am I to turn down free coffee from Starbucks? Anyway, we pull up to the coffee place and as we are walking in the door we see our favorite barista is working. Squeeeeeeee!! He doesn't know he is our favorite cause we've never talked to him but he is!! We lurvs him!!! He is what we call a "Girlfriend". What is a girlfriend you ask?? That is a man who could totally be the Will to my inner Grace. The one I go shopping with so he can dress me in cute clothes and we can giggle over boys with. When we walked up to the counter he turns to lie!!...and says with a hand on his hip "Gurl, love the earrings!"

My daughter and I looked at each other and squeed. There was nothing else to do!!! Then in a one huge breath I told him that I just loved him and was so glad he was making my coffee and that the last time we were in he was in a cute hat. He said he hadn't had a chance to do his hair that day so he was covering up his unsightlies. Then the three of us giggled. He asked for our names and we introduced ourselves. No, I did not care that we were holding up the line!!! I HAD MY WILL!!! COULD THERE BE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THEN THAT????! He even......OMG wait for it.........he even added extra caramel to my macchiato!!!! SEEE!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! At the end of a lovely 5 minutes we three shook hands and promised to be BFFs forever. I plan on asking him to the mall next time I see him. Insert very content sigh right-chere.

The nail place is right next door so we walked over and I found a seat that I deemed worthy of a sit down and proceeded to enjoy my coffee and yes, sigh, an apple fritter. There was a tv in the corner and the Angelina Jolie move, the Changeling, was on. Anyone seen that?? Up-setting. For those of you who do not know me intimately I confess this to you. I have a problem with upsetting movies. I can't watch em. I just can't. Really, it makes me ill. Drives my hubby crazy when we are watching a movie with any black people in it and I start pacing all while making him promise me that nothing racist happens and while I pace I may chew my nails. Scary movies are out. Movies where something happens to kids - out. Saw a commercial once on Schindler's List and had nightmares and was sick over it for days. Int-netz, I am a big fat wuss. Now shoot em up action movies?? All over those like white on rice. Romances and comedies - heck yeah.

I sat there and watched that movie for over an hour. I pressed myself into the corner during some of the more graphic scenes and every once in awhile my daughter would look over at me and ask if I was okay. My children understand this about me and love me anyway. When they took Angelina in to get shock treatment it was more then I could stand and I announced to one and all that "Enough was enough! I would wait for my daughter in the car cause I could not watch another second of this." The nail place got quiet and 10 people turned as one to look at the Fa-Reak by the door partially hidden in the corner trying not to hear what was happening on the TV. They looked at my daughter. She looked back at them. If there is one thing we are it's protective of one another so I think she may have been daring someone, quietly in her mind, to say one word to her distraught/crazy/oversensitive mom and a can of whoop - a@# would be opened. Then I made a run for the car and told myself it would all be okay. That I could go home and tell my hubby that there was bad in the world cause THIS would be news to him.

My daughter comes out to the car and sat in her seat. Then she looked at me and asked if I was okay. She, by the way, thought the movie was really good and interesting. This is because she is mature. I put my car in drive and headed to the first place I could think of. A happy place. A safe place.

The local quilt shop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I walked in the door and went to the nearest bolt of fabric. I touched it. My spirit lifted her head and smiled. Then I noticed the shop was full of 80 year old gramma's. My spirit giggled. There is nothing in the world like an 80 year old gramma type person. They are hot chocolate on a cold day, warm chicken soup when you are sick, soft hands that rub your back when you are sad. 80 year old grammas are the love of my life. I perused while my daughter would rub my arm every once in awhile. Then I bought a few things and was whole once again. I came home, took two Motrin and slept for an hour. Exhausted by the day.

Tonight she is taking me out for sushi cause last night I was in roller skating hell. I shall tell you all about that tomorrow.

Warm hugs to everyone out there!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Were the rest of the people in the nail place into the movie? I'm surprised they couldn't change it for you. YOU are their most important customer!!!

Jeri is said...

Gosh, you crack me up! I'm so glad you found your Will, your BFF, your own barista! Now, if he quilts, you've got it all in one package!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet and funny! I haven't seen the movie, I don't endorse her or her babies's daddy, but I heard the movie was really good. I love me some Starbucks!

mascanlon said...

Oh my we really were separated at birth. (ok about 20yrs I hate upsetting movies, won't watch them and I think thats why I get a lot of reading done cause my husband just DOESN"T GET THAT about me and watches all sorts of scary stuff on the TV. On a side note, Slumdog was fabulous but the first 25 minutes are intense and I almost left even if it did cost a fortune to get into the theatre. After that the story just takes over.

Leigh said...

What a daughter! She is awesome. I am happy that you have a BFF at Starbucks! He will remember now forever and ever!