Friday, February 20, 2009

Last night......

Last night I slept on the couch to protect my family from the Serial Killer Person who tried to get in our house the other night. Where was the hubby you ask?? He was all comfy cozy upstairs in our bed sleeping peacefully in the knowledge his wife had everything under control. heh.

The Boo-Bear and I are having our day together. Our day alone. I told her last week she could stay home from school today so we could hang out. Just the two of us. We are going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast...then hitting a book store (insert very happy music).....then we are going to the movies for a chick flick. She asked if we could have a sleep over in the living room last night and as I was feeling all "Rambo Protecting Her Family" I looked like a great mom when I told her sure! :) She is up right now making her dad some breakfast. He has PT (physical training....that is when everyone he works with gets together early in the morning to get all fit to fight for the Air Force, God and country) every other day and today came home hungry. He sidled up to her and asked her to make him something to eat while he was getting his uniform on. She is making him eggs, bacon and toast. Yep, she is a keeper.

Speaking of my hubby in a uniform......I just noticed this morning that he looks like the black G.I. Joe. :) Yummy!!

Okay, I'm off to get myself ready for My Day With The Boo-Bear.

Happy Friday everyone!!


Lauren The Artist said...

You are too much! Black GIJoe. hee hee. excellent. I wonder when my kids will start cooking (safely!)??

Anonymous said...

HEY DAWN..I realize this has nothing to do with your post..but I wanted to thank you for letting us stay with you guys the other night. it was great to see you and kareem and the kids too. we had fun, although our visit was too short, we enjoyed it. we love you guys.

love, polly

Anonymous said...

oh..i forgot..thank you for the beautiful quilt. your brother, aka LINUS, has been curling up with it every day since we got back. I was trying to preserve it as a decorative object on the quilt rack but he isn't giving it up. i have the same problem with the twins..they quite frequently drag theirs around too..jonathan considered taking his to show and tell the other day but opted for his stuffed kitty cat with one eye instead. i have been considering matthew's reluctance to send a double point your way..and i think it is because he is the only wilson man now without a Dawn blankie.

LOVE, polly