Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My R.N. Adventures

Today I got to sub for the school RN. What a great time I had!!!! The nurse came in briefly to give me the rundown on all the kids that come in daily for their meds. No problem. Then we got to the Epi-pens. PROBLEM!!! She tells me she doesn't think I will have any problems but just in case I do I MUST JAB THEM IN THE FAT OF THE LEG LIKE ALL HOLY HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE!!! Then I would run screaming down the hallway. :)
The day started off slow. The word got around that a new sub was in town. Many boo-boos started apearing. Many band-aids and ice cubes for them to put on bruises that were so microscopic I had to squint to see them and still for half I just gave up and pretended they had a bruise. I had two come in with tears. They got a dose of hugs and an ice cube. Then it happened...the moment I waited for all morning long. I had an E-MER-GEN-CY! Yep a real live emergency!!! I had a kid with a major nose-bleed! I tell ya Florence Nightingale ain't got nothing on me!!!! I swooped down on the poor unsuspecting patient. I grabbed him up...I think my eyes were twinkling and I may have giggled...I put on rubber gloves and cleaned him up. The playground monitor was stunned. She'd never seen anything like it. I was superwoman in cute capris and lovely sandals. Then I called his grandmother to come and get him. I made him lay down on my couch...cause by now I was a real live RN and the couch was MINE!!!!!! As he left it happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a torn up knee from one of our pre-schoolers. It was fabulous. I again swooped in and grabbed rubber gloves. I made her teacher give me room, for you see the patient needed air and I needed room in case I had to suture something. Sadly no sutures were needed but I did get to bandage her all up. I am sure that at bath time tonight her mother will look at this mass bandage and wonder what in God's name the nurse was thinking about! I may have used a whole roll of tape and about a box of bandages.
All in all I think I did a fine job and I am awaiting word from the Mayo clinic. I am sure that since I did such a wonderful job I will be asked to bypass school and become a Doctor.
So folks from this day forth.....The Doctor Is In.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

deleted post update...

I just re-read the Teletubbies post I did. Sheesh...what was I thinking?? I was trying to be witty but I know, I know...dumb!!! So for all your sakes out there I deleted it. Now the 4 readers I have can breath a sigh of relief. :) I promise to get my mojo back tomorrow. There is a trip to Osan this week that looks promising. Much intrigue and laughter and eating...ummmm Tracey I promise to only eat BEFORE!! I measure. :) That way if I do consume mass amounts of chips and dip and a margarita or two at Chilis it won't count. Sides everyone knows you get a free day on Thursday!! heeheehee just kidding! See...I've got my mojo back!
night everyone!
kisses to my Capt if he is reading this, believe me honey you are very fortunate you missed my last post. Sigh, see what happens when you leave me!

my's little rainbows.

I just don't know what woman do with themselves who don't like their kids or who consider them a burden to be dealt with for 18 years. I was thinking about that today. Want me to share my thoughts with ya??? Okay! Here we go.

Today was an "I'm missing my hubby/good Lord this is the most boring day ever!" kind of day. I walked around the house a couple of times. Didn't really feel like talking to anyone on the phone. Tried to stay away from the "Fridge of Death". Just one of those blah days. Then it happened. My kiddos came home. I heard them waaaaay before they got to the door. They never come home alone so there were a lot of them. You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the water in the glass ripples?? Yeah, that would be Chez' Owens. I could hear them laughing and talking loudly and for some reason my cloudy fog lifted. I felt lighthearted. Then they came in. Calling for me. They had so much to talk about. They wanted Popsicles and some wanted cereal. They told me who got in trouble, who likes who now, what happened in the lunch room. The Son came home full of hugs and I'm sorry's. He kept grabbing me and trying to kiss me on the cheek. I was stern though. No, I'm lying. I giggled and fell for him hook line and sinker. SHEESH!! What's a mom to do when your only son comes home smelling like a spring day and barreling through the door yelling, "Where's my momma at?? Come on over here and give me a kiss!!" Goodness I love that boy with every fiber of my being!

They all just left. Suddenly my heart is lighter. The day is full of sunshine and I am counting myself one of the luckiest woman around. The Capt is far far away. He'll be gone for the whole summer and it feels like my heart is a little less full, but my kiddos are sure trying to fill his void and I must say...they are doing an admirable job!

So if you're one of those momma's who wakes up thinking "Oh my gosh! Another day with those kids!!" Re-evaluate. Look at them again. You may just be surprised with how wonderful it all can be.

As for me, I'm off to look at some rainbows.

p.s. Yes I'm paying for the prom ticket. Yes I caved. Yes I am a marshmallow and yes I will be moving in with him when I turn 80! heeheehee

The Son.........AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took The Son to get fitted for his Prom Suit on Weds. Is he cute or what??!!!!
I soooo wish the story ended there!!!..............................

When he told me he wanted to go to prom we sat down and figured out what he would pay for and what we would pay for. He has a job, he bags groceries at our grocery store and makes great tips. He has to sign up on Monday to get a slot on Sat or Sun. There are only 4 slots for the American kids every weekend.

We decided (him and I) that I would pay to have a suit CUSTOM MADE and a tie and cufflinks and a shirt AND new shoes AND the corsage AND flowers for his dates mother cause we roll that way here at Chez' Owens. He had to cough up the money for his ticket and his SAT test he is taking this weekend.

Last night (the prom is in 5 days) he tells me he needs the money for his ticket. uh-huh. HE NEEDS THE MONEY FOR HIS PROM TICKET OH...OH....AND HE NEEDS THE MONEY FOR HIS SAT TEST..............I will kill him now.

He looked at me with his little puppy dog eyes and then smiled. It took everything I had to stay mad at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is like his father that way. They both know how to push my buttons but one cute little smile and a twinkle in their brown eyes, well let's just say I have a soft spot for a grin and a twinkle.

I must now go and sell one of my kidneys on E-Bay to help pay for all of this. Could you go and look me up under the seller name of "motherofateenwhoisanidiotandwillpaymebacktothetuneof7grandchildren"
and bid on my kidney...or my lung...or let's just be honest...I will have to sell it all just to pay for this!!!

But he is pretty darn cute!!! heehee

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Being "Peeping Dawn"

I decided that today would be the day I get a picture of Naked Korean Man. This is it. No fooling! He was going down! I was sitting outside for about 20 minutes on the balcony when this guy comes out to visit......

Meet Buster.

He is not amused that I am taking pictures of him and daring to use the flash.

Here is a picture of Naked Korean Man's dog.............

Now I've been sitting outside for awhile and I'm starting to get bored. I decided to look around and see what I could see. First up...this thing. It's a ....ummmmm. big blue thing. Over to the left I see this.....

A big yellow thing. Why do you suppose he got a yellow one?? Who do you think he knows downtown??

Here is this guy watering his rooftop garden.....hey, he got a yellow one.

Then I looked down and saw this guy walking his dog...

I looked in the sky and saw some neat balloons...

And this guy hanging out his shorts...must've done something to get him in trouble with the wife and he is trying to make it up to her by doing laundry. :)

A pigeon came to visit me and made Buster crazy.....

Boo-Bear is up from her nap. She had a sleep-over/party that she went to last night and got home around 4pm. She slept for a couple of hours and then came outside to lay on the couch which made her cat extremely happy!

By now I'm thinking that Naked Korean Man is going to be a no-show so I started taking pictures of my feet....heehee Sausages...indeed!

Happy peeping everyone!!!

The SEVENTH time is the charm?????

Okay, it is official. My 7th time trying weight watchers has been declared a bust. My gosh. How hard can it be for a grown #$# woman to lose 2 pounds a week???! In my case it is turning out to be pretty hard. In my defense the world is conspiring against me. Let me explain...

1. There is a Duncan Donuts down the street. Before I got a hold of myself and said that 2007 is my year to be getting all healthy and stuff I was friends with the ladies who work the counter. Since I live in Korea they speak no English and I speak no Korean but I counted them as two of my favorite people. Annnnnd I just know they love me to pieces cause fwee who wouldn't?? How can I break up with them. What will happen to the whole Duncan Donuts organization??! It must be done. I must be firm!!

2. There is a lot of great stuff out there! I mean come on people!!! Ice Cream!!! Cho-co-late!! CAPTAIN CRUNCH WITH CRUNCHBERRIES!!!

3. I think my inner woman is taking over like that chick with the dual personalities on Hero's. She has these talks with me. Tells me I give my hubby something to hold onto at night and how I can keep him warm in case we get 70 inches of snow and the heater goes out. Sometimes she gets really sneaky and whispers in my ear while I am sleeping, all the while disguising her voice to sound like Vin Diesel, how a woman with a little meat on her bones is sexy and how Vin likes em' healthy baby!

SHEESH!!!! Today I went through the fridge while I was cleaning house and did an Oprah. I did a stern talking to myself and got rid of anything that remotely looked like it had some calories in it. I told myself that I was going to start walking every morning and that I wasn't going to wait til summer. That by the time the Capt comes home he will be so in awe of my Angelina-Joilieness that he will be drooling when he gets off of the plane. Uh-Oh...there goes that crazy inner woman again!!! She is saying, "But it's Saturday! No one starts healthy living on a Saturday. You gotta start on a Monday. And Monday is a holiday. You may as well start next Monday." She's a sly one!!! But a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do so I grabbed my inner woman by the collar and yelled, "Back of beyotch!!!!" and I sent her upstairs to Pretty Paige from the 5th floor. She is about 5'8, all legs and weighs maybe 110 soaking wet. My inner woman can go and talk to her for awhile!!! Sorry Pretty Paige From the 5th Floor but it's every woman for herself over here!!! heeheehee
Here is my before picture...taken at Walker Leigh's house the other night at her fabulously fun American Idol Finale' party. (I'll blog on that later tonight)

I will let you all resume your normal lives.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This just in hot off the presses. Camilla Parker Pigeon has been seen cavorting with our Charles!

Late last night she was shaking her tail feathers in an attempt to lure our Charles away from poor Diana.

Our Diana has gone into seclusion until the scandal goes away.

The boys were questioned at their private school and, I quote, said, "No comment." End quote.
I will keep you updated as further developments warrant.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

little sausages...

Talked to the hubby today. Little bit of phone flirtin' might've gone on. :) My man said he'd been thinking about my...wait for feet. Yep ladies. Out of my whole body he'd been thinking about my feet. What can I say?? He calls them little sausages. This is said with much warmth on his part and much giggling on mine. So after he told me he'd been thinking of them I did the only thing I could do...I got a pedicure. One word.....BLISS! Here they are for the whole world to enjoy................. My little sausages. heeheehee Feel free to giggle as well.

blue hearts...

I talked to the hubby this morning and he said the sweetest thing. For those of you who don't know my man...the love of my life...father of my children...the one who makes me see tiny hearts and bluebirds when I see him...he is in the States for a loooooooong TDY. He is gone til August! AUGH!!! Anyway, he told me that while he was in his hotel room he looked around and said to himself, "what am I doing here??!" He was missing us and he said he wants to come home now. Even though we both know he can't and wouldn't. He didn't get to be a Capt for nothing. Get the job done is his mantra. It was still nice to hear that he was missing us. Sigh...I see pink clouds, blue birds are singing. Is he the best or what??!

Stop all that gagging out there!!!!! heehee

Monday, May 21, 2007

The eggs hatched!!!

Beneath our bedroom window is an air conditioner. The pigeons here sometimes lay their eggs behind them. About 3 weeks ago I found a pigeon couple (Dianna and Charles) building a nest. Then Dianna spent a lot of time behind the air conditioner while Charles flew back and forth cooing at inappropriate time in the morning. Today I checked to see how she was doing and look.............................................It's Wills and Harry!!!!! I am thrilled!!!!!!!

Here is Dianna...she is a little shy because the baby weight has not dropped off like her friends told her it would. Buncha' hens!!
So now I have something new to occupy my time and can leave Naked Korean Man and Barley Dressed girl alone for awhile. I am sure you will all be checking in to see how the Royal family is doing so I promise to take lots of pictures.
cheerio everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Slumber Party Smackdown 2007...

My little Boo-Bear had a slumber party for her 10th birthday. 10 is a big one in our house. You are double digits and you get your ID card issued to you. (An Air Force, Army etc thing) So we had to cel-e-brate in style! She decided to, God help us all, have a sleepover. Middle daughter said I should let her have as many girls as she wanted cause, her words..."Mom you only turn 10 once." Hmph. 12 girls people...12 came last night. First let me tell you about the drama leading up to it cause you aren't 10 if there is no drama.....

There is a friend/mortal enemy of my boo-bears I'll call The Terminator. Well the Terminator and Boo-Bear have not been on the best of terms this month. Boo-Bear found out that the Terminator has been gossiping about her behind her back and trying to get some of the girls to not be her friend. Typical 4th grade stuff. Well Boo-Bear has been dealing with this for the whole year and she decides she's had enough and she is happier without this friend in her least for this week. She threw out the ultimate birthday invite. When the Terminator found out, let us just say it was on-like-popcorn! She decided to have her own sleepover the same night as Boo-Bears birthday bash and she invited some of the same people. Lines were drawn, boundaries were crossed, whispering ensued, bonds were strengthened, dirty looks were given, more whispering, the territories in the lunchroom were redone. It was dirty people, it was down and dirty. We will now and forevermore call this the SLUMBER PARTY SMACK DOWN 2007.
Peace was not restored until the parties started and the girls were each sent back to their own corners. Sigh. Next week, probably on a Tues. cause is a day that starts with T they will be BFF's again. All will be forgiven. Sticker books will be shared and My Spaces will be commented on.
On to our sleepover. 12 Girls showed up. 3 Large pizza's were eaten. 1 Large party size individual chip packs were consumed along with 30 juice boxes, 4 things of popcorn, chocolate, m&ms, 2 dozen eggs, a large box of pancake mix and 4 things of orange juice. I just closed the kitchen a half hour ago and told them please for the love of all that is holy and good in the world...please stop eating.
There were movies watched, toenails painted, much dancing and giggling, secrets told..sure to be repeated... and a DDR contest between my two teen helpers. :)
The girls went to sleep around 2am and woke up at 5:30am hungry. :) The party was rehashed and dubbed a success.
3 more hours til I can take a nap. heehee
good times.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

why I love quilters....

This is why I love quilters and see dancing hearts whenever I meet one.
Go and check out this blog...
This little sweetheart and her fellow quilters made some quilts for our guys over in Iraq. Leave her a little note telling her how awesome she is, cause let's face it, anyone who supports one of our own is special.
Way to go ladies!!!

Hey.........I'm a sweetie!!! :) Saw this test over at
and thought it's be fun to take. I kinda thought I'd be the cute cheerleader chick, sigh, not to be today or any day. I am stuck being the sweetie pie. heehee Take the test and see who you are! Can never have to many hero's out there.

Your Score: Matt Parkman

You scored 91 Idealism, 25 Nonconformity, 33 Nerdiness

I don't want to be a chump.
Congratulations, you're Matt Parkman! You're a great person: caring, hard-working, and honest. You might not have the best of luck, but you do your best in all areas of life. Your kind and responsible nature is rare, and you should be proud of it. Your best quality: Heart Your worst quality: You may take more abuse than you deserve

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


AUGH!!!!! SAY IT ISN'T SO WORLD, SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read on that Melinda Doolittle was voted off on American Idol! SOB!!! This is all the fault of Walker Leigh!!!! Never ever bet with her. She will win every time.

I-Pod wars.

Boo Bear got an I-Pod nano for her birthday. When we installed her file on our I-Tunes I mistakenly deleted all of Middle Daughters songs. FATE...WORSE...THEN....DEATH!!!! This morning she got up, a tad bit grumpy, and tried to get her I-Pod to download a new song. Horror of horrors she sees her songs are all gone.

Oh Boy. Not pretty. Send help.

She had 10 minutes to get out the door for school so she, of course, spent 5 of it sighing and moaning. We all know that you cannot CANNOT go to school without something hooked to your ear or you will be forever-more relegated (is that a word??) to the un-cool table. She frantically tried to download some tunes on it. Nothing happened. Finally in a huff of disgust she left for school. What's a momma to do??? Glad you asked, let me tell you. I hurried and uploaded, then downloaded, then (in pj's with my hair in a wild ponytail) rushed out the door to call her back. I tripped over the poor little ajima (our Korean cleaning lady) who was frantically trying to clean the floors in our building, ran to the ledge and called out to her. She turns around and I'm feeling pretty good. Who else in the world can upload and download 136 songs in under a minute. I just know she will be thrilled and want to hug me and never leave me. Um-hmmmm. When am I ever gonna learn? So she turns and says "Yeah?" I tell her I got it to work and then beam. She sighs and says "never mind, I'm gonna be late." Then goes off to school. The ajima, who speaks no english but must have a teen, looks at me and we both roll our eyes in mutual agreement...teens are LITTLE STINKER POOPY DOO DOO HEADS!!!!!
nuff said! I am now going to delete all of her songs and hide her I-Pod. Let this be a lesson to all....never ever mess with someone who is passive aggressive!!!!

maniacal laughter heard.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Boy... the boy. Yes he is a cutie! The other night was his Sports Banquet. Middle daughter got to get dressed up and go with her bestest friend so they could cheer him on as he won some awards.
Here is my baby and her best friend. I'm thinking she is a cutie too but maybe I'm biased! :)
(middle daughter is on the right for you new-bees visiting for the first time.)
I just don't know where the time is going. She is growing up so fast and before I know it she will be out of the house doing wonderfully exciting things. I have a big sigh in me and maybe a tear when I think of it.

The post office is a wonderful thing!!!

I got two packages from "Down-Under" yesterday!!! The first one I opened was from Tracey at ozcountryquiltingmum. She is the most wonderful of chums!!! :)
The first thing I saw was this cute little case. I am thinking that I can put all of my lip glosses and chap sticks in here.

Next I took out this square. I love it!! I am going to frame it and put it in my sewing room and when people ask me where I got it I will tell them from a friend of mine in Australia...and then ask them, very innocently..."don't you have any friends from there??" heehee

Then I pulled out this little bit of chocolaty goodness. I must confess...they didn't make it out of the post office parking lot. I had middle daughter with me. She had one and I had one then we spent the rest of the car ride home telling people on the street

"Goodaye Mate!" and "Crikey!!"

Remember that siggie swap I did awhile ago?? My blocks finally got here!!! Hurray!!! Thank you Cynthia for sending them to me and also thank you for the cute key chain and the fabric!!! I loved everything! Today was a pretty good day. The hubby and I got to talk, the kiddos behaved and our little Boo-Bear turned 10! She is having a sleepover party this Friday...pray for me people!!
have a great night all and Crikey! Are you still here??!! heehee

Monday, May 14, 2007


I feel in the interest of keeping you all interested I should confess some things about myself. Very private things. Things that even my own mother doesn't know...well scratch that..I tell her everything. Okay, things the guy down the street doesn't know. :) Much better. To be a good blogger you can share a teeny bit of your life and post pictures. To be a GREAT blogger you must tell all, so here goes. I will now tell something about myself every week. Just one thing as not to upset the delicate balance that is called "my hubbys happiness" cause, folks, he don't like to share like I do. So here goes...confession numero uno

I hate dirty ears. Yep, I do. Hate em with a red hot burning passion that sears my soul. Hate....Them....Lots! I have been know to run after the neighbors kids with q-tips. Yes, the scream and run for fear of their lives but I eventually catch them and clean those ears. My kiddos hate when I buy a new box of q-tips cause they know what's coming. "hoooooooneys" I sweetly coo. (insert maniacal laughter) "I have something for yoooooooooou." WAHHHHAAAAAA_HA_HA
The two oldest usually push Boo-Bear down so that I can get to her first. She takes nothing calm or quiet so she is the funnest (is that even a word??!) to get anyway. Middle Daughter takes it like she does everything else in life, with a calm demeanor to just geterdone already and The Son does what he does best, smirks and makes body noises so that I finally give up in disgust and tell him to just go and live with the monkeys already!!

So now you know. Do you still love and admire me?? Do you have ears that need a'cleanin?? I am your woman.

More confessions to follow.

oh, ps....I love you people in Australia! I want to marry you and have your cute little down under babies!! I just got two packages today in the mail. I must devote a whole post to give them the proper attention they deserve. I must also take a picture of empty chocolate wrappers and confess that chocolate did come in one of them and I did eat it while sitting in the post office parking lot. Stay tuned for more on this most wonderous of delvelopments.

Adios ace-boon-coons!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hey everyone. One of our own has a hubby who just found out he is being deployed to Iraq until March, I think. Please go on over and send her your love and cyber hugs.
You can reach Tuna Girl here:
Send some prayers and warm thoughts their way as well.
Thanks all!!!


I just finished reading the blog Suburban Turmoil. ( She sends you to an article about a woman with triplets. Her baby had been crying all day long and she lost it for a minute. She slammed him down and he died. The 911 call is not for the faint of heart and my heart is just sobbing right now with her.
My two oldest had colic. It was really hard. The Capt and I were very young when we had "The Son". Just out of our teens. The son had the worst colic ever! He would cry from 7am- noon and then again from 6pm-8pm. He will be 18 in just a few short months and I remember the helplessness I felt like it was yesterday. Middle daughter came along two years later and had colic also. I remember the panic I felt. I just couldn't believe I was going to have to go through it again. She cried every day from 11pm-3am. The hubby was away on a TDY for the first month so I had to deal with it myself. My goodness, now that I look back on those days I am just wondering how I ever got through it.
I am thinking if those of us who have been through the colic wars would put our stories on our blogs as to how we got through it and some words of encouragement to mommas who are living it now, maybe we could help even one person.
The son:

I would put him baby down in the crib, they are going to cry anyway and being in the crib crying is really a good option if you feel you are losing it, then I would go in the bathroom and shut the door. I would turn the bath water on full blast and then I would turn the sink water in full blast. I would put my fingers in my ears and just listen to myself breath. I would sit in there until I got myself together enough to go out and "fight the good fight."

Middle Daughter:

Since it was so late at night and the Capt was away at school I would put the TV on loud and put her in a bouncy chair next to me. I would put the paccy in her mouth while she cried, gently, and then focus on the TV show. When she would really get started I would take the paccy away til she got going good and loud and then give it back to her. For some reason this would placate her for about 10 minutes. I did this for three solid months.

If you are going through this just tell yourself it will end. It magically ends at three months. First take the baby to the doctor and have them check the baby out. It could be something else like reflux. They can treat that. Don't just assume it is colic. If it is in fact colic, it's okay to put the baby down for awhile til you get yourself together again. Really, it's okay. The baby is going to cry anyway and the alternative is just to horrible to losing it and hurting the one you love the most.

I am hurting for this mom right now. I hope we all take a moment to think about her and if there is anyone in your life who is going through this to step up and help them. Maybe take a colic session so that the momma can get a break. Or even share your battle stories to give someone else hope. If you help one person out that is one person who will be better off.

Hug your kiddos today!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The teacher moved the time to 1:45. All is well again. :)

I cannot be ready in 4! minutes

Have you ever had a morning where it all went so wrong??!! AUGH!!!! "The Son" had to sign up on line for his SAT test. We tried to do it the other night and there was a code he needed so I told him to go to the counselor at school and get it. That was a week ago. My life went on. So last night, at 9:45, he asks me if we can sign him up for the test. Now right away I get mad cause he does this all the time! GRRRRRR. I sit down at the computer and ask him for the code number. Silence. Then he figures on trying this tactic...he says, "What code number??" He was online with his girlfriend so he instant messaged her and she sent the code to him. I'm thinking okay don't kill him just do this thing for him, it will take 5 minutes and then you can go to bed with your Nora Roberts book.
Now ask me if the code worked and how long we searched every website known to man to get the code?????????????????????

An hour!!!!!

And, and, AND yesterday was the last day for him to sign up. So this morning guess who woke up with an attitude and was making it his mission in life to upset his sisters????????????????????????????? This is why God invented the age 17. So that by the time they turned 18 and could legally be pushed out of the nest, we would be ready for them to go!

And guess who called me from school at 8:41 to tell me I was needed to help make Mothers Day cards at 8:45?????


AND GUESS WHO GOT ALL TEARY ON THE PHONE WHEN I TOLD HER I COULDN'T BE READY IN 4 MINUTES CAUSE, HELLO!!!, I WAS STILL IN PJ'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now please excuse me while I try and take a shower, fix my hair and put on some makeup in under a minute to go and make some STINKIN MOTHER'S DAY CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

PLOT AT FT.DIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is everyone reading the news this morning about the plot at Ft. Dix New Jersey?? Now you are saying, "Dawn, why are you concerned about that cause you are all the way in South Korea??" MY HUBBY IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you even believe this?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, my Capt, the love of my life, the father of my children, the real reason sexy is back...he is at Ft. Dix right now as we speak trying to go to school for the TDY.
pray people pray

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, peace.

The kiddos just left for school. I turned "The Fairly Odd-Parents" off and my I-Pod on. The house is clean and peace is restored once again. :)
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Our very own Judge Judy.

Today middle daughter got to be a Supreme Court Judge for her class at school. All of the Supreme Court Justices had to listen to a case on whether the death penalty is constitutional or not. She liked it a lot. I asked her if she was a kind judge and she says, "Heck no!! I was all Judge Judy!!"
Makes a mother proud. hahahaha

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Take care of yourself my love!!!

The Capt is fixin' (Yep I'm a Texas girl at heart) to get on another plane and go on part two of his adventure. To our Capt.....These are just a few pictures of those who care about you the most my love!!

The Son....
This little red-nosed beauty is Boo-Bear. She just had a good cry cause she talked to her daddy and is upset that he can't come home tonight. Oh, and excuse the hair, she plays hard!!! :)

This beauty is Middle Daughter.
Be Safe Kareem!!!


Every Sunday at chilren's church my hubby does this thing with the kiddos. He gets on the microphone and says really loud "Who's it all about??!" And the kiddos yell back "Jesus!" Then he yells "Jesus!" and the kids yell "Glory!!" He does it back and forth with them a couple of times, gets them all hyped up and then we have Praise and Worship. Today when we went to church it was really subdued in there. The kids were all quiet, the teens were talking softly and I felt out of whack. This young man, our Mario, came up to me and said "Momma Owens, it's so quiet in here, what's going on with everyone?" Then he says, "Oh, Mr. Owens isn't here." My heart gave a little squeeze and I went to go and help the kiddos sign in.

Right before we start all the grownups meet back in the kitchen to pray. While we were praying I hear..."Who's It All About!!!" and the kiddos yelling back..."Jesus!!!" Yep, it was Mario. I'll wait a second while you all go and get a tissue.

My husband and I just love Mario. He is a special guy and we are thankful, for so many reasons, that he is in our life. Today he took it upon himself to step up and walk a little in my hubby's shoes. There was a void and he filled it. He did the whole "Who's it all about" thing with the kids and the atmosphere changed immediately. I walked into the room and there he was, getting the kids ready to have fun in church. While I watched him I got choked up. Silly I know, but I felt all teary just the same. After he was done we did the lesson and moved onto snack. I walked up to him and told him he was a class act and my hubby would be moved when I told him about today. Sometimes God sends just the right person to help you through a tough day. Today my Mario was that person. Oh, and the title?? I tease him and call him M to the A to the Rio. heehee Am I hip or what??!

1st weekend without the Capt....

The "First Weekend Without the Capt" is almost over. Thank God for Walker's Jen, Tiki and Leigh!! I was kind of surprised with how sad I felt when I had to drop my hubby off at the airport. We don't usually have long separations even though he has been in the Air Force for going on 19 years. I can think of only two times he's had to go away for more then a week. Both times it was for three months, like this one. And I didn't have these "sad feelings" til around the month mark. Anyway, I was wondering what to do with my first weekend cause my kiddos are growing up and have these "lives" they are trying to live.
On Friday night Walker Jen invited me to a neighborhood bar-be-cue where the famous Walkers Tiki and Leigh would be making an appearance. :) I packed up boo-bear and off we went. (the son had a date...sheesh!...and middle daughter had much socializing to do and a sleepover at her BFF's house) The bar-be-cue had much chips and dip...a rocking banana pudding and some awesome/chocolaty brownies. A good time was had by all.
On Saturday Walker Jen had reserved a room on base so we ladies could celebrate National Scrapbook Day. Now I don't scrapbook to much anymore but they invited me anyway. Friends are lovely things!!! I brought some applique to do and had a great time.
Today is Sunday. Time to go to my crazy church for the first Sunday after "Le Scandal Extraordinaire" We are still feeling the effects of this week at Chez Owens. I finally told middle daughter that if one more grown-up asked her about it to find out if it was true then for her to say the following....
"My mom really doesn't want me to discuss it with the grown-ups at our church. If you have any questions she would like it if you asked her and she will be more then happy to address it with you."
I figured if she came home one more time and told me that someone had asked her about it "in a caring way...just to get to the bottom of it" I would explode all over the place and start karate chopping people. So wish me luck. I am off to church to smile, give out hugs, do childrens church (where I will see all offending parties) and try not to bite anyone heehee
Happy Weekend All!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fabric Therapy :)

Today I went with Walker Jen to the "Quilters Holy Grail"...normally known as the fabric store. :) I decided that since my hubby is half-way around the wold I owed it to myself to do something to make me feel better. So with that in mind we first hit Starbucks and then off to buy fabric.

1st purchase....28 fat quarters.
Next...5 yards of white and 5 yards of beige.
With 8 yards of colors and....
10 yards of these delicous colors just cause by then I had lost all control and was running around the fabric store yelling "GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!"
I am feeling just a small tad better this morning. I am thinking that much fabric therapy will be needed to get me through these next three months!!!! heehee

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Loneliness thy name is me.

I took the hubby to the airport today at around 12:30. We got his bags all checked in and went for our last lunch. Then I kissed him goodbye and drove home. Now what do you think I have on the agenda tonight?? I made one of these and I am going to sit on the patio and feel sorry for myself. I intend to wallow in my " aloneness" for a good hour. Ummmmm Walker Leigh, I just tasted this and I think I did something wrong. I may have to watch you closely tomorrow to get some tips. I may have a whole weekend of wallowing in my "aloneness". It's very hard when you like them and they have to leave you. If I didn't adore him and find him incredibly sexy I would've dropped him off and went to celebrate, but nooooooo I have to actually like him and think he's all charming and stuff. WHY ME WORLD?????????????????????????? WHY OH WHY OH WHY. Where are my Carpenter CD's??? "Feelings, nothing more then feelings lalalalaaaaaalalalaaaaaa"...... I am off to wallow now, updates to follow.

p.s. Thank you Ms Tracey over in Australia for thinking of me. I'm thinking you should hop on a plane and come to Walker Jen's bar-be-cue tomorrow so I can fix you up one of these and we can talk chooks and quilts and maybe that cutie-pa-tootie Crocodile Dundee! :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Now I know how Job felt!!!!

Member' a certain lockin that I assisted with. Weeeeeeeeellllll okay then. I went out to dinner with some friends the other night. They took us out to say goodbye to my Capt. He is leaving to go to the States on a 3 1/2 month adventure courtesy of the Air Force. Anyway, they told us that there was a rumor going around that our middle daughter (sorry mom for the visual that is to come) got buck naked and had wild monkey sex on the pool table. Let me give you a minute to digest that......................................................Enough time?? No?? Okay, a minute more...........................................................................Un-huh. Can I just tell you that the rage and white hot anger I felt while getting that little bit of wonderful information, well let's just say it could've lit up a small country for years. What is a mother to do? I had just given a message to the kids in Children's church about gossip and forgiveness. See where I was going with the whole Job thing. I was being sifted my fellow Christians!! Sifted like a year old sack of wheat. So what could I do?? Let me show you what I wanted to do....

I wanted to open up a can of this and let loose. After a sleepless night of praying and thinking and walking around the house and being madder then a hornet and praying and thinking this is what I did.

I called up the moms of the two kids involved. Then I met with them face to face, one at a time. It went well. I also told my daughter. That went not so well. To say she was devastated is to be putting it mildly. I had "the boy" in question come over. I told him to look me in the eyes and know that what I was about to tell him came straight from the heart. I told him, " I am going to stop this rumor. There will be apologies all around. I know that this is not true. YOU WILL DEMOLISH ALL INVOLVED WITH THE FURY OF THE AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Then I sent them off to school. By the time they got home the story had gotten bigger. Now there was mention of another girl taking naked pictures of herself. My hubby and I decided to ask all the parents involved to meet us at church that night and bring the kids. We'd get to the bottom of this in no time. The meeting went well. I lost my temper once and my daughter had to calm me down. She is quite the young woman and handled this with grace. The story started, from what we gather, by a 4th grade boy. There were many tears and many heartfelt apologies. We had to handle it like Christians. We let the kids know that we still loved them and cared about them. I had to let them know that I forgave them even though it was hurtful. They learned a lesson on how a small bit of gossip can spread like a plague and how it can hurt not only the person involved but the people around them. I learned that my hubby is incredibly sexy when he is in charge of a meeting...heeheehee a little humor there :)
So this crisis is over. Pray for me people!! I am trying to get these three kiddos to adult-hood here!! My kids are learning many lessons here about how to treat others. Sigh. I am hoping in the end it turns out to be a good thing. In the meantime, can anyone out there send me some chocolate?? HELLO OUT THERE...ANYONE??? SOS....SEND CHOCOLATY THINGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!