Friday, October 26, 2007

Last year around this time I was perusing all the blogs out there in blog land when I came across this....

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since it was the middle of November when I finally realized what it was, I was to late to join. NOT THIS YEAR!!!! This year I hopped on the blog band wagon early. Here is what you on the icon to your right, sign up and then post something on your blog every day for the month of November. I hear prizes may be awarded. Either way it's something fun to do.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Super Substitute....

So I've been subbing all this week, as you all know. I gotta tell ya...I'm having a ball. I've got the older kiddos for one class and then I head over to the lunchroom for grade school moniter duty. I am soooo loving it!! Yesterday I had THE-BEST conversation with a table of 5th grade boys. Went a little something like this:

Me: Hey, you've got a cool Spiderman lunch box there!
Kid: My mom got it for me.
Kid 2: Yeah, but Harry is waaaaay cooler cause he can kill Spiderman.
Me: No way!!! Harry died in the movie kid!!
Kid 3: Uh-huh. He lost his memory too.
Me: Yeah but he got it back just in time to save Peter. He gave his life for his friend.
Kid 4: I like Superman and ummmm Lunch Lady Ma'am I don't think Harry died.
Me: Spiderman could soooo kick Supermans butt kiddo! And yeah, he died. He jumped in front of a bomb blaster.
Teacher walking by: Oh my goodness..who died? I am soo sorry to hear it!
Me: We're talking about Spiderman and the Green Goblin.
The teacher gave me an odd look and kept walking.
Me: I speak boy!!!

Yep, just another day with my peers!
p.s. Spiderman does rule by the way!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Opera...

A word to the wise...if you want to go to the Opera...make sure you buy your tickets in advance or you may end up getting all cute, driving for 30 minutes, fighting crazy drivers..just to have an "all sold out" sign stare at you when you go to the Opera House.
Yep. It happened. We show up at the Opera House all cute-ee-fied and ready to hob-nob with artsy people. We walk up to the ticket booth to the obvious delight of the three Korean ladies behind the counter. Much talking ensues between them as they try to figure out who has the best English and can help the Americans. The Capt and I are delighted by this time over all the ruckus we are causing. Then they sadly inform us that they are sold out.
The night wasn't a total loss. We found a really nice seafood restaurant and ate til we about burst. :) We are going to try again next week. Wish us luck!!!

Update on the hubby...and a book club...

Took my Capt to the doctors yesterday. He does not have a brain tumor! Hurray!!!!!! His head is functioning properly so they are running some other tests to rule out high blood pressure and diabetes. They think he may have one or both. All things considered we are pretty happy!!! Both of those are treatable...the brain tumor not so much.
On to fun things...

I joined a book club with the Spouse Group here on base. The first book we are reading is Water For Elephants.


I can read a book in under two hours. Love to read. Love it with a burning passion. This book makes me want to stab myself in the eyes people!!!! hahahaha I am trying to like it, really I am. I just can't! I think I may skim it and then try to bring something intelligent to the table at our meeting. I think these book club people may be a bunch of smarties. They have IQ's of a ba-zillion or something. Me..again..not so much. Where are all the fluff books??!!! Give me a good Nora Roberts....a Janet Evonovich...a Baby Blues!!! But these deep Oprah books, heavens! I'm sticking with the group though cause the "fun potential" is huge. :)

Today, in about an hour and a half the Capt and I are headed to the afternoon Opera. Yep, they have the Opera in South Korea. Nope, it is not in English. Just thought of any Opera in English??? I plan on taking lots of pictures and documenting the whole wonderful experience. I'll post pictures tomorrow so you can all see what a Korean Opera is all about. I am fully expecting the hubby to fall asleep by Act 2 and this was his idea!

Have a great Saturday all!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

:) A good day!

I had the best day today!!! I had to sub for Sure Start. They are all usually 4 years old. Today they were having a Pumpkin Party. We got to make cookies and pudding and read books. Then the moms came at the end of the day....with more pumpkinny goodies and we ate and played games and made hats. You just can't ask for a better day then that! After I got home I took a short nap...tired from all the partying and went to our Ladies Group Bingo Night. I spent a boat load of money on cards and raffle tickets. Ask me what I won!!!! NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!!! Sigh.
When I got home at around 9 o'clock my house was filled with kids. There were a couple of girls spending the night with our Boo Bear...Middle Daughter was also having a friend over for the night...The Son had a friend in his room playing Halo 3 and we had a teen in the computer room fixing his My-Space. The boys had to all leave at 11. The Capt has a rule in the house that states...and I quote.."if there are girls spending the night The Son will not be able to have friends also spending the night." It is the same for the girls. Just a recipe for disaster! :)
Today the hubby has a doct's appt. He felt something pop in his head and has been dizzy and nauseous for a week. They are seeing him today to try and figure out what is wrong. Kind of scary.
Okay, I gotta go and get the house picked up before we leave. Have a wonderful weekend all!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday was just wonderful! I stayed home..watched Kimora...cleaned my bathrooms and did a mountain of laundry. More importantly I got my nails done. Whew! I feel complete. I am whole again. Just in time too cause today I have to work. I am the aide in Sure Start. That's our equvalent of Pre-K. Yep. Potty breaks and sing-a-longs and messy lunches are in my future. :) I have to admit, I like the Sure Start kiddos. They are still soooo sweet. No attitude. You may get a tear when they say goodbye to their mommies but since this is week 5 of school they should be good to go in even that area. And waking them up from nap time is one of my favoritest things! They are so cute when they wake up, still sleepy and needing a cuddle. I get any baby fix I still have inside of me that these teens aren't scraping away!
Last time I subbed in there someone threw up. I am crossing my fingers that this is not the case today!
Have a great one everybody!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am a substitute teacher for the kiddos school. All three of them go to the same school here. Yep. Pre-K all the way through 12th grade in one school. We like the little ones to get an up close and personal looksie into the teenage dating years. AUGH! Anyway, so I sub. Just not today. Why you ask?? Cause last night when the Capt wasn't looking I unplugged the phone. heeheehee
Why do I not want to work today and make some cashola?? Cause I have laundry and I think there may be a The Life Of Kimora Lee Simmons marathon on today! I have important things to do and I just cannot work! I cannot I say! I cannot!!
I can see the TV from where I am in the office and Kimora is yelling at her staff...gotta go!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Life has sure been zipping along over here at Chez' Owens! The Middle Daughter situation has just boggled my mind. The girl is working the sympathy route and changing her story to make my girl seem like the bad guy. My baby is just beside herself with hurt. Times have changed ladies...they sure have changed. You know how you keep hearing bad hurtful news...doesn't really have to matter who it has to do with it just keeps coming?? And you keep stuffing it down inside to try to deal with everything and then your hubby comes along and asks why are you is sweatpants and that is the straw that broke the camels back so you have to cry??! Yep...that was me the other night. Was just so full of tears that had no where else to be stuffed and out they came. Haven't had a good crying jag like that for years.
On to the good stuff!!!

We went to Osan yesterday (3 hours away) to support The Son at cross country and to watch Middle Daughter cheer for our football team. Got lots of pics that I'll upload when I find the camera cord. I am such a boob! :) We had so much fun! Couldn't find where The Son was cause guess what???? HE WAS IN SEOUL!! He is a boob too! He spent the night in Osan then they took a bus the two hours to Seoul and ran. We did get to watch the football game and it was a doozy! All of the different teams from our school that were down that way got to come and watch. Our side of the stands were packed! It was the other teams Homecoming game. We beat em by just a few points. The dads were beside themselves with pride. hahahahaha
Today is church and grocery shopping. Real exciting, I know. I promise to get Walkers Leigh and Jen plus Paige from the 4th floor and do something really amazing so you will start looking forward to my posts again!!!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heartbreak Hotel...

Since you all are on the edge of your seats wondering what is happening with The Boy and Middle Daughter I thought I'd give everyone an update.

They are over.


He asked her to go steady on the 3rd and on the 4th he was having ummmmmm "relations" with another girl in secret. The only thing wrong with that plan was that the other girl didn't keep it a secret. She bragged. Yep. So now there is much name spacing...friend dividing...and phone calling. Are we having fun yet???!

The upside of all this???? The Capt and I come out smelling like a rose cause we were understanding and supportive of her choice of boy.

And can I just say that when a certain president said he did not have "that" kind of a relationship with you know who that he changed what some girls think of as ummmmmm relations! And....AND WHY WOULD YOU BRAG ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT I ASK YOU??????????????????????????????????????????????????? I just can't wrap my brain around that one. What makes a 14 year old girl do that to a boy and then BRAG about it?????? I now understand why the fathers in 18th century ole' England got their daughters married ASAP. It's cause they, like me, were all done in. This teenagerie stuff can wear a body out!!!!

I am now going to have coffee and ponder the whys of it all.................................

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A dinner/bar party

I'm not sure how it started but a couple of months ago 4 families started getting together at least once a month. There is movie night over at Jen's house...kid friendly..a wine tasting at mine..adults only...Pretty Paige from the 4th floor is soon to be Pretty Paige from the 5th floor and will be having a moving/pizza/beer party...there has been a karaoke night and last night Walker Leigh had a dinner/new bar party. For her birthday she got an awesome new bar. We were to bring a bottle of something neat and then all adults would sit down to a wonderful dinner party. The kids were with babysitters. That is a lovely sentence isn't it!! hahaha
All couples showed up at Walker Leigh's with a bottle of something lovely in hand and then we sat to a wonderful dinner. There were candles burning, lovely things were simmering on the stove and great conversation was flowing. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt when I got home. Pretty Paige from the 4th floor soon to be the 5th floor is married to a pretty funny guy. He kept us all laughing and using stomach muscles we didn't know we had. Anyway, back to the dinner party. Walker Leigh out did herself. Any time a person uses Charger Plates you know you are going to enjoy yourself and feel oh so very Martha. (Martha Stewart that is!) When I got home last night and went to bed I was going over the night. It's neat how the 4 couples each bring something different to the relationship. We all seem to jell really well and never a problem is seen nor heard. We get together with or without kids...we laugh..we eat drink and be merry...we share. (something I am sure the Capt cringes about cause he NEVER knows what I will share at any given moment...heehee I like to keep him on his toes!!) We just have a good time and enjoy each other. Since I was still in my oh so very Martha mode I drifted off to sleep thinking "Friends, it's a good thing."
Hope your Saturday was just as wonderful,

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Craft Day...

Once a week the Walker's Jen, Leigh and I try to get together for a craft day. I bring my quilting and Leigh scrapbooks (or works on her first quilt that is turning out to be a stunner!) and Jen does a bit of everything cause she totally rules the "craft world" and can do it all.
To say these days are a balm to my soul would not be an exaggeration. We talk about anything and women...everything.
It's got me thinking this morning. Friendships with other women are so important. Sometimes you are lucky to fall in love and you get a sister of the heart. These are women who totally get the sentence "in the vault". They support you when the crazy hits. They hate other women sight unseen just cause they had the nerve to be mean to you. I absolutely love my girlfriends and I've been blessed with some wonderful ones over the many years of moving wherever the Air Force sends us. So today while I drink my coffee and get ready for another craft day I lift my cup to my sisters of the heart and say thank you for making my life a bit better and certainly more interesting.

a big thank you to the following women who have touched my heart:
Amy H.
Amy R.
Tracey H.
Treasa S.
Paige H.
You all rock!!! (This was not written in any order and your standing can be changed if you send me some chocolate!!!) heehee

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sweet 15!

My bestest bud in all the world turned 15 yesterday. The most exciting part of it all for her is that she can now date. Yep. Let the games begin. Here is the boy who is her first offi-ci-ale boyfriend..... the the world. They will hear all about you from time to time so keep your hands to yourself and make sure you don't make Middle Daughter cry or the hubby who has arms the size of redwoods will smite you with a vicious thunder. Enjoy! :)
We took her out to dinner last night and invited the boy. All was well.
On another note, I have been soooo busy working. We have a serious shortage of subs so those of us who signed up are getting called in left and right. I am saving for Christmas so this is great for me. Tomorrow I am headed over to Walker Jen's house to have a sew day with her and Walker Leigh. I can't wait!! Getting together with the girls is one of my favoritest things! I started a new quilt for a person who shall be nameless cause she reads my blog. I can say that all the points are matching up and it is turning out to be just gorgeous!! oops...gotta go. I am subbing for 3rd graders today and I like to get an early start. Get the lay of the land so to speak before the little monsters ummm I mean little pride and joys start showing up. Have a great day everyone!!!