Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Mall Down The Street,

Ahem. When I am trying to explain to my niece with the very cute shape that she can choose a one piece bathing suit or a very lovely tank-eenie why do you work against me?? We found one....count tank-eenie in the whole mall that we both agreed upon. Then it was to big on her size -5 frame. You must work on this as soon as possible as we are wasting summer time over here at Chez' Amish Owens Of The Cover Your Damn Selves home. Also?? Can we discuss your employees?? Especially the very cute girl at Store Every Teenager Loves. I don't mean to tell on anyone but when asked where the tank-eenies were I did not appreciate her blank stare or her look of confusion when she glanced at my niece. I could hear her, you know, saying to another co-worker "Why does she want to make her wear something like that???!" I understand her not understanding especially with her wondrous tattooed "bubbies" (kisses Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!) hanging out for all to see. Everywhere we went we were met with "Tank-eenies?? One piece suits????" then you employees shuddered and went to the other side of the store. So Mall, do you understand my frustration?? Not one suit to be had. Sore feet? Check. A frosted cookie eaten by one very tired Aunt?? Check. A neice who is fabulous and bought herself a dress instead?? Check. A bathing suit?? No. No check.

Tomorrow we go back.

God help me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Went and saw Transformers last night and loved it!!! Oh my gosh was it funny. The youngest laughed and laughed and laughed. The movie theater was packed and a good time was had by all. It was just a really good summertime movie. :)
Today I am off to fight the bathing suit wars with my niece. She is here for the summer visiting us and needs a new suit. Now just being in the bathing suit department is going to give me hives but how do you pick out a bathing suit for a 15 almost 16 year old that covers her like the days of old??? I mean really!!!! I keep putting up pics like this..... on the computer hoping to convince her that this is the way to go. So far it hasn't worked. Wish me luck!!! heeheeheeheehee

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Yuck.

Being all Fathers-Dayey at our house yesterday I decided to make the love of my life a leg of lamb. I had it roasting nicely in the oven, the yummy smells wafting around the house, my huggy bear ensconced on the couch doing Dad things (scratching and burping) and my children hither and yon. It was a good day. Then I noticed someone needed to take the trash out. Hmmmmmm I know! I'll take it out since it Fathers Day and my hubby should rest and keep doing the dad things. (note of truth here: the hubby never takes the trash out as his motto is why do that when there are three people running around here eating his food for free and since they are the fruit of his loins they can darn well take out the trash and do other character building mowing the lawn...and dishes!)

Back to my story. As I was walking out back to take that trash to the can I was happily humming the new song from church. The birds were singing. There was a gentle breeze. Jane Eyre was busily writing a new story of how perfect my life was at just that moment. Then?? Life stopped being so perfect. Just as I was lifting up the lid I saw something go plop out of the trash can. Things started going in slow motion after that. I turned my head to get a closer look and realized something was not quite right. Were those?? Could those be?? Noooooooooooooooo
Maggots. From all the rain we've had around here and the flies that have come out in droves I had maggots in mah trash can. Now people, we have talked about my little ocd-ish issues. You know that pine sol is my friend. I have "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" engraved on my heart. There is no room in my life for fly-babies.
I ran in the house to get the aforementioned hubby enjoying his Fathers Day on the couch to help me HELP ME I SAY!!! He comes outside after finding gloves and heavy shoes cause God knows that the (m-word) things will leap across the yard and get on him. Then he tells me that he will pour bleach on them. BLEACH!!!! I am trying to cultivate a bird paradise out there and he wants to get all happy with the bleach. A very loving talk ensues between two grown ups. One of those grown ups grabs the hose and starts spraying everything down that is even thinking about having a (m-word) on it. Hubby decided to go to the store and buy vinegar cause I guess vinegar will kill them. Wanna know something?? It doesn't.
After an hour of spraying the can down and getting them off of my sidewalk (and onto someone else's) I had a ton of happy robins eating away. Much chirping between them about how this was the best yard ever!
I then went into the house and took a long hot shower. And ate lamb. And told the son he had to make sure the trash went to the curb for the trash man...I may or may not have omitted the whole infestation problem-o we'd had earlier. :) Then I took another shower. Then I prayed that the flies and I had come to an understanding and they will be raising their babies elsewhere from now on.
Happy Fathers Day everyone!!!

Update: I just went to check the trash can and make sure all was well with my world. They are back. Not as many as before but there are at least 5 in there.
We may have to move.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My backyard oasis...

Ahhhhhh the lazy days of summer have officially come to Dayton. I am using that as my excuse for not posting in the past two weeks or so.
What have I been doing you ask?? Working on my backyard! When we moved into the house last year the season was to far gone to plant anything. I closed my eyes to the work needing to be done and promised myself that as soon as spring hit I'd make a little place for myself out back. I dreamed all winter long of herbs...and a table.
I finally have it and I am ohhhhh so happy out here. :) See my tomatoes thriving next to the basil and lavender?

This used to be a pile of weeds....and yes this tiny space kept me up at night thinking about what to do with it. Now I can walk out my back door and breath a sigh of the contented.

This is where I sit with a crossword puzzle and a little sumpin sumpin in my favorite glass while watching night roll in.

And here is my favorite cat come to visit.

Thanks for sticking around waiting for my return with baited were sticking around with baited breath right?? Right??? Ummmm hello??? Is this thing still on???


Hope everyone out there has found a little oasis this summer!!

A trip to Columbus....

Took a little trip to Columbus a couple of weeks ago to sit out in our friends wonderful garden and enjoy a barbecue. I love it out here. These two guys have done such a wonderful job in making this gorgeous 4 story (yep!) home a warm and inviting place to relax and take a load off.

There were arbors......and water features.....and grass mowed oh so wonderfully. I was in Heaven!

Being not of the party pooper variety I made myself at home in their kitchen of delight and found where they keep the Sumpin Sumpins. giggle.

sidenote: Plese exuse the double chin - I was retaining water that day.
Yes I was!!!

Then I may have flirted a bit with this piece of handsom-ness that is mah hus-bee-and.
(he is trying to look all unaffected by my womanyly while but let me tell you they work!! Yep!! The do...giggle!!)
It was a really nice Spring day. Lots of food was consumed and more sitting and enjoying was done. I did have pictures on here but because I am all not computer savvy and I am doing this while coloring my hair I deleted them by accident. sigh.
I don't even have a sumpin sumpin to blame it one.

A New Quilt....

When I was at Leigh's house a couple of weeks ago we stopped by a fantastic quilt store called A Sewing Basket. This quilt was on their wall and called out to me to buy the kit. Yes, of course I listened and bought it right away. It's called The Hidden Cross and I thought it would be perfect for my Mother In Law. The only's to big for my quilt frame so this baby is going to have to be sent out to my quilter.... Ms. Karen this quilt will be coming your way on payday. :)

It went together really a couple of days. Plus it was a lot of fun. It has been raining a bit here so sitting in front of my window watching the rain come down while quilting away and listening to the radio has been heaven for me.

Happy quilting everyone!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ahhhh it was the Irish In Me

I never know what to do at Wakes or Funerals. Should I cry.....pass out tissue...stand somberly around and look very very sad......hug everyone as they pass and say Peace Be With You?? What to do. So many options.

I chose to do the following:

Walk up to the casket for the viewing with two of my brothers. As Mike and I kneel down together our other, very mature brother, stands behind us. It was a very solemn occasion. I could feel myself start to fidget and I wondered what does one say. I lean over to Mike all prepared to say something very profound and this pops out "I'll pay you a quarter if you touch him." Then we got the giggles. In between giggles I kept saying "Oh my goodness was that inappropriate...I am so sorry!!" Then we would look at each other and giggle some more. It's the Irish in me my mom says. We Wake our loved ones with toasts to health wealth and long life to those left behind and we laugh.

I love the Irish in me.

I love my brothers. All three of them. They are pretty amazing men.

My daddy had to say a few words and I cannot tell you how proud I was of him. He said beautiful words about his brother. Not a dry eye in the house. I didn't giggle least not until my brother, yep Mike again, leaned over and whispered "I'm going to Burger in??!"

"Kind family and friends please join me in rhyme
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine.
Come drink and be merry
Turning grief to good cheer.
Till we stand with him
Again drawing near.
Here's health to his family
And one to his lass.
We hold up a pint
And all share from one glass.
Let us drink and be merry
Turning grief to delight.
Till that day when we see him
And again hold him tight.
Here's health to his lass
That he adored without a doubt.
Their love and their bond
He could not live without.
Never failing his friends
Always there to give aid
Always leading his family
As he knelt and he prayed.
His ship lies in harbor
Waiting to sail
I pray for smooth seas
And soft winds to prevail.
When we leave here to meet him
Whether by land or by sea
I will never forget
His affection for me."

God Bless you and keep you Uncle Jack.