Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My backyard oasis...

Ahhhhhh the lazy days of summer have officially come to Dayton. I am using that as my excuse for not posting in the past two weeks or so.
What have I been doing you ask?? Working on my backyard! When we moved into the house last year the season was to far gone to plant anything. I closed my eyes to the work needing to be done and promised myself that as soon as spring hit I'd make a little place for myself out back. I dreamed all winter long of herbs...and a table.
I finally have it and I am ohhhhh so happy out here. :) See my tomatoes thriving next to the basil and lavender?

This used to be a pile of weeds....and yes this tiny space kept me up at night thinking about what to do with it. Now I can walk out my back door and breath a sigh of the contented.

This is where I sit with a crossword puzzle and a little sumpin sumpin in my favorite glass while watching night roll in.

And here is my favorite cat come to visit.

Thanks for sticking around waiting for my return with baited were sticking around with baited breath right?? Right??? Ummmm hello??? Is this thing still on???


Hope everyone out there has found a little oasis this summer!!


Johanna said...

Everything looks so welcoming! And the sumpin' sumpin' is just cranberry juice, right? And the husband is flirtable. I can see why. ;)

Lauren The Artist said...

Those plants are amazing. My basil plant is all shriveled up and a quarter the size of yours. I hope I can make some great pesto with it, though. Your yard is perfect for watching night roll in.

Stephanie D said...

Looking good! Your tomato plants are so big already! But my basil's got you beat! Of course, all my herbs are in pots on the deck, so they're doing better than the tomatoes.

Nice little haven there!

Leigh said...

It looks lovely! I would like to sit and enjoy a sumpin' sumpin' on your back patio!

Mary Johnson said...

Nice job, I love having a bit of outdoor space to sit in the evening. We have a small deck off the kitchen but I have a pot of flowers, some chairs, and a great view.

Chocolate Cat said...

No summer oasis on this side of the world!! Winter has hit with a vengence. Nice to see your garden and be able to imagine where you spend your warm summer evenings!

Silvajdtk said...

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