Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday stuff...

Just finished my Monday cleaning. It sure is sparkly around here! I've been reading blogs for about an hour now and decided to do something why not blog myself!! heehee
I am going to start on a new quilt. It's going to be for my son. He is going to be 18 in a few months and I want to give him something special just from me...that means a quilt. He is into reds and whites right now so I'm thinking a log cabin. Oh, and I just started reading Dean Koontz. The hubby checked out the book Brother Odd for me at the library. It's really good! This is the third in a series so I hopped online and ordered the first two at
We go through books like water around here. In 7th grade speed reading was a required course. I can go through most books in an hour or two and I love to read so anything and everything gets read around here!!! Even the kiddos have been known to check out a book for me at their library. When they have to read a book at school I get the same one so we can discuss it. I absolutely love to read!!! My favorite authors are Nora Roberts (of course!) Catherine Coulter (romance writer not the weirdo) Dan Brown, anything Thimbleberries and now Dean Koontz. I know there are more I just can't think of them all at the top of my head. Anyone else out there reading Dean Koontz??? If you are which ones are your favorites??? Oh..I love love love Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series!!! I read all twelve books in a her!!!
K, gotta go and check to see what's what over at the Oscars.
Chow bellas!!

HURRAY!!!! Good on ya' girl!!!

Morning everyone!!! The kiddos aren't going to be up for another 20 minutes so I thought I'd hop online and get a post done for the blog. We had a pretty good weekend here at Chez' Owens. On Friday I met "crazyseoulmama"..aka Lil. We read each others blogs and since we only live about 45 minutes apart we wanted to meet. This is the first time I met someone due to blogging so it was pretty exciting. The kids were asking me what I was going to do if Lil turned out to be a 40 year old man with a pot-belly and a wife beater t-shirt on. I decided to take Walker Jen with me and if that happened I was going to point to her and say "this is Dawn" and get out of dodge!! heehee Lil turned out to be just lovely and we had a great time at the fabric store. Walker Leah went with also. For the two of them it was their first trip to the three story fabric place. We warned them that the first time is overwhelming! This means that we have to take them back cause each time you go it's easier....the things you do for friends! :) I bought about 30 yards of fabric. Usually when I get home I put it away real fast so the Capt doesn't see what I got. This time I was lazy and forgot so when he got home he was all..."!" and I was all " :) " I explained to him that since fabric is only $1.50- $#2.00 a yard that I am saving him money in the long run by getting a killer stash going here. I'm not sure he bought it. :)
On Saturday I took the middle daughter out shopping for a formal. She is going with a friend of hers to the military ball for ROTC students. We went to a dressmaker right off base and hit pay dirt! There were a bunch of magazines to look through. You pointed to a dress you liked and then looked through the dressmakers wall of fabric to pick out something. It was really easy and the price was great!! She goes for a fitting on Weds and gets the dress on Fri. After we got done with the dress I decided to try one of the many nail places here to get a pedicure....... HEAVEN!!!! I was there for over an hour and got the whole treatment. Middle daughter and her friend waited on the couch for me. My daughter curled up against her friend and took a nap. That's my girl!!! :)
On Sunday we had church. We are in Childrens Church on Sunday mornings. We had a really good time and the room was packed!!!
This week Walker Jen, Walker Leah and hopefully Walker Tiki and I will be going out to find the cut flower market. Lil...are you coming too??? :) I'll make sure I take lots of pictures! From what we hear it is pretty awesome. I can't wait!!! Have a great Monday everyone!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sorry it's been a couple of days since my last post. There has been No-thing going on here! I mean nothing!!! I had middle daughter home sick for two days with the dreaded virus. She is going back to school today...I think we are virus free now. Everyone has had it. Other then that I've just been making ice water for sick people and finding the remote and getting blankets for cold people. Nothing exciting. We did go out to dinner with our English class. I'll post some pics of that later on today. We had a really good time! They love our little boo-bear and brought her gifts for the Solar New Year. She got a huge bouquet of flowers and a cheese cake. :) We didn't bring her with to the dinner cause she was still getting over being sick. Everyone was very disappointed. When we got home with her gifts she couldn't believe it!
Today Walker Jen and I are meeting Lil to go to the fabric place. Lil and I have been writing back and forth. She is here in South Korea and we met through each others blogs. This is the first time I've met someone because of blogging. I'm pretty excited! I'll make sure I take pictures and I'll post them later too. Well, it's early here so I've got to get the kiddos up and moving. EVERYONE is going to school today!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The longest weekend ever is over!!!! We had a long 4 day weekend here at Chez Owens. It's Lunar New Year time and all of South Korea was celebrating. We, of course, were in the throes of Crisis 07' and missed it all. By last night the 5 of us were just looking at one another and rolling our eyes like "oh God! if I have to look at you one more time I'm gonna hurl!" Today the Capt is at work....the kiddos are getting ready for school and I haven't been called in to work so all is right with the world. I need to get my ID card and get some grocery shopping done. Tonight is English class. A couple of our students went to Australia a couple of weeks ago and they felt bad that they didn't bring anything back for all of us (yes they are sweeties!!) so they are taking us out for dinner. We are going to eat something called Sum-Get-Ton. That's what it sounds like not how it's spelled. :) It's basically just a small chicken stuffed with rice and boiled in water. It's really good. Everything here is so spicey it's hard for me to find something I like. This stuff I love! Good times. :)
Well the 17 year old is making it his mission in life to upset his sisters this morning before school starts so I should go and scream at someone. Have a great day folks!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Added a new blog favorite.

Go on over and say hi to Walker Tiki!!! She's here in Korea with Big House Jen (formerly known as Downstairs Jen) and me. She is the one who stole oops..outbid me on the awesome Santa at the Make it Take it Bake it thing I went to a while ago. I have no idea how you "way cool" people get the names of people to light up in your posts so that we "lessers" can just click on them and head on over so just go on over to blogs I like to read and find Walker Tiki. She'll love it if you stop by.
Have a great day everyone!!! We are almost over the Crisis of 07'...just in time too cause we are about to kill each other over here!!! There IS such a thing as to much togetherness!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

crisis 07'..almost over

Well the plague here at Chez' Owens is on its way out the door. The hubby woke up this morning thinking he's gonna make it and our little boo-bear is only covered with hives on 50% of her little self so things are looking up!!! I am officially all better! :) So let the dis-in-fect-shi-on begin!!! Thanks for all the kind words from you fabo' people out there!!! Next week I am on a mission to get my ID card updated so I can mail out the siggie swap blocks and I am stopping by everyone else's blogs to say hi. Oh...this is kinda neat...there is a lady who lives about 30 minutes from me, Seoulmama, she contacted me and we are getting together to hit the market on Friday. This is my first meeting due to the blog and I am soooooo excited. I'll make sure to take lots of pics!!! And don't worry Seoulmama...I'm sending you an email with all the deets' on Tuesday!!
viva la shopping!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

and the crisis continues.....

The hubby just walked by and moaned in case I forgot he was sick as well. Heehee he just needs his pillows plumped. Hey, that's pretty darned funny!!!

another update...

Just thought of something...the reason the hubby took boo-bear to the emergency room and not me was cause...wait for ID card is expired and I am trapped on base here in South Korea until Tuesday!!! See in the military you have an ID card. You need it to get on base, buy stuff, even go to the doctors. Mine expired on the 13 of this month. I didn't even realize it til I tried to get on base to go to the store and the guard said "ma'am...problem!" The hubby needs to be with me to get the new ID card issued so he took some time off on Fri but of course I had the pleague and could not for the life of me get out of bed. Fate started laughing and after 5pm, which is the time the ID card place closes, that is when my boo-bear got sick. So the poor thing had to go with her daddy to the doctors. Probably most of you out there are thinking "hey, that's great!! You didn't have to go out in the rain!! Let the hubby go, he's her parent too you know." I do know, really I do. I just hate not to be there when they have to go to the doctors cause they are sick. I REALLY REALLY HATE IT!!! I like to ask the questions...I like to rub their backs and make them feel safe and taken care of...I like to grab orderlies by the back of the neck if they aren't seeing to my child fast enough..heehee not really, well there was the one time but she had a fever of 104 and an hour to wait was waaaaaay to long, I felt, so I kinda lost it for a second. I totally pleaded temporary momma insanity and all was'll never know if that story is true or not. :)
So the hubby suited up...sick as a dog...and took my baby out to face the hospital alone. Without her momma. She of course never blinked an eye. I walked around the house til they got home and called him twice on the cell phone to make sure he was doing everything right.
When the got home I hooked the TV with the DVD player up on her dresser, plumped her pillows 5 times, gotten her push-pops from the corner store, rubbed her back cause she was itchy, given her kisses every time I walk by her bedroom cause she is so darned cute, made a roast for the sick hubby who braved the rain and never once complained, and I'm about to go read my boo-bear a Horrible Harry book.
If you gotta be sick it's good to be sick with a momma around that's all I gotta say!! :)
I'm off to read now!

update..crisis 07'

Well Boo-bear is never one to dissapoint! I swear if I ever see a memeber of La-Leche' I am going to smack them upside the head!!! She'll have no ear problems they said...WRONG!...she'll have no allergies...WRONG! So the doc said she is one huge hive, and people let me tell you I have never in my life seen hives this bad on one person, she is one big hive cause her body is fighting the virus with a vengeance. Well of course it is. My boo-bear has been a fighter since the word go. Eat a vegetable honey........she throws up........clean your room love..........she will fight to the death and do everything under the sun but clean.............wear the clothes I picked out my DARLING, she wants the torn jeans and dirty tee-shirt. So she is on major medicine for the next couple of days and then, yes there is a then, we have to go and get her thyroid checked cause it's a little big. SIGH. Mom, are you out there laughing?? I can hear you, you know!!! Stop laughing and remembering all the problems I gave you and thinking "ahhhhh sweet, sweet payback."
We won't even get to the part where the hubby is sick. Ladies are you feeling my pain???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
more updates to follow.

the crisis of 07'

Oh the fun just never stops here at Chez' Owens. Last night our little boo-bear came down with this dreaded virus AND the hubby!! At around 2:30 this morning boo-bear woke me up itching from head to toe. She was COVERED!!! and I do mean COVERED!! with hives! I got out a big bowl and put some ice water in it so she could soak her hands and feet. They were swollen to two times the size cause of all the hives. She had a fever of 102 and the hubby and I had both taken I was taking some in the kitchen he was taking some in the other room. When we both got together and realized that we were both drugged and not going anywhere, that boo-bear was itching and feverish...well let's just say it wasn't one of our finer moments. Ain't love grand folks! :) So I got out some benadryl thinking maybe she had an allergic reaction to the Motrin. Nope. It was worse at 5:30. It was all over her back, her legs, her face and on her ears. The hubby woke up our lovely son. He is 17 and just thinks it's wonderful to be woken up at 6:30 on a non-school-day. NOT!! But someone had to go with him as we both had gotten no sleep at all. Our little boo-bear does not suffer silently or alone.
I just got the phone call that the Doc took one look at her and got out the heavy duty guns for the hives. I asked if she was sleepy cause we hadn't been to bed yet. Surely she is tired and we can sleep the day away! No. She is not tired. She is hungry for breakfast and ready to watch some cartoons. She is still running a high fever but with all the excitement and her being the center of attention she isn't going to miss this sleeping the day away!! So being the mom...and ladies out there you will all be sighing and "remembering when" while you read this...I have told my body that there is not a virus raging in it! I am no longer sick!! Do you hear me body??!! The hubby is down for the is sick and hive-covered...I've got to get some laundry done and disinfect this it is time for DA-DA-DA-DA (loud super hero music) THE MOM TO BE BETTER! The villinous virus is laughing thinking it has won. It is thinking I am not going to be able to overcome. Does it not know I am 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Scottish! I hear it shaking now! It is saying, "NO!!! NOT THE DREADED HOT TODDY!!" Oh yes folks! If this thing does not get out of me in a few hours I am going to remember my Grandmothers Irish Hot Toddy recipe and KILL IT MYSELF!!!!!! (more loud super hero music and some crazy laughing from the feverish...but no longer able to be
I will keep you all updated on what I am now calling......The Crisis of 07'

the end.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

sick......send motrin!!
The Capt paid for a steak and lobster dinner. He was going to take me out tonight for our anniversary. Since I am sick and miserable he took our son instead. THERE-IS-JUST-NO-JUSTICE-IN-THE-WORLD.
I am going back to the couch now to lay there and ponder the why of it all. night everyone,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warning: sappy stuff ahead!!

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it! Woke up this morning with the worst cold known to man...AUGH!!! More on that in a minute. Also woke up to my hubby giving me a kiss on the cheek, before he went out the door to work, and telling me he loved me. SIGH!!! ( I did warn you about sappy stuff) 18 years people!! That is a long time. I met this man when I was just 15. We dated for about two weeks and then he got a hair cut. See he had this major afro going...then got it all cut off. I went over to his house to see him and when he walked around the corner and I saw him I felt my heart leap out of my chest and fall gently in his hands. He has had it there ever since. As you can imagine with this being an interracial marriage we've had our share of ups and downs. Mostly ups. He's a good man, my Capt and I love him dearly. I cannot imagine being married to anyone else. My daughter always tells us she will not settle for anything less then what we've found together. It is the highest of compliments to me. He just came home from work with this.....

It's a chest from China.....

The basket of roses is for Valentines day. Yep we got married on Valentines day. We drove to Vegas and got "hitched" by the Justice of the Peace. See, we couldn't afford to be married in a chapel of love and the JP was only $25 at the time. :) heehee The stories I could tell of trying to hang on to this man admidst parental worry...a year away (dad was in the Air Force and when I graduated we moved to Sicily...hubby still had a year to go in High School) and half the country against us at the word go. 18 years later what do I have to say about it all??? I would do it again in a minute! I don't regret a second. So raise your glasses everyone for a toast...To my hubby...may I always make you as happy as you have made me, may our life together be an exciting one and may we always remember that it is God who leads us and keeps us.

I am off to eat shrimp and scallops...the hubby felt that since I was sick he'd cook..and then tomorrow we are going out for steak and lobster! Life is good everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hi everyone!!! I have to work today. I am the Geometry teacher this morning. I went and met the teacher yesterday after school to see what he wanted from me and to ask questions. I made sure I didn't have to teach anyone anything cause if so....well God help em' is all I gotta say!!!
We had two young men over for dinner last night. They are both in 10th grade ( I think) and soooo nice!!! I made spaghetti and they stayed til 9:30. I laughed so hard at all their stories that I woke up this morning with a headache. :) They both left full and happy. It makes you feel kinda nice when you can do something for someone else!! Anyway, today I am off to school to make some money for my honey!! I got my signature blocks all finished for the siggie swap I joined and they turned out to be perfect 6 1/2" WHEW!!!! I was sweating the measurements big time!!! It's okay when you're making your own quilt but when other people are counting on you to get it right the pressure is on. It was a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Now I gotta get those blocks in the mail. They have to go all the way to Australia!!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fighting the good fight!!!! (and winning)

I found a picture of a messy room online...this is what my house felt like this morning when I woke up!!!!!!! I fought a hard battle with every room...I cleaned up all the last bits of mess from the flood we had (leaky water heater) I got the carpet all pulled up...I cleaned til everything sparkled! We went and got some new carpet at the store today and I laid it down after scrubbing the floors. Now all's I have left to say is...................................
CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! I am done and I am headed for a hot bath and then bed! Night everyone,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oprah..and the fight that wasn't

So I'm reading Oprah tonight while the hubby is minding his own business watching TV. There is an article in there...well I don't really remember what it was about only that the woman asked her hubby that if they were on the Titanic and he was given the chance to get in a life boat and she had to stay behind would he stay with her. He said no and they had the mother of all fights. Now you know that I've been working this week and am dealing with a flood in the living room. Today I pulled up the carpet. So I'm tired and it's getting close to YOU KNOW WHAT TIME OF MONTH and I'm probably hormonal. I look at my sweet unsuspecting hubby and decide that I'm going to ask him what he'd do. I'm having a little bit of attitude in the back of my mind cause hey, I'm tired...hormonal..and my living room is a mess. Anyway, I ask him. It went a little something like this...................

me: Hey Kareem...if we were on the Titanic and they said you could get on a boat but I'd have to stay would you go??

him: glancing away from the TV to crazy hormonal wife with the messy living room..."I'd stay with you."

me: you would?

him: Very matter of factly and kind of surprised I would even ask "yeah". he cute or what???!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

working hard...hardly working :)

I'm subbing at the kids school this week. I gotta tell ya...I'm having a ball!! I'm in the Health/Home Ec room teaching the 9th and 11th graders. Kids are so much fun!!! Most all of them are being really good for me. I get to see my kids a couple of times a day and I'm able to save up some spending money for when my mom comes. Some of the kiddos are a trip!! I've had one kid skip class, one I had to move cause she was talking so much and one who couldn't sit still to save his life. They keep the day interesting! It's weird to cause I'm trying to keep up with the house but I'm so tired when I get home I've got nothing left! I missed my Monday cleaning day and my Friday cleaning day is a no-go cause I've gotta work. Those of you who know and love me are smiling right now cause you know that though this seems small, to me IT'S A BIG DEAL!! So I've got laundry everywhere...dishes in the sink....some unmade beds. Sigh, I guess I'm gonna have to find my way with this new phase. How do you all do it???? I need some advice. I'm not going to sweat the small stuff on the days I do have to work. And I know that on Saturday I can get my house back but how do I keep up when I have to work for a week at a time?? I can see you guys all rolling your eyes saying "oh got problems...NOT"!hahahahaha I know!! But seriously....HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL?????????????
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! I have to go now cause in the midst of my working hard we have to go to a meeting at church. Bye all!!!
p.s. If any of you are feeling bad for me now send chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, February 05, 2007


It's Super Bowl Monday here in Korea...we are a day ahead and had to get up at 6am to watch!! We are a house divided here at Chez' Owens. I am rooting for Tony Dunge and the Capt and the son want the Bears to win. I've like Dunge since he was the coach in Tampa and thought he got a raw deal there. I guess your asking son??? If it's Monday there why is the son home and not in school?? Well we figured since it's Black History Month we'd give all three the day off from school and let them see a little slice of history. Do we rock as parents or what. I'm thinking that the excuse note should go a little something like this...

Dear School,
Please excuse my kiddos for being absent on Monday. They each came down with a rare case of superbowleitis. The treatment consisted of chicken wings and soda and much yelling and cheering for the Colts.
Thank You,
Dawn "best momma in the world" Owens

Saturday, February 03, 2007


How can anyone not love Maxine???!!! Just a couple of her sayings to make ya smile!


Hi all!! It is Saturday night here at Chez' Owens. My whole family is out cept' for me. I have the WHOLE house to myself. :) I realized tonight that there are some changes taking place for my little family. The 17 year old is out with friends...the 14 year old just left to go and meet some friends at a basketball game and spend the night at her bff's house and the 9 year old is at a party. The Capt is dropping her off and hitting the gym for two hours while she's bowling. My family is growing up. My kiddos come home with "posse's" now. When did all this happen?? I must've blinked without thinking. When I realized tonight that we are hitting another milestone here, I sat and thought how I should feel. My kiddos are growing up happy...busy...with lives full of teen and pre-teen drama. Soon one of them is going to leave my nest. He has grown up so much this year. In a couple of months he will be 18! My gosh. Next year the 14 year old enters high school! The 9 year old will almost be in middle school. And 40 is staring at me from around the corner. So how do I feel about all of this???
blessed, very blessed.

Friday, February 02, 2007

You guys rock!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my posting called Weight. You guys are so awesome!! Blogging about stuff that is weighing (get it!! heehee) heavy on your mind is so cathardic but then to have people write and either agree or politely disagree is the bomb to me!! You all have a wonderful day!!
p.s. do you all think I am majorly smart now that I used the word cathardic in my post?? hahahahahahahahaha

It's done!!!

Here it is!!! It's done...HURRAY!!! I've been at Downstairs Jen's house twice this week for some much needed QR&R..that's quilting rest and relaxation for those of you not in the know. :) I finally got my Thimbleberries block of the month done. I LOVE IT!!!! This is maybe going to my Dad. He loves his garden and watches his birds in the backyard all year long...but now I'm not sure it's manly enough. I may have to keep it and make him something more testosterony. What do you all think??? Mom...are you out there??? Do you think I should make him something else?? When I look at this it makes me think about where I was in my quilting two years ago. Triangles were such a huge deal to me. Just making a simple 9 patch took everything I had!
Today is Friday here and since I've been playing around all week long I'm paying the piper today...I gotta clean! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've been following the Tyra Banks controversy and I gotta tell you, to me, it's pretty interesting. She is a tall woman and has gained 30+ pounds since her modeling days. The whole tabloid industry is all over her...calling her fat and putting every nasty picture they can take on their magazines. She, in turn, went public with the fact that yes, it's hurt her and no, she is not going in hiding to only come out after she gets to where "they" fell she is attractive again. Nope. She is going public with this in order to try and make some changes.
Since I've got this blog...and hey I gotta put my two cents in somewhere I thought I'd comment. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I've been up and I've been down. I've starved myself I've excercised I've dieted I've not dieted and gone the other way. It's exhausting! It is a very tender subject for me. See I was the little girl the kids made fun of at school. I learned to be invisible because if I stood out I ran the risk of being called fat. It hurt so much that when I was in high school and thin I dropped out of the race for Homecoming Queen because I couldn't take all those eyes on me. You know whats funny about that?? I was my thinest then becuase I would only eat one meal a day and STILL people told me if I lost 5-10 more pounds I could look like a model. Never enough. I've even had my husband talk to me about it. That took two years to get over. I now am a little older and a little wiser. I have to be. I have two daughters. Here is what I've learned from all of this...

We never, in my house, tease anyone or talk about anyone who struggles with issues. Whenever it comes up I tell my kids what I've gone through and how much it hurts and how it stays with you in the tender places of your heart. It has made my kids more compasionate.

You have to love yourself or else how can anyone else be expected to.

What if you never change...can you love yourself as you are?? Start from there.

Forgive yourself. Everyone has something they struggle with! Everyone.

And lastly, use what you've gone through to make some good come out of it. I teach Childrens Church and at times have worked with the teens. Sometimes when we have our lessons on kindness we talk a little about some of the things I've gone through and let me tell you...when a kid knows that you have been there done that and know where they're coming from...well you can change the world and how others treat people.

Do I still stuggle today? Yep. But not as much as I used to. I think the "straw" was realizing how much it hurt when my own husband brought it up...and I was thin then. I told myself that I wouldn't spend one more day feeling "less then". Nope. Enough of my life had been spent on that. I now focus on the wonderful things I do have to offer. I try to be the best momma I can be. I've got three of the most terrific kiddos to show for it if I do say so myself. :) I focus on being kinder. I try to embrace life. I love to get out there and explore. I don't hide in the back anymore and I really like myself for the first time in a long time. This is an issue I feel strongly about which is why this post is sooooo long. If you've read it to the end you rock...A LOT! :) If you have a daughter..or a son..who is struggling with this. Give them a break. The world is a tough place and they will get their knocks from it. If we start to teach compassion in our own homes we can make some good changes. And lastly, look at your own self in the mirror today. Let your mind go blank for at least a minute and then say, okay. This is me and you know what...I'm pretty awesome. If we start there maybe our own daughters won't have to struggle with this as much as we have. I'm thinking that's something to work towards.
I also promise tomorrows post will be lighter and more fun!! heehee thanks for loving me anyway!! :)