Friday, February 23, 2007

Sorry it's been a couple of days since my last post. There has been No-thing going on here! I mean nothing!!! I had middle daughter home sick for two days with the dreaded virus. She is going back to school today...I think we are virus free now. Everyone has had it. Other then that I've just been making ice water for sick people and finding the remote and getting blankets for cold people. Nothing exciting. We did go out to dinner with our English class. I'll post some pics of that later on today. We had a really good time! They love our little boo-bear and brought her gifts for the Solar New Year. She got a huge bouquet of flowers and a cheese cake. :) We didn't bring her with to the dinner cause she was still getting over being sick. Everyone was very disappointed. When we got home with her gifts she couldn't believe it!
Today Walker Jen and I are meeting Lil to go to the fabric place. Lil and I have been writing back and forth. She is here in South Korea and we met through each others blogs. This is the first time I've met someone because of blogging. I'm pretty excited! I'll make sure I take pictures and I'll post them later too. Well, it's early here so I've got to get the kiddos up and moving. EVERYONE is going to school today!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!


Jenna said...

Have a great time at the Fabric mart!