Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tonight is the night of your senior prom. Your tailor made, thank you very much, suit was picked up yesterday with a tie to match your date's dress. The corsage is in the fridge and you are smelling like heaven itself. I must admit my heart is a little bruised watching as you get ready. When did you grow up?? I don't remember telling you that it was okay.

I catch glimpses of that little boy who stole my heart 18 years ago. Here you are taking time out of your Prom preparation to play a little X-Box 360 with your best friend.
And then you walk by fixing your tie asking if you look all right.
You look wonderful to these eyes. Just as wonderful as you did such a short time ago when they placed you in my arms for the very first time.
Here is one of your best friends..ignore the naked pictures are on a slow boat to the states...sob!
This guy.....
and this guy are your Ace-Boon-Coons. Your buds. Your amigos. They run tame here at Chez Owens and eat me out of house and home regularly. Shhhh don't tell them but I think they are magnificent...even with the whole eating all my food thing.
When did you get taller then your dad? When my love?? While you were getting all cutie-fied I remembered a time when you were around 3 1/2. I had just had your sister and was feeling mighty fat. Your daddy had a function that we had to attend. It was semi-formal so I took myself off to the mall that day to look for a dress. Man oh man was that ever depressing! I'd had a baby three weeks dress fit. I finally found something three hours before the function, came home, showered, did my hair and tried not to cry with how much I did not want to go to this thing. You walked by the bathroom where I was doing some last minute hair fluffing and your eyes got big. You looked up at me and in your little boy voice you said, "Mommy! Are you a princess?" Oh my son. In just that moment I sure did feel like one.
In just a few short days you will graduate High School. You're staring manhood in the face.
We can see you are mightily impressed with that fact.
Have a good time tonight son!
I'm proud of you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A sew day...

I am sitting on my bed enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day. My home sounds all hollow. Our stuff is gone. I have a deep desire to get my hands in some fabric. I just know it is going to kill me waiting until the middle of August to see all my quilting things again. Those things become your friends. My rotary cutter. My rulers. My fa-sob!-ric. My sniiiiiiffff Juki!! I did keep my little handy dandy Brother machine and I kept a project I was working on AND I was smart and kept my sewing box AAAAND I was even smarter cause I picked out fabrics for another project to keep me busy while I await to get on a jet plane in 30 days. So all that means that I am going over to Walker Jen's with Walker Leigh for a much needed sew day. A girls day. A day with ma' gurls. We will only get to sew for an hour or so and then we all have errands but oh that hour...complete bliss. There will be cutting and sewing and laughing and talking and sharing and maybe, if I'm lucky, there will be some eating. Just the kind of day you need after the packers leave.
I hope everyone has just such a day planned!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

and in conclusion

They are done.
They are gone.
Dinner has been eaten.
The no pack zone has been tidied and suitcases have been put in the correct rooms again.
The dog and cat have been given mucho extree loving to help with the moving jitters.
The floors have been swept.
The dishes have been done.
Kids are in bed.

Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes a packing day courtesy of the wonderful boys in blue otherwise known as THE AIR FORCE otherwise known as THE PEEPS WHO KEEP YOU SAFE AS YOU SLEEP IN YOUR BED WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND A SONG IN YOUR HEART. :) Now you know what a military spouse goes through on moving day.

If you stayed with me this entire day...well you are awesome first of all and second of all DELURK ALREADY!!

That's it...I am drained...that's all I got...the end....peace out.

It is 6pm...I'm now hiding in my room again

Okay folks. It is 6pm. I'm tired (cause yeah, like I've done anything remotely strenuous today) I'm hungry and I just heard them drop a box. Something broke. I just know it did. Then they started yelling at each other in Korean. I am now hiding in my bedroom. Sitting on my bed with my puter and my dog. The hubby can handle it. He let them have a sip of brandy!

having a wee little nip

The movers have now just had a wee-nip of some brandy. They are now going to finish loading a bunch of stuff on the conveyer belt thingie.....may the force be with them.

Keepin' it real in Korea

In the home stretch....and I escaped for a bit!!!

I had to go and pay for The Son's suit we had made for prom so while I was on base and had to potty really really bad I ran over to Walker Leighs for a bit. Had a nice glass of water and then hit the road back to the craziness. I pulled up to the bongo truck being put to good use. Our stuff is loaded on the flat bed contraption from our balcony on the 3rd floor and then two adashees wait for it to fill up and come down. Then they step into action and load our things in big ole' crates. They just painted all of our pertinent info on the sides of the crates and it looks like our delivery date in the states is set for August 15th. Yeah. I will be without my stuff for that long ladies. Thank you all for feeling sad for me. I am feeling sad too.

My new couch just went down.
There went the love seat.
Annnnnd there goes our entertainment center.

They just asked the hubby for the leftover liquor we took out of our semi-bar!!!! hahahahahaha The hubby said okay! We are in like flynn now bab-ees!!


I just decided that this whole sitting on the couch watching the movers pack and take has made me to tired to cook tonight. Informed the hubby he would be taking me out to dinner. Ignored his pained expression. Will be eating out in style...sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Like I said......I'm hawt!
p.s. hubby is confused as to why I felt the need to share with the world at large the ahem "literary item" found in master bedroom. He was told to "Buck up Bucky!! This here is ma' blog...go get cher own!"
This is why they call me D-Money. It's the tude. The At-Ti-Tude.

After lunch update....

So they are back from lunch and my house it smells of kimche!!!! Yummmmmm fermented vegetables!! Can we say smelli-belli!!!
They are back...still packing and still amazed at the amount of stuff we have in here. I can cram some stuff in nooks and cranny's like nobody's buz-niss! :)
The hubby is home now. He handled the whole $800 in tickets debacle. They understoond that it wasn't fair for them to just hold these tickets cause they didn't get our Air Force address. They understood that if we had known we couldn't drive in a bus lane or actually read Korean then we wouldn't have gotten some of the tickets. Can they take some away. No. Can they lower some?? Not really. So they are all paid and the van will be on a very large boat sometime tomorrow..thank you Lord!
My kiddos are all home from school. Getting in the Adashee's way. That'll teach em to get all nekkid in ma' his-ouse!

Red Faced...the post my mom cannot read...LOOK AWAY WOMAN LOOK AWAY!!

The adashee's have left for lunch! Hurray!! I get a break from all the nekked-ness and the farting. One "miiiinor" thing happened right before they left. I heard some giggling coming from the master bedroom. Oh jeez! Then I heard some discussing and more giggling ensued. When I went in there after they left ummmmmmmmmmmmm I will only say that the whole room is packed except for one leeeetle something. AND MOM I TOTALLY SWEAR THAT IT'S NOT MINE IT IS THE CAPT'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in-nets I totally swear that no batteries were included. It was a book...giggle...a book....more giggling. It got me to thinking what other things they find in the drawers (or in our case...under the bed and forgotten for two years cause we are hawt like that) and in the nether-reaches of peoples homes.

Hmmmmmm makes ya think huh!

p.s. wasn't just the Capt's. There! Ya happy now! Sheesh! Can't even have any privacy blogging about every little thing in my life! Hmph!
p.s. SugarMommy...I just left you a comment on your blog. :) smooches!


Good Gravey!! One of the Adashee's just farted!! Loudly!! I hope to God Above it wasn't in my room and if so that he was on the hubby's side of the bed when he let loose.

Naked lie!

One of the movers called me to look at something in our bedroom. Since they packed some stuff that we asked them not to in Middle Daughters room they've been calling me about everything. They want to make sure they do a good job and I love them more and more for it. Now as I was walking past my son's room I looked in and one of the guys was pulling his pants up and fixing his shirt.

I shall let that sink in for a bit.

Wha??????? What was he doing?? Did I ask?? No, I pretended like I didn't see him while the other guys were laughing like loons. Why the heck is my husband not here I say!!!! If I see any actual booties I promise pictures cause I cannot let the crazy go by unseen!!!

Viva La Nakedness!!

Stardate - 2133432

I am now very embarassed by the dust balls that have been a-rollin in here for me to look at. Each time one rolls by I watch it and try not to yell out that I really am a good housekeeper!! I really am!!

Dust balls - 1

D-Money - zip

Sometime between 10 and 11 am...

The clipboard Adashee has called in re-inforcements to walk around and hmmmmmm-hmmm with him. They are right now having a heated discussion in the hallway. I am thinking they are discussing whether I look more like Angelina Jolie or Cate Blanchet. I am leaning towards Angelina. They are in no way saying that they didn't bring enough crates to stuff my things in. Oh, where is the hubby you ask?? He bailed. Said he had things to do. Im-port-tant-e' things. I think I heard something break and one of lie...said "Aw shit!" Back uno momento.
False alarm.
My home is now filled with many many Adashee's. There is tape being pulled and boxes being filled. They are slowly making thier way to where I am. Where do I go from here?? (Anyone know where that little line comes from??'s a song by a veddy famous singer.)

Did I mention my dog is a - freakin' out?? Yep. She is.

10: I don't know the clock is packed...

A new Adashee just showed up. He had a clipboard. He must be official. heehee He walked around the living room, where I am sitting watching a movie on the puter'. He didn't say a word, just walked around mumbling hmmmmm. um-hmmmmm. Very official words you know.
He looked worried as to how he was going to lift our big tv and our big couch out onto the balcony and onto the flatbed so they could hoist it down. Must admit, I'm a little worried now myself. Hmmmmmm. Um-hmmmmm


Watching the new Indiana Jones here...don't ask how. What happens in Korea stays in Korea. I just wanted to say that Shai Labeouf.........rockin HAWT!!! :)


I am now the Adashee's best friend...I gave them each a cold coke. :) Yeah, way to grease the movers.

9:45 update....

I got my first "Ma'am!" Seemed to be a problem with what to take in Middle Daughters room. They kept out what should go and packed away what should stay...she now has no blankets. No biggie. The Adashi smiled and said "Opps!" hahahahaha I wasn't about to make him open up some boxes...we'll cope. We smiled at each other and I am back where I belong...on the couch watching a movie on the laptop wishing I had me some popcorn and a coke. You wouldn't believe it but they are halway done and they've been packing for only an hour annnnnd we had a lot of stuff!!!

Anyone out there got some popcorn and a coke?????????

If so...send ASAP!

Moving Day is Here!!!

Ever wonder what a military wife (or hubby) goes through when the packers and movers show up?? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I am here to tell lucky dogs you!!

Oh, I've given myself a break on the while pictures thing. I will get to it this weekend when the who debacle is ovah.:)

So it is 8:30 in the a-yem here in cloudy South Korea. I've spent the past week getting ready for the packers to descend upon us. I have thrown a box full of large black trash bags full of stuff away. I've cleaned and cleaned again. I've done a mountain of dishes cause my kiddos need to drink in a glass glass and not a dixie cup. That's where the yelling came in. I yelled. I yelled some more. I took long hot baths and re-thought this whole military spouse thing. I took a couple of Valium. Didn't help me sleep a-tall. Did enough laundry to clothe a small country. What I'm trying to say is this...I am as ready as I will ever be. The packers are here. They are speaking much Korean and figuring things out. My dog is freaking out in the "No Pack Zone" and the cat is voicing his opinion on such awful treatment. He has a thing for boxes so is banished to the "No Pack Zone" as well. (it's actually the computer room with the door shut and taped off)
Just had an Adashi walk through and say good morning. I have given them coffee...opened up the fridge and shown them where cold soda's are...and shown them the water machine so they can get cold water all day long. I'm in!
I hear tape being torn and boxes being built. We live on the third floor so the "Bongo Truck" has been dispatched and things will go out by way of our balcony. I know I have a picture of that around here someplace....I'll try and find it.
So far so good.
Updates to follow. :)
Never a dull moment is our motto here at Chez' Owens!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am such a goofball!

This morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee I happened across Walker Leigh's blog ( and tried to leave a comment. I hit what I thought was enter and all of the sudden I heard a Korean womans voice coming out of my laptop speakers. Here was my first thought...

"Oh crap!!! They are now telling me I need to pay my internet bill through the computer cause I won't answer the phone.........ever!!!"

My second thought was..

"How cool is that??!!?"

Yeah. Just figured out what happened...know when you go to post a comment and you can see that wheelchair icon?? If you press on that a voice comes on telling you what word you need to type in if the account has word verification. Since I live in Korea it comes out in Korean. It was not the phone company/internet company tracking me down.


Dear Walker Jen...a confession..

Dear Walker Jen,
Remember the other day when you were just a "tad" stressed out about the movers coming and Walker Leigh and I gave you sage advice?? Member some of our advice included...
- Girl just start one room at a time
- purge all the junk
- you can do this!!
- get it together!!
- no need to be stressed!! Nope, none at all!
- moving is a piece of just need to be organized.

Hmph. Well I have a confession to make. Sunday was my day to do all the above. The packers come this Thursday and I had a whole plan. I woke up Sunday, looked around, thought of all I had to do and then promptly went back to bed at noon and didn't get up again til 6pm. No lie girlfriend. The kids and the hubby all walked around silently. They were in fear of invoking the crazy woman so they left me alone. Every once in awhile someone would peek in on me and ask if I was okay. Then they would back out when they saw me hugging my blankie and sucking my thumb, rocking to and fro singing lullaby's to myself. It weren't pretty.
On Monday I told myself I had to do better. I had to get it together. This was me!!! I was a moving machine!!! I could do this!! Again, by noon I was found. Taking a break. Eating a popcicle hiding behind a bunch of quilts and blankets I had just folded. I had answered a gazillion questions. I had helped the girls with their rooms. Boo-Bear, of course, took it upon herself to go through her room alone and found two large garbage bags full of old papers and just she didn't want. Did she put any of it in the bags?? No she did not. She pushed it in piles and the made a fort in her closet where she hid out eating popsicles and reading Archie comics. (hmmmmm just had an epiphany...if that girl isn't like me I don't know who is) I confess to you, Dear Walker Jen, that I almost had a break down right then and there. What finally sent me to the corner was walking into the kitchen and seeing what my "family" had done in there. shudder!
After an hour break I got myself back together and did the rest of the house. I am still working on laundry. I still need to help everyone pack but that is a chore better left for tomorrow. The hubby still needs to go through all the papers he's left everywhere and The Son needs to make sure his graduation stuff is in the "NO PACK ZONE"
So my dearest friend. Next time you look at Walker Leigh and I with a crazed look in your eyes and say maybe all this moving stuff isn't for you...I will be the first one to fix you a beer and say
My apologies,

Friday, May 23, 2008

Excuses.... as you see there are no pics today. My dog ate them..heehee I really do have a good excuse..I have about a zillion of them actually. Wanna hear them?? Here we go:
1. Baseball: The Boo Bear is on a baseball team. Every Saturday and sometimes on Fridays we have games. Plural. Some days we have back to back games. Then I am so exhausted from cheering and shouting for her to hit the ball that I need a nap. So I take one. Maybe I take two.
2. The ever present sadness. Or what we like to call in the family "mom's black goop" They were here with a vengeance for a couple of weeks. You know what you hear when you put in ear plugs?? How you can hear a little bit but not all the way?? That is how I felt. It is only my superhuman amazing powers of greatness that kept me going these past 4 months. Oh, well that and a little visit to the doctor to UP THE MEDS ALREADY AND GIVE THIS GIRL A FRICKIN BREAK!! Then she slowly backed away and opened the pharmacy. She told me to take whatever I needed. I am now happy again. God bless "vitamins!!"
3. Moving. Good gravy. We are moving. From South Korea back to the good ole US of A. It takes a lot of work to do this. Lots of papers. Lots of "oh, we didn't really understand your address cause you are Air Force and this here is an army base so you've been getting tickets since 2006 and you need to pay them before we can ship your van." Can I tell you that if we sent the money to a third world country instead they would no longer be a third world country. We had no idea we were doing anything wrong as all the signs are in Korean but we still gots to pay the Man. Hate the Man!!
4. Very traumatic trip to the (shudder) dentist! Had a tooth break. It had been heading that way for awhile. Sunday before church I bit into some gum and heard a crack. Then felt pain all the way into my eyeball. Knew I was in trouble. The hubby knew it cause I screamed and bolted to the bathroom. Then he wanted to see it. I held onto my face and yelled "no!! don't touch me!!" While he rolled his eyes and prayed I would grow up and stop acting 12 and all. Had to run to the ER to get the tooth pulled. Was introduced to percocet. I love you percocet. I see puffy pink clouds and hear Carpenter songs when I take some percocet. Where is my percocet by the way..I think it may be time to take another lovely pill. Again...THANK GOD FOR "VITAMINS!!"
5. The Son Is Graduating. My baby is grown. He has hair on his chin. He likes to look at it and comb it and show it to us every chance he gets. He is graduating High School in two weeks. Where did the time go?? This is the kid who had me at hello. I was so excited to be pregnant with him. He was going to be my son named...well The Son for all you stalkers sitting in your underwear reading this doing a little diddle to yourself. EWWWWW to you!! Anyway, like I said. He is graduating. We have had a flurry of activity trying to get him ready. The money you spend on a senior the last couple of months of high school is astronomical! It is worth it though to see his face when he opens up his announcements or puts on his 2008 grad t-shirt. It hurts my heart a little every time he wakes up and announces how many days left of school he has. I may have snuck into his room at night to look at him whilst he slept. Just so I could love him from the doorway and have wonderful hopes of greatness and happiness for him as he goes into adulthood. SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFF did I already say THANK GOD FOR VITAMINS??!!

Well good friends, that is some of the stuff that has been going on here. All of that and my daddy going through chemo. I am back now. Better then ever!! Today my girls and I are going to Osan for a shopping trip. Well, since the hubby got all those tickets (yeah!! I called ya out Capt!!) I can't really shop but I can go along and have me some fun. Oh, and eat at Chili's!! Which isn't a big deal if you are in America but it is if you are in the land of "Cow innards are yummy."
I loves me some chili's!!
I promise pics this weekend!!!
bye everyone...and thank you for all the kind emails. You guys are better then percocet!! heehee

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow! I'm back

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted. Let's just say I haven't had "the sads" in a very loooong time and this one was a doozy. I needed lots of sewing time with my girls :) Hi girls!! and some extree "vitamins". Now I am feeling all better and much more like myself. Hmmmm what has happened around here that I can tell you about. I am working on a post about a wonderful person from The Land Down Under who sent me a gift in a swap I am in. I need to take pics.....cept I can't get pics of the chocolate as that was eaten by locusts 5 minutes after I opened the pacage. Crazy locusts! I also finished three duvets!! The wonderful Walker Jen aka All Knowing Sewing Savant taught Walker Leigh and I how to do zippers (my new favoritest things!!) and how to make duvets and pillows. We are furiously sewing stuff before our packers come. Alllllllllllllllllllllllllso I had a dental emergency that has taken me a week to get over. Shudder!!! Give me a day to post some pics,......that is if you are still out there reading about me and mine after such an extended stay away.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Life sometimes gets in the way.....

Man, lately I've had nothing. Nothing at all to write about. Nothing funny anyway. Sometimes this happens to me. I get in this ummmmmm lets call it a mood, shall we. I've dealt with these moods for many years and know that it will pass. Doesn't make it any easier to go through. I've been reading some blogs out there in blog-land and it is interesting to me that there are others going through it at the same time....and writing about it. It's not an easy thing to understand unless you go through it yourself. The being tired. The feelings of anxiety. Being sad for no good reason at all. Feeling like it takes a tremendous effort to get up in the morning and put your best face out there. It can't be easy for the family either to watch you struggle.
My family is really good about the whole thing. They know it's something I struggle with from time to time. It lasts a couple of days and then I'm able to get a handle on it and life continues for months at a time til it hits again. There are many things I do to get myself out of it...I won't bore you with all the details...but if you are struggling with it to here are three things you can do that have always helped me...

1. Get out of the house. Call your best girls and go out. For lunch. Shopping. Get a pedicure. Go to the library and stock up on some books. Don't have any money?? Call your "besties" and invite yourself over for some coffee and the kind of understanding only another woman can give.
Go to the mall and get a small soda and some popcorn and then wait on a comfortable bench for the crazies to walk on past. You and your girls can ask each other "what the heck kinda mirror was she lookin in this morning?!" laugh a bit and you will feel better.

2. Cut yourself a break. So you struggle a bit. Who doesn't??! Really, you'd be surprised. Tell yourself that this to shall pass. Give yourself a day or two. Maybe curl up in your softest blanket and watch Friends on DVD. Get out your prettiest tea-pot, get out the good cookies you hide in the cupboard for just such a time and have an hour or two for yourself. Tell yourself that you will get through. It doesn't last forever. Just sucks while you are in the throes of it.

3. Talk about it. This is the big one. Tell someone you trust that you are going through a tough time right now. That there is really no reason, you are just struggling. Let someone else be there for you. Really, talking about it helps.

Okay, enough of the "Serious" for now. I am off to get myself ready to take Walker Jen out to SDot so she can buy some pretties for her Empire. Just wanted you to know that if you happen to be "going through it" I feel for you. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo get it. Believe me. Hang in there. This too will pass. It will.

Friday, May 02, 2008

My quilts...

You know those two quilts I posted about yesterday?? Yep, those two down below this post. I wanted to keep them out of my mother's hot little hands as she has ummmmmmmm I think 3 quilts from me and one that I crocheted. (is that anywhere close to how it's really spelled??) Yesterday I read this comment in the comments section on the quilts...

Daaaaaaaaaaaang you are good! I know I will find somewhere in my house for the beautiful quilts. Thanks Honey.Love Mom

Hmmmmmmmm guess I should get out a box and start writing out that customs form. Do you think she'd believe they got lost in the mail??? Hey Mom!! They got lost in the mail!! Really!!!! The mailman losted them!! I promise!!!

sigh...she's lucky she's so cute!!!

disclaimer: heehee this post is totally tongue in cheek. :) No one out there should feel sorry for me that my mom has hot little hands!! hahahahahaa

Daaaaaaaang I'm good!!!

Look what I made you guys!!!! I know, I can't believe it either!!! I just saw the pics of my quilts that Walker Jen's mom....... just finished quilting for me. Wow they turned out good!!! I can't wait to get these babies in the mail! The first one I made out of all the fabric that the Capt got me for Christmas...well truth be told he was smart and gave Walker Leigh a bunch of money to pick out some fabric for smart man!

The second one is for Middle Daughter. She picked out the colors.....she likes them brights! hahahahahahaha

Happiness is some quilts coming in the mail to drool over!!!
Thanks karensquilting!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

you've got to read this............................ must....MUST!! must go to Walker Jen's blog and read what went down with her little guy....naked as the day was born, a Korean potty, an ajashee trying to help, two friends who were no help whatsoever as we ummmmm they, yeah they, were laughing to hard to be of any assistance and a momma.
Get ready to hold your sides with laughter!! hahahahaha go here.....