Monday, April 27, 2009

I know, I totally dropped off the face of the earth. Things are busy my way. The Capt is having a big ceremony this week cause he is becoming a Major!!! Big Big Doings!! We have a couple of surprises in the works for him that I can't post on here in case he reads the ole' blog this week. I'll be taking this week off from blogging since there is so much to do. I hope I have some readers still when I return. I need to do a blog post thanking some wonderful Aussies out there!! They sent me some birthday pressies that I am in awe over. You guys are so great.......I just loves ya!!

Gotta run...did I mention our dryer went kaputz?? Yep. Life didn't want me to get bored or anything! :)
Happy Monday everyone!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two down, one to go...

Our Jen left about 5 minutes ago.
I am having one more cup of coffee and then it is my turn to start getting ready.
We leave for the airport in about 2 hours.

I am savoring.

The Great Ya-Ya Reunion of 09' is almost at an end.


Friday, April 17, 2009

And then there were three.....FINALLY!!!!

Oh yeah! Our girl made it to Te-Has this afternoon!! Leigh and I saw her pull up and made a mad dash to find our cameras. After much hugging Jen broke out the presents.....ahhhhhh presents!

What do you get for the girl who just turned 40????? You get her all kinds of goodies to snack on and some FABRIC!!!!!!!!

Mine is on the right and the one she got for Leigh is on the left. Yes fellow fabric lovers, we hugged it and called it pressssssssssssssssssious. I may even sleep with mine tonight.

Speaking of fabric, here is the kit I got the other day. Isn't it luscious!!!!!!!!! Yep, I hug it and call it pressssssssssious too.
I may have a sickness.

Here is me with my loot. Can you see that the sparkle is back in my eyes??! I am back with my girls and haven't felt this happy and yet so settled inside of my sould in months.

Ya-Ya's...they do a body good.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One third of the way there!!!

I am having a ball Int-Netz!!! We have lunched. We have shopped. We've been to the gym twice.....yes, I almost died on the stair stepper. We've been out to dinner. We shopped some more. We ran some errands. We've partaken of some lovely wine. We've laughed til my sides hurt. We have talked about everything and solved many of the worlds problems. Ask me what to do about the whole Pirate Situation....we covered that one in detail.
I am savoring every minute here.

Yesterday we had pedicures on the agenda. There is nothing I like more the a good pedicure and this one was really really good. The chairs that we sat in massaged our backs and necks. The little lady who did me was someones Great Great Great Grandmother and was in no rush. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home to live with me forever.

I asked her if she could do designs and she assured me she could. I asked her if she had books I could look at to pick out my design. Again, she said yep, the had plenty of books. Then she proceeded to put exactly what she wanted on my toes.
Her friend was in the shop and they were talking about all kinds of stuff. Her friend took a look at the design she was doing on mah toe and said to me....I kid you not, I cannot make this stuff up...she says to me "I wish I had big feet!" She told me her toes were little dainty things and she couldn't get designs on hers. Yep, everyone stopped talking to look at me. What can you say when someone says that to you??? I laughed! I need to start thanking The Crazy for finding me while I am out in the world minding my own business. It surely makes my days more fun! hahahahaha

Here is a pic of our toes after they were done. My big ole' boats are on the left. :)

Tonight Leigh's son turned 9. We went out to dinner to celebrate and had cake. Ummmmm cake.
As soon as the kiddos go to bed we are breaking out the daiquiris from Daiquiri Express.
The only thing that could make this perfect would be if Jen were here....she arrives tomorrow.
Look out world. And then there were three!!!!!!
Dawn Of The Big Feets Signing Off For Now!

Muh Birthday And Going to Leigh's Hiz-ouse. :)

Okay, I know my birthday is over and I am a couple of days into 40 but I had to show the world at large why I love's me my hubby. For the past twenty years he has made sure that I get crab legs on my special day. I thought for sure that because of Saturday being such a busy day that it would be a no go so I didn't say anything. He surprised me by going to the grocery store and getting three pounds for me to have...all by my self!!!! Can you just say yummmmmmmmy??!

Okay, enough slobbering the love over The Capt...moving is Ms. Grace in all her glory with a quilt on and ready to go. I love her!! Every time I walk past her she whispers to me..."come and play!! Dishes be darned!! Who needs clean clothes??? Come on and sew a little sumpin sumpin." Now I just need to figure out to do with the wall behind the machine cause it is driving me crazy. I'm thinking I may paint. Or maybe go to IKEA and see what they have. My frame is not happy in her sewing room. She needs some color in there...and storage....and a pool man named Paco! heehee

This is me feeling movie star glamorous before I went to the airport. It was a looooooong day folks. I don't even know what to say about all the waiting and changing gates and broken planes. Traveling is no easy thing these days. Good thing I had a People magazine with me so I could keep abreast of the whole Lindsey Lohan/ SaMANtha situation. The child needs a mother. That's all I can say about that.
Okay, hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!! Today we are off to a quilt store and I feel the need to stimulate the economy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm here....and it's fab-u-lus!!! Got here after a very crazy day at the airports.....ummmmm American Eagle...WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS AND YOUR SMALL AIRPLANES AND OMG THE TURBULANCE!!! I told the hubby as I was eating my breakfast that I should really be eating the double chocolate chip ice cream cause if the plane goes down I would be really mad that whole grain toast was the last meal....and a couple of times yesterday I was rueing that toast. We thought we were gonna eat it ya'll.....really. sigh.
This morning we celebrated our being back together with a trip to the gym! Yeah us!! Leigh is all working on her cute-i-fied-ness with a personal trainer so being the good friend I am I brought work out clothes and went with her. Good thing too cause I stepped on her scale this morning and ummmmmmmmmmmm note to my behind?? Yeah, you can stop growing now. It is not pretty. Seriously.
Okay, enough for to shop til we drop and eat lettuce and carrots for lunch. heehee

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane!!!

Today is the day!!!! It is the day I hop on a plane and ride to Texas to see Leigh! On Thursday Jen will join us and the Ya-Ya's will be together once more.
I'm leaving for the airport in an my magazines....a camera with batteries....some money for coffee.....or wine if we hit turbulence.....and a great attitude. :)

Thank you to everybody who took time out of their busy lives to tell me happy birthday! You guys are the bestest and I will reply when I get myself settled at Leigh's. Yesterday, she was a busy one and I only had about 5 seconds of computer time.

Hugs and Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Soooooo ummmmmmm remember when I said there would be pictures of the OHMYGOSHILOVEMYFRAME quilt frame?? Welll see here's what happened. I got out my camera. Took aim. Clicked. Nothing. I said to myself, "self, something didn't work right." Then I pointed and clicked again. Nothing. I pressed a couple of buttons then sat down to work out what was what with the camera and it wouldn't even turn on. I mean what the heck! I just put new batteries in it and everything! Then I thought...hmmmm hubby left on Monday and was looking for some batteries...surely he wouldn't take mine when I TOLD HIM I BOUGHT BATTERIES ESPECIALLY FOR THE CAMERA!...oh yeah, he would and he did.
I opened up the battery part and guess what int-netz. Empty.
Now you are saying well why didn't you just go out and get some more. See, I've been busy. Really busy. I let my daughters talk me into going out to lunch and a movie the other day and then there was Cheesecake Factory for dinner the other night and then yesterday I knew the hubby was coming home today so I stayed in my PJs and read books all day long while the kids were willy nilly all over the world but hey, they weren't bothering me so what did I care??
Today the hubby comes home. Late tonight. I have laundry and housecleaning and then a trip to the store to get last minute Easter stuff. I need to pack for THE GREAT YA-YA REUNION OF 09' aka the trip where my soul is restoreth. Batteries are on the agenda. :) Plus I need to show the world my first quilt done on the frame. I put a new needle on there (thanks Ms. Karen for the tip!!!) and took off like a person who if she practices every day for the next 100 years may be a pro and a quilt was born people!!!
I am now off to clean the house. Life is nothing but exciting over here. heehee

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's here. It's wonderful. It took me five hours to load a quilt.


I read the directions on how to make the leaders.....I re-read the directions cause they made no sense...I figured it out....I sewed them then attached them....attached them wrong...I said a bad one heard felt good.....I un-attached them and then re-did them the right way...I think....I decided that even though everyone said to practice that I was a quilting savant and put a quilt on there....took me forever.....I took a break and had some Doritos......and a coke....took a deep breath and went back in the sewing room to fight the fight of the righteous....I lost the fight of the righteous when I broke a needle five minutes in.....fixed the needle issue and poked a hole in my a band aid....had thread breakage and a major out my trusty seam ripper and got to work....I no longer think I am a quilting savant.....I am now having a very large glass of wine.

I am eyeing Ms. Gracie right now and toasting her with a very lovely Pinot....she is gleaming and beckoning me. I am too tired to heed her sirens call.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will sleep then post some pictures.

Today was the best day ever! :)

Heehee she's here.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Stardate 42658:

The quilters rack has been sighted in Dayton Ohio and has been updated by the UPS people to say "being delivered."
I have looked out the window 542369 wait....542370 times. It is 12:28 Mountain Pacific Standard Oceanatic time. Updates will follow....

Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh boy!!

I just checked the UPS website and my quilt rack is in Dayton!!! It should be delivered today. To say I am excited is like saying water is wet. I may kiss the UPS guy and give him a big ole' hug. Do you think standing in my window all day long waiting for him would be to much? No? Okay then!
My niece have been here all week long. We've been busy stimulating the ole' economy. Not to worry America, after the new figures come out for all the shopping we've been doing we should be back in the number one spot. My mom always comes in my house, looks around, takes note of what I don't have that she thinks I should and off we go to the stores. This time is was my yard. We added lights to the front, she redid my porch and made it oh so pretty, the back patio is now the new home to a fire pit and two chairs with some tomatoes and herbs being talked about for the one flower bed I have back there. She has done all the laundry in my house. I've cooked. She has done dishes. I've made lunches. And we've talked. We've talked and laughed and talked some more. Moms that are your friends are the best, aren't they!
Today my hubby comes home from parts unknown. I talked to him last night and the man is tired. Bone tired. All of this traveling and working 15 hour days is starting to get to him. My plan is to baby him a little bit before he heads out again. I have a pork loin planned for dinner this weekend. A bottle of very nice wine is chilling in the drink fridge. (yeah, we have two just for drinks. Mostly juice boxes and tea.) I'm going to fire up the new fire pit, already have the wood, and pour him a glass of that very nice wine. Settle him down in a chair and sit by him a bit. Help him to regroup the way women have been doing for their men for ages. Sometimes all it takes is a big dinner, a fire, and some quiet time together.
Anyway, that's what I'll be doing this weekend...what about you all out there???