Friday, April 10, 2009


Soooooo ummmmmmm remember when I said there would be pictures of the OHMYGOSHILOVEMYFRAME quilt frame?? Welll see here's what happened. I got out my camera. Took aim. Clicked. Nothing. I said to myself, "self, something didn't work right." Then I pointed and clicked again. Nothing. I pressed a couple of buttons then sat down to work out what was what with the camera and it wouldn't even turn on. I mean what the heck! I just put new batteries in it and everything! Then I thought...hmmmm hubby left on Monday and was looking for some batteries...surely he wouldn't take mine when I TOLD HIM I BOUGHT BATTERIES ESPECIALLY FOR THE CAMERA!...oh yeah, he would and he did.
I opened up the battery part and guess what int-netz. Empty.
Now you are saying well why didn't you just go out and get some more. See, I've been busy. Really busy. I let my daughters talk me into going out to lunch and a movie the other day and then there was Cheesecake Factory for dinner the other night and then yesterday I knew the hubby was coming home today so I stayed in my PJs and read books all day long while the kids were willy nilly all over the world but hey, they weren't bothering me so what did I care??
Today the hubby comes home. Late tonight. I have laundry and housecleaning and then a trip to the store to get last minute Easter stuff. I need to pack for THE GREAT YA-YA REUNION OF 09' aka the trip where my soul is restoreth. Batteries are on the agenda. :) Plus I need to show the world my first quilt done on the frame. I put a new needle on there (thanks Ms. Karen for the tip!!!) and took off like a person who if she practices every day for the next 100 years may be a pro and a quilt was born people!!!
I am now off to clean the house. Life is nothing but exciting over here. heehee


Lauren The Artist said...

Oh my, your town has a Cheesecake Factory now?!?! SIGN ME UP! I can't wait to see the pictures.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm glad a simple needle change solved your problems. Sometimes it really IS the simple things.

Doesn't your husband have some piece of electronics that you could have snitched the batteries out of? Turn about is fair play, ya know?

Have a Happy Easter. We'll be celebrating our grandson's sixth birthday as well.

My Thanh said...

I was at the Cheesecake Factory last week! Yummy. Good luck with all the housework and Easter shopping. I need to do the same.

Leigh said...

A Cheesecake Factory??? What is up with that?! It is probably best that we don't have one too close!

Ya-Ya Reunion: The Movie!

Johanna said...

Yea. Totally a man thing to do. I have my own battery stash in my underwear drawer.

I've learned. :)

Chocolate Cat said...

Its a week since I've caught up with you 'doings' and there isn't even a photo of the newest arrival or of the new back porch for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping you change that real soon!! and by the way it is Saturday the 11th here now which means Happy 40th Birthday!! Have a great day.

Stephanie D said...

Omigosh, a Cheesecake Factory! I am so glad we don't have one nearby, because I would have to buy super-sized furniture to sit on!

Jodi said...

I thought maybe you had been eaten by the machine. :)

We will wait for pictures *sigh*.

Jeri is said...

Is today your birthday? FOUR-OH? If it is, happy, happy birthday, Dawn. If it is not your birthday, well, I feel silly! At any rate, I hope you have a great day, birthday or not!