Friday, April 17, 2009

And then there were three.....FINALLY!!!!

Oh yeah! Our girl made it to Te-Has this afternoon!! Leigh and I saw her pull up and made a mad dash to find our cameras. After much hugging Jen broke out the presents.....ahhhhhh presents!

What do you get for the girl who just turned 40????? You get her all kinds of goodies to snack on and some FABRIC!!!!!!!!

Mine is on the right and the one she got for Leigh is on the left. Yes fellow fabric lovers, we hugged it and called it pressssssssssssssssssious. I may even sleep with mine tonight.

Speaking of fabric, here is the kit I got the other day. Isn't it luscious!!!!!!!!! Yep, I hug it and call it pressssssssssious too.
I may have a sickness.

Here is me with my loot. Can you see that the sparkle is back in my eyes??! I am back with my girls and haven't felt this happy and yet so settled inside of my sould in months.

Ya-Ya's...they do a body good.



Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, yes! I see the sparkle. Y'all have fun!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, you look so cute..and happy!! Have a great time with your friends..and great pressies too..I almost fainted with the excitement and I'm not there!!
And, i would have plenty of toe for designs as well...sigh!

Jodi said...

Yeah! Have a great time!

Love the fabric! I always drool over them in the store. So purrrrty.