Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One third of the way there!!!

I am having a ball Int-Netz!!! We have lunched. We have shopped. We've been to the gym twice.....yes, I almost died on the stair stepper. We've been out to dinner. We shopped some more. We ran some errands. We've partaken of some lovely wine. We've laughed til my sides hurt. We have talked about everything and solved many of the worlds problems. Ask me what to do about the whole Pirate Situation....we covered that one in detail.
I am savoring every minute here.

Yesterday we had pedicures on the agenda. There is nothing I like more the a good pedicure and this one was really really good. The chairs that we sat in massaged our backs and necks. The little lady who did me was someones Great Great Great Grandmother and was in no rush. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home to live with me forever.

I asked her if she could do designs and she assured me she could. I asked her if she had books I could look at to pick out my design. Again, she said yep, the had plenty of books. Then she proceeded to put exactly what she wanted on my toes.
Her friend was in the shop and they were talking about all kinds of stuff. Her friend took a look at the design she was doing on mah toe and said to me....I kid you not, I cannot make this stuff up...she says to me "I wish I had big feet!" She told me her toes were little dainty things and she couldn't get designs on hers. Yep, everyone stopped talking to look at me. What can you say when someone says that to you??? I laughed! I need to start thanking The Crazy for finding me while I am out in the world minding my own business. It surely makes my days more fun! hahahahaha

Here is a pic of our toes after they were done. My big ole' boats are on the left. :)

Tonight Leigh's son turned 9. We went out to dinner to celebrate and had cake. Ummmmm cake.
As soon as the kiddos go to bed we are breaking out the daiquiris from Daiquiri Express.
The only thing that could make this perfect would be if Jen were here....she arrives tomorrow.
Look out world. And then there were three!!!!!!
Dawn Of The Big Feets Signing Off For Now!


Lauren The Artist said...

Your toes are super cute! (I should pack socks!!!) And Happy Birthday "Big Ry"! See ya soon.

mascanlon said...

I so need to have a lovely pedicure, I have a gift certificate for the full spa version and just haven't gotten my self an I'm motivated! Glad your having fun. Gotta scoot, secret projects to be working on...a week or two late!