Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh boy!!

I just checked the UPS website and my quilt rack is in Dayton!!! It should be delivered today. To say I am excited is like saying water is wet. I may kiss the UPS guy and give him a big ole' hug. Do you think standing in my window all day long waiting for him would be to much? No? Okay then!
My niece have been here all week long. We've been busy stimulating the ole' economy. Not to worry America, after the new figures come out for all the shopping we've been doing we should be back in the number one spot. My mom always comes in my house, looks around, takes note of what I don't have that she thinks I should and off we go to the stores. This time is was my yard. We added lights to the front, she redid my porch and made it oh so pretty, the back patio is now the new home to a fire pit and two chairs with some tomatoes and herbs being talked about for the one flower bed I have back there. She has done all the laundry in my house. I've cooked. She has done dishes. I've made lunches. And we've talked. We've talked and laughed and talked some more. Moms that are your friends are the best, aren't they!
Today my hubby comes home from parts unknown. I talked to him last night and the man is tired. Bone tired. All of this traveling and working 15 hour days is starting to get to him. My plan is to baby him a little bit before he heads out again. I have a pork loin planned for dinner this weekend. A bottle of very nice wine is chilling in the drink fridge. (yeah, we have two just for drinks. Mostly juice boxes and tea.) I'm going to fire up the new fire pit, already have the wood, and pour him a glass of that very nice wine. Settle him down in a chair and sit by him a bit. Help him to regroup the way women have been doing for their men for ages. Sometimes all it takes is a big dinner, a fire, and some quiet time together.
Anyway, that's what I'll be doing this weekend...what about you all out there???


Mary Johnson said...

I'm alone and depressed because Keith is in Atlanta with the boys. I hate when he goes there without me.

Have a wonderful dinner. The fire pit sounds great. I'll just stay here and drink alone.

Jenna said...

It's the start of Spring Break for us. Maybe we'll find out where we're pcsing soon too!!!

My Thanh said...

My little boy is having his first t-ball game on Saturday! Then we have a swim birthday party that afternoon.
Hopefully we'll get to rest on Sunday!
Have fun with the hubby!

Leigh said...

I am sure that you are beside yourself!

Jeri is said...

I got together today with my quilty friends, the TaTa's. I just about finished the top of a batik quilt. I kept interrupting. We were sewing in the studio of a local quilt shop, and she kept putting various bolts of batiks on the sale rack, 40% off. With each new addition, we'd go running, blocking like a line backer to get to the fabric first, because I have several friends who just buy the whole bolt when it's on sale like that because then it's 50% off. Anyway, I did my part to stimulate the economy. Let's just say that after the sale price, I owed $130. Yikes. I'm sick. Anyway, it was such fun and I now have to sew on two borders, then it will be ready for the quilting on my friend's machine. Yes, Dawn, I'm coming to your house to use your new machine! ;0)
Anyway, it was a very good day