Thursday, January 31, 2008

Falling in love with "Dub-yuh"

The Capt made the three kiddos watch the State of the Union the other night. He wants them to be involved in the whole "picking the next president" process. My Boo-Bear and I were going out to dinner last night, just the two of us when she starts talking about the program. Here is how it went:

B.B : Dad made us watch George Bush the other night when you were at Bible Study (yep, I did go to Bible Study and threw this in there so you would be impressed with me!)

Me : What did you think?

B.B. George Bush said to vote on the issues and not on gender or race. He wants to give money to poor people too.

Me: Really? (and now I am just a tad amused cause up until then she had been quiet for about 20 minutes looking out the window as we drove to the restaraunt. She must've been thinking about it the whole time)

B.B. Yep, I may vote for him when I get older.

Me : God help us all.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Son

My son is a butt head. SIGH! I was perusing the blog world and came across a really cool skateboard video where they blow things up and all. I saved it so we could watch it when he came home from school. As soon as he walked in I called for him to come here. I was all excited that he was going to think I was the best mom and totally awesome for, I don't know, "Connecting" with him and his teenagerie angst ridden self. He watched the video with a friend. The friend wanted to know who made the video. I preoceeded to tell them. Still smiling and feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Then my son snickered and said that no, that wasn't who made the video, he just "posted" it. Then they both laughed at me and went to his room.

Let this be written, let this be known...I will not ever find skateboarding videos of things being blown up again. There. The End.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Things you learn from parenting day by day...

Today was schedule change for my older kids at school. The year is already half over! Middle Daughter went to the cafeteria to get hers and as she walked up to the table to see if hers was ready the counselor spoke loudly about getting in line, waiting your turn and some other stuff. Since she looked her way my daughter thought she was talking to her. Now instead of going to the back of the line or telling the counselor that she was just looking my lovely daughter says out loud, "calm down." Hmmmmmmmmmm The counselor was on the other side of the's not a big cafeteria...and she has a very strong personality. But. But. I say again...but...that was no excuse for my precious one to mouth off. Man! The counselor had her go up to her office and by that time my daughter had control of her faculties enough to say a bunch of yes ma'ams. Then she came home at lunch to tell me what happened. I wasn't very happy. I was calm and let her tell me the whole story and only asked a couple of questions. Then I re-explained our policy....if a teacher is being, in any way shape or form, crabby with you or loud with you or is talking to you in a way you don't like, call us. Be polite. It's a grown up. Then call us. We will handle it. I promise you, we will. (this in no way means they should take abuse, physical or verbal. Then they are to leave ASAP and head to the office to call me or their father so the gates of Hell can be opened and the teacher will feel the wrath of the ages on their faces!)
There are always two sides to every story and we like to get both before we act. Sometimes it's the kids fault. Contrary to popular opinion these days it is really sometimes the kids fault. Sometimes it's the teacher and you need to step in as a parent to help your child or back them up. Today it was my daughters fault. She told me she knew she should go and apologize again. I told her I'd be there with her. It's our job as a parent to be standing next to our kids as they make mistakes. It's how they grow and learn and feel secure in their place in the world. I feel strongly about that. I also said some other stuff but, well you mom's can probably guess that I was one un-happy camper with her.
I went to the counselors office later on in the day. I think she thought I was going to fight with her. I didn't. I apologized for my daughter and then told her she would be meeting us and she would apologize for herself. I told her I totally agreed that my progeny was in the wrong. When my daughter came in she apologized for herself and said it would never happen again. I was really proud of the little butt-head! Then the counselor talked to her a bit and gave her a big hug. Then we hugged. Then as I walked home with my little "pride and joy" she put her arm through mine and said she was sorry to me and thanked me for coming with her. It ended up being a good learning experience for her. So many days as a mom I feel like I maybe missed it. Today I felt like I did good. And you know what else, after all is said and done, my baby stepped up and did good too.

That's all you can ask as a parent.

Movie Review..

Last night the hubby and I saw the movie Juno. It's one of the cutest movies I've ever seen!!! If you haven't seen it due the the main character being pregnant and wanting to give the baby up for adoption and you're thinking Sad'd be wrong my friend! This is a sweet movie...not sad at all!!! Go run to your nearest movie theater and watch it with a good girlfriend and the biggest popcorn and soda you can get!!!

Go Now!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

turbo tax

The other day the Capt checked the mail and wonder of wonders our W-2's were in there!!! I had a little (heehee) cosmo while I gathered all the stuff I would need to do our taxes...

cosmo - check
laptop - check
06 taxes - check
another cosmo - check
comfy chair - check
smidge more cosmo -

15 minutes later and Houston we have a return!!!!!

I love turbo tax! What did we do before that thing?? You just download it and it asks you a bunch of questions then it makes you happy by telling you that you're getting a refund and can buy some furniture when you move back to the states in 5 months. :) Happy happy days!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's sick.....God help us all..

The Capt took The Son to a church retreat this past weekend. It was at a ski resort. It was cold. My hubby came back with the sniffles. The sniffles turned into a headache on Monday. On Tuesday he had the sniffles a headache and a sore throat. Fast forward to today and he has the plague. He has been stoic amidst the pain. He went to work yesterday. Today?? Ummmm, no. He is home. Where are we?? We are all trembling in fear and trying our hardest to get out of here ASAP! We have one shower in this place and we are all fighting desperately to be next in line. The kiddos are lucky. They have school. I didn't even get called in to sub.
Who knew that all this time we were doing our mornings wrong?? Who knew that Boo-Bear shouldn't eat her cereal while watching cartoons happily. Who knew that the teens should be getting up 30 minutes early?? Who knew!!! WHO KNEW THE CAPT WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT SISSY FACE WHEN HE'S NOT FEELING WELL???? He is CRABB-EEE this morning! Whew! We are all slinking along trying to blend in with the white paint on the walls so he will not notice us. I am ashamed to admit that as The Son and I were walking down the hallway together I pushed him in front and slid into an open doorway so that The Capt would notice him and not me. heehee Every man for himself I say!
Gotta go.....I'm headed to Walker Jen's for a sew day. Hopefully by the time we all get home the heaven's will have decided to take mercy on us and bestow some healing powers on this man of our!!! Pray for us people!! Pray hard!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh the Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went with a friend of mine to the local hospital off-base today so she could have what the rest of us were referring to as "the booby squish." Yep, she had to have a mammogram. I'm not using her name here as I do not want to embarrass her. I am not into embarrassing people I care about as you can tell from me letting the world know my youngest started her ummmmm You Know What. heehee
Anyway, back to the story. 4 of us met at Starbucks to start the day off right. Then my friend and I went to her appt while the other two went across the street to the market. Now let me tell you that this isn't just any ole' hospital. This is like stepping back in time. Not to offend a whole country but I gotta tell ya, it's tough on us Americans to go there. We are used to cleanliness and mucho privacy. Where you can walk down the hallway and not see people carrying their own urine bags or my personal favorite, the blood bag. Or while you are waiting for the elevator you are standing next to a person who obviously has come from major surgery and is shaking from the effects of anesthesia AND NOT EVEN COVERED UP. People will come in crowds to see what you are there for and watch your treatment. It's like live TV for them. There is nothing like having stitches while 10 strangers stand around and watch all while smacking on some gum.
This was not an appt I was willing to miss. I needed some blog material!
We get to the hospital and my friend informs me we need to go to the International Ward. I, of course, inform the people around us that we are headed to the International Ward. They didn't speak any English but looked properly impressed.
My friend fills out her paper work and our liaison takes us up a flight of stairs to the mammogram room. I am to wait for her in the waiting area. She is gone for 10 minutes. 10 minutes ladies!!! They don't fool around here! During that 10 minutes I amused myself by watching the toothless gentlemen who had his choice of 5 comfortable chairs but decided to sit right next to me. I just knew he was full of flesh eating bacteria and was trying to share some of it with me. When my friend came out of the door no one was happier to be out of the waiting area then I was. Forget her having to have a mammogram, it was all about me at this point!
We headed back downstairs so she could check out. As we walked back down the hallway towards the exit I almost got lost in a crowd of people headed to the emergency area. Now this is the place that strikes fear in even the hardiest of military wives. You do not want to go to this hospitals emergency area. It is just a large open bay. There are no curtains to section off areas. If someone comes in and has lost a limb they bleed right next to you. There are people with open sores thre.....people who have been in serious accidents sitting in chairs waiting to be seen. I did not want to go there. I looked up from the crowd of people and yelled to my friend not to leave me with all the terror in my soul making my voice shake. She came running and grabbed my hand then took off for safety. We made it out the front door and never has the aroma of kimche smelled so good. We inhaled for a while and then walked quietly to her car. Welllll maybe we giggled a little and maybe we snorted once or twice cause we giggled so hard..hmmmm maybe. :)
Never was a mammogram such an adventure!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Womans Day...

Back in High School Thursday night was Cosby Show night. I remember the episode where Rudy got her . and Claire told her about Woman's Day. A day to celebrate being a woman for the first time. She made popcorn and they snuggled under a warm blanket to watch a movie together. Just the mom and the daughter. I loved that idea and put it in the back of my head for a time when I would need it.

When it was Middle Daughters time for Woman's Day we went to the movies and saw Must Love Dogs. We had chocolate and popcorn. We put our heads together and shared a soda. After, we went to the drugstore and I let her pick out any and all the feminine products she felt she may need and we talked about "stuff". I answered questions, she listened. It was magical and she was the first to bring up Woman's Day when it was out Little Boo-Bears turn.

Last night she was up. We went to the movies to see Enchanted. Perfect Woman's Day movie!! We went to dinner first. To the Outback...which is mucho expensive here and totally a treat. We spent over an hour there. We had dessert.....a gooey chocolaty wonder. When we got to the movies we had perfect seats. She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder through most of the movie. After we sang the song from the movie while we walked the block to the car, much to the amusement of every Korean person downtown. I answered questions last night. She listened. It was magical. Then, since we are the only ones home this weekend (The Capt and The Son are on a ski weekend retreat for the teens at church and Middle Daughter is cheering at an away game) we slept out in living room.
I told her to remember this night and to do it with her own daughters when the time is right.

You know what??? I think she will. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The facts of life from a 10 year old.....

Now that our little Boo-Bear is growing up she asked me if we were going to have "the talk". Yes, I shivered a little and contemplated handing this lovely task over to her father.
We all know how that would go over..not! So as I was thinking what to say she informs me she knows all about sex anyway. Oh really??! WHAT??!! Here was our conversation.....

Me: Oh you do huh. What do you know??

Her: Sp*rm (sorry Jen) turns into an egg and then when the egg is done it cracks open and a baby comes out.

Me: Exactly.

She then sat back in her chair feeling all "in the know" and very grown-up and just a little over the whole "we don't take her seriously in the family" when she obviously knows everything there is to know about....well....everything.

Where in the world do they come up with this stuff????!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My baby.....

Tonight I was in the living room watching TV.

Minding my own business.

Our youngest called out to me.Being a loving mother I yelled back that American Idol was on and to leave me alone. She called me again, sounding a bit louder. I, of course, did the only thing I could do with American Idol on...I yelled back that if she called me again she was going to bed early and for the love of all that is holy could she just fix it herself. She then pulls out the big guns and yells that it is "an e-mer-gen-cy". My heart starts beating fast cause she is in restroom. Uh-Oh!
I go back to see what's what and by the look on her face I know. My baby. Our youngest. She is a baby no longer. She grins at me and says, "I guess I'm a woman now." And, "do I get the talk?" Because I am all together and ready for this I run in the living room and tell my hubby I am taking her to the ER and that no child of ten can possible have her ummmmmm well you know. Yep. Way to make this not traumatic for her. Sheesh! I get her all bundled up and off we go with Middle Daughter in tow cause she wanted all the women in the house to be included in the adventure. The lady at the front desk looks perturbed when I walk in and tell her what's going on. She goes, "You brought her in cause she started her ummmmmm well you know?" HECK YEAH!!!!!! All while my little Boo-Bear is standing by me with a big grin on her face.
The Dr was wonderful. He checked to make sure nothing else was going on...he just took her temp and listened to her tummy and asked a couple of questions.....all the while I'm standing there rubbing my hands together and breathing heavily. I know he was thinking about giving me a Valium. Anyway, nothing is wrong with her that hasn't been wrong with zillions of other women. The Doctor gave me a pat on the back and said "don't worry mom, she's fine." I took her to the store and we bought every kind of "product" she ever thought of. Anything she wanted to try. You should've seen the cashiers face when the three of us walked up with 80 boxes of ummmmmmm feminine products and some chocolate. I think we may have scared her.

This Friday we will be having Womans Day. I am going to take her to a movie...just the two of us...and we will eat popcorn and have some chocolate. I will let her know how proud I am of her and that I love her..........................then I will go and light a candle for my hubby cause now he has three women in the house who will have PMS all at the same time. :)

The Ya-Ya's

I've made some wonderful friends here. Three women in particular. We call ourselves the Ya-Ya' and whenever we have a secret for "our" ears only we hold up a V sign and say Ya-Ya. The V is the signal that the next bit of conversation is for the vault. What?? You don't know what the vault is???? Hmmmmm Let me enlighten you. The vault is where secrets go and do not come out. Once something is in the vault it is not to be repeated. If you do repeat it you are no longer welcome to visit the vault. :) Anyway, these woman have made this assignment so much fun. We've explored Korea together, had lunches out, taken a girls weekend away, get together for regular Saturday movie night at Walker Jen's and even the hubby's get along.
Today the first of us got an assignment to a new Post. Three of us are leaving this summer. One is staying for another year. We will all be seperated. But our Walker Leigh is the first to find out where she is going. We have 5 more months together. I can't help feeling a little sad tonight.
To my Ya-Ya's.................................... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

That darned dog upstairs!!!!

The neighbors dog has been barking non-stop for three hours.


Why are you barking doggie?

Doesn't your throat hurt from all that noise coming out of you??


Well you are killing my head!!!

I know when these people leave, their dog barks til they get home. Sometimes they are gone all day and he barks......all day long. Non-stop. Once they left him overnight. He barked. From 11pm-5am. I do not like this dog. Nope. I do not.

You know what???? Sometimes when they are gone I go upstairs, walk up to the front door, on tippy toes....and lean close to the door........and in my quietest voice I say to the dog......"you are the devil."

Makes me feel better every time!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Son meets a "lady of the evening"

Last night The Son went to the movies with his girlfriend. On the walk home he has to pass a bar/lounge. It is totally harmless...well it's always been...until last night. Last night a woman walked out of the bar side door. She sees my innocent baby and says to him "hey you!" "hey, hey you, come here!!" He, being a man of the world, pretended like he didn't hear her. She persisted. Finally he looked over at her and she asked him how old he was...with a leering smile on her face. He, again, being a man of he world, said the first thing that came to his mind. "ummmm I'm 12" Then he ran home. For those of you who aren't a regular here my son is 18. He came straight home and told my hubby who incidentally was a man of the world and would've sooooo handled that differently when he was 18. My hubby came to bed and told me. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. 12????!!! hahahahahahahahaha That's my boy! Always thinking on his feet and still very innocent. :)
hhahahahahahahahaha 12!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Award!!!

Tracey at ozcountryquiltingmum nominated me for the "You Make My Day" award!!!!!!!!! I loves me some awards people and knowing I make someones day is the icing on the cake!!! The rules are thus (don't I sound smart!!) You think about someone who makes your day out there in blogland. No more then 10 now! You post them on your blog with their address so that other people can go and check them out. You also write to those you have nominated so that they know they are loved and appreciated. I loves me some loving and appreciating!!! heehee Okay, now for the hard part. My own nominees. (is that a word??) Every day I like to get up early, grab some coffee, head for the computer room and read my blogs. I have a couple of favorites. These people make me smile. They make me laugh out loud. They've even made me tear up a time or two. I've thought about it for two days and here are my favorites.....

First up: Tracey over at
She's a wonderful mother living an extremely interesting life on a farm in Australia. She makes me laugh out loud and I go over her way every morning. :) Love ya Tracey!!

Then there is my Bec. She is an inspiration to mothers everywhere. I have been blessed to have had her in my life for 4 years now. She is worth a peek just to see her cute kids! To see her go to

Next in line is our very own Walker Jen at she is right now, this very minute building an empire on Etsy. She is a mom, designer, quilter and a scrapbooker. No one can put colors together like her. She has promised me a job when she hits the big time. She totally understands that Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fridays are not good for me work wise. I have things to do, people to see, places to go. The weekends are family time so that's out. Weds is good but only from 9-11 as I have my afternoon nap to think of. It's good to have friends in high places!!! heehee

Then there is Judy over at I go over there to drool over her quilts. Not only can she quilt like no-one's business but she is an author of quilt books as well and AND she is a mom! She does all these things with great wit and style. Go check her won't be sorry!! is a wonderful blog. I do warn you though, bring some tissues. Her little girl had open heart surgery. Can you even imagine??????! Her little one made it through just fine, thank goodness!! It's a great story!!! Now this sweet lady, after raising a couple of kids, found her real one true love and they had them some triplets!!!! hahahahaha Love it! She writes about her every day life that is just sooooo not every day! Her three blessings are growing up and keeping her on her toes. She's hysterical!!!

Okay, my final one is Pam at When you go to say hi to her she has moved but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me cut and paste her blog address but check her out!!! She is one of the kindest people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. She makes me laugh and I read her a lot. Hi Pam!!!

whew! Okay, now if you've been nominated spread the love!!! Nominate some of your own favorites and let them know you like really like them!!!

A special thanks goes out to Tracey!!!! thanks for thinking of me!


Friday, January 11, 2008

My Capt...

Since it's Friday I don' have to get up at 5am and go to the gym. Good thing too since I have cramps. :) Don't you love having that information!!!! Anyway, I forgot to turn the alarm off and at 10 to 5 it buzzed. I rolled over, hit the off button and laid there feeling deliciously warm and cozy. I looked at my Capt sound asleep and breathing quietly. All warm and cozy himself. I leaned close and whispered to him, "Hey you. I don't have to work out this morning." Then I grinned when he said back, "zzzz mpnmsmpss". I said, "wanna cuddle??" For about 20 minutes I just rubbed his back and thought about how soft he was and that he smelled good in the morning and felt all in love while the heavens twinkled and the blue birds sang. He of course slept through it all.

Well I just got a phone call. It was him. My Capt. He says to me, "hey D, thanks for the back rub this morning. I gotta run, I just called to say I love you."

When we hung up I may have squealed like a teenager. My heart may have gone pitty pat and I may have even sighed.

A good start to the day if I do say so myself. :)

My Two Lives Come Face To Face.....

I got an email this week that has caused me to look at my blog and go "hmmmmmmmm".
This email is from an old friend of mine. We've been friends for around 13 years and used to go to the same church together. We even sang in the choir standing right next to each other. Our families have traveled many miles to stay with each other when we moved away to other States. It goes without saying that I love her as a sister. Now I find out that her computer died about a year ago and she wants to catch up on my blog.

Ummmmmmm no.

How do I explain this???? This blog is where I have put time in examining my "Real" self. My fears for my anger at someone.....a drink or three out with the girls.....mooning over my struggle with church.....funny things...sad things. I am even working on a post talking about my 10 year struggle with depression. I think if she read my blog she might think that I have headed down the path of ill-repute. That I have fallen by the way-side.
I can hear you out there now saying that if we have really been friends for all these years then she should know the real me anyway. But let me ask you this.......have your two lives ever come face to face?? Has anyone ever read your blog, someone that knows you in real life, and said to you, "I didn't know you felt that way" or "I never knew that about you" and then looked at you with dis-approval?? How did you handle that?? What if it's a friendship you treasure?? Or have you ever hurt someone's feelings without meaning to. You put something in the blog not knowing they would read it and then they found it and took it out of context and got upset.

Just some things I'm thinking about. I'm not going to change anything about myself. I like the person I am and love having this blog to express myself. It's just when I got that email two days ago it gave me pause and I was also a little surprised at myself that my first thought was "oh heck no you aren't getting my blog address!!!!!!" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What do you think??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

PMS rears it's ugly head..all over my hubby!

Last night the hubby came to bed and wanted to talk about our son. He is 18 and ummmmmmm how shall I say this...well he is pulling away a little and deciding that his father's ideas and his ideas are not one and the same. There, nicely said. Now this is totally normal, I know, but still a pain when you are the mom and you have to listen to both of them gripe about the other.
Well this particular argument stems from a ski trip and his girlfriends 18th birthday. Our church youth group is going on a ski trip. It will cost us $125 for just him to go. Then we have to buy a couple of other things like goggles...long johns...gloves. You know..things to keep him warm. We also have to give him spending money so that when they are away from the lodge he can eat. Now my hubby feels that since he is 18 he should pay for some of this. Well his girlfriend is also turning 18 this weekend and he needs money (that he does not have) to get her something special. The only jobs that teens can do here are bagging at our grocery store on base or baby sitting. They sign up to bag on Monday and find out Friday if they are picked. They can only bag on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the kids run up to the office on Monday to sign up. Not"OUR" kid. It's like pulling teeth. The hubby wanted him to sign up to bag both days. The Son wants to only bag on Sunday. The hubby wants him to step up and start making things happen. The Son wants his father to take a step back but keep the wallet open.
Here is where I step in...I am laying in bed, minding my own business perusing the blog world when the hubby comes in and wants to talk about that son of "mine". I do not want to talk about that son of "mine". I want to read blogs and dread getting up the next morning at 5 to workout. He persists. I tell him we should be happy that he is signing up to bag at all and that it's normal for a kid his age to disagree with everything one minute and then need us the next and that it's also normal for him to want to spend all day of her 18th birthday waiting by the phone for her to call and tell him she is ready. He thinks The Son should work til 7 and then take her out with money he has earned and that he is done talking to me and he is going to sleep now goodnight. Ummmmmmmmmm no. He must have missed the memo about my PMS. I was mad now. Good and mad. I decided I was still mad about things he did or didn't do when we were 16 and he needed to hear about them. He started laughing when I informed him that "my intense dislike for him at that moment was threatening to bubble over like lava all over his face!!!" I took umbrage over the laughter. We went to sleep soon after that. He tried to put his foot next to mine like he usually does and I told him to put his foot up his bottom. More laughter from him and then he fell into a deep sleep while I prayed to the heavens above that I would snore like a truck driver and keep him awake!!
This morning we woke up and laughed and laughed and laughed. We love each other again and I know that as he is driving to work this morning he is thanking his lucky stars to have met someone who keeps things interesting.
heeheehee crazy PMS!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It is almost 9 pm here in my part of the world. I've got my bedroom window open so that it can get cold in here and maybe the crazy man I try to sleep next to will be able to stop tossing and turning.....that's a whole nother' post...anyway what do I hear outside?? Two people running.


Why are they running, and laughing, at 9 at night?


It's just something that begs asking why.


The Son...

My son came to me yesterday to tell me what his plans were after graduation this June. Here was a bit of the conversation..

The Son: Mom I think I know what I want to do with my life! (all excited)

Me: Really?? Tell me! (all supportive)

The Son: I want to play the X-Box 360 perfesionally! (very serious and still excited)

Me: ????

Me: cue crickets chirping.....

The Son: Just thought you should know.

Me: Just so long as you are happy son. (picked myself up off the floor and was supportive again)

a professional video game player.

we are so proud.

The place where dreams go to die...

For the past two days I've been getting up at o'dark thirty (10 to 5) and hitting the gym. I had been working out all summer long and got some things tighter then they had been before. As soon as school started and I went back to subbing I stopped the work outs. The things that had been tighter then before?? They slid to one side and plopped down on the floor and ran out of the room. Nothing is tight. Nothing is firm. Things are jiggly. I decided to take the bull by the horns and do something...anything about it.
Did you know that there are mirrors everywhere at the gym??? Did you know that when you try to run/jog...let's get honest here....flop around and breath heavy, that you can no longer live in a dream land where your boobies are perky and your stomach has a 6 pack??
My dreams died today folks. It wasn't pretty. There I was, minding my own business. Working out. Doing a brisk walk on the treadmill. I looked over to the right and saw this poor woman with a red face and a saggy behinny. I felt sorry for the woman and for a second I was glad she wasn't me...til I realized I was looking in a mirror!
Sigh..poor poor me.
Sigh......poor poor disillusioned me
Send help
I need Oprah's personal trainer...
and her chef....
and her stylist........

Saturday, January 05, 2008

$32 dollars for what??!!

Yesterday Walker Jen and I went out to do some shopping at Home Plus. Home Plus is like a Super Target, a really nice Super Target.
I needed to get some fruit and some other "healthy cause it's the New Year" things. The hubby wanted some dried fruit to eat in his oatmeal. I found a huge display of all kinds of dried fruit and proceeded to watch the ladies around me so I would know how to go about getting some. It seemed to me you grabbed one of the workers milling around and pointed to what you wanted and then they would bag it, weigh it and even put some free goodies in there for you. The price for all this goodness was...what I though to be...about $2.50 in American dollars. I got three handfuls. The nice little lady weighed it and put the price tag on. By this time Walker Jen had finished getting some things and walked over to see what I was doing. She watches my goings on and says, "Ummmmm did you see the price for that??" I say, "it's only $2.50 a pound." She says to me...with much scepticism on her face "are you sure??" We both looked at the price and guess what folks......$32 FREAKIN DOLLARS!!!! FOR SOME DRIED YUCKY FRUIT THAT I DON'T EAT AND CAN'T GET ANY ENJOYMENT OUT OF...IT'S NOT FABRIC FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!! What to do?????? I tell Walker Jen that I've got to get rid of it! I know are saying I should've just looked horrified and given it back...they don't do that here. You point to it, they bag it, you buy it. What to do, I say, what to do?????? We walk around the store all the while giggling. Trying to find an isle that didn't have any people on it so I could put the bag on a shelf and walk away looking innocent. I finally see a free space by the frozen food and tell Walker Jen that I'm going in. 5 minutes later and I'm dried fruit free! We hurry and walk far far away from the fruit lady so she can't see my basket empty of her lovingly measured out bag. Then it happens...I hear an announcement over the loudspeaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounded like this"ayahadishio wha sow someda ohnyosayo wanaashedo." I know what that translates to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could the crazy American come to frozen foods and get her fruit!!!!! NOW!
We left right after that.
I am exhausted still.

My Nemisis...

There is a woman who lives near me that is my nemesis. I call her my "nemi" for short. Why do I have a nemi?? Let me tell you. When we first moved here her daughter and my daughter were friends. Not bestest buds just school friends. Well one day her daughter had a sleepover. At her house there are allowed boys and girls at the sleepover as she has a son and a daughter. At my house this is called a recipe for disaster and I never let my daughter sleep over there if boys were me crazy but sheesh!!! One night her daughter was having a big girls sleepover bash. My daughter was invited and asked if there were going to be boys there as well. She was promised that there weren't. Well guess what.....a bunch of boys ended up being invited. At 11pm! My daughter goes online and sends her brother an instant message that she is coming home and to let her in. The other nemi...was furious. She tells my daughter, "how will your mother know that boys were here if you don't tell her??"

What. The. Heck. Did. You. Say????!

Then she proceeds to tell every one in a 5 mile radius that I am an overprotective mother. She became enemy numero uno. I stopped talking to her and acted like she wasn't there, cause I am all mature like that and every time I would see her my friends and I would giggle and say"there goes your nemi!!" cause we are all mature like that. The other day I saw her in the store. Since it is a New Year I decide to smile at her. Not talk to her or anything, just smile. Do you know what she did???!!!! She didn't smile back. She just walked right by me!!!! Can you believe her??? When I ignore you for over a year you are supposed to pine for me and when I smile at you after said year of being ignore you are to smile back and be all happy that you may have a chance to get back in my good graces!!!! Does she not understand the way of the world???? Obviously not. Well let me tell will be a cold day in the "down there" place before she sees my pearly whites!!!! HMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!