Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Son

My son is a butt head. SIGH! I was perusing the blog world and came across a really cool skateboard video where they blow things up and all. I saved it so we could watch it when he came home from school. As soon as he walked in I called for him to come here. I was all excited that he was going to think I was the best mom and totally awesome for, I don't know, "Connecting" with him and his teenagerie angst ridden self. He watched the video with a friend. The friend wanted to know who made the video. I preoceeded to tell them. Still smiling and feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Then my son snickered and said that no, that wasn't who made the video, he just "posted" it. Then they both laughed at me and went to his room.

Let this be written, let this be known...I will not ever find skateboarding videos of things being blown up again. There. The End.


Lauren The Artist said...

Hey, Mom, I think you're cool!!! hehe

Granny said...

I think you're cool too! It's almost impossible to impress a teen and they love it when they can show you that they know more than you do . . even if it's about something that probably doesn't *really* matter.

My Thanh said...

Yeah, teenagers suck. They just wish they could be as cool as us!