Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Ya-Ya's

I've made some wonderful friends here. Three women in particular. We call ourselves the Ya-Ya' and whenever we have a secret for "our" ears only we hold up a V sign and say Ya-Ya. The V is the signal that the next bit of conversation is for the vault. What?? You don't know what the vault is???? Hmmmmm Let me enlighten you. The vault is where secrets go and do not come out. Once something is in the vault it is not to be repeated. If you do repeat it you are no longer welcome to visit the vault. :) Anyway, these woman have made this assignment so much fun. We've explored Korea together, had lunches out, taken a girls weekend away, get together for regular Saturday movie night at Walker Jen's and even the hubby's get along.
Today the first of us got an assignment to a new Post. Three of us are leaving this summer. One is staying for another year. We will all be seperated. But our Walker Leigh is the first to find out where she is going. We have 5 more months together. I can't help feeling a little sad tonight.
To my Ya-Ya's.................................... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!


Leigh said...

Brings a tear to my eye. Can you say Ya-Ya Reunion?

Lauren The Artist said...

Reunion at the HOUSTON QUILT SHOW??? Come on, Paigee...