Saturday, January 26, 2008

turbo tax

The other day the Capt checked the mail and wonder of wonders our W-2's were in there!!! I had a little (heehee) cosmo while I gathered all the stuff I would need to do our taxes...

cosmo - check
laptop - check
06 taxes - check
another cosmo - check
comfy chair - check
smidge more cosmo -

15 minutes later and Houston we have a return!!!!!

I love turbo tax! What did we do before that thing?? You just download it and it asks you a bunch of questions then it makes you happy by telling you that you're getting a refund and can buy some furniture when you move back to the states in 5 months. :) Happy happy days!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh dear, I am not sure where to start!!!!
The DH who is home and changing the routines...RUN WOMAN!!!
or the WHOLE 10 YEAR OLD thing!!! Mine is 9 11/12!!! I am not ready! Surely there is some tablet they can take!!! Heck, I am flat out coping with my hormones!!
There is so going to be a WOMAN'S DAY HERE, BEEN PLANNING THE FUN SINCE SHE WAS BORN...!You did well LOL Tracey

Lauren The Artist said...

Ooooh- Tax season rocks!!! Let me go find my turbo tax so I can keep up with the Jones'... er wait, thats not your last name, is it??