Monday, January 14, 2008

That darned dog upstairs!!!!

The neighbors dog has been barking non-stop for three hours.


Why are you barking doggie?

Doesn't your throat hurt from all that noise coming out of you??


Well you are killing my head!!!

I know when these people leave, their dog barks til they get home. Sometimes they are gone all day and he barks......all day long. Non-stop. Once they left him overnight. He barked. From 11pm-5am. I do not like this dog. Nope. I do not.

You know what???? Sometimes when they are gone I go upstairs, walk up to the front door, on tippy toes....and lean close to the door........and in my quietest voice I say to the dog......"you are the devil."

Makes me feel better every time!



Rebekah said...

And I can see you doing this... only you! Though I think you might sneak a treat under the door too!

My Thanh said...

The people in the house behind us keep their daughter's dog when she goes out of town...apparently a lot. They leave it out during the day, and it barks! It starts barking around 6:30 in the morning! It sucks!

Leigh said...

That poor dog. Probably needs anxiety medication! Maybe the owners need medication too! Did you leave a treat???

Allie said...

ha ha ha, know what i did once? I went over to my neighbour's house to the bark bark barking dog, and I untied her chain, it was 2 am and he was working until 7 am...I untied her and said gooooooo and she did, for a while then she came back and kept barking....I almost went insane that night!