Thursday, January 17, 2008

The facts of life from a 10 year old.....

Now that our little Boo-Bear is growing up she asked me if we were going to have "the talk". Yes, I shivered a little and contemplated handing this lovely task over to her father.
We all know how that would go over..not! So as I was thinking what to say she informs me she knows all about sex anyway. Oh really??! WHAT??!! Here was our conversation.....

Me: Oh you do huh. What do you know??

Her: Sp*rm (sorry Jen) turns into an egg and then when the egg is done it cracks open and a baby comes out.

Me: Exactly.

She then sat back in her chair feeling all "in the know" and very grown-up and just a little over the whole "we don't take her seriously in the family" when she obviously knows everything there is to know about....well....everything.

Where in the world do they come up with this stuff????!!!!


Anonymous said...

They read it in books, right? NOT! It's kind of like the grapevine game. Someone starts with probably the closest thing to the truth and by the time it made it to your baby it didn't even come close to resembling the truth but tried to argue with her because she of course received the information from other "experts" on the subject. Give her a hug from me! Just remind her, even though she is physically a woman doesn't mean she has to rush off and grow up too fast. Innocence and ignorance can be bliss! Love you!

Lauren The Artist said...

That reminds me of the scene from teh movie Knocked-Up where the girl explains where babies come from. And yes, I'm pretty sure Boobear has it correct. :) ~jen~