Friday, July 31, 2009

So yeah, not a whole lot of blog posting going on over here at Chez' Owens. This summer...gah...this summer. I have three girls....counting the under one roof. All needing special time with the woman of the house. Two are close walkers and I am tripping constantly. Two are always wanting to sit on top of me. Two...count em girlfriends...two. Yesterday?? Major Mall Fail. It was the day I lost it in the mall. In front of God and everyone. I imagine people are still talking about it this morning.

It all started at Panera. I had The Two with me. One was rubbing my back standing on my foot and asking me if I was other was picking any and all stray threads off of me that had wandered there from a day of quilting Christmas stuff and standing on the other foot. Every time I moved forward they would re-adjust. The man in front of me watched it all in fascination. After dinner we went to the mall where one of The Two had to....just had to...try on 85421 pairs of jeans to make sure she had a good fit. I?? Gave her ten minutes and then threatened to leave. Got up to pay when she realized she read the sale sign wrong. Then The Two proceeded to walk on me and each tried to rub my back and ask if I was stressed and one kept saying I'm sorry and then it happened. Something that has been bubbling up in me for awhile and yes int-netz. I lost it. Right there. I was a glorious example of woman fail. By the time I finished I couldn't catch my breath. And I needed ice cream. Or chocolate. The Two looked at each other and asked me if maybe we should go home and was I okay and OH MY GOSH ONE OF THEM SAID SORRY! I told them if I heard I'm sorry one more time....or tripped one more time....or either of them called me or even acted like they knew me I would explode. Then I turned to the mom standing by a railing and we gave each other the "This to shall pass/I feel ya sister" sign. We also may have bumped fists.
After the mall we went home. I picked up the last girl and we went to the movies where The Two tried to sit by me and one got her feelings hurt and sulked til the popcorn was gone.....and then decided she wanted some popcorn. Guess who didn't get any cause dog-gone it you snooze you lose in the whole popcorn eating thing. The only thing keeping them alive is that the hubby is coming home today. He has been gone all week long. It's been a long week without him.

Today is a new day!!! I am thrusting myself back in the ring. I am woman...hear me roar!!! Or else just pray for me that I make it. Without tripping over anyone.

Monday, July 27, 2009

life and times with OCD.... :)

So this morning I woke up to my OCD raring to go and do a little sumpin sumpin in the house. My niece has been here for the summer and we've been running hither and yon. I am in the car taking teens places more then not it seems. This morning my inner self had enough. I woke up to the OCD dawn telling me that today I was going to clean. I mean really deep down clean. Take the curtains off.....wash them...fabric softener them...hang em up wet with windows open....use any and all attatchments on the vacuum and attack the dust bunnies....tear apart Boo-Bears room and buy her a cute little 9 block cubbie from Meijer....wash rugs....take another look around and decide the kids are getting in the way and kick everyone out...that kind of clean.
When my kiddos realized that I wanted them out of the house they breathed a sigh of relief. I've worked very hard at trying to control the cleaning monster inside of me so it doesn't affect my kiddos. Two are out and two are at the pool. The hubby is gone. I have a brand new industrial size bottle of Pine Sol and I'm not afraid to use it.
Even the dog is hiding under a bed. She knows when I get like this it's bath time for her.
Okay, I'm off. I need to find another USB cord for the camera so I can download some pics. I guess that means I will be also cleaning out closets.
Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who in their right mind calls these the Lazy Days Of Summer????? Where is the lazy I ask you??? I was trying to catch up on some blogs and realized I hadn't posted anything on mine in like a coons age! To say I am ready for these chil-ren of mine to go back to school so I can get some rest is an understatement. I am tired int-netz. Oh so very tired. Yesterday my soul screamed enough!!! Enough I say!!! and I quilted. I informed the house that I was not getting in the car even if wild horses charged in here. I was not answering any questions. I was not listening to anybodies life stories. I was not getting up to rub any ones back while they threw up.....yeah, that one was fun at 3am the other night. "Mommy! I'm going to throw up! You might want to come in here and rub my back!" Oh might I???? Lucky lucky me. heh.
So yeah, yesterday I shut the door to my little oasis and took my time quilting. I cut. I pinned. I ironed. I didn't really get anything done. I just enjoyed the process. If I can find my camera I'll take some pics today. The colors I'm using are just delicious! I am off now to get the house picked up a little and get back to my sewing machine. Hope you all are hanging in there and having piece-full days. (get quilting....BWAHAHAHAHAHA)
Summer is almost over moms!! huzzah.

Monday, July 13, 2009

And away we go!!

Oh boy!! I just filled out the application to join the HUGS FROM HELEN Angel Stitchery Swap. I am beyond excited!!! This is the first swap of this kind that I've ever entered. I've done two block swaps and enjoyed them a lot. Now onto something bigger! Huzzah! Go on over and sign up if you haven't already.
Let the fun begin!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A day in the life.....

To explain why I haven't been blogging as much lately let me take you on a journey. A journey of one day in my life.

Ahem, let us begin.

This was yesterday...

Took hubby to work so I could have the car.
Took youngest to volleyball camp.
Came home.
Did some laundry (two loads) and picked up the house.

Had a cup of coffee while watching neighbors uncle and father sit outside and drink beer with no shirts on and burp loudly. Wondered if they would be my friend cause I am kinda desperate like that. Figured if I brought over some beer they would welcome me with open arms. Checked fridge for beer and guess what?? None. Friendship with burping uncle and father - fail.

Got a call from hubby that he didn't like the uniform he picked out for the day and that I needed to come get him. He is in the Air Force. Every uniform is the same.
Rued him.
Got him.
Took him home so he could re-shower (why????) and change into a different uniform.
Took him back to work.
Rued him again in my heart and decided to put wet towel on his side of the bed.
Went home and picked up 16 year old so I could take her to work.
Had in depth conversation about 16 year old stuff while we waited the 15 minutes before she had to sign in. Thanked the good Lord above that when I was 16 all I had to deal with was sex drugs and rock n' roll.
Drove 20 minutes to pick up youngest at volleyball camp and got there an hour early because of above daughter needing to be at work.
Read my book...(Nora Roberts how I love you and stalk you in my dreams!!)
Drove with youngest to pick up hubby from work at end of his day.
Went home to pick up niece who wanted some one on one girl time. Drove to Applebees and had dinner.
Drove to a pet shop so she could pet all 16542 cats and ooh and aah over each one. (in the full interest of honest disclosure I must admit I patted my share and then we both washed our hands cause we found out one of the kittens was sick)
Drove to Michaels to foster creative nature of niece and buy her almost $100 worth of scrapbook stuff. Wondered where I lost control of the basket.
Took a minute to pat self on back and say "Self?? You rock"
Went to Barnes and Noble to read books for free with niece and walked into the restroom to wash hands. Looked in a stall cause maybe just maybe needed to use one and saw the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Also?? The biggest!! Told niece to come and look. Told niece that the person who did that monstrosity probably is laying somewhere dead. Laughed like 12 year old boys. Tried to explain to mature type woman who walked out of another stall that yes, we were 12 year old boys and we find poop funny. She? Did not.
Somehow was talked into buying book for niece. May have had book envy and so purchased one for me.
Went home exhausted.

And that good bloggers was my day. Just one little day. Today was sort of the same. I explained to one and all that tomorrow I was going to stay home. I could not, COULD NOT! play with any of them as I needed to give my house a little TLC. And laundry?? OMG!!! The bane of my existence!!!
Hope everyone had a quieter day!!! :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Vampire Lovin'

Two nights ago as I was doing laundry I walked into the computer room and one of the teens in our household was watching True Blood on the computer. Now I've seen True Blood twice. Both times I made sure all the blinds were drawn and the doors were locked. Have you seen it??? Lots and lots of Vampire lovin going on. The second time I watched it my mom happened to call during "a scene" and when I saw her name on the caller ID I actually blushed. Then I panicked cause what if she got some ju-ju-vibe out there in Illinois that her daughter was watching True Blood and was calling to tell me my computer privileges were revoked for a month???! It was then I told myself, "Self, if you can't watch this without feeling guilty daughtery feelings you shouldn't watch it at all" and that was that. I quit it cold turkey. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out, after busting afore-mentioned teen, that TWO teens in this household watch it! I did what I usually do in such matters annnnnnd told the hubby. It was decided that a family meeting was in order.

Now what does an Owens Family Meeting consist of you ask?? It is where all able bodied people living under this roof meet at a specified time to talk about familial things.

The what you can and can't watch was discussed. The saying "When you live under my roof you will do what I want" may have also been discussed. Boundaries were established based on age and maturity level. Then other things were talked about. We each take a turn. If there are hurt feelings inside of tender hearts it is put forth and apologized over. If someone is barging into someone else's room and OH MUH GOD TAKING ALL OF MY PRIVACY AWAY AND WHAT IF I'M GETTING DRESSED??? I WILL DIE!! DIE I TELL YOU!!! it is apologized over. If someone is being bossy and only 12 years old and ISN'T! JUST ISN'T! the boss of her cousin and the cousin is being MEAN SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! to the 12 year old, we talk about it and reach a happy middle place. Feelings are made to feel important and ruffled feathers are smoothed. No one is allowed to attack anyone else. Everyone is to use listening manners and tissues can and will be dispensed if you are one of the 4 people of female persuasion at the table and your hormones flair up and you realize that when one of the men in the family said your pants were much to tight it devastated you in ways unimaginable. You may never be the same, please pass the tissue, whilst all the other female members of the family glare at offending male members. hmph!

When the family meeting is closed we make sure to tell the kids that everything discussed is family business and not to be talked about with friends. It is private stuff. Family meetings are to be a safe place where anything can and usually is discussed. Then we do something together like watch a movie or eat dessert or take a walk or sing Kum-By-Ya-Muh-Lord whilst weaving grass mats and burning incense. :)

So far so good. True Blood hasn't been seen hide nor hair of since........well.......except maybe yesterday at three o' one of the 4 women who live in this household......and thinks maybe Vampire Lovin is her drug.
Hello, my name is Dawn and I have a problem. heh.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Morning everyone out there in blog land!! What cha all doing today?? I have a very exciting day of laundry planned with a some reading of my new books. Yep, the excitement never ends!

Our Boo-Bear is visiting the Rents this week at their campground. This is her first time camping and she is having a blast. My parents have this hee-uge! camper complete with lazy boy area....air conditioning....and a fully stocked movie cabinet. My girl is soooo not roughing it! ha. She has spent time shopping, cause no one spoils like a grandparent, fishing, eating awesome stuff cooked on a grill, sitting by the fire, reading, watching movies and generally having a really really good time. This is a time she will never forget. Just have my parents all to herself.
The house is so quiet without here in it. My husband gave this great big sigh the other night while we were watching TV and told me he missed her already. She'd been gone for little more then a day. We drive the five hours to pick her up Friday. :) I cannot wait! Please someone remind me of this when I am lamenting trying to get her out the door for school in a couple of months!
I'm off to start my day. Have a good one everybody!!