Saturday, July 11, 2009

A day in the life.....

To explain why I haven't been blogging as much lately let me take you on a journey. A journey of one day in my life.

Ahem, let us begin.

This was yesterday...

Took hubby to work so I could have the car.
Took youngest to volleyball camp.
Came home.
Did some laundry (two loads) and picked up the house.

Had a cup of coffee while watching neighbors uncle and father sit outside and drink beer with no shirts on and burp loudly. Wondered if they would be my friend cause I am kinda desperate like that. Figured if I brought over some beer they would welcome me with open arms. Checked fridge for beer and guess what?? None. Friendship with burping uncle and father - fail.

Got a call from hubby that he didn't like the uniform he picked out for the day and that I needed to come get him. He is in the Air Force. Every uniform is the same.
Rued him.
Got him.
Took him home so he could re-shower (why????) and change into a different uniform.
Took him back to work.
Rued him again in my heart and decided to put wet towel on his side of the bed.
Went home and picked up 16 year old so I could take her to work.
Had in depth conversation about 16 year old stuff while we waited the 15 minutes before she had to sign in. Thanked the good Lord above that when I was 16 all I had to deal with was sex drugs and rock n' roll.
Drove 20 minutes to pick up youngest at volleyball camp and got there an hour early because of above daughter needing to be at work.
Read my book...(Nora Roberts how I love you and stalk you in my dreams!!)
Drove with youngest to pick up hubby from work at end of his day.
Went home to pick up niece who wanted some one on one girl time. Drove to Applebees and had dinner.
Drove to a pet shop so she could pet all 16542 cats and ooh and aah over each one. (in the full interest of honest disclosure I must admit I patted my share and then we both washed our hands cause we found out one of the kittens was sick)
Drove to Michaels to foster creative nature of niece and buy her almost $100 worth of scrapbook stuff. Wondered where I lost control of the basket.
Took a minute to pat self on back and say "Self?? You rock"
Went to Barnes and Noble to read books for free with niece and walked into the restroom to wash hands. Looked in a stall cause maybe just maybe needed to use one and saw the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Also?? The biggest!! Told niece to come and look. Told niece that the person who did that monstrosity probably is laying somewhere dead. Laughed like 12 year old boys. Tried to explain to mature type woman who walked out of another stall that yes, we were 12 year old boys and we find poop funny. She? Did not.
Somehow was talked into buying book for niece. May have had book envy and so purchased one for me.
Went home exhausted.

And that good bloggers was my day. Just one little day. Today was sort of the same. I explained to one and all that tomorrow I was going to stay home. I could not, COULD NOT! play with any of them as I needed to give my house a little TLC. And laundry?? OMG!!! The bane of my existence!!!
Hope everyone had a quieter day!!! :)


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Quite a you're exhausted. About that laundry.......They wear it, they can wash it. It's a good skill for them to have when they leave home........unless they plan to take you with them?? Gotta tell you, I ALWAYS enjoy your posts.

Lauren The Artist said...

I need a nap just from reading that!

Chocolate Cat said...

Mmmmm no wonder we get on so well!! Laundry is taking over my house and my life at the moment!! and if you work out how to fit any more into your day please share!!!

mascanlon said...

I second the LibraryLady, teach em to do their own laundry! And I sure hope the Major's uniforms go to the cleaners if he changes them on a whim! Crazy, sad week at work and I'll tell you more in email. But I do have 2 quilts and one soft book all laying out to finish the handwork on the binding, progress finally. Hope your weekend is quieter!

Stephanie D said...

You read instead of blogging?????? lol