Saturday, January 05, 2008

$32 dollars for what??!!

Yesterday Walker Jen and I went out to do some shopping at Home Plus. Home Plus is like a Super Target, a really nice Super Target.
I needed to get some fruit and some other "healthy cause it's the New Year" things. The hubby wanted some dried fruit to eat in his oatmeal. I found a huge display of all kinds of dried fruit and proceeded to watch the ladies around me so I would know how to go about getting some. It seemed to me you grabbed one of the workers milling around and pointed to what you wanted and then they would bag it, weigh it and even put some free goodies in there for you. The price for all this goodness was...what I though to be...about $2.50 in American dollars. I got three handfuls. The nice little lady weighed it and put the price tag on. By this time Walker Jen had finished getting some things and walked over to see what I was doing. She watches my goings on and says, "Ummmmm did you see the price for that??" I say, "it's only $2.50 a pound." She says to me...with much scepticism on her face "are you sure??" We both looked at the price and guess what folks......$32 FREAKIN DOLLARS!!!! FOR SOME DRIED YUCKY FRUIT THAT I DON'T EAT AND CAN'T GET ANY ENJOYMENT OUT OF...IT'S NOT FABRIC FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!! What to do?????? I tell Walker Jen that I've got to get rid of it! I know are saying I should've just looked horrified and given it back...they don't do that here. You point to it, they bag it, you buy it. What to do, I say, what to do?????? We walk around the store all the while giggling. Trying to find an isle that didn't have any people on it so I could put the bag on a shelf and walk away looking innocent. I finally see a free space by the frozen food and tell Walker Jen that I'm going in. 5 minutes later and I'm dried fruit free! We hurry and walk far far away from the fruit lady so she can't see my basket empty of her lovingly measured out bag. Then it happens...I hear an announcement over the loudspeaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounded like this"ayahadishio wha sow someda ohnyosayo wanaashedo." I know what that translates to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could the crazy American come to frozen foods and get her fruit!!!!! NOW!
We left right after that.
I am exhausted still.


Patti said...

All caught up! And as usual your posts brought a smile to my face, a chuckle to my lips and a song in my heart.

Only one thing - how is your hubby? Did you get the MRI results? I am so hoping and wanting the results to have been OK.

Lauren The Artist said...

As long as your picture isn't framed above each check-out counter next time you shop in HomePlus- I think you're ok! Good ditch! giggle giggle


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

$32 on chocolate I could squeeze into the budget...but dried fruit? Once again...I DON'T THINK SO!!! Tracey

Allie said...

LOL....great one.......still smilling!