Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's sick.....God help us all..

The Capt took The Son to a church retreat this past weekend. It was at a ski resort. It was cold. My hubby came back with the sniffles. The sniffles turned into a headache on Monday. On Tuesday he had the sniffles a headache and a sore throat. Fast forward to today and he has the plague. He has been stoic amidst the pain. He went to work yesterday. Today?? Ummmm, no. He is home. Where are we?? We are all trembling in fear and trying our hardest to get out of here ASAP! We have one shower in this place and we are all fighting desperately to be next in line. The kiddos are lucky. They have school. I didn't even get called in to sub.
Who knew that all this time we were doing our mornings wrong?? Who knew that Boo-Bear shouldn't eat her cereal while watching cartoons happily. Who knew that the teens should be getting up 30 minutes early?? Who knew!!! WHO KNEW THE CAPT WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT SISSY FACE WHEN HE'S NOT FEELING WELL???? He is CRABB-EEE this morning! Whew! We are all slinking along trying to blend in with the white paint on the walls so he will not notice us. I am ashamed to admit that as The Son and I were walking down the hallway together I pushed him in front and slid into an open doorway so that The Capt would notice him and not me. heehee Every man for himself I say!
Gotta go.....I'm headed to Walker Jen's for a sew day. Hopefully by the time we all get home the heaven's will have decided to take mercy on us and bestow some healing powers on this man of our!!! Pray for us people!! Pray hard!!!!


Pam said...

You crack me just don't "do" sick...


The Jen said...

Thats pretty funny. Talk about some strong love! I hope he feels better soon, for YOUR sake. :) ~jen~