Monday, February 26, 2007

Morning everyone!!! The kiddos aren't going to be up for another 20 minutes so I thought I'd hop online and get a post done for the blog. We had a pretty good weekend here at Chez' Owens. On Friday I met "crazyseoulmama"..aka Lil. We read each others blogs and since we only live about 45 minutes apart we wanted to meet. This is the first time I met someone due to blogging so it was pretty exciting. The kids were asking me what I was going to do if Lil turned out to be a 40 year old man with a pot-belly and a wife beater t-shirt on. I decided to take Walker Jen with me and if that happened I was going to point to her and say "this is Dawn" and get out of dodge!! heehee Lil turned out to be just lovely and we had a great time at the fabric store. Walker Leah went with also. For the two of them it was their first trip to the three story fabric place. We warned them that the first time is overwhelming! This means that we have to take them back cause each time you go it's easier....the things you do for friends! :) I bought about 30 yards of fabric. Usually when I get home I put it away real fast so the Capt doesn't see what I got. This time I was lazy and forgot so when he got home he was all..."!" and I was all " :) " I explained to him that since fabric is only $1.50- $#2.00 a yard that I am saving him money in the long run by getting a killer stash going here. I'm not sure he bought it. :)
On Saturday I took the middle daughter out shopping for a formal. She is going with a friend of hers to the military ball for ROTC students. We went to a dressmaker right off base and hit pay dirt! There were a bunch of magazines to look through. You pointed to a dress you liked and then looked through the dressmakers wall of fabric to pick out something. It was really easy and the price was great!! She goes for a fitting on Weds and gets the dress on Fri. After we got done with the dress I decided to try one of the many nail places here to get a pedicure....... HEAVEN!!!! I was there for over an hour and got the whole treatment. Middle daughter and her friend waited on the couch for me. My daughter curled up against her friend and took a nap. That's my girl!!! :)
On Sunday we had church. We are in Childrens Church on Sunday mornings. We had a really good time and the room was packed!!!
This week Walker Jen, Walker Leah and hopefully Walker Tiki and I will be going out to find the cut flower market. Lil...are you coming too??? :) I'll make sure I take lots of pictures! From what we hear it is pretty awesome. I can't wait!!! Have a great Monday everyone!!