Sunday, February 18, 2007

crisis 07'..almost over

Well the plague here at Chez' Owens is on its way out the door. The hubby woke up this morning thinking he's gonna make it and our little boo-bear is only covered with hives on 50% of her little self so things are looking up!!! I am officially all better! :) So let the dis-in-fect-shi-on begin!!! Thanks for all the kind words from you fabo' people out there!!! Next week I am on a mission to get my ID card updated so I can mail out the siggie swap blocks and I am stopping by everyone else's blogs to say hi. Oh...this is kinda neat...there is a lady who lives about 30 minutes from me, Seoulmama, she contacted me and we are getting together to hit the market on Friday. This is my first meeting due to the blog and I am soooooo excited. I'll make sure to take lots of pics!!! And don't worry Seoulmama...I'm sending you an email with all the deets' on Tuesday!!
viva la shopping!!!


Kim West said...

glad you are feeling better - the battle rages on at my house, though we are almost done ourselves.

Jenna said...

What time are you going over to Jen's house?? I have a babyshower to go to that morning, but nothing in the afternoon.

Lil said...

SeoulMama! Ha Ha! I have been called MANY things in this life (my husband calle ms ajumma as a term of affection) but never SeoulMama! Still laughing...


Jenna said...

I guess I'll have to clean up, if you think that you'll be over here to steal my Santa....but of course, he just may be hiding!! Ha ha. No, my Mom doesn't have a Santa...yet anyway!!

I'm also SO sad!! I'm not on your favorite blogs list!=( boo hoo.

I still love you though!