Monday, February 23, 2009

Rollerskating Hell....

Friday night The Boo-Bear had a birthday party to go to. It was at a skating rink. She had no invitation just a word of mouth invite from a girl in her class. The same girl who told The Boo-Bear at the beginning of the school year that her father had broken out of jail and would be trying to abduct her on the playground sometime that week....oh, and he was a child molester hence the jail term. WHA??????? She also said she was pregnant one hmmm she is 11 why do you ask?? Annnnnnnd she is now living with her grandmother because the mother beats her. Ca-lassy. Such is the conversation around my dinner table on any given night. Wanna come on over? We are having pot roast.

So, would I be dropping her off and driving away safe in the knowledge that all would be well with my little darling. As Whitney Houston would say HELL TO THE NAW! The Boo-Bear got on the phone to make plans for a friend to spend the night after the skate party and all decided (no, I had not been told yet) that I would be the designated D. Long talk with mother of child who is spending the night at my house commences. It is decided that the birthday girl has some ummmmmm "issues" and it was agreed that I would make sure there would be grownups to watch all the kids then, and only then, could I go and eat sushi with the 16 year old. We had been planning this night for a week!!! Sushi!!!! At a really nice restaurant!!! And I didn't have to pay cause she was treating!!!! I. Was. Not. Going. To. Pass. This. Up!

I find the skating rink in the very scary back woods and decide to wait for the rest of the party so I can see what is what. Finally the girl and her mother arrive. I walk over to introduce myself. Went a little something like this....

Me:" Hello. I am Boo-Bear's mom."

Her: "Heya." Then she turns to her daughter to say bye.

Me: "Ummmm, excuse me, I was told that there would be grown up supervision. Aren't you staying?"

Her: "Heck Naw! I gots a fathur in thee hospital and gots to get ummmmm home."

Me: ???

This is where 8 girls turn to look at me wondering what the big deal is and my own daughter and her friend (whose own mother loves her dearly and wouldn't leave her at the skating rink alone . Of course I wouldn't leave my own little darling there alone either but ladies!! SUSI!!)

So I announce that we will have to leave and that I am very sorry but ummm hello?? SUSHI!!

Her: "Whaddya mean ya carn't stay??"

Then she proceeds to get a little irritated, although why she got irritated at my and not her daughter who called her stupid for not staying I will never know, so I walk away to figure out what I'm gonna do. As I turn around to ask her another question I notice she is driving away. Leaving all the kids in the parking lot. At night. In the middle of the woods. At night. IN THE FA-REAKING WOODS!!! GAH!
The girls get in line to pay to get in the rink. I get on the cell phone to call the mom of the girl who is spending the night at our house. I want someone to tell me that it is okay to leave our children alone at the Skating Rink In The Woods and that I can eat sushi with a clear conscience. The husband answers the phone and does not want to tell me anything since his wife is not home and he doesn't want to get in trouble. She is probably eating sushi.

Guess who stays at the skating rink for 3 hours watching some other kids guests at her birthday party? Guess who watched a teenager forget she was cooking all you can eat cardboard pizza nd started a fire in the snackbar?? Guess who did not get sushi that night but had to eat a stale pretzel while watching two teenagers try to pick up on some pretty young things sitting at the next table....ummmm hello pretty young things?? Bras are our friends. Stretching a lot sans bra and then getting mad when two young men stare at you and drool?? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also, flitting around while one of them took secret pics of you stretching without a bra didn't make a whole lot of sense either. Your mother can thank me though cause I went over and told him to stop it or I would rip his face off. :) Yes, I am fun at children's parties.

The highlight of the night is when my hubby walked in the door. I called him to tell him my tale of woe. He asked where the skating rink was and I told him somewhere in the woods cause I am really good at giving directions. Somehow he found me. He brought me two quilting magazines, a Janet Evonovich book and my hand sewing. Then he kissed me on the cheek, told me to stay strong and went back to work.

I'm glad I stayed. I'm really glad that my daughter asked to have a friend spend the night at our house instead of going to the birthday after party cause at midnight the mom thought it would be a great idea to let the girls run the neighborhood and ding dong ditch. Do you all know what that is?? It's where you ring the doorbell and run away so that when someone answers the door they will see no one there. Yep, midnight. A bunch of 11-12 year old girls running around the neighborhood unsupervised. Fun.

Oh, and PS...I got my sushi the next night and it was yummmy!!!!!

Hope everyone else had a much quieter Friday!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

That is insanity. Did the mom KNOW it was her daughter's party??? If the girl has a past of "misleading" people, maybe the mom didn't know it was a party for her own daughter.. AND SHOULD STAY. Craziness.

Chookyblue...... said...

I always have bad thoughts like this that I am the only mother that cares about my child.............that my boundaries and expectations are not like others.........I would have been sitting with you waiting for the party to end..........

My Thanh said...

You are Super Mom!

Jodi said...

You have just proven what we already knew: YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOMMY!

That mother has some issues herself so it isn't any surprise that her daughter does as well.

That is one friendship I wouldn't encourage. :(

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hey,sounds like you had a great time........Not!
But really, shouldn't people have to take a test & get a license to become parents? I'm afraid the mother of your daughter's friend would have failed for sure.

mascanlon said...

So your kids know how lucky they are and this poor little girl maybe will remember your role model someday when she is the Mom (and let hope that's not soon!)

Jeri is said...

Good grief! I, too, would've been there waiting. I did that many times at the roller rink. I NEVER left my kids there because I knew nobody watches my kids like I watch my kids. I did the same thing at Chuck E. Cheese and any other non-home party, and actually I stayed at many home parties, too.

How very sweet of your husband to bring the reading material and hand work to you. Not many men would even think to do that, let alone actually doing it! Lucky lady.

Stephanie D said...

I remember the other mothers thinking I was an idiot for not letting my daughter go off-campus for lunches during her sophomore year. This was other mothers at my CHURCH for crying out loud.

The mean-ness in me smirked a bit when one of their daughters turned up pregnant before finishing high school. Not that I wished bad things for them, nor that I think I'm such a great mom, but hey--I did my best to limit opportunities for trouble.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Quilting Library Lady! Hubby D and I, were in our
40's and 30's, respectively, financially stable and we had to jump through hoops while juggling fire stakes to adopt our darling Mariela. We had to become "licensed and approved" before we could even get a chance to adopt! You did great and I'm glad you got your sushi the next night. I'm taking notes in tween and teenage parenting!!!

Leigh said...

You are a great mom. You know the Julia Sugarbaker in me would have gone O-F-F and called the police! 'Cause that's how I roll! Some people just need to be tagged at birth "Do Not Allow to Reproduce."

Shasta Matova said...

Wow. It sounds like maybe some of those lies might actually be truth. At a skating party, I would want to be sure there were several people supervising - and you would think the mother would have made sure her child had supervision and not leave when she knew her own baby didn't have supervision. Whether she knew it was her daughter's party or not, she was in charge of her daughter's safety.

Mary Johnson said...

Makes me glad my boys are grown but I was always amazed at the number of parents that didn't watch their kids or know where they were. You're nicer than me...I would have just taken my kid and the friend and left.

Kim said...

Yeah, pretty much what they all said, but mostly--you crack me up! LOL!