Friday, February 06, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot.....

I was over at one of my favoritest bloggers yesterday, Ms. Quilting Daze herself, where I read something that struck me. She was wondering out loud if any of us quilters had ever visited a blog and left comments but never heard anything back. Not even a "Hi! Thanks for visiting!"

I, of course, left a comment right then and there that I myself had a blog I have visited for some time and left numerous comments never hearing Boo back. (I still go to this blog every day to see what she has going on cause her hubby is a Richy Rich Doctor Person and she does the most exciting things plus her sewing room is my happy place) Then I went Hmph! and patted myself on the back because I totally got what she was saying.
This is where I opened my mouth and inserted my foot.

Ms. Quilting Daze read my comment and thought about how to respond to me. Then she sent me a very kind email........ gently (cause she is a sweetie like that) reminding me that she has left a few comments my way and never heard Boo from me either. Within minutes I shot her an email proclaiming my undying love and affection and begging for forgiveness. If someone can take a few minutes out of their busy day to leave a comment the least I could have done was send a little "thank you!!" back.

It was a very good reminder to me that sometimes while blogging you can pick up a friend or two. If only you take the time.

Hugs to you Darlene!!


Pat said...

I always reply to the comments I get BUT...sometimes a person will comment who does not have a way for me to reply to them as nothing is linked to their name and they have a "no reply" attached to their comment.....and then, there is nothing I can do. Hopefully, none of THOSE people are complaining about not getting replies, though! LOL I don't expect a reply to EVERY comment I make, but if I comment more than a few times on any one blog and don't get a reply after a few times, then I usually won't comment there anymore...even though I may still read that blog often.

Mary Johnson said...

I don't respond to EVERY single comment although I do try to respond to many of them.

Like Pat mentioned a lot of them are "no reply" and I will usually pop over and take a quick look at their blog and comment if I have time but I don't always have time.

Sometimes I mean to go back and write but don't get around to it. I think we all appreciate comments and I guess some of us are better than others at responding to ALL of them!

Jodi said...

I never quite know how to do this. Do you comment back in the comments? But then do they even come back to read the comments after they comment? Or email the people who do comment? But if you are a large blog with 100's even 1000's of commentors a day how could you possibly respond?

Anyway you see my dilemma. :)

I know I very much appreciate the people who do comment on my blog. I try hard to comment on other people blogs too but sometimes I am just zipping through and reading without time to leave a comment too.

Dawn's Daily Journal said...

I agree with all of the above.

Everybody has favorite blogs out there that they stop at every day. We begin to feel like we know each other and in a way we really do. There have been times I've put my inner most feelings on this thing. What I messed up on was not sending at least a quick email saying "thanks!!" letting someone know that I read their comments and also a very private email she took the time to write to me. I let life get in the way....which is really no excuse because I really like this particular blogger and enjoy going by her place. The email she sent me today was really sweet, she can be nothing but because she is a big sweetheart, I just wanted to let her know that I got what she was saying and love how she said it and also how much I appreciate her coming by.
Nothing rocks the hiz-ouse like seeing some comments!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

A very good reminder of how sometimes we need to find the time to just say hi! I often don't hear back from comments but then tend to not leave anymore on those blogs even though I still read them. Amazing how sometimes just through leaving a comment or replying to one you can make a new friend - just like you!! Glad someone else sometimes has 'foot in mouth' disease!!!!!

Jeri is said...

So, Dawn, you left me a comment today on my blog, and I want to be all PC, all Ms. Etiquette, you know? I do thank you for your comment offering prayers for my Sweet Dad, and I also want to thank you for visiting my site. I don't think I even get one visit a day on most days, so it's a big deal when someone does stop by and says hello.

Thank you, and I'll try to be better.

P.S. You don't have to say thank you for this note!

Anonymous said...

There's no way I can send email bacy or comment back to everyone who comments on my blog. I appreciate them and I read them all but I honestly never thought that everyone expects a comment back from their comment.

Norma said...

I leave a comment if I feel there is something in the post that I personally relate to and can make a meaningful contribution to. I am not a fan of the "good job" thing folks do, no matter what. Some of my posts are me thinking out loud and don't lead to comments. I do love it when someone commments, because that leads me to check out their blog, thus finding new things out there. I do try to respond to every comment but life does get in the way now and then. Just hate the idea that commments are a popularity thing for some.

I have commented here before and got no response.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ms. D for all the encouraging and funny comments you leave in my humble blog. I pink fluffy heart you!

mascanlon said...

So I don't have a blog as you But I comment here and there on blogs I read especially when people are open, speak from the heart and seem to reach out and connect with me. Sometimes I get note back and sometimes not, I'm never sure when my email shows and when it doesn't but I'll keep commenting cause I'm a big chatter box that way!

Darlene said...

You are just too funny! :-)