Monday, April 02, 2007

All Shopped Out..(well, almost anyway) :)

Walker Jen has her In-Loves visiting her. She invited my mom and I to go with her and her Mom-In-Love to go to the flower market. It took a second and a half for my brain to compute market+shopping=fun. I'M IN!!!
Since it is the beginning of spring, everything is in bloom here.

It smelled soooooo good! As soon as we walked in you could smell all the flowers.

As you can see, we at Chez' Owens always make time to stop and smell the roses!!! Where do you think I got it from?? :)

Meet Walker Jen's Mom-In-Love!!!! Hi "Honey"! She is visiting from South Africa folks! I gotta tell ya, she was a rockin' good time!


This guy is painting on large bits of ribbon. Sorry about the blurry hands but I was trying to be incognito while taking this shot.
After the flower market we headed over to Deagu Station. It's a big subway station downtown. There is also an entrance into a "swanky" department store there.

Here is my mom much little Won left!!!

Please, please, please someone...tell me what this little bit of nastiness is!!!!!!!!!
It was so expensive here! I couldn't believe some of the prices. Guess what I ended up buying!!! A loaf of bread. Yep. A.....loaf......of......bread! Don't tell me I can't find something affordable!

After the subway station/shopping spree we went out to lunch. Walker Jen's hubby, Walker Rob, and her Father-In-Love...Dranbob (heehee) met us. And since Dranbob is truly a grandpa at heart he treated us all!!! Thanks Dranbob!!
After lunch the men took all the kiddos home with them ( I know ladies!! They are keepers!) and we hit Ms. Lee's furniture store. My mom hadn't used her credit cards in a few hours and was itching to get those babies out! She got the Capt. a knee size table that he has been eyeing since we got here. You sit indian style to eat at it. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight??! I'll make sure to post pics. Oh, look at these hoochies!
Whenever someone opens up a new business they hire the "hoochie coochie" dnacers. They stand on this platform and dance suggestively so that any passing male will be lured in by their sirens song to buy buy buy. Gotta love it!!!
So it was another good day of the sure to go down in history visit of Grandma A Go Go!!!


Elaine Adair said...

I absolutely LOVE your posts, even the April Fools joke.

The hoochie, coochie girls - give me a break! And what WAS the orange thing dripping something? Was it a food item? An internal organ? Fly catcher? My gosh, it's great to see another culture!

Lil said...

lol- I always call them 'promo girls' but I think I love the hootchie name better. How bout 'hoochie mama's'? lol

When I read your post about being pregnant I was saying, 'whoa- no way'. I should have known you were joking! lol